Dream Arc 44 – Synarchy, a great Law of Life

In the 44th Dream Arc (31st October – 5 November) the Gift of Teamwork (African wild dog) dissolves the Shadow of Interference (bee) into the Siddhi of Synarchy (quail) – “the coming of the Queendom“.

“Interference” is when we cannot access the work of the bee.  I felt this dis-Harmony during last week, as the theme was building up – weak and separate from the the One which is the All.  Discover the light through being its shadow!   The teaching in this Key is “follow your nose”.

The 44th Gene Key is called “Karmic Relationships” and in the I Ching it is “Coming to Meet”. It has five Yang lines with an opening Yin at the base – a door into synarchic Heaven: Heaven over the Wind … blow lightly the sky.   The golden Bee in the 44th Arc is its “shadow” creature but illustrates the sublime geometry of the Sun, giver of the Honey of Life; the hexagonal “toutes directions” of the sun’s rays through honeycomb cells. 

The Hive building, Kew gardens – Alamy stock photo

In the gene keys transmission the Shadows highlight our negative projections but unveil the beautiful Laws of Life.  I am reminded of Buddha giving and being the Law of Life in every cell, atom and strand of DNA.  This is innate.  What stands in front to conceal it?   The marvellous Law of Life in this Gene Key bonds together each quintessentially unique organism on Earth.   Our human society (like the ants and bees) evolves towards a living sphere.  

Paul T visited the new Hive building in Kew Gardens and took this photo:

A child and her mother look down into the “shadow”

When we got together to discuss this Gene Key, it opened into the soul’s mandala within the Tree of Life; the nature of the Sun; the Sun’s work in alchemy;  the building of community.

The sacred Shambhala on earth is the Queen in a synarchy of bees – a grouping of particles into concordant resonance, through all levels of the natural state.  So it is, in the body’s natural movement;  and so it is ultimately  throughout the worldly distortions of it, such as dictatorship.  At any given moment my psyche “synarchs” around the ruler’s colour whether depression, blame or glow.    Silence hears “the movement of every cell in the great hive of being” – this is where 44 touches its programming partner 24: the Silence.

Here is a link to Clive Bennett’s beautiful post and haiku watching the Starling murmuration which is seasonal now, including a video.  Clive quotes from Richard Jeffries – an interesting “take” on the Interference-pattern, as in the Gene Keys Shadow AND the Eisenberg experiment: “On approaching it this apparent cloud is found to consist of thousands of starlings, the noise of whose calling to each other is indescribable—the country folk call it a “ charm,” [murmuration] meaning a noise made up of innumerable lesser sounds, each interfering with the other.”   

It is cosmic.  The countless “interferences” across each other form the harmony of a  wave.

Here also is another film of this remarkable event:

When a single Starling enters the flowing creature of the Great Star, he joins the energy field of six other birds around him –  an interconnecting hexagon. Each bird dissolves in movement with six others as one thought.  The flock dances for some hours. Then (at around sundown when the frequency changes) the energy-field warms up, uplifts and coalesces suddenly into these superb patterns of the Great Being: consciousness.  The individuated One is the All.   And so it is with us! 

44th awakening is into a core fractal – a human thread-line. It is a triple core – and here again is the Seed, the three source codes!  (see previous post).   During Scorpio the seed falls into the dark ground and begins to germinate.

core fractal

When Tathagata Buddha breathed out the present “big bang” or kalpa) “consciousness was seeded into matter in a basic trinary pattern.  The compressed energy exploded into three primary fractal lines or arms known as the Three Source Codes.  This trinary fractal branching throughout the universe is well known in modern chaos theory.  Three octopus-like arms began to spiral outwards in ever more complex fractal patterns and gradually coalesced to form the rudiments of our material universe.  Every human being has within them a fractal shard belonging or resonating to one of these three original codes.  This primary pattern of trinity over time has become the foundation of almost all of the major world religions and mystical systems.

“Every computer programme has what is termed a source code – a hidden code written by the programme that allows access to the main programming matrix.  The only way you can influence the original programme is if you have access to this code.  In our universe … the 44thSiddhi allows access to any one of the three source codes.  Moreover, written into the master programme of the overall fractal pattern of our universe are specific points in what we call human history that the programme will mutate … a built in design to evolve beyond itself …


“The hierarchy of the bees is circular rather than linear.  No one in a synarchy is above anyone else because at all times there is an awareness of the group’s inherent oneness … a perfect fit in the overall geometry and if there is no resistance through the individual forms, the totality can function as one.”  (Richard Rudd, 44th Siddhi in the Gene Keys book)

child with bee

This is inspirational because any moment contains this potential to seed  a trinary source code – opening from the discovery in 28 my previous post;  my Dream Arc adventure is led along the Way.  Each bee in the hive is an aeon, for it is the All.  I see in my habits of self-blame, my refusal to evolve.  I see the same resistance collectively in the way the codes are misinterpreted and “copied” into hierarchical habits of “divide and rule” inertia.  I am not free.   I am mostly drowning.  But sometimes the wave dips and I look out and I see and am freedom and take “the good deep breath”!

Through the veil of birth – an old engraving

The Passion is a coded call – a mariner at sea, the call of a bird, an albatross.  The Totality Gift brought forth from the previous Arc is my imperfect unbalanced condition’s love for God and accepting what falls.  It really is like gasping at sea among wings that dive and soar.  

Fulmar gulls – Illustration from Richard Rudd’s ‘A Spring of Dreams’

There is no liberation from vulnerabilities.  I just live them.   There is liberation in this.  But it’s not a big bang!  It is being.  Big bangs encompass countless aeons.   How can I turn into light and freedom in “time”?   But I know that it is, because it sings.   That primordial triple core tonal colour sings – unconditionally.  The rainbow body is in the core of every cell, it flows through every vein.  It is inside painful habits of error and grief.   Take the good deep breath and trust the way through.  Rumi said if you don’t take off all your clothes how can you enter the sea? … (so to speak.)   How they cling, those shadow clothes!   The emperor in the fairy tale had none. 

libra sunrise – 1988


“Every time a human core fractal is awakened, the entire arm of that fractal slowly begins to awaken.  Thus it is said that certain beings or avatars come to earth to take on the sins of the masses.  This refers to the awakening of core fractals and the domino effect through their ancestral genetic chain.” (RR)


I mentioned the albatross, the 55th Siddhi which happens to be Freedom – yes they do call, they have strange mating sounds, a rapid morse-code in the beak, a plaintive silvery whistle, a mellow quack.  I imagined them as silent birds with huge wing spread around and around the three Oceans encircling Earth towards the south pole. 

This brings for a moment the strange fact of living on and as a globe, a sphere, a landless limitless convergence or curve towards and into the point.   Would I were an albatross!   Freedom has no obstacles and there are no mistakes.

The Hive building at Kew, seen from above

Language, my own language of truth and how to use it …  Compass.  Compassion.   Hand on tiller again. The sail fills and tautens.

The 44th Ark in process …

How easy it is after any primary revelation, for the vision of synarchy to collapse into a dogmatic picture, a flat surface to upkeep.  Now it is shaken up again into Life.  Don’t put the blame on world religions and their stultifying process!  It happens in my mind right here – the Light gets lost – so take the lamp, rediscover and open again – always.

My 44 Arc drawing was in labour yesterday – a new idea came – draw a mandala in the siddhi sky space next to the Quail.   The quail Siddhi is disguised as a plump matron going to market in her plumed orange bonnet.  I  thought to copy the vague woody landscape in the photo I’m using, but this is replaced by a much more engaging concept – a rich sky behind her with the Mandala of the Hive! – yes – echoing the photos of Kew Hive building which Paul showed me.  At last the beloved Rope – my top-rope, in climber’s jargon – is to hand.  It is an awful tired feeling when there is only myself to rely on. 

Dream Arc 44 – Bee, African “painted wolf” and Quail

Three African wild dogs – the Gift – are spread across the page.  One of them sits and gazes at you in a fierce sweet way.   In the foreground the Bee climbs onto a sensual pink flower.   Another mandala! – sideways on.  Was stuck – now go.   For myself the simple Mandala to draw is not a starry improvised one, but a Seal of Solomon cube going in and in and out and out – my lodestar.  It expresses teamwork, synarchy and divinity in my spiritual STABILITY and the beehive honeycomb hexagon.  The background colour – lilac around it – may deepen to “northern night” past the Quail.  Actually it turned into a “crystal chamber”.  It will blend to rich dark green towards the bottom where the bee is – with a layer of African ochre perhaps.  Dark honey!   As soon as the Spirit window opens, the Commitment amplifies my tiny ability and reserves.   I feel now golden, like the hive.   Still tired out, but the fountains play again, and the trust.


Photo by Court Whelan on nathab website

THE GIFT – the African dog – is olfactory concerning the sense of smell!  Hence my great care yesterday with the wild-dog’s Nose.   The following info is by Marsea Nelson of the world wildlife fund, on nathab.com:  

“The Painted Wolf lives in tight-knit social groups from 2 to 27.  They are strongly bonded and look after injured dogs, bringing them food until they recover.  Only the dominant male and female in each pack breed.  The rest help them to rear the cubs.  They hunt as a team at dusk and although small, they can bring down antelope and wildebeest.  Their vocabulary goes far beyond the domestic dog.  They greet each other with twittering whining songs.  When one dog loses the pack it will utter a “hoo” like an owl to find its companions.  They run more than 44mph and roam across terrains of more than 770 square miles.”

Smell-smell!  Read each other with this deeper sense.   Tune into fractal tone and overcome collective interference – feel into it and follow the SCENT.  It operates through time as well as space.   Fur and feather!   “The 44th Gift can smell its own higher incarnation and life purpose in those around it, which is why it knows so much about group dynamics … nothing reincarnates except the fractal line itself.”   


The wild-dog’s gaze is in my face now – tuned in and unbounded, rearranging the dark-room particles.  

I am falling in love with fractal resonance.   I am tired.  Wish I could sleep and chime out completely for days.   Take the good-deep-breath with this tempo as it stands – each petal.   When I breathe I say Yes to life and I trust.   Is the first breath when we are born the hardest?  I love the way Adamus G in the October 2013 “Shoud” (in Crimson Circle Library, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe) speaks tenderly of God the un-named and un-practiced One Reality, and how refreshing it is for him to let go the past.  

“Choose awakening: allow enlightenment … If your teachers advise you too much, it isn’t your experience … go (descending into the human condition) where few angels have gone … This life you live is not an ‘illusion’ ; it is a flattened Reality …  so breathe into it, apply to every cell of your body to rise (like bread) and come together to serve the Greater …

Crimson Circle Library
October 2013 “Shoud”, Discovery series

On the topic of “coming to meet what may”, my friend Genevieve Boast published this today on her website “Beyond human stories”: https://beyondhumanstories.com/inherent-human-strengths/ …  a beautiful and uplifting read!   Thanks, Gen.

Bumble bee 1954

The causal body operating at very high frequency travels with other causal bodies across space and time in a cosmic relationship dance.  Why complain with physical fatigue? There is a surrender with the Way, including physical and emotional tiredness, which is complete, it swims “beyond fatigue”.   It does not force.   I follow.   One Consciousness underlying all Creation cannot be divided.   

The Gift of Teamwork wherever expressed works through clearing the vessel.  The 44th Shadow of Interference – or misrecognition – works “like a virus” within the synarchic operating system and “throws the collective choreography out of synchrony.” 

Only a few perceive how today’s extreme imbalances presage how we “Come to Meet” – the coming together of the dance. 

A Painted Wolf. He seems to pause; the landscape moves through him at tremendous speed!


The Quails are mythic philanthropists, along with “manna in the desert”.  They live and travel in flocks, loving the feeling of community.  They take care of each other in time of need and like the painted wolf, they help each other out.  Like the cheetah in my previous post, they remain alert to respond without hesitation to collective intuition or signal.   The Siddhi of Synarchy is not encumbered by the thought process.


“The current state of our planet cannot be fixed from the top down. If a programme is misfiring in such a huge and complex manner you have to fix it at the grassroots level – you have to reset the basic components which are the individuals, followed next by relationships.  The moment we begin to see relationships appearing in the world without interference-patterns, we know the core human factor is rebuilding itself from the bottom up.  Once you have a clear relationship, assembling the rest of the fractal is a relatively easy taskEvery clean human fractal begins as a binary – a relationship.”   (RR)

Hence my long odyssey!

Interference patterns that are transferred through your DNA must be resolved in order for a fractal to be cleaned.”

Gene key mudra 44 – the interlacing community

This is core to my understanding of this Key.  When I am in full function nothing divides relationships which are in Resonance.   The one supports and energises the others in the field.   The canids move as a pack; the quality of DEVOTION.   A Master programme choreographs the movement and migration of human beings.      This includes recognising and allowing mistakes.  INTERFERENCE is an acquired dyslexia in the human code.  


Sun circle, courtesy of Siddhartha Corsus, The Sun Hermit

Our one head circle – illustration from “Pierrot and the white wolf”


The 44th Gene Key’s programming partner is 24; Thunder sounds – Silence is earth.  Here a single Yang line enters a cathedral of five Yin lines: Earth over Thunder.

Dream Arc 24 – flying-fish, hare and frigate birds

The 44th Gene Key shares with 50 the codon ring of the Illuminati


Phoenix songs fall into the morning overnight, just before sending this post – the beautiful Bird is astir in the ashes in California.  From Mischa Rutenberg arrived his new song in process – “Gods dancing” – here is one of the verses – the metre:

“… Two arcs of learning now complete will usher new life in
The immortals left their seat to help the dance begin
A flash of lightning ripped the sky as thunder beat earth’s drum
Gods danced on the horizon   summoning the dawn
Sometimes grace is beautiful, sometimes it shatters all
Sometimes new life can only come when old life takes a fall 
And Love’s behind it all!” …

“… all who could endure the storm emerged as one transformed 
from the silence newly born …”


And last night after a Pranayama breathe and meditation, Paul received this prayer:

“Humanity make the Earth great again
The land and its trees 
The seas.  May the air be cleansed 
and become great of itself again. 
May the totality of nature, animals, 
birds and sea creatures restore itself 
to its former natural beauty and health.
Asia,  Africa, North and South America, 
Europe, Australia, Arctic and Antarctic 
become in all its diversity
return to elemental balance.
Humanity make the Earth great again …”


Sun steed – 2002 or 3

May we all, come what may, KEEP GOING!




In this old engraving in Alexander Roob’s illustrated “Alchemy” the earth and sky are sprinkled with cubes – the hexagonal and embodying Work of the Sun.  How many can you find?  And now go out and notice the cubes sketched everywhere in nature’s cross-hatching … through the branches of trees, through three-dimensional space … angles, corners, echoes, buildings … even perhaps facial expressions.


Crystal Alphabet – the 44th Mineral Key is Calcite

Info – Wikedia Calcite occurs mostly in limestone sediments.  In its fibrous form it is alabaster.  It is white or clear, but impurities give it a broad colour spectrum.  When applied by archaeologists and stone trade professionals, the term alabaster is used not just as in geology and mineralogy, where it is reserved for a variety of gypsum but also for a similar-looking, translucent variety of fine-grained banded deposit of calcite.  Ancient Egyptians carved many items out of calcite, relating it to their goddess Bast, whose name contributed to the term alabaster because of the close association. Many other cultures have used the material for similar carved objects and applications.

A transparent variety of calcite known as Iceland spar may have been used by Vikings for navigating on cloudy days.  (Wikipedia)

Info – http://www.healingwithcrystals.com – Calcite is a powerful amplifier and remover of stagnant energy. A specimen of Calcite in a room will increase the households energy levels. The active crystal speeds up development and growth physically, mentally and spiritually. Because of the variety of colours in calcite it will heal and energise all the chakras.

Calcite cleans the elimination organs such as bladder, bowel, kidneys. It helps in the absorption of calcium but also dissolves calcification that builds up on broken bones and from arthritis. Calcite strengthens the skeleton and joints. It reduces intestinal and skin conditions enabling them to heal. It increases the blood clotting ability and tissue healing. It fortifies the immune system and encourages growth in undersized children. Calcite crystal water can be used on the skin to relieve ulcers wounds and warts.


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.


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