Dream Arc 16 – Magical Ways

The 16th Dream Arc (27 – 31 May)  is the Gift of Versatility through the Shadow of Indifference to the Siddhi of Mastery.  The creatures are: stingray (shadow), rat (gift) and swift (Siddhi).

Dream Arc 16 – The rats and the swifts came alright to my hand but I had such trouble with the stingray – a creature which does not give much of itself, and it became one of my messy puddles, retained for its interesting textural movement on the seabed.  Stingrays do not attack except when stepped upon, and the wound though venomous is not dangerous.   The 16th Shadow is that of Indifference.  If I didn’t care about life, life would bite!  Some of the swifts are copied from Leo Paul Robert’s fine painting, down below.

16th gene key Hand Mudra. Place pinkie fingertips and forefinger tips together, and cross over/fold the fingers in between. Rest thumbs together upon forefinger base

The name of this Gene Key is “Magical Genius”.  A genius is the magical way in life – opening up the magnetic field.  What is magic?  It is based on the root Magi, Mage: wisdom and the imagination.  Everything in our world is constructed upon imagination, and we are free to build new Earth!

The Shadow is indifference – a lack of any kind of edge to work the ground; the Gift is versatility, the tools to hand.   Immediately I see gardeners.  Quote here from the Gene Keys book as it voices where I feel I’m at, at present:

“The Gift of being versatile is the ability to pick up any skill that is needed and use it for a single aim – for the betterment of humanity and the service of the whole.  Versatility is driven by the dynamic energy of enthusiasm; (“Enthusiasm” is the 16th I Ching hexagram) … … Modern business is utterly indifferent to the plight of the minority, not to mention the landscape, animals and creatures of the natural world.  Indifference moves like a virus, draining one resource and then moving on.  This is an unsustainable path.  As the Gift of Versatility begins to take hold in the human genome during the coming century, we will learn to tackle the energy expenditure in a very different and far more prosperous way.”  (Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys – 16)

“Painting in my home during lockdown” – by Christopher Williams

“… Instead of draining one of the elements and then moving on to another, versatility uses them all at the same time, finding a fluid and natural energy exchange between them … These days there are so many emerging alternative sources of power that in time the whole notion of government-run energy organisations will become unnecessary.” (RR, The Gene Keys – 16)

At this point, I also want to condense a wisdom I’ve been listening to, about the Crown we are wearing – coronavirus:  “A virus simply marks an imbalance in Consciousness.  It has no agenda.  Bring the energy back into balance.  Energy is a song, a communication.  It has to naturally come back to balance like water finding its level. It clears out excess.  Many of those who died were ready to move to a ‘higher ground’.

“One tiny little virus! a single grain of sand among the billions on the beach.  Its only property is in how we react to it.  Its energy signature is the economy.”  (Crimson Circle, May 2020/paraphrase)

Because it defeats (so far) the laboratory efforts to pin it down, its provenance appears to be psyche-physical borderline rather than biological. Consider the imbalance in your abundance-thinking on all fronts. Go into the interior earth, rectify it and find the hidden Stone.  Find and cultivate your gold-standard.

Here’s Ganesh. The elephant god is poet’s muse, prosperity’s charm and remover of obstacles.  His vehicle is the versatile 16th Gift:  the Rat:

Among all good creatures the rats are versatile – entering any building, hearing every language, picking up skill and putting up with everything people chuck at them.  The elephant god slips through life’s dragnets with ease on his wily steed, the rat.

For me, Ganesha/Ganapati is the muse of poets – after Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni,  Ramana Maharshi’s spiritual brother.  Ganapati was a Vedic poet, seer and social reformer. Hs title Kavyakanta means “unblocked throat – he who has poetry in his throat.”   It gives me joy to see the elephant and remember when the young Ramana and the young Muni ran around together on Arunachala – before the days of Ashrams.   Ganapati wrote down Ramana’s silence into poetry for the Mother Goddess.

Here is the elephant god again –

Mahavidya Ganesh – an illustration for Kavitha Chinnaiyam’s book “Shakti Rising”.  The rat has a sweet tooth for divine bonbons.


It might seem a hop from Rat to Ramana via Ganesh and Ganapati – but that is the way the versatility works .  The rat’s nature is a marvellous fellow traveller triggering creative thought;  so is my being born in the Chinese year of the rat.

Here, on topic is the young Ramana with Alagammal his mother; the farmer with trident hayfork is his divine parent Lord Siva.

Ramana and Mother (1992). She is trying to persuade her son to come home and have a square meal – they will build a little temple over him if that is what he wants.


And here is Clive Bennett’s one-line haiku together with this painting on his website, “Art in Nature“:

"swift s-c-r-e-a-m across the summer sky"

The Siddhi bird is a Swift! This painting is by a Victorian artist, Leo Paul Robert.

As you may imagine I would find one-line haiku poetry challenging – to evoke a combined sound or scent.

They are back in our fields!  Their blunt heads remind me of the swifts who flew into our bathroom when I was a child, and got stranded on the level floor. Their legs are too short for them to take off.  We put them on our tilted hands for them to get the right angle to fly away again. Extraordinary life, always on the slant, the sheer, the slope; explosive power of flight through feathered skies and thunder!

The 16th Hexagram is Thunder over Earth.

Codon Rings of Miracles, Light and Prosperity

The 16th Gene Key shares the Codon Ring of Prosperity with gk 45, the Cosmic Communion.  Spontaneously during this arc I reflected on “abundance thinking” in the light of my having Jupiter in Capricorn.   Jupiter just now is “stationary” at 27 Capricorn, turning retro near last January’s rare conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on my Sun degree.   What an opportunity to receive.

This week a penny dropped from heaven.  I walked through wind-tossed trees into buttercup fields. A GREAT PARTY of swallows and swifts filled a noble oak and flapped its wings.  They rushed and swirled into and around and back and forth to the tree and down to the ground and off again like a lover, constantly twittering.

I didn’t yet know the 16th Siddhi is the Swift.  As I live and work more deeply into the Dream Arc wisdom around the year, the “visitations” become precise!

Very beautiful, and a matter of choice, is the way the Covid Confinement in our homes helps to hatch each other’s eggs.  The space we keep around each other develops the dimensional field and subtle body.  That my ideas chatter and load my wings is the nature of the bird.

Window during lockdown – a painting by Christopher Williams

For others, their realisation silences it all … into stillness beside the path.

If God is not allowed to have fun, then who is?” (RR)

For me, realisation is the whole of my life, including the painful times when I lose and loon the tune.   I am made to chatter and write like a bird is made to sing.  My Jupiter in mountainous Capricorn gives the bearer many thoughts. Jupiter in Capricorn carries burdens like a Sherpa for others.

Jupiter is essentially the Jovian way of our mind.  Consider in this way;  the Jupiter chakra is in solar plexus – the core stability of the Gene Keys transmission, and of the breath.  As the messaging falls into its real home, the Jovian thought-base opens up. The mental tempo slows down to match the rhythm of physique and feeling.  Until then it ran around “indifferently”!

In Jyotish – Indian astrology – Jupiter is “Guru” – divine teacher and dispeller of darkness. This is one of a set of drawings commissioned for David Frawley’s ‘Astrology of the Seers’ and Andrew Foss’s ‘Yoga of the Planets’

Thought is integral to the movement of the breath when it is tethered to expand benevolently.  The young Ramana taught this to his young visitor, the ardent Ganapati Muni: “Watch in the Heart with the breath where the notion ‘I’ arises: this is tapas.  Watch where the breath arises from the Heart; the root.  Find and watch where the mantra first stirs in your being: this is tapas.”

Ganapati Muni meets Ramana Maharshi in Skandashram

Where could it begin?.  There is no beginning!  It ‘arises’.

“The young Ganapati recognised his Master and spiritual brother – like himself, not thirty years old – sat at once with joy at the feet of the sage, and set himself a mighty task – a thousand verses of spontaneous celestial thanksgiving to Holy Mother Uma, to compose within a specific short period of astrology conjunction.  Ramana came from time to time to sit quietly with the feverish poet: ‘Have you taken down all that I said?’ he then enquired.”

(Songs from the Mountain, 2019)

Here, Ramana (in mouna, silence) breathes through Ganapati’s ear; and is therefore the scribe.

If Mercury is the mind’s antenna in astrology,  Jupiter is the gift of generous thought, compassion, movement and contemplation.  Through the solar plexus dantien, the tidal breath is the healthy, generous, versatile, problem-solving human Mind, leading us with love to God.

Ramana in fact said, “Mind is a bundle of thoughts.  Take those thoughts away, then show me – where is mind?”  He – a busy Sun Capricorn, Cancer Moon –  planned new buildings and laid the bricks, cooked the Ashram meals, composed Sanskrit verse without studying it, bound waste paper into small books for his devotees’ writings, cared for his cow and read the newspaper.

Astrology is a lens, a great cloth of stars held on earth by a ring of persons, like in the Goya painting;  it invites divine downloads and new realisations to drop into it.

The straw manikin, by Goya

From the twittering shriek of summer birds pulsing through the oak, to their heart-beat slowed right down as my breath … is realisation.

For more and more of us, with the Covid scare keeping us at home, the Perfection sings beyond sharing  …  an integral connection through the silence.


Sacred India Tarot 8 of Disks/Pentacles – copyright Yogi Impressions 2011, Mumbai. The Buddha is pursued by Angulima, an unbalanced sadhu whose hobby was to collect sages’ fingers for his mala beads. The Buddha mildly eluded him, and the sadhu became his devotee




Mermaids are said to be attracted to coral – the 16th Mineral Key in the crystal alphabet

Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.

For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys –
unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA
by Richard Rudd 2013


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