Study the 7th Shadow & Leadership


France Normandy Mont Saint-Michel with sheep in September via Wikimedia

Each Gene Key unlocks a Shadow, a Gift and a Siddhi.  When we see our Shadow clearly, we discover the Gift – its true nature.  When we practice our Gift, it transmutes into Siddhi, or Realisation.


Part Five – 20 June

Solstice!   June is usually my depressed month, but this year all changed. .

The companion key to the 13th is Gene Key 7, so I shall try to read its shadow sometime today.   I got up very late, because of poor sleep. It was a good day yesterday. The insomnia is due to the state of the human chrysalis. . Gene Keys Golden Path Program I posted Sacred India Tarot Page & Knight of wands on my main blog. Then bike – with D to gym and pool at Finchley Lido.  D running on the walker. I did my half hour thing. Water in the pool was one degree colder – astonishing difference. We are both losing waist. D is such a great brother. Then bike to Winchmore Hill for tea with M.   Two weeks ago I was really tired – not now.  I rode home along the North Circular side-path:  a  different and interesting route. It is very fast by car, but takes the same time by bike, as via Finchley. It cuts out the long hill at Waterfall Road near Arnos Grove. .

Anyway – the parlous state of humanity – and trying to hold the  13th gene key in mind. It is a struggle from the conditioned and anxious mire. .

At Kabbalah, W reminded us that the jehad in the middle east although deeply disturbing, is childs play compared to 1939 – everything must come up and out – the bigger picture in our individual as in collective learning, spans many, many centuries.   The personal ego (Yesod) cannot see the fore and aft, it can only complain about the passing show.  In summation, I realised that our culture complains much more than it ever did before. It magnifies everything. So everything seems much worse. A peevish pampered toddler comes out. .

I do not want to harp on a new Formula.   Yet the gene keys and what is written about them, speak with me. .

Gene key 7’s Shadow is Division – where 13’s is Discord. Following our leaders’ behaviour is the degraded form of hierarchy. The 7th Hexagram is The Army. The army has Divisions! Modern leaders “spin” opinions like casino balls. The lust for power cannot command respect or loyalty, and leaders are mocked nowadays – a severe collective disappointment. The hero is dead.   The Camerons are alphas to low-frequency mass.   J.Krishnamurti attacked the 7th shadow, regarding authority and the victim-rescuer roles. This includes spiritual gurus who need followers. .



Here is a poem by my father: .


In childhood’s time
we form in a line
and love to play follow my leader.

As youth comes on
we sing the same song
and still play follow my leader.

Sisters and brothers,
fathers and mothers,
all love to follow a leader. Sheep, Glensaugh

This fact in our life
leads often to strife
for a wise man is seldom a leader

and he who follows
knows only the shallows;
his is the way of a pleader.

They only are strong
who break from the throng
and make life itself their teacher.

So if you would be
a real man alive,

please listen to this, gentle reader:

Stand on your own, 
face life alone
and never play follow my leader.

Peter Adams Shebbear, 1980s

Moss with sheep, Glensaugh

Moss with sheep, Glensaugh


Be watchful of the tendency to give people power over myself.  “The real leader is the ultimate listener.” (see Gene Keys, by Richard Rudd).  I try towards that.  In the finance world as in the military world, orders come from the top and press downward. Modern business has this ideal for itself – competitive. .

“As uncorruptible leaders are recognised in the future, we will see the gradual dissolution of the force that divides human beings from each other.”   The division-leader mindset is hard-wired into the human race shadow – thus the moanings and pointing the finger. The 7th Siddhi will blossom from self-serving to whole-serving. .

Consider: leadership quality when it is unmanifest and repressed – the pressure inside.   Consider this carefully. “Recognise the power inside, and release that tide of optimism and intelligence back into the world.”  Reactive 7th Shadow abuses its position, reinforces the followers’ status and dictates. These people are masters of patterns and manipulation and locks.   They attract victims in the realm of intellect, finance and government.   They also attract professional bullies and gangsters. Watch how Division operates with the Chemistry of Pessimism, to reinforce a slave mentality. .

Here is a photo of the tide moving over the vast sands around Mont St Michel.  It is called Le Mascarat.  The power and pull of those tides!  The moon … our fluid body … what we are and what we may be.  The link below it is interesting to read.



The 7th Gift is Guidance – the inner guide, the magidim.   “To inspire others to  find their own way forward in life” … is my ideal. Service. Listen. Foster and inspire clarity.


Gendarme escorts foolhardy strollers to safety

Gendarme escorts foolhardy strollers to safety


Walk – or ride! – just one mile an hour ahead of the tide coming in … to align with future trends.

The lower mindset hides most quality leaders from view, they are hidden, yet they guide. Some businesses and organisations develop culture and levels of consciousness.   The 7th Gift is genuine hierarchy – not greed-based empire.   Fourth chakra (heart) leadership facilitates. They do not lead from the front, they guide the energy of the community.   They are the power behind the throne – the transparent operation.   Guidance surrenders to life. This is the foundation of leadership. .



How does a creative and inspiring leader navigate the shadows?  Do not be afraid of leaders, out there or in myself. Trust in conscious leaders and natural inspiration, like the magidim, the Companions of the Light.   They indicate. They never persuade.   Trust my loved one’s process, gaining organic strength. .





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