Hippogriff and Honeycomb

Hermes Trismegistos 2003

This string of contemplations developed as a fantasia with the 3rd, 34th and 42nd Gene Keys in the Codon Ring of Life and Death:  particularly, the 3rd Gift of Innovation.

The “quiver of hostility” around the human form (human nature, human genome within the animal kingdom) is a fascinating phrase in my previous post. I  just changed the word “quantum” to “quiver”.  It could also have been “quaver”.

But quiver is also the hunter’s quiver for arrows; a man’s creative sperm.

Leprekornus, 1987

The quiver around the human energy field repels most wildlife. It has menacing arms whose unpredictable extension is predatory: the frequency established over millennia the stone, the spear, the gun.

However, this terrain can be crossed or coaxed, and also applies to our interior creatures or familiars.

“Unihipili” (in the Huna teaching, and in Philip Pullman’s trilogy ‘His Dark Materials‘) are our subconscious animal nature whose collective memory flows around our everyday conscious self.  Our awareness with it reveals the Gift  which activates the Siddhi:  a triadic circuitry.

Owl, Fox and Sleeper.  At one time when I was doing a lot of painting, this pair of familiars entered my aura through a dream-flash.  My body was curled up on the ground, in a tent – as in this sketch.


Some of us succeed in stepping through our dragons, to come out.  There is also the vast culture for domesticating and taming animals, with its symbiotic spectrum;  and the wood-men who love and live with bears;  and shepherd with dog, woman with horse.

I catch sight of the Shadow which wraps our genus in 64 ways. Everyone’s auric field contains this infinitely interpenetrating matter, and the job of illuminating it personally.

Each individual carries an “invisible”  cluster of demons and elementars, spheres of trapped pain and attitude.  A shaman can spot these and release them from their supportive matrix. We can also learn to detect and release our own.  Naturally they don’t want to go, and they put up a fight.  This goes on at every level.  The watercolour sketch I did the other day of Dark Brown is the River, Golden is the Sand … has a dancer or such a being, in the stem of a tree; a scribble.

So!  I have them, firmly attached, and the ones I am aware of, are Fears of various kinds. Quiet confrontation doesn’t seem to help much, but identifying and then “bracketing” the entity by resolving not to react from it, perhaps does.

‘Courtly’ – 1957

Acknowledge it respectfully by bowing, like Harry Potter to the hippogriff who bowed back and then became his salvation-vehicle.  See?  The dark creatures should not be repressed, but shown respect and recognition.  Then they might co-opt.

This is transformation; they all have the magnificent Hippogriff potential to soar and fly, rescue and deliver.

taking off shadows, 1988


The demons of mental illness are less amenable.  Their parasitic power can be drawn forth only by the shaman’s touch, or in Yeshua’s Name.  This reminds me of the healers, shamans and firewalkers in the Huna tradition.


The “quivering” insight shows that I, we carry inescapably the residual arrows of thousands of generations. The tension in the world at present is a result, but within those dense complex layers is embedded the Gift, even as Sol our Sun drives the wave of night around the planet.

No condition is fixed.

Does contemporary redemption reach back into the echo in history of earlier centuries, and tickle the generosity in the human heart, redeeming that situation also? (I am so much enjoying Midi Berry’s novel “Nights of the Road“:)

What we do and are now, can tincture the deep past, within present or previous incarnations – often in the simplest way.  The future is my guiding Hand and completion, helping me over the current difficult or Plutonic bits.  The Third Gift is “Innovation” and its subtitle is “the End of Island Mentality”.  The end of island mentality extends kindness to previous generations, ancestors and incarnations.  The universal Human Forgiveness is our judgement day.


The Third Shadow’s “mono-cell fear-based outlook on life holds the secret to our future … If it were true that deep within the nucleus of every cell a selfish drive were paramount, then it is highly unlikely that any two cells could ever cooperate, since their very design would drive them to compete.  The genius of the cell and its true brain must therefore lie where the quantum biologists say it lies –  within the cell’s membrane.  The membrane allows the single cell to respond to its environment, and allows its DNA to be INFLUENCED by its environment.” (RR)

This, he continues, is the foundational principle of quantum biology, regarded as heresy by mainstream biological dogma.   It is the core premise of the gene keys.  My DNA coding and inheritance is not a limited fixture.  The brainstem is in the aura interface, and it alters according to the data through the interface.

Here is the core teaching of esoteric science and the ageless wisdom:  the conscious self reprogrammes the subconscious, which constantly and unfailingly delivers. 


The “genius of the cell and its true brain” is in the design of the honeycomb and of solar-hexagonal dazzle.  The hexagonal hologram is ‘packed’ so its edges fit economically together, filling the cube of space.

Within the capacity to be influenced (for better or worse), lies the seed of INNOVATION.  Aeons ago, monocelled organisms leaped into multicellular beings.  Today the phenomenal cult of personal ego, or monocell consciousness, heralds the same kind of leap into multicellular, philanthropic being.

This is unimaginable to most people, if the idea is held that we humans are incurably exclusive.  That enormous enveloping self-image is a tiny black umbrella over a tiny obscurity in the living reality.


Hippogriff by Anna: in Harry Potter colouring-pages

The tightly wound up Shadow may leap and gloriously transport, like Harry Potter’s Hippogriff.  Bowing to it is a courtesy.  When it bows back, there is recognition and the Ally.   Jung bowed to supernatural and subterranean beings he met in the Red Book he wrote during the First World War; they were his medicine and his teachers.

This is significant!   When my fear or gross anxiety next comes, try seeing and bowing to it. If the fear bows back (by gesture, or a bit later on – give it some time!), its nature has changed to cooperation.

The Third Gift of Innovation is built into life:  life is designed to transcend its “Difficulty at the Beginning” programming.  INNOVATION ONLY OCCURS WHEN YOU TRULY BEGIN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF (RR).   Single celled life gave way to cooperative life.  The Whole is the Honeycomb.

“Thinking for my self”… that is, thinking out of the box … follows the same principle as Gurdjieff’s “external considering”, where the wellbeing of the whole or for the other is considered in a pragmatic way.

By contrast, “Inner-considering” is the more common fear-based co-dependent fantasy.  When the inner-considering reflex is overcome, a co-operative beatitude dawns.  For instance:  I’m imagining my mother’s relief and pleasure in sharing her Sutherland adventure with my sister, and it doesn’t bother me now that I’m away, and will miss that conversation.  She has a daughter right there to tell it to, and I embrace them both.

Beginning to discover these attitudes in myself free of stress, is encouraging.

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion

In my Life and Death Codon Ring family also – the Robins – my role reflects the whole, through what I study.  With this focus, a power within the robin is activated, growing wings, affirming the ground.

“Unity equals efficiency.  This is the integral message encoded in the codon Ring of Life and Death. It is based on the Book of Changes, continually mutating; it transcends and includes those levels and views it has just transcended … If you are not continually transcending, then you are dying.” (RR)

How wonderful, and how the hexagonal Ring glows more and more to life and substance with the 3rd Gene Key and my 42nd!   I felt I wouldn’t make much progress with Gene Keys until I start to get to know them in their Codon Ring relationships.  They display each other.  Great actors improve the performance around them – the others on stage are inspired to give their best. Each Gene Key enhances those around it, and all the rest.  Everything is Yin for Yang. In the mind-blowing treasury of the Buddha’s Avatamsaka Sutra (see end of this post), each Gene Key is a fabulous and infinite gem: the all contains the All.

The feeling of “shift” is typical of the daily transmutation in my genetic matrix.  Catching the flame in alchemical oven, I feed it gently with the bellows. If I have it here, it is already collective by morphic resonance; our inescapable human destiny.  Behold the stars in the raven’s wing.

Whenever an alchemist reaches this point, the mental engine stops.   Mind stops.  Breath deepens and slows.   Do not compromise with small human expectation.   Go for the big canvas, the All;  and celebrate the Presence.

boys by the sea 1954

“The child at play mutates and is mutated by its environment.  …  All preconceived notions, dogmas or beliefs must be discarded when they no longer serve the developing synthesis.   Innovation requires a deep sense of inner trust.  As you work with this Gift you continually update and change your position (in the) underlying unifying spirit (even if you may not see how everything fits together).

“The cell’s true brain is in its membrane rather than its nucleus; our true brain is through the emotional system (solar plexus).” (RR)

It is true that “the emotional life” scuppers the best laid plans which are head-based.

In fact the emotional solar-embodied brain with all its potential, is moving into evolutionary vanguard.   I think the solar plexus brain elbows linear concepts out of the nest like a young cuckoo.  My cuckoo NOW sets convention and ambitious conformity aside, on the back burner. Instead of those hard voices I hear Oh! HOW CUCKOO I AM, and it is spring.

“Like the cellular membrane, the solar plexus system determines what frequencies are allowed in and out.” (RR)

For instance, when (for instance) disaster-theorists blame others who are “out there”, my solar plexus goes into distress and shutdown.  Those notions disempower the meaning of ‘taking a positive responsibility’ in the everyday sense   They  get through, but they are not accepted.  They cause outrage and uproar until they are engulfed by solar plexus system’s White Governors (corpuscles).  The solar plexus organ is the liver, ruled by Jupiter, where the blood is made.

Now that too is extraordinary.  Blood is made in the liver. What from?  It is impossible to know this by cutting open the body, because the instant a part of it is exposed, the body loses its cosmic integrity and bleeds.   The cosmic beauty and integrity of our inner organic body – for instance the sparkling dialogue of liver and heart –  is beyond our sight and instruments of measure.   I am sure however, that shamanic and far-eastern and forest medicines see the play and the glory.   They regulate heart, kidney, lung and liver balances through the map of meridians or nadir – the ley-lines through our physical body.

It does the interior organic body and subconscious immeasurable good just to tune in. Ride a cock horse! All is well in the Cosmic Serpent.

“Thus, as the individual mutates to receive higher frequencies, these frequencies unlock the higher organising principles of collective life embedded within our DNA.  It is not we who make this decision, but life. These codes are already waiting inside us, threaded along those mazy pathways deep within our DNA.  This is the sacred secret: life is designed to keep on innovating, and the old human with its single-celled island mentality has had its day.” (RR)

It is simplistic to blame the shadow aspect of social media technology.  The new technology is constantly re-innovating itself, which is irritating and unsettling, but echoes the big Solar-system Broom which scrubs us along, transformatively.  As above, so below … Amon-Ra!





APPENDED: Paraphrase by Suzuki from the Buddha’s AVAMTAMSAKA SUTRA

THE TOWER is as wide and spacious as the sky itself.

The ground is paved with (innumerable) precious stones of all kinds, and there are within the Tower (innumerable) palaces, porches, windows, staircases, railings and passages, all of which are made of the seven kinds of precious gems …

And within this Tower, spacious and exquisitely ornamented, there are also hundreds of thousands … (innumerable) of Towers, each one of which is as exquisitely ornamented as the Tower itself, and as spacious as the sky.

And all these Towers, beyond calculation in number, stand not at all in one another’s way;  each preserves its individual existence in perfect harmony with all the rest;  there is nothing here which bars one Tower from being fused with all the others, individually and collectively;  there is a state of perfect intermingling, and yet of perfect orderliness.

Sudhana, the young pilgrim, sees himself in all the Towers, as well as in each single Tower, where all is contained in One and each contains all.




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Third Shadow – Rain through Thunder

Girl in my drawing-book, 1954

Continuing my reflections on the Codon Ring of Life and Death …

Now!  Gene key 3 – partner to 50.   It is Water (rain) over Thunder and is called Through the Eyes of a Child: Chaos, Innovation, Innocence; I guess it like Tarot 3 governs fertility.  It is 3 which is actually on the Codon Ring of Life and Death (see my previous posts).  In the 3rd shadow the individual is set apart from nature by a demanding deity or market force: the agnostic philosophers’ idea of God as a Thing to argue about.



Chasm, Chaos, is an evolutionary fork where planetary organisms’ survival seems to become determined by human behaviour.  Again the theme of “single cell”, whose understanding shows that the fork we are brought to, is and was inevitable in the evolutionary process.  As I see it, the “individualism” becomes extreme before it mutates to self awareness, and is able to cede.  “Let the obscurity fly from you!”

At this moment I suddenly see all creatures, all species and animals, as planetary organisms.


The evolutionary fork in the material-science world is that Einstein’s revelation has still not been taken on board except as exploited in microchip technology, weapons, fuel and fiddle-faddle.  Usage is not understanding.

Richard Rudd says Quantum biology is in infancy still.  It is too immense and supple for the monkey mind of most intellectuals.  It has not penetrated mainstream philosophy although it sprinkles the world view upsettingly.  The indigestion may be causal in the drug addiction culture, medical and recreational:  system imbalance through misunderstood “copyings”.

Conscious science however, is conscience.  With sufficient “conscience’ in homeopathic quanta to tip imbalance from the blind, generations to come will open up a very different story.  This medicine is not yet visible in the mainstream literature.  But we can turn within and find its contagion.

Now here’s something SIGNIFICANT I read in this Key, years ago:  the brain of the cell is not its nucleus but in the cellular membrane which provides an interface with the environment.   Life is designed to cooperate rather than compete.

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion


My Robin family or soul group is a hexagonal jewel each of whose facets or “sides” extends the hologram indefinitely.

The brain and purpose of the community is not in its separate little beating hearts, but in the metaphysical push and pull of its interfacing membranes.  The evolutionary focus is in the holistic connective tissue.  This also clarifies the Murmuration mystery. Think of frogspawn.  Where would each tiny tadpole be, without the cell-like fascia through which it breathes and is nourished?

Hexagram 3 in the I Ching is “Difficulty at the Beginning”.  “Chaos theory is founded upon tiny variations in initial conditions within a system. In terms of the evolution of life however, the single cell’s prime directive is to survive at all costs.”(RR)

The separation of individual purpose from the holistic organism brings me to today’s massive conundrum in the DNA which consciously awakes here and there. The chaotic viewpoint misconstrues the hidden pattern perspective:  a totally selfish evolution would never make it off the drawing board.  The collective fantasy and mainstream science thinking is of “being walled off in our individual cells”.


The programming partner (50th shadow) permits the corruption of data which such a world view enforces.   All human DNA is interrelated, so anyone who is cleaning their data can influence the entire matrix.



For myself, the ground-bass of Gene Keys is the humankind community ”snowflake”. Touching and igniting water and earth (rain through thunder), I see also the alchemy – the Quintessential siddhi of gk23.

Those who divide God from “In the Beginning” become devout atheists.  They project and of course cannot believe in a pie in the sky.  The appearance of chaos is the Difficulty in the Beginning, because if I open wide on the threshold, the chasm before me is actually clarity, a well of prehistory and mythology through strata of history.  I can open my arms to the life and letting go of living and dying (gk42).  But this embrace is mostly feared, because it feels vulnerable.  The corrupt data is held onto, inside and out.  At present, “corrupt data” clumps around negative world gossip, political tension and conspiracy theories … so what’s new in our history?   It reinforces humans’ fear of change though we are wired to change.

Resistance to the human Book of Changes manifests chaotically as exploitation, dictatorship, displacement and cruelty.  I feel that the huge and at the moment ugly changes in our environment herald a depth-evolutionary process as the dragonfly’s dream accelerates.  Now this is new – opening a dimension transcending our history; and Earth’s natural resources which we cannot yet imagine.



The Third Shadow conditions humans to distrust life:  very primitive:  hostility and barricade.   The primitive hostile fantasy is at present provided by terrorist activity, salaried slavery, climate unsettlement and the artificial holiday culture upon impoverished economies. I feel at the moment that the quiver of hostility around human nature has always been about the same, and gets projected onto cultural spikes. It receives the free-wheeling attention of the collective monkey mind.  So I think it is essential to clamber off that gear, whenever I find myself snagged.


monkey Gaia 1987


The Repressive nature is anal and the Reactive nature is Disordered: chaos-inducing rage. “Every time we stop trusting in life and believe in our fears, we begin to co-create the vibration of chaos.” (RR)

Yes. I have felt and wrestled this responsibility for a long time!   Anger carries a destructive force which boomerangs and if not owned or “kept in the porch“, it reinforces the chaotic frequency in the world.

What we believe is chaos is actually cosmic harmony.

boy by the sea, 1954


Chaotic is the view only of its incomplete manifestation.  Chaos and Entropy as commonly conceived, appear to be misinterpretations.  Through the eyes of a child, is the collective human being with Gaia:  the wholeness.




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Robin Codon Sings

(14 October)  Following on from my post ‘Buddha Ring of Life and Death’, here from the book is the 50th gene key Siddhi:  “All human individuals should take heart from the messages contained within this 50th Siddhi.  Along with the 6th Siddhi of Peace, it is one of the true master keys governing and protecting human destiny.  Beneath the veneer of your outer life, harmony prevails, even though you may not be able to see or feel it.  The blueprint of your awakening is held securely within the vaults of this 50th Siddhi …  For some the harmony will become a habit, born of a love of freedom and a vision of cooperation … As it grows in power, it will orchestrate groups and communities of human beings into a beautiful symphony in which we become the instruments, and consciousness itself is the music that plays through us.”


The face of linked codon rings extends my profile identity to incorporate these benefits of others:  a kind of Starling flock murmuration.


In a starling murmuration, the flock “warms up” for some time, then suddenly coalesces to a ballet of Greater Mind or Siddhi:  each little individual bird a living cell: the living Music of the 50th Gift and Siddhi.

This is the depth theme: the Illuminati will assimilate all human beings into its ranks and humanity will finally experience itself as a single unified cosmic being.  The heaving “globalisation” crust is a step towards unification, the kind of unification which flowers diversity and is at core telepathic.  Keep thinking of and focusing this, and make it reality.  50th is in my friend “Mrs Robin’s” face and all her activities.

People with this Gene Key in their hologenetic profile can therefore catalyse considerable shifts in the consciousness of those around them.  … Because of its genetic pairing with the 3rd Siddhi, each time 50th Siddhi appears in the world it precedes a cellular mutation in humanity. One way of predicting such a shift is to look for an increase in the appearance of social heterarchies – groups of self-empowered people working creatively together without the limitation of a hierarchy.”

My “Robin” Codon Ring of Life and Death with extended family members, is a heterarchy with a lot of potential within itself to develop. It has a standing-wave future whose all-embracing intelligence is tangible, although the features are still vague, because they unfold through time and evolution. In the I Ching Cauldron, it cooks.

This means the Robin Ring’s causal or subtle body has everything in place, but in the physical and psychological worlds of time and space, the pieces chomp around towards harmonic focus.   The particle is in movement not position.  The particle reaches a frequency however which seems like a position but is actually a musical note in resonance.  Whenever this point is reached, it rings.  In the same way a tuning fork sets off other resonators in the room.  Then there is morphic resonance across continents, villages and seas; a quiet human shift; an inevitable concordance.   It cooks and is suddenly edible.

It is hard for me to focus nowadays, but what seems really worthwhile is the Robin song as an active, going concern, embodying the hexagonal miracle of those linked Codon Rings.  To contemplate its potential is to pray for and energise it:  power to the elbow.  I wish I could explain it to Mr Robin, but it is impossible to condense 3 years study into something intelligible – Look, this is her Life work and Evolution.  And this is your Life work and Evolution.  And this is Ris’s Life work and Evolution, and my Radiance and Purpose and Grandma’s Radiance and Purpose, and this activated pair here, 27/28:  the altruistic totality overviewing the whole.  Don’t you love it?

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion


I found in the gk “Living Library” this hologram arrangement of all the gene key hexagrams, with colour-coded trigrams.  Each hexagram within Great Hexagram is represented as a bi-tetrahedral seal of Solomon: the interwoven upper and lower trigrams.

Core Network I Ching (gk Society website)

Colour Key

Purple Thunder – Realization
Blue Water – Communication
Green Mountain – Appreciation
Yellow Wind – Intention
Orange Lake – Elation
Red Fire – Passion
Black Yin – Receiving
White Yang – Creating

For Example:
Gene Key 6 Diplomacy – Heaven Over Water –
Creating Communication

Gene Key 64 Imagination – Fire Over Water –
Passionate Communication


There is morphic resonance throughout the gene keys movement:  my discovery through “Robin Codon Sings”, for sure is activated elsewhere also!

European Starling




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What is Immortality?


In “Embracing the Dark Side” (28th Gene Key), the mentally limited concept of immortality is of time (the personal ego) stretching indefinitely into the future.  It would enormously increase the fear and shadow of accidental death if the current biophysical vehicle was prolonged in this way.  It would be a living death.

I am looking now at the programming partners 27/28 on the Codon Ring of Life and Death (see previous post).  27 is ‘the food of the gods’ whose Gift is Altruism.  28’s Gift is Totality.  These Gifts and their Siddhis underwrite the humanitarian quest in the other Gene Keys on this Ring.

Immortality is the ending of any identity of time in the flood of total present moment.  This idea reminds me of roses of heaven and rings of hell which seem and are eternal when we are in them – thus all the books and doctrines and lower psychology.  Welcoming the whole event however, moves into “there being no localised centre of awareness (small-i) and nothing to die:  only consciousness remains, moving from form to form eternally.”(RR)

Just to get a whiff of this makes quite a difference. I have no management over my location of fearful personal i, but my willingness to let it be unseated feels refreshing.

Now a bit more of the book.  RR says, “In mythology the strongest (Lucifer) is always chosen to fall and forget his true nature.  This is the higher mythic meaning behind betrayal … evil is simply everything about life that has not yet been accepted and embraced.”

Those resistances become personified and in due course self-seeking …

“In the end the archangel Michael must embrace Lucifer in his arms rather than killing him. Only in this way can he fulfil the myth by transmuting Lucifer’s true essence into a force even higher than himself, thus revealing Lucifer as God himself.”


This resonates with me.  At whichever level the Shadow is encountered, there is potential to dismantle the temporal mask: to probe the temple of peace in “Baphomet”.  When the 12th century knights templar built Gothic cathedrals, they confronted and released the Shadow gargoyle into soaring crucibles of light and stone which stand to this day.  They were transformers of their own and the collective subconscious.  The word “Baphomet” when reversed becomes Temohpab, ‘templi  omnium hominem pacis abbas’: “Celebrant of the temple of peace for humankind”.

The spiritual equilibrium forever resurfaces in our condition.


Vesica Pisces – the seed of sacred architecture. Archangel Mikael combined the templar masons’ higher Self and guide. They studied and learned their craft with Islamic alchemists. Religious tensions had not yet crystallised.  We can always join them, upriver, and watch the stream of history change course in subtle ways.


Surrender is reborn as Consciousness. The 28th Lamp bearer highlights our fears about others and casts out demons.  In Hindu mythology, Siva swallowed the gods’ shadow when they stirred it up, and turned it radiant peacock blue in his throat:  speech and transmission.


In the Gene Keys book, the cadence image of 28th Siddhi becomes for me, a Centaur – the true nature of the beast – where the animal vehicle of Gaia mutates to bear the human soul’s immortality.  This is a future  and present shift, collectively and throughout nature: for the variety of all our cells and selves is One.  Human and beast flow as One in the greatest and most satisfying mythologies, including Phillip Pullman’s ‘Dark Materials’ trilogy.

The present animal kingdoms’ sacrifice in this planet suggests an evolution higher than our own.” (RR)


Centaur and Athene – copy of the painting by Botticelli


This is linked – 28 partnering 27 – to 34 the Beauty of the Beast through the Codon Ring of Life and Death (click to view)   The true nature of the beast is its beauty: the physical grace we enjoy wherever it crests in our animal nature.  Both keys, 28 and 34, are profoundly mythological. My core wound/Vocation is 34.


Codon Ring of Illusion?  Unmask illusion not through denial but through embracing it till it is nothing but consciousness, full passing picture and all.   The landscape of Life expands every atom of this potential.   It disintegrates personal tensions, oughts and superstitions into puffs of dust and dew.





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Buddha Ring of Life and Death

12 October 2017

I am in the middle of a Codon Rings odyssey.  My posts are in dialogue form – insights arising from the Gene Keys book.

What is the Codon Ring of Life and Death’s story?  Through the eyes of a child 3, I let go my expectations of living and dying 42, and am nourished by altruistic food of the gods 27.  When the world splits apart into simple Quintessence 23, I hear the sacred Sound 20, and am nourished in the Silence 24.

This was my Buddha “a-tishoo” revelation in’88; I heard the primordial sound in a passing truck; a feeling of cyclic acceptance.  Through the Codon Ring of Life and Death passes the polarity plane of altruistic teamwork.

I discovered some weeks ago, when I copied and drew the  Ring of Life and Death (below), that the Activation sequences of at least five members of an extended family I live and work with – whom I shall call ‘the Robins’ – are represented in the linked programming partners: Mrs Robin 50/3, Mr Robin 23/43, Ris 20/34, myself 32/42 and Grandma Robin 44/24.  The themes evolving in this soul group are: self for others, human rights law, refugee work, philanthropy, existential philosophy, the great outdoors, and therapy.  Our ages span 29 years old to 98.  We are strong personalities but relax well together.

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion

I was drawn to this Codon Ring through my radiance-purpose 32-42, whose themes are Ancestral Reverence and Letting go of Living and Dying.  My biggest discovery was how the ‘unoccupied programme partners’ 27/28 express ‘the Robins’ altruistic aim, synarchy and  quirks of character within the built-in destiny of our higher Consciousness.  It is like a novel.  I was able to follow over the last decade or so, how it is set up.

Cube star hologram

The hexagon fits perfectly over the geometry of aspect trines in my birth chart:  a Seal of Solomon or six point star:  six directions of space in the solar atom.  The triads fly thematically through each other like birds.

Codon Ring of Illuminati:  The pattern of Karmic relationships falls into cosmic order.

Codon Ring of Illusion: Veneration for the family tree embraces its dark side.

Codon Ring of Destiny: The beauty of the beast breaks through.

In the summer, before I found the codon-rings diagram on the Society website, I proposed to myself to discover the story in each Codon Ring, like the heroic one in the Ring of Humanity.  It will help me to kindle the transmission’s core in myself.  Although these four Codon Rings (of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion) are activated in my extended ‘Robin’ family, their themes are transpersonal like fixed stars.  I value so, a living constellation, which in the everyday sense brings tedium and stresses as well as inspiration, and I have to wrestle for the light and for seership.   This thought awakens the lighthouse which threads me to sky and earth.

lighthouse with gold birds, 2016


The correspondences in the soul group relationship require quiet contemplation, repeatedly, to sink in.  They are the gossamer tremor of my path, the thread to touch, to part the veil.

I have not yet properly read 50, 3 or 23, or started to get a feel of them, although I recall that 23 is I Ching’s “splitting apart”.   So here goes!  Fire-over-Wind 50’s shadow is Corruption, an awareness of the corruption in human DNA inner and outer.  This obscuring of the code, which breeds chaotic minor mutants, is inevitable in such a complex organism.  In computer language data corruption is mistranslation during retrieval.  The 50th Shadow concerns the conflicts and comparisons within human hierarchies, which stem from the archaic hierarchic code in the animal kingdom –  I might say the hierarchaic code.  There is a self-copying of faulty glitches or dirt which accumulated in the mechanism. The progressive force or gift here, is through the way human  interaction is opened up.

At the Shadow frequency, the human code is processed through fear – the hierarchaic fear “slants the manifestation in our world”.  In genetics, “RNA is a messenger that reads and copies DNA’s instructions for life.  RNA’s chemical role is to transcribe aspects of your genetic code in order that new proteins can be formed.  Messages can be misinterpreted before they are translated – as occurs within human society” … and media.

When reaction triggers fear, counter-reaction and domino-effect distortion, the result is Chaos, (programming partner 3).  That is the fog I have to see through!  How fascinating this gene key 50 is.

The entirely new reality for human social interaction is currently in the earliest stage of manifesting in the world around us.”    This has Mrs Robin’s flavour:  her joyous homogenous networking and doing good: the  peering and anxiety with her eyesight;  the emotional sensitivity, like a child; the intellectually trained combat-capacity and logic.

The following is slightly adapted from the Gene Keys book – in note form:

“Cosmic Order in the I Ching is a cauldron, a cooking pot.  Mass corruption occurs with fearful-brain-thinking at too much mixture, too many different races, families and customs converging.  Corruption requires hierarchy in order to exist.  Low-frequency hierarchy attempts to maintain order within a community.   Laws create rebels – erroneous translation of natural laws.  The 50th Gift at higher frequency holds the blueprints of human harmony.  Equilibrium cannot occur through flawed transcription.  The 44th Interference-pattern Shadow demonstrates this, in the Ring of Illuminati.  The Interference pattern breaks up and isolates.

It is curious to see in this light, the tension between Mrs Robin’s (50/3) and Grandma Robin’s (44/24) shadows, visible through the man (23/43 they share.

“Corruption is the symptom of a collectively created reality.”  The old hierarchy consciousness is compromised with all the tribes now flung together and technologically scooped. It recreates “an international hierarchy ruled by the wealthiest countries and entrepreneurs.  This is perceived at Shadow frequency as an elite world controller, a secret world government – dark, conspiratorial Illuminati.

“The world we see through the news headlines is a world struggling to move beyond the 50th Shadow.”

In the Siddhi, Richard writes of the gathering of the Illuminati, by which he means the GENuine Illuminati, a unified cosmic being:  not the shadow projection of conspiracy-theorists.

Illuminati or Illuminatus is for me a very beautiful word in the lighthouse synchrony.  In the Siddhi, Richard mentions music. I think Beethoven was Illuminatus.  “The higher subtle bodies of humankind are designed to self-organise into potent and coherent formations of awakening beings. This is the Ring of the Illuminati at work.

Beethoven and Minona (thought to be his daughter)


“To restore equilibrium to Earth, look deeper than corruption itself.” 

That means: do not target or blame phenomena.  Recognise that the phenomena are products of mistranslation.  Acknowledge that the visible data when  corrupted, conceal the cosmic agenda under a murky passing show.  The murk is sticky and hooks identity, fear and belief system to it:  the ache of lower mind:  the RNA ‘copyings’.   It is the easiest thing in the world to inflate and convince.  The whole attitude to wealth and the economy rides on it.   Leave the headlines alone; keep perceiving the shape under that heaving cloth.

Once again it returns to HERE.

Looking at gene key 23 and how it splits the worldview apart into Buddha nature I come across Richard’s definition of the Ring of Life and Death:

“As part of the marvellous Codon Ring known as the Ring of Life and Death, the 23rd Gene Key captures the very same insights that were left for humanity by Gautama Buddha.  The beautiful simplicity of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path reflect the secrets of this Codon Ring.  Through the 3rd Gene Key we see that all life is change and is thus subject to cessation. Through the 20th Gene Key the Buddha discovered that all truth lies in the awareness of the present moment . The 24th Gene Key describes the continual process of rebirth and the wheel of Samsara.  The 27th Gene Key speaks of the essential moral code of goodness lying in the heart of humanity, and the 42nd Gene Key teaches the power of detachment.  Once you have discovered each of these secrets in your life, you will arrive at a point of beautiful simplicity in which the higher level of the 23rd Gene Key – Quintessence – is seen as the centre of centres lying deep within your belly and your being.  Enlightenment comes only through this deep immersion in the core acceptance of life and death.”   




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Heaven over Lake

Sri Chakra Yantra: 9 triangles (4 male ascending through 5 female descending): the vertical movement simultaneously radiates concentrically like a tree’s rings

Landscape opens out, to walk in with hermit’s staff – geology, weather and vegetation as ever.

Tenth Shadow (my IQ sphere): “Everything and everyone is viewed through your own subjective projection field, and this loss of objectivity can lead to only one result – it creates havoc in all your relationships” (RR).  The transformer in this is genuine self-love, whose natural state loves the other.  “The Tenth Gift of Naturalness can dawn only when self-obsession exhausts itself” (RR). This is also the stick of Self enquiry used to poke the fire until it is consumed.

Ramana Maharshi’s real question discovers that there is no one to find; and self-obsession slips out of shape.

Ramana Maharshi

The Codon ring of Humanity: 25, 38, 17, 21, 10, 51.  Wounded from the outset (25) you must do battle with your shadows (38), overcome the limitations of your mind (17), surrender your need to control life (21) and find your true self (10) before you can awaken (51).  Surely, each of the 21 Codon rings (and some consist of just one or two keys) tells a story like this!

“Naturalness is there inside you the moment you decided to stop arguing with life”.  The Tenth gene siddhi is “Ease of being”.  The hexagram, Heaven over Lake, is called “Treading”. 

“To rest unattached in the supreme state of being, whilst at the same time participating in the adventure of our evolution is quite possibly the greatest task that
the humans of the future will have to master
” (RR).

The highest transmission is silent; just passing through eternal Now. It treads the grape, to release the wine.

Notes following “64 Names of Love”

In Chinese medicine, there is a meridian stem which starts at nose tip, passes over crown and back of head, and down the spine.  It ‘governs’ all the meridians or nadis which branch off it to each side, and beautifully centres the present.

Imagine a walnut – the brain’s right and left sides – not cleft, but homogenous like the air or aura, slightly mother-of-pearl.  As I shift out of argument into alignment, the Torus fountain flows again, and stress is replaced.  The Torus fountain flows through the dantien up and out and over and around all sides, like a do-nut, and I am home for the moment.  Just like that!     Mind is quiesced, and breath is soft.  I am embodied in the all-reaching present, detached from the fantasy of concern yet not separate from it.   Trust returns.

It is interesting that when pain-body strikes, there is just the mental anguish, no cohesion at all; but there is the response (supplied immediately by Richard’s helpful Canadian videos of ’64 Names of Love’) to keep the whole solar plexus open, expanded and breathing it through, without tension, drama or shutdown.  Then comes Torus equilibrium, a natural state.  During the upset, the Torus vitality was lost. I reminded myself to align intentionally. That seems at the time only theory …  but look, it manifests later on, slender and subtle.   It needs a peaceful environment, but here it is in the garden frail but limitless; choose it, cultivate and grow!    Anxiety doesn’t end, but it doesn’t rule.

Also: beautiful pure gold mends into living rivers across the dark blue plate which was broken.  The smashed places are now channels of light, veins of gold in the rock.

Pain-body – the imbalance – is ready to erupt, but so is this.

There is just an abyss, a little pit, a crack in the road, in the doughnut leaking jam (don’t get too fancy, keep to the road!)  Yes, just a pit. It can be investigated like an endless quarry of necessity, or I can step over.  It gets bridged and the banks of good sense draw together; then I look and see – a crack in the road.  I got too involved in my loved-one’s life, and fell on my nose.

Seeing the crack in the road, it is clear why my inner Higher Self does not permit an ‘obligation’ which is not real, and doesn’t fit the situation.  Shift gear into the illumination that human pain is based on getting attached to what is not real, and so recognise the drag, split, tumble, misalignment!  The drama of square pegs and round holes.

Richard started the third part of his Canada day, by talking about the core-wound sphere.  Why is it called Vocation?  When you reach and pass through the core-wound transitional ‘terminus’ of the Venus path … you discover your Vocation for the Pearl path’s prosperity, which it begins.  It is the grit in the oyster. The pearly shimmer in the interior cave of aura … cultivate it, for it is all around.  What is the Mother of Pearl?   This very sphere!   Tiger, snake, cave-artist, river.

Let go
trust spirit
trust the path

let go of the stories we tell ourselves.


Now the embodiment which is the Light reaches deep down through human sludge into the core, the beauty of illumined vital organs within the body and how they are the Universe, the laws of the solar system.   Who sees the liver, heart, lungs, viscera, spleen, muscles, nervous system and cells up and running, vibrant with the pearls of life?  Who sees the blood before it bursts from ruptured vessel?  Who sees the wonderful Servers? No one! Ever!  My real physical body is totally invisible.  What becomes visible is the dead meat on the slab.   I can get just a hint of the glory of the invisible body in its unbroken unity when I see or am a dancer or hear a musician and feel the joy.


The poetry of Hafiz is spoken and sung and oracle’d everywhere in the streets.  People use it like the I Ching. This vast body of work has no chronology, so it is a sphere, nobody knows what age or stage the poet was when he wrote any of it.   The life of the street Sufi is not how anyone in the west imagines it, and Richard got an exchange window.  He is getting into Farsi rhythms.

It is amazing for me to see and hear this.  I heard elsewhere that the regime in Iran doesn’t or cannot stop poetry.  It allows the old poetry, perhaps to put a sheen on its activities or as propaganda.  Nonetheless, the Sufi fireside is bright, vibrant and free, as spiritual poetry thrives under oppression.  And the guy whom Richard is writing to, is not in prison. It is important to sip tea with the cosmos, and to take our time.


I have a Persian friend also who sings when he needs to lift his spirit:  the Sufi friends he had at 17:  we agreed only yesterday to remember Tariqa path:  to “do the beautiful”.  

Richard puts up his latest triad, a Shadow, Gift and Siddhi from the vast Sufi spectrum of levels of love. 

Ishq – Pure love (siddhi)

Mahabbat – Friendship (gift)

Shawk – the longing (the shadow or drive).

Above Ishq is a fourth –
Fanah, the annihilation when we meet the face of God.

In the Sufi street culture, everything and everywhere is your FRIEND.  Sip tea, taking a long time together.  Cultivate and savour.  Bring all things close.

So, does the holy cloth that’s woven in Love
quarrel with his weaver above?
Rather, wrapped in warmest cloak at rainbow’s end,
eternal pilgrim adores his Mighty Friend
                                                              (Alan Jacobs 1993)

Although there are religious guards, nothing can break into the infinite interior street lamp and its celebration.  My realisation extends here. I realise again that Persia, cradle of Sufi, is a bright star in the world today spiritually, so it has a dark regime to try to repress it.  The regime cannot even detect it.

Heavens!  wealth beyond wealth.  What to do? Concerning core wound, think of transfiguring at the genetic level:  how the process changes each time a tiny bit more, my conditional matrix in the world.  The DNA lattice is portal to the stars and atoms’ infinite homeopathy.  Approaching tipping point in the fullness of time and space, have faith.  I’m doing alright.

Richard reached one of the fiery hearths of the Companions of the Light who keep vigil in the middle east.


The continuous linear diagram of the relationship
between the earth and the planet Venus in cycles of years.
How could one not see a flower in this time design?

(Keith Critchlow)


A Kabbalist Paternoster with fountain – detail (1991)

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Beyond and Within

It is a wonderful thing to be moving with the gene keys again.  This is a sketch of my grand-nephew, whose name is Sylvan; he lives near the beach in South Wales.  His dad builds tree houses.  Which of the gene keys might this be?  Any suggestions?  I leave it open!

Following a recent dark night of the soul – steep wave crest of environment awareness – I reflect on the Tetragrammaton: gene keys 1, 2, 63, 64, and the ancient core of this limitless wisdom and the light which the Shadow generates.   The light is born.

Ocean is polluted, Sky is polluted, Earth is polluted.  Yet they are still the beauty, the clarity and majesty of ocean, sky, earth, beyond and within all pollutants.  The things I say and regret, are not what I mean.  They blurt out in Mercury-Mars Aquarius.  They too are pollutants, and yet they scatter and recombine and blend.

To be silent is to act, and is not dogmatic.  Dogma any which way is misunderstanding.

The knowledge of Beauty engulfs the disaster which is ignorance.  This is the alchemists’ Potable Gold – the interior Sun within us.

Vast depth of sky, earth, sea, opened up.  Pain at the shadow through humanity.  Faith in the Great Change and awakening which overcomes the subtraction.   Taste the solidarity with all soldiers of the Light.

At that moment, I looked out of my kitchen window, in that part of the sky was a fan of many plumes blown and combed into glory by the higher winds.  At that moment, I caught sight of a big golden Dragonfly – symbol of HOPE.  It flew and disappeared over the balcony above my window.

I wonder now, if the sky is filled with aerial spirits – the angels – which absorb and defeat our particles of ignorance, alchemically.  Earth has Her Guardians.  My awareness of the depth and beauty overhead – the deep blue clarity of the battleground – fell wide open in the last month and increases.  It is like seeing right through the veil towards the invisible stars.  Later the sky was soft and clear with wonderful clouds like great mountains.  I walk out of doors and in the glory of the landscape far above, are mountains and the sea, everlasting, ever changing.

wisdom and understanding

and … Just look at the expression on their faces!

Buckfast Abbey, Madonna and Child

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Beauty of the Beast – approaching the Core

Dancer, by Gaudier

A Reflection on 34th, 20th, 17th, 10th and 2nd Gene Keys.  My last posting was, I see, 2 years ago when beginning the Venus path.  I haven’t yet learned to keep it short!


Journal, 29 August 2017
The real memory is in the way the solar plexus breathes:  the dantien point within the dancer sparkles and dissolves.   The infinite information of life is stored here.  My words and poetry are a transitional membrane.

Think of the law of osmosis now moving inward – to an interior Sun.  A beautiful image develops.  From root to shoot, the water of life rises as osmosis to leaf, through semi-permeable cell membranes to sun and sky … it cannot reverse.  The cells permit only one way.  And so it is with humankind. The more it rises, the more is drawn up after it, to fill the space.  Nature allows no vacuum.  Well, contemplate this into the 4th dimension which is inward.  The “upward” or Ascension is in-turned to the sweet ineffable source, and always it “earths’.  The words I write are all lost into it (though caught on the page) and cannot be retained.  But more and more come, all the time, in the flow of inward osmosis, the quickening like motes of gold.

grail trees, JA 2002

Writing is my vessel of discovery.  It nourishes a field unknown.  Day after day I approach this point through the conversion: to see and be the field where the words, poetry of relationships and ideas dissolve?  It dazzles. Is this some point of turning, between Gift and Siddhi? I’ve been reading gene key 17, the eye is not yet open to the floral field of silence: although I am often for moments wide open and still. Then everything stops and it is like the song of bees in the grasses.  The opening of the Third Eye is this approach.

And I think each time it emanates and is given out like scent, it seems lost to me but is found by someone other: and this is what counts.  All is one and it never ends.  And as everything stops and I think there is no more, more writing comes, inspired through the silence itself, the Sun!  deeper teaching emerges as the layers which shroud it evaporate.  The morning mist comes off the field, and with it a few more pages.

The Voice of the inner teacher never tires, when uncovered.   Nature is this flow:  likewise the multiple dimensions of human enquiry.  The inner Eye opens.  Who can see their own eye?  Who can catch sight of “I”?   The question is open.   The poet hovers over the well with the sun in her wings.

From within the well, looking up


I had planned to investigate “Majesty”, the siddhi of gene key 34.  This is my core wound and it is also my daughter’s “evolution” key.  My gene key study catches fire in friendships.   I made some progress yesterday with the golden path, reading about the core stability, and into the vocation sphere.  Along the Venusian core stability path, the embryo is unfolded through the three prenatal trimesters, to open the senses.   Sight, hearing and touch (I forget which way round) are the evolving membrane by which I define my world and limit myself to the coming life-span’s shape and lesson.


carnival, 1970s

When everything – the ‘we’ – stops in the I, there is depth of peace.  Peace permeates all the poetic-imaginative texture, and all the stresses of life outside, and even my visit by bike to Carnival yesterday evening.  No one dances there now.  They shuffle a bit.  The streets are jammed with tired police and it is very confined.  The noise bruises the nerves.  The whole of Notting Hill is junked with food wrappers for the weekend.  It is an opportunity for trapped soul to let out its trash.

I have happy 1970s and 80s memory lanes with Carnival and the district, when I danced non-stop from Kilburn to Ladbroke Grove and helped design the costumes.

carnival 1970s


I threaded my wheels slowly through the chaos and got away from the grid with relief and cycled home via Hyde Park and Edgware Road.  Isn’t curiosity strange?   I turn in my mind the words Force, Strength, Majesty … for insights with my Vocational gene key 34 to emerge later.

Other thoughts: a medium (whom I listened to) said she doesn’t leave the building, she just moves aside.  “If it comes from my core, the universe will support me.  I am creative but not that creative!  It is not my brain.”

The 34th Gift is like the plant kingdom, and the 20th Shadow is the insect activity, and the 17th Gift is then the compound Eye of the beautiful insect who drinks and fertilises the flower.  This combines what I wrote earlier on osmosis.  Why do I have this inner metaphor of trees of life, grass and flowers?

dragonfly by my great-nephew Jonah (about 9)

‘Unlocking the Purpose hidden in your DNA’ – “We already know that this Gene Key (34) has ancient connections with the early cycles of life on the planet, and its oldest connection is with the plant kingdom.  Plants depend on insects, birds and bees to generate and proliferate.  In order to attract these other agencies, flowers bloom into all manner of beautiful shapes, colours and aromas.  In humans, the 34th Gift shares this primal need for display, although not through any kind of ego … the 34th gift has no awareness of itself at any level. Obviously the tendency to draw attention draws negative attention at the Shadow frequency, but at higher frequencies it draws positive attention.  It is out of the 34th Gift that all kinds of human strength are born.  The 34th Gift is the gift of heroes and heroines …”

Richard Rudd


Theseus slays Corynetes

My passion for the Greek myths and heroes at 8 years old is strewn through the pages of a Master’s Eye.

Constellations, 1957


Royal pair (1957)

I start to settle into the so-familiar flower with my compound Eye of glory and flitsome wings.  It is like alighting in my Bransdale childhood.   Spontaneously without the cognitive brain to ‘set it up’, the poetries glide:  the given associations this morning, of insect activity in 20’s shadow, the eye (17) and plant strength in 34’s gift – twice seventeen, it so happens.  Clearly the Shadows of each key contain its quintessential principle and are only negative when we make too much of them.   Now that is a honey!

the Master’s eye (Cover for book) with Owl and Fox

The 34th gift has no awareness of itself?  My self-consciousness is still painful.  I am aware of what I have and am. Very gradually as I grow older, it releases me a bit and matters less.  It gets eroded, like a hill by the weather and feet.  The fatiguing force of self-view perhaps dissolves gradually into the liberated strength which is being (gk10.4, my IQ).

My core wound may be or have been no more or less than the friction of this interface which, as I grow older, begins to wear itself away.  Remember the devastating pain it used to be, just by itself existentially and in relationship;  how it would suddenly isolate and break up integrity.

The shadow in the well


Is it possible to approach core wound and just look?  Is it possible that the reactive dragon is by now a serpent guardian to step over?  It is like approaching a well or big puddle in the path through the heather, or even … like the snake I came across at Bransdale in the heather just across the lane from our house and a little bit up the hill.  The snake was black and gold like a bumble bee and coiled up into an ancient hieroglyph.  I was four or five.  It straightened and slid away out of sight and I ran home to tell my parents, who looked it up in their book, but couldn’t find.

Breck Farm, Bransdale, N.Yorks moors – I saw the snake roughly at this spot, but in those days there was heather.

The snake, the emblem says, “You are about to find”.   It always fascinated me.  It also has a bite, a forked tongue and potential venom.  The pain whenever I was dislocated (2nd Shadow, attraction-sphere) in my relationships was (and is) intense and fiery, like serpent-bite.   Yet the serpent is Knowledge and Wisdom, and the confrontation over and over again was humane, and brought the Glory.

You are about to find” … and already are:  the beauty of being embodied.  The well of this fills the world, unconditionally. The serpent is my kundalini earth:  osmosis from the coil uplifted.   The serpent is alchemical caduceus: Mercury, Hermes.


Apart from the Majesty of serpent symbolism and archetype in far eastern and western alchemy, there is the simple matter of being myself today.  Is it as simple as this to approach  core wound? – the primordial snakebite?

The pain is Being.  When there is alignment with the power of Being, there is no pain.  I realised this during childbirth.   Alignment is the key: it has no conflict of forces.  The blessing of alignment encompasses compassion and a host of values and lessons learned, which I no longer ”know about”.

Is this what is meant by ‘having no awareness of itself’?   Take it on trust.  The moment is golden and eternal.   Misalignment will return with its pain, for resolving and movement.  The pattern of golden Light and Shade moves like a tiger.

Now I behold the beauty of the beast – the Force, Strength and Majesty in my life!

The beauty and heavy prowling grace of the tiger is awe inspiring.  It is freshly discovered in my inner world, to move my limbs, to climb the trees and dance, to drowse and browse among lush grasses in the sunlight;  to spring for my prey – the glory of the creative process – to feed my playful young.

tiger’s jaws and spiritual seeker

Well, what a find!   What a core wound!


Historically speaking, my Venus path remained active during the long periods in which I wasn’t studying it.  The stages melted as I neared SQ where I have 64.5, and I couldn’t read the book or path for a year or two, it was like being overwhelmed.  Instead I wrote my own book deep into my early childhood and the lighthouse from it which illumines my creative life as a whole.  With 32.6 “radiance” I honoured the ancestors, and the book starts slowly to circulate.   At twilight and through the night, the lighthouse beam sweeps the sea and landscape in a circle.   The book is called Lighthouse in Kettle’s Yard.

My brother Simon painted this lighthouse when he was about ten


The core wound in my path sprang forth recently when I felt attacked by a belief system in someone I am close to.   I trusted I would survive it, and I did. I am grateful for the test which opened up the sky, and earthed my confidence.

Next I discovered yet again, there is a collective movement of souls who think like I do, and in all their different ways, align with the gene keys transmission;  that we on Earth are on the verge of the Dragonfly.  What I confronted earlier was a shadow, a doubt, a condemnation within myself.   That needed, and got illumination:  the lighthouse.  With this, I revised my magnum opus The Master’s Eye.

So that is a linear story of my Venus path.

What I really wanted to write about this morning is Majesty, the siddhi of 34 my core wound.

A tiger’s life may sometimes bask in the sun and shade, but it is not a joy-ride.  It is filled with sinew of blood, hunger, pain, the predator.  And yet the ripple of this, unimpeded, is Majesty.

Is it aware of how beautiful and terrible it is?  Is it aware that ‘it has the’ grace and power?  the unimpeded expression of those finer qualities in plant and animal kingdoms throughout the human spirit (where it is not fully evolved)?   I feel the grunting roar within myself, my low-slung jaws, the furry fluidity of massive limb and claw on branch of tree or bounding grassland; and nuzzling the cubs when I bring them food, the smell …  and the long, long starvation for the prey.   I am the waiting heat, the grass, the hunger, the timeless rush when I spring and when I tear the blood of life from the dead.

The elder human is the hunter, so:  the bliss of sated appetite, the firelight on the walls of the cave where I begin to draw with charcoal my animal spirits and magic guardians …

… the Majesty of the artist’s gift from the wild, is the Majesty I love and sing with in the blood as I rise from animal bliss to human perplexity and the writing of poems of day and night:  millennia.  Lifetimes.  Kings and Queens and the jewels they wear by the sea.

Leda with swan, 1957

Now consider in this light the creative process;  literal self-awareness doesn’t sit easily with 34th Gift.  The beauty of the beast roams the wide horizons openly and cannot identify easily –  gets unhappy in linear self promotion.  The Self is not separate from the landscape that it is.  The awareness is not a thing apart.   I saw this as a child in my father’s search, and it remained my ideal deep within the conditioning of human life.  When creatively driven, I was less human than creature.  Loving the ferocity of beauty and discovery, the animal force paused briefly to devour a sandwich or to snatch a brief nap – furious with interruption.

panther’s breath


For the company it keeps, and the long loose rhythms, resting intervals and swift concordance, be not afraid to be myself, yourself, to be authentic, our nature, as it is.

This is but one aspect of the 34th Gift and Siddhi, the strength of majesty;  for it is the core of the martial art, the discipline, grace and release of movement, the flow of the Tao.  The strength of majesty is the human expression or embodiment of the flow of Tao.  It is a dancer’s poise and power whenever the music starts. It is the nature of my inner teacher whenever attuned. It leaps and springs; it is deft and delicate;  it ripples;  it is absolutely still.  It is the wonder of being a lighthouse, turning without moving at all.

Alfred Wallis at work

It collapses inward and dissolves … to the infinite.

It is – but all the Gene Keys are – the core of every mantra, yantra, spine, Sufi thread and tree of life.  It uplifts and flows laterally at the same time.  It sows the seed.  Enter the dance and love it.


Today’s discovery aligns me peacefully with the beauty of the beast – with that in character and appearance which is often ugly, ungainly, angry and eccentric;  with that which has physical health and innate power and even (when relaxed or in creation) … grace:  the Grace under pressure, of gk 22.

Line 2: Denial/Ease.  Denial here doesn’t seem to be the denial of experience;  it is defensive anger and projection onto the other. It is the denial of my responsibility in certain conversations, when or if I haven’t processed or learned to articulate it. If I go crusading on some issue, I am wrong, unseated and vulnerable when I hear the other person’s viewpoint.  The ability to defend myself is fractured, when annoyed.  Survival and balance return when  alone again in the wild.  I don’t like beaten tracks, tourism or crowded places but visit them sometimes.  My worry is usually what and how to say something to so and so.

Ease is to be with all of that, and to refrain from self judgement and judgement of others.  Ease is the sweet under-slung flow of the tiger.  Ease is self acceptance.  Ease is authentic.

Angel after Raphael, 2001


The above was written just over a week ago.  I have to say that emotional chaos broke out immediately as I reached the Core wound sphere … which mother-of-Pearls my Vocation.  To the grit – the Work in process!



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The Well, the Tao and the Fire-nest

the Fool in the flower


Gene Keys Journal 25 September 2015
The Gene keys teaching catches my little fire!  In gene key 42, the Gift of Detachment suggests: let go of the cloak which binds and blinds, while centering  … my lambswool, fool-lamb thread in the many coloured and never ending tapestry.


What is the gift of detachment?  Is it to become more adventurous, more present with my loved ones?

In the “never-ending-story” – and in all stories and sagas – it is curious how the hero or seeker invariably gets trapped into the linear quantum of his or her own Progress and loses everything else … until he or she suffers and comes to their senses. The linear Progress passes through conquest, empire and defeat of illusion, and terminates in struggling for all eternity to do or solve something ridiculous, unless the hero reaches the Misty Sea and learns to sing.


rising water, north devon

rising water, north devon


The interplay of Expectation, Detachment, Celebration in gene key 42 lets go of living and dying.  Sit and watch the river and its constant fading rebirth. On the gene keys golden path, I learn about gene key 2/the Earth-Receptive  as the River – Dislocation, Orientation, Unity.  Here, and in the 37th gene key, I feel my home ground: orientation and family alchemy. Here is my wood in the tide of evolutionary humanity, and I am swept gently along, with the gift of resting in my being now and again, even if at night this is difficult.

Concerning the family, the elder Tao in the gene keys teaching affirms again and again  what this means. The pulse generated by human healing, integrity and the facing of difficulties through small affiliations, travels farther and wider than we see.   It has a homeopathic potency.

The Tao is like an empty bowl,
which in being used can never be filled up.
Fathomless, it seems to be the origin of all things.
It blunts all sharp edges,
it unties all tangles, 
it unites the world into one whole.
Hidden in the deeps,
yet it seems to exist for ever.
I do not know whose child it is;
it seems to be the common ancestor of all, 
the mother and father of things.

Tao Teh Ching, 4


The spirit of the Fountain dies not.
It is called the mysterious Feminine.
The doorway of the mysterious Feminine 
is called the root of Heaven-and-Earth.
Lingering like gossamer, it has only a hint of existence;
and yet when you draw upon it, it is inexhaustible.

Tao Teh Ching, 6


Rain images from http://herdailymuse.com/tag/water/page/4


The pulse as a wave-train passes through that of society and government. Oasis suggests: a green peace, a pause in the journey, to water the camels. By now the oases increase, underneath the world’s mainstream radar; the raindrop movement grows invincibly. It carries with it my old wonderment at oasis, the backwaters of the river – “dark brown is the river, golden is the sand” – which renew and refresh me, whatever the midstream crisis is carrying.

I can draw the river into a circle, a ring, a well.  The backwater slowly turns like a well, releasing back into the midstream current … thoughts and ideas of the anaconda and the deep.

The well as a backwater, slowly circling, deposits a profile of silt and stones as it clears and harbours life. Isn’t this like us? Tiny vortices or whirlpool spirals of our lifetimes are thrown into the well by the passing crisis in the main river current: the well remains fresh and cool to drink.


The ancient adepts of the Tao were subtle and flexible,
profound and comprehensive.
Their minds were too deep to be fathomed.
Because they are unfathomable, 
one can only describe them vaguely by their appearance.
Hesitant, like one wading a stream in winter;
timid like one afraid of his neighbours on all sides;
cautious and courteous like a guest;
yielding like ice on the point of melting;
simple like an un-carved block;
hollow like a cave;
confused like a muddy pool; 

and yet who else could quietly and gradually evolve from the muddy to the clear?  Who else could slowly but steadily move from the inert to the living?

He who keeps the Tao does not want to be full.
But precisely because he is never full,
he can always remain like a hidden sprout,
and does not rush to early ripening.

Tao Teh Ching, 15


I Ching hexagram 48 is The Well, and in the gene keys it is called “the Wonder of Uncertainty.” The well is a root of water in the ground; the river turns like a dervish and in the ecstasy, rests itself.

rahu 4 - turning dervish

The midstream river is an anaconda, a river-snake, because it is denser, directional and it flows. It doesn’t “head” its direction. It is pulled by gravity. The snake or cosmic serpent is pulled by gravity, the DNA helix is pulled by cosmic gravity, my walking anywhere is pulled by physical gravity and metaphysical future; lean back into it and ride.

current, brook near buckland filleigh


In the I Ching ancient Chinese symbolisms, the wind is also wood and boats: the fire which glows in the heart of the tree … the natural forest fire of the 37th gene key: Family Alchemy. How beautiful! Small communities of humans sorting themselves out, are the threads of bush fires spreading and joining and forming a golden net.   This alternative reality is not heard in the shocking, troubled news. But it is where we really are and should keep going. Get on with the job.

A water droplet is an inverted flame. It ripens and falls; it stretches upward and glows. Watch at any time a dawn on the sea.  Discover for yourself the hexagrams which mingle water and fire in the I Ching, and how they speak.

sunset over Cap Frehel, Brittany

How to make and link a family alchemy? Seek in any friendship or work environment, what activates care, tenderness and concentration; blow on it gently – it is a little fire-nest – to spread, subtly and contagiously; co-create an atmosphere. The given obstacles in life are fuel – be canny.


Fire images from https://firecrafty.wordpress.com/techniques

In olden days, people carried fire-nests from place to place: a spark wrapped in grass or some slow-burning textile. These became tinderboxes, as in Grimm’s fairy tales, containing a flint to strike spark onto kindling. Fire is latent until ignited with air – the gentle breath: the alchemist’s bellows or lungs. The holy fire was primordially pure and magical. In our day we have matchboxes and lighters and buttons, and we forget the magic; but the flame itself is primordial: the birth of a unique stream of “I” the instant another stream of “I” dies. Each time we die we are born; and birth is the death of another into being. There is no end or beginning to being uniquely “I”. The candle is lit by the One flame all over the world: the Sun star encircles and lights the world.

It is the golden net of Prometheus.

“The tenderness passes from person to person.”

Richard Rudd



The fire-nest is carried in the heart and belly and solar plexus field. It is more a fact than a thought; so it gets hidden and obscured – thinking about our thoughts, rather than with what is HERE.

The still, small voice

If you look HERE
you’ll find.

If you play with your sword
you won’t; but I’m HERE
our bridge.

You may not hear
what touches you

but HERE, my songs
in your tree are lovebirds.

Poems of Eclipse, 1999


Carried in the fire nest, Promethean in our world is the promise, the tendering of the tinder, striking flame, nurturing the child where man and woman meet.


Tidal Lagoon near Shingle Street





Each unto each other

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Living and Dying and Letting Go

syria children 1

With my gk42 Purpose in the Venus stream I string a few beads together from my private writings the last few days; with this week’s sketches of Syrian children for a charity project, and some of my early drawings of children and of love.

The Activation dance of Challenge, Breakthrough and Core Stability  recurred spontaneously in my stream of life.  Then, lo and behold – Richard’s writing on the Venus path itself, moving towards spiritual birth centre, expresses it beautifully.  The movement is a wondrous, communal thing to discover, and then find verified.



Meanwhile, I am reading Lawrence again, and at the beginning of my walk yesterday, I thought of Mellors’ beauty in his woodland wildness hemmed-in by the encroaching black pits; the silence in his movement, his smell and tenderness as a lover and un-industrialised human among the pheasant coops. No one but Lawrence writes with such beauty and power about the primal chord of sex in the hut, in the rain and the trees and by the hatching chicks, or through the clashing twitter in Wragby Hall. Lawrence knew that the key to human evolution is to venerate our sexual nature, and pointed out ad infinitum, the sad marionette atrophy of damaged souls in the black wound of the war; miners of the social-intelligentsia merry-go-round. The fragile triumph in the story, declares itself as not part of that, and survives as long as it can.

In the trees

Dig earth with spade is like a grave to seed a death into; and out of it comes the tender living flesh of human quickening – the glory of the Light of Man, who reads the wind, the rain, the depth of the intelligence, the nimble soft flesh, the path of awe by the fireside. He lays his jacket for her under a larch, and fits his quivering arrow to her bow.  I love the gentle passion with which he kisses her – and the slow awakening of her womb all that spring, with the birds and daffodils and the way the oak buds uncurl their soft fists from decay and hurt and atrophy, to blossom with their child.  The tenderness was all against society, and the book was declared obscene and banned. And Lawrence burned up his lungs and died. But the wood of Connie and Mellors is alive. Life and birth rebel against the hard rack of the collective surface mind and its customs of pain and prejudice.   The trees are singing and silent at night: the bulldozer comes for them too, but many remain, and go on seeding silence and tall strong stems for lovers.

I reflect and write, because it leads me into a realm where cramped carpings of bruised surface mindings and prevarications have no influence – they are the marbling foam-tracks on the wave, of spent wave trains. Thinking they have all the power to decide, the marblings have no determining power whatsoever, they fade and fail.

waves on shingle point

Then be true with what apparently does not fail – the rising and falling wave.   Living and dying and letting go is the instrument here – the bow on the strings.

Deep in my gene-keys Purpose element (42.6), I touch a profound chord of human resonance. As it vibrates, keep drawing the bow across the string because sound travels, and I am in orchestra. This tone defeats ultimately, the islamist state atrocity. This tone penetrates the heartbreaking pressure of the refugees and the ugly fence the Hungarian government puts up against them along the border with Croatia. This tone is humanity’s potential to survive the present chaos and to mutate. This tone is the butterfly within coiled dragon scales and broken hearts.

syria children 2

As I perceive the tone and try to practice it … go for it, aware and alive; a mast or aerial for transmission. It earths and recharges through my awareness and my focus (which I often lose). I want to send to those desperate people some existential hope, a clarity to flow through their veins. I cannot go there physically, but the transmission might be relayed through the mental plane. The mental plane is not the log-jam mind-stuff. The mental plane is Hermetic – the higher thought realm, like a golden net. It earths into the ground, even as is written in the Emerald Table – it descends in order to ascend and overcome obscurity.

Does a man plant his mast?   That is private for him, so I can only guess. A mast needs a boat to travel. Boats are she, and masts and staffs are he. It is a fancy and more than a fancy, it is creative imagination and as soon as this takes the wind, the deep keel is I LOVE. Not just “I love you”, but love as the inescapable condition of being the human vessel.

I did two drawings of Syria children yesterday, which drew me close to the holocaust reality in those camps, in bright plastic shoes: mud, puddles, tangled hair and small siblings. A parent can no longer keep her child tidy, bright and safe. Their homes are shattered. Who will these children grow up into? What happens to the family dynamic in the backbone?

syria children 3


The Tree of life opens from root to bowl. I went to visit my friend Paula on Sunday; she showed me some new paintings of trees she has done, and I loved them – they are Grails, they blaze, they are the mystic  bowl of providence, with exquisite care among all the little branches in space.  She and I both looked at trees a lot, this year.   I emailed her to send me a photo of her painting, which I would like to add here … but I haven’t heard back from her yet.  I will put it here, when it comes.


Wellbeing is when the current moves slowly and with light and relative ease. It is light among the branches like the kindling of the holy deva in Paula’s paintings, and her care with the twigs.  I am voyaging in a Long Thought, like the deep slow powerful currents out to sea. It harvests each day a shoal of impressions as the Hermetic Mind touches my wave. The Long Thought is cosmic, inner truth.



I Ching 42: “While observing how thunder and wind increase and strengthen each other, a man can note the way to self-increase and self-improvement. When he discovers good in others, he should imitate it and thus make everything on earth his own. If he perceives something bad in himself, let him rid himself of it. In this way he becomes free of evil. This ethical change represents the most important increase of personality.”

Further: there is decrease above and increase below. The decrease above is at the hands of the prince and the increase below is received by the official.

I find this exchange very beautiful, in the breathing in and out of tide and nature and the tree. The official is the executive: the prince is the inspirational ruler. It ascends and descends, sometimes the one is more the other: the Tao point is never exactly half way between. This is wisdom. Decrease is bound to bring about increase: the tide turns, there is no conflict.

The primary trigrams of wind and thunder in 42 increase each other. The image is of a plough, for the wind penetrates the earth arousing. Without the ground there is no speech of thunder, for it must earth down the lightning bolt. The gentle wind arouses this thunder. The speech of the inner plane is gentle; the touch of lovers is gentle, arousing the inner fire.

grail trees, 2002

grail trees, 2002

The trigrams in 42 Increase and 41 Decrease develop from Standstill 12 and Peace 11 where Heaven is over Earth and then Earth over Heaven. The yin and the yang lines entering the bottom of each trigram, are dynamic and it turns. Lay open the earth with plough.


hexagrams 12,11,42,41


The stability of the realm is mentioned somewhere: core stability. I Ching says,”Increase moves, gentle and mild: daily progress without limit. …  self abnegation gives proof of great clarity.”  As well as the plough, “the upper trigram of Hexagram 42 is a ship and the lower trigram guarantees the movement of the ship. Gentleness guarantees progress. The process of increase also is bound up with the right time, within which it comes to consummation.”.

How deep these wisdoms are embedded, and how often I write of them and read them!  It seems to be not what is done but how it is done or happens. The golden net above and through the coarse human model, cares little for appearances, and everything for … the law of life …

The activation through the Venus sequence is:
IQ-EQ (Hod to Netzach), Challenge.
EQ-SQ (Netzach to Tifareth), Breakthrough (into core softness) 
SQ-Vocation, (Tifareth to Gevurah), Core Stability (with the wound)


The dance inverts and ascends. In step 19 on the path of prioritizing love, we journey back into our first seven years and pre-natally, the unconditional maternal tenderness.

Indeed, I drew yesterday (after my third Syrian-children sketch) Gayatri, Mother of Mantras – a powerful androgenous Sari, with a big swan – the cosmic mothering together with the nature of mothering.

Gayatri Devi

Gayatri Devi:  Om bhur bhuvaha svaha< Tat savitur varen y am< Bhargo devasya dhimahi< Dhiyo yonaha prachahadayat


Because the Venus stream leads us back into our childhood roots and feelings, most of these drawings are from when I was seven years old and younger.


Love is the mind-stopping embrace, right now, with road works going on outside in the bright autumn sunshine. It is like being thrown into the back of my seat by a kind of G-force. Then love – the unconditioned love of breakthrough – is a rocket fuel!   It hurls me into the unbound NOW where contemplation thrives, unmethoded, unmythologised.

Love is pressure. God is pressure. Love is always breaking through as the dam is dissolved. The whole of nature resists and thus enhances growth and flow; and the current crisis in human environment is this in high relief. Without the pressure and the breaking through to birth, there is no life – the asymmetric way of birth which we are, and which we observe in every little detail’s miniature immensity.


Tree Spirit Yakshi guardian

Tree spirit Yakshi guardian





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