Golden Path – the Plug-in

Vedic Jyotish grahas - Sukra, Venus

Vedic Jyotish grahas – Sukra, Venus

This and other Jyotish drawings in this post are reproduced with thanks to Andrew Foss ( and Vamadeva Shastri
( )who commissioned them.


Gene Keys Journal 21 November

Since I began the Golden Path, life is physically busy – radical change of diet which I never believed was possible, but am enjoying  – and a course in charity management, visiting back and forth, some relationship changes, some portrait drawing, a gradual release of vitality from seeing (and wincing with) my shadows  – I pitch and toss!  There is little time to sit here and scribe.

My close friend Actaeon and my father walk the Golden Path with me.   Both are Capricorns like myself, and – interestingly –  both have the 48/21 radiance and purpose.   Whenever Actaeon and I sit down together with our profiles, clarity opens and we see further.

The Wonder of Uncertainty and the Noble Life are two of my very favourite keys.  Just before my father saw his profile for the first time, he opened the big blue book to the Wisdom siddhi in the well (gk 48) and it resonated with him deeply.  It is his own.

Sharing with him, it opens.  The gene keys get a hold of us – they are our cosmic DNA – and play their song.

Vedic Jyotish grahas - Surya the Sun

Vedic Jyotish grahas – Surya the Sun


18 November

O Thou that holdest our feet on the path … 

So explain to the dancing yetis that the Ganapati Muni mantra (in my other blog) is a device to hold my feet on the path! I am still not in the habit of prayerful contemplation. This morning however (feeling muddy and troubled) I kept saying the Our Father – it drifted after the fourth phrase or so, but then I began again, and when I got up, it occurred to me that it is good for its phrases to resonate wordlessly; as tones of feeling, they come to life.

I did the Tree of Life invocation with soft tai ch’i stretch in limbs and voice; so to pray is GESTURE, what I used to call “the eternity of gesture” when human beings are fine art with one another. It is my ideal.

A seeker and Robert

A seeker and Robert


During a meeting in North London today, there was anxious psychic pain in my solar plexus: inevitable shifting of plates in my relationships. Accepting pain as it is, is the way through. If I accept it, I am less afraid.

When I got home, my father had rung.   He is physically frail and still gets very swamped by the gene keys, and struggles, and I try to simplify it for him. Don’t try to read it all, but toy with his shadow-gift-siddhi words from time to time during the day. He hasn’t quite got the hang of his “story” in the Activation sequence – he studies the keys separately and can’t yet join them up to resonate each other.

So take a look … at how the warrior of Light transcends Tension, enters the wonder of Uncertainty and tries to live a Noble life. What a story!  How quintessentially true.  He got it.

Vedic Jyotish Grahas - Mangala, Mars

Vedic Jyotish Grahas – Mangala, Mars


The 21 purpose mirrors 38 life work – in a higher octave: the Grail ship. He didn’t retrieve the I Ching from his loft, but says he will now do so. I learned – trying to tell, one always learns – how the Fourth Line nuances of Service and Love & Community are always Yin or Yang to each other’s Life Work and Evolution, because the hexagram partners are inverted … another nuance.  We are both life work/evolution 4th lines.

The struggle (38th shadow) to make the human change – which drew him to the Gene Keys – stands in front of what is real: accept this – we plug into a telephone system as operators with no concept of the extent and dimensions of the consciousness and its conversations we connect.  We put in the plugs which are our life’s work.

What a shared insight!


He said he is aware that just a few humans plugged in activate a great, unseen power. RR’s writing on the 55th key demonstrated this fact – which was always his own vision –  and caught him.

Let the gene keys capillary “do him” at his own pace, not him trying to “do it”.

That about sums it up:  to move from his first Activation pair (wearing the teeshirt for 91 years eroded those shadows to the gleam of the Gift) to his second Activation pair – the ripening which is now; their Siddhis give him a helping hand up. He thought the Siddhis were things he has to attain, far beyond his reach; but they are embedded in the acceptance of his shadows;  how can he attain what is in him already?

Accept: reveal.

What is “the divine”?  It is what his teacher J.Krishnamurti called “the sacred” ; the practice of the present moment; an impeccable Castaneda warrior.  K said the essence of conflict is peace – there is no conflict in the tide breathing in and out.  Be the disciple of your understanding.

Krishnamurti at Gstaad

Krishnamurti at Gstaad

K was a strenuous influence through my upbringing.  I used to be very angry with him.  Then I read his life story and understood him, my father and myself, deeply.  This brought forgiveness, insight and much love.



Aware how old my parent is. It is difficult for him to shift from being an agnostic beaver in the cloud.  However, to share the Reality, the silent moment, was a big plug in for both of us. Every time one or more of us plugs into the Transcending and all-embracing cosmos, the healing Reality is activated: the evolution of humanity past its torment-barrier – by homeopathic quantum of consciousness … vaster by far, than what we see.

Thus Yeshua ben Miriam’s saying, “where two or more are gathered together in my Name …”

My ideal is to plug my close relationships and loves in to the Grail … keep practicing.

Hamsa - vedic swan


 19 November

The peculiarity is that I have systems under my belt – Kabbalah, I Ching, BOTA Tarot, Ramana, a pinch of Gurdjieff and big spoonfuls of Buddha, Christian alchemy and Vedic India – which freely interchange, disappear and combine. A structured spiritual path is recommended to follow and be empowered by one Lineage. Well, I stayed with each of these !

They are embedded and when I take a good look, the ageless resonance is alive and kicking in each one.

For instance: completing and publishing the second Muni post (it is in four parts) yesterday in my other blog ; how vibrant those Sanskrit words and their meanings are – meditative focus may flower with any one of these – my understanding – a fabulous toolbox to inner peace: transmission.

ramana and the muni compose


The shadow of all this is my scattered-ness, painful self obsession (IQ 10 & EQ 19) and lapsed focus (Attraction 2).

The Gift is: each path touches the same chords. THE LINEAGE isn’t limited to any one of them. It breathes through them like the wind.   Each path has its wake-up core and cure: the waking is the universe. This is the Lineage, refreshing and rehousing the houses in my soul – as vast as the sea.

9 hermit - Version 3

The true hermit doesn’t wear the robe of any of them, but lives and works quietly in society. The plug-in is cosmic; and I once wrote that

the cosmos is in fact
delicate and gentle
standing still
in children
and in gardens and innocence.
(Poems of Eclipse)

My poems of eclipse contain  mantras and meditative keys and the pain of life. Added to the lineages I have followed – distilled to the life – is my own writing, which I keep forgetting about. In the midst of human chaos and corruption … create the Reality of cosmos standing still in children and in gardens and innocence.   Keep practicing.

Each Tradition/Lineage brings its quota of great sages childlike: the Wisdom is simple, the laughter of T S Eliot’s children behind the petals in the rose garden.

If we look carefully, this immense heart is full of light. And this light makes us want to love.

If we look carefully, this immense heart is full of light. And this light makes us want to love.

I am trying to say, that the feeling of connection and love is common to all lineages, and is therefore my essence of Lineage, and is all I need; and it is good to pick it up from the esoteric warehouses, because otherwise I get in a flap or panic and forget.

7 Sukra venus

Its quality keeps discovering a new expression of the ageless ancient one; it is at work nowadays in the gene keys and my Sufi re-cognition. Therefore, accept the wonder and awe which reminds me of deer coming through the forest questingly, or the white horses on the sea coming in, as … a siddhi.

deer Sri Yantra

Which Siddhi, I wonder?

It comes from in between the Lineages; it is as I said earlier, their distillation. It doesn’t matter which Lineage provides it – it is between the lines – it feedbacks fresh waters. There is no need to name it or be a Yogi or a Qabbalist. It is silent, joyful and renewing. But it needs input and reminders.

There is KAV, the subtle silver vibrant thread behind navel which goes up my stem. Waking into it, I am hologram to the Divine:   it is natural when tuned in, to hold my projects and my loved ones in its light.   Hologramic is the Avatamsaka Tower (see end of this post) – the Divine unique copy: begin to ponder the infinite holograms of “myself”, each unique.

Rather than: what I am doing with the gene keys … how are the gene keys doing me?

(Step 6, RR) “Whereas your Life’s work is the expression of what you do, your Evolution is the turbine that drives what you do. The earthbound sphere of your Evolution tugging against that solar fire of your Life’s work is what sets up the basic tension that writes the script of your life.”

Vedic Jyotish grahas - Sani, Saturn

Vedic Jyotish grahas – Sani, Saturn


I was just thinking that if I try to meditate formlessly it goes dozy and comatose; whereas when I write, it wakes (62 Evolution). Lighthouses scribe their swift pattern across the cliffs at night: the language of light is my vehicle: it needs to physically move and dance and ride a bike.

Its shadow is my Psychotic Intellect (61/62).  Don’t I know it!

So there is this feeling of the speed of light: the hologram: the galactic mileage of DNA.


Sacred India Tarot page of disks - Version 2

Here is how the Buddha describes the Gene Keys:

THE TOWER is as wide and spacious as the sky itself.

The ground is paved with (innumerable) precious stones of all kinds, and there are within the Tower (innumerable) palaces, porches, windows, staircases, railings and passages, all of which are made of the seven kinds of precious gems …

And within this Tower, spacious and exquisitely ornamented, there are also hundreds of thousands … (innumerable) of Towers, each one of which is as exquisitely ornamented as the Tower itself, and as spacious as the sky.

And all these Towers, beyond calculation in number, stand not at all in one another’s way; each preserves its individual existence in perfect harmony with all the rest; there is nothing here which bars one Tower from being fused with all the others, individually and collectively; there is a state of perfect intermingling, and yet of perfect orderliness.

Sudhana, the young pilgrim, sees himself in all the Towers, as well as in each single Tower, where all is contained in One and each contains all.

Paraphrase by Suzuki from the Buddha’s AVATAMSAKA SUTRA



And here is another of my all time favourite quotes:

CEASE TO seek after God (as without thee), and the Universe, and things similar to these; seek Him from out of thyself, and learn who it is, who once and for all appropriateth all to thee unto Himself, and sayeth: “My god, my mind, my soul, my reason, my body.”

And learn whence is sorrow and joy, and love and hate, and waking though one would not, and sleeping though one would not, and getting angry though one would not, and falling in love though one would not.

And if thou shouldst closely investigate these things, thou wilt find Him in thyself, one and many, just as the atom, thus finding from thyself a way out of thyself.


somerset pebbles


POSTSCRIPT – I have to add what I wrote today:

He told me yesterday he saw he was struggling as per his 38th Shadow – and getting in his own way. Just as I tend to! (38 is my Pearl). At last he read the 21st – his Purpose – and liked its shadow, gift and siddhi very much. Its siddhic courtesy reflects and matures the raw warrior of light in the life work. So he had a breakthrough and sounded stronger: my breakthrough also.

What is the breakthrough? Breakthrough is the collapse of a me-obstacle into the flow through the dam. The breakthrough releases trapped psychic energy and walks forth.   Breakthrough feels that what I thought I tried to do, is a wave-swell lifting itself; I am empty: the wave is full.

cornwall 2011 338


I am eager to do this gene keys post today!   I am delighted by the four Ganapati Muni posts in jaa, especially the 4th one. In them I brought to the surface the arcane of mantra, Sabda Brahman sound, Skanda’s birth and Ramana, which I love, and which hum in my soul when I am digging them up and finding pictures to punctuate them.   Agni, astra, astragni, shastra, Om Vacadbhuve Namaha, Saranavabhava … the fiery sanskrit blessings and pulses have amazing stories behind them, of Skanda’s birth.

shankara gives the vedas copy 2





cornwall 2011 431


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3 thoughts on “Golden Path – the Plug-in

  1. bless you dear heart jane
    and what a beautiful and resonant ideal you have……
    love all the art, and especially the big heart flower painting
    back in the deep depths, treading the waters, not drowning, not exactly flourishing either
    can laugh
    this is good
    less than a month is my birthday and i think there’s been wood added to the fire of my cauldron
    i twirled open to GK 33 today, divine closure…….i am sensing i am being called to bring closure
    to a lifelong, probably lifetimes, pattern, cooperatively formed with my dear father and lived out
    loyally and worked on for over four decades…..
    i don’t have the slightest idea how anymore, and obviously never did, so i think surrender is in order….
    my beloved husband is standing strong in his role and not caving in to me, as he works his own, also providing hope
    much love
    suppose i should have written this in email, oh well, tired


    • Oh but dear Pam, it is so nice to have a conversation here also, and thank you for your thoughts. My latest discovery ( reading a sufi book) is that all space, everything around me (on a north london bus, etc) is God’s Face, and therefore so is every thought or muddle inside – all God’s Face inseparably and “i” dissolve in what they call “the Friend, the Mighty Friend” … a soothing practice for ruffled feathers, and the reality of universal gravity into iteself, god-behold-god, which is love. Suddenly I realise that politicians etc don’t matter. They all pass and are God’s face. Definitely a plug-in! With love …


  2. yes like the tibetan buddhists say everyone is your mother……it is nice to think of the ‘i’ dissolving……something i have been feeling this year, until it then seems to appear bigger than ever……and then poof away…… is a dance this dissolving… glad to have my friend there in london land, good night sweet jane, or good morn soon to you


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