Dream Arc 58 – the Lake containing all


Master Lanto

Find out about The Dream Arc on this link.  This post is one of a cycle of 64 around the year 2020 with the I Ching.  If you are a Gene Keys student you may relate them to the 11 spheres in your profile, or use the I Ching oracle.  Otherwise, drink from the well …

It is a hard and lonely Christmas for many of us.  There are deep sorrows and losses with the huge Changes in our world.  Today’s Dream Arc (25 – 30 December 2020) however, is a Lake over the Lake: the Joyous.  It is called “From Stress to Bliss” and the Gift of Vitality (antelope) dissolves the Shadow of Dissatisfaction (leech) into Bliss (duck).   NB – the exact date for each Arc is based on the Sun’s zodiac degree which oscillates slightly from year to year: check with the gene keys website.

Because the Lake contains unconditionally EVERYTHING, it is called “the Joyous”.  

It is also the 64th post in my Dream Arc journey with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter through Capricorn, and completes the series.  I have a little more work to do on next week’s, the one with which the project began a year ago – 38, the Warrior of Light. Last New Year I drew the rhinoceros Gift, but not the Siddhi (jay) or the Shadow (crab).   So 38 will be re-posted for  New Year 2021 with these additions.  The 64 Arcs shall all be linked – like a wheel -to their explanation – “What is the Dream Arc?”  They are my contemplative contribution to the Oracle.  Open the little trigram doorway to the side of this page to explore your own Keys in the “Archive of posts”.   I will use it myself to play with the I Ching.

I found and practiced through this year my covenant with covid – seeing the virus overall as nature’s instrument changing our behaviour to each other and to our environment.  Don’t reach for the re-infecting news and gossip outside;  stay Home within – which is “HERE” – to grow, create and allow the transformation.  

Watch the game.  It is vast and more ultimately harmonious than what we believe.

baba watch game 23 dec

Drawing copyright Sufism Reoriented 2021

The Double Lake moves from stress to bliss.  The I Ching says: “True joy rests on firmness and strength within, manifesting itself outwardly as yielding and gentle. The Lakes rest upon one another.  Thus the superior man joins with his friends for discussion and practice.”

Each hexagram in the I Ching combines natural phenomena of thunder, wind, earth, fire, water – the five Tao elements.  It is all landscaped.  You might discover the hexagrams anywhere out of doors – a clap of thunder over a lake, a tree (wind) growing on a mountain, a fire-nest in the earth – and so on.  You can be poetic and see in the buds of apple-blossom the sky or earth in a tree and taste the wind.  You can read the curve of the hills as the old Tao sages did.

In this “double Lake” the five elements are arranged in cycles of destruction and generation.  For instance, the wood trigram generates fire generates earth (as ashes) generates metal (ores) generates water (fluid) generates wind and weather – the wood.  In the destruction cycle earth dries up water which puts out the fire which smelts metal which cuts wood which absorbs earth …  This is explained in the mid sections of the I Ching (Wilhelm translation) titled Discussion of the Trigrams and The Great Treatise, and presented again with great clarity by Steve Moore in The Trigrams of Han.  At one time I studied this closely; I have forgotten it all.  But here are a few of the diagrams I drew:  (click on image to view)

The I Ching is based on yin and yang: earth and heaven: 2.  With the addition of one line, these combine to 8 trigrams. The eight trigrams are paired to form hexagrams.  Every permutation of  the paired trigrams is found in the 64 hexagrams, the square of 8.  The same structural model is in our DNA. 

Empathic insight with the I Ching awakens our DNA’s capacity to transmute old patterns from base and to evolve.  Similarly the old occult teachings are based on the subconscious being infinitely amenable to suggestion.  What I put in is what I come out with.  It is the task of the conscious self to regulate and re-programme where necessary, the input of impressions.  Individuals at work on this, influence the collective system for better or for worse.  We can be lighthouse keepers or gossip-mongers!

View of Rhum from Eigg, western Isles, Scotland (2007)


Paul’s gene keys Life-work sphere is the Lake;
he was a new-years-eve baby.  He sums up:

“Yoga in the Eastern traditions and Kabbalah in our Western traditions help us realise our human potential to unite our physical and spiritual being.  Yoga means in Sanskrit ‘to join’ – Union.  Kabbalah in Aramaic means ‘to receive’.  Through Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, we learn about the creation of our soul and its descent through the four worlds towards our parents making love.  This gives us an understanding of why we incarnate to those parents; and the unfolding of the father’s seed in the womb of the mother, on the line of the spine.  

“So we discover the nature of the mind and our creative destiny; the pattern of our ancestral genetic conditioning.  We come to discover the primal force behind our sexuality, the human relationship to the elementals and life on earth.  Having made this descent through the pathways of the Tree, we may ascend through the body, personality and soul and make the return journey to our source.  Be happy, do service and die consciously!

“Consciousness (sperm) brings the light.  The womb receives the seed; within it, our physical and spiritual potential.  As the One becomes Two, She receives and manifests consciousness into physical form within her.  Masculine force re-enters feminine form, and through her, learns about the balance.  Her understanding directs his wisdom.  The realisation returns through him to source.  A mirror held up to source reflects the divine Light.”

Paul (2010)


My Tarot studies with the Builders of the Adytum set forth the same ageless principle in this interplay of the self with subconscious.   He (the self) sees She (subconscious): She sees and mirrors back to him the Divine.

The Hebrew letter is Zain, a sword; the zodiac is Gemini the twins;  the archangel is Raphael, the mountain represents Binah, the Understanding, and it is salt of the earth.

The 58th mudra is called “the Yoni” – the womb or lake where we are born. Hold it over the belly, the heart or the face, whichever way around: the heart of all.



This post tells more of the lake, than of the creatures diving into and out of it.  The lake contains all of them, with equanimity. A huge human population on earth at present cross-fertilises the gene pool through all races, cultures and histories, to create the new human being, more in harmony with the cyclic kingdoms of feather, fur, scales and gems; an alteration of time.   Suddenly I see the world situation we are caught in at the moment as a dream and dreaming.  

Myriads of young souls incarnate and materialise who were in latency.  This is the gravitational attraction and density we experience … and yet are equal to.  The same  process brings higher Consciousness closer to the physical plane than before.  We are all in the mixing bowl!  The great Beings do not manifest as angels so much; they plant and awaken spontaneous understanding and wisdom in ourselves for the Aquarian age.   The population – like a wave – will tend to decrease naturally as we slow down, pause and become truly sensuous.  That means: receive life to the full.  

Rudra immerses – Creation (circa 2000)

Shadows: how can it be that leeches prickle in the Lake?  They are the old tired dreams.   The Joyous lake stings with all kinds of creatures, like the hooks and barbs we carry in the soul.   This doesn’t alter the immersing which is realisation.  What and why realisation?   To be and express fully human is an instinct, and to free the instinct from old sediment is the life’s work.   Honour the attachments and shadows and let them pass and fade.   To serve what a deeper understanding may be doing for the bigger picture, to put the world in balance … turn and love and dance and laugh with it.  Follow it through.   Keep this Covenant.

The antelopes remind me of the Gift of Vitality’s delicacy and grace: those dainty, lethal legs


The 58th Hexagram and Gene Key repeats the lake over a lake.  Its programming partner after midsummer solstice is 52 – the mountain over a mountain.  

For the 58th Arc, scroll further down.  This Arc’s programming partner is 52 – the Stilling of the Wave – just after summer solstice.  We had a solar eclipse then, as at this winter solstice “turning-point”.  
Click the underlined link, or the drawing.

“Dream Arc 52 – the Mountain over the Mountain. When the tortoise rests, it draws its head and scaly legs back inside the dark cave of its hill.  The tortoise is a moving hill, a mountain, a wondrous earthy “Netsuke” with life inside.  It is laborious for tortoise to extend scaly limbs and wrinkled neck through the limited spaces which cave allows, and to drag the whole construction along.  What is it like to sleep and be safe inside?  From within the mountain there is an oncoming wave  – I think the wave contains an Avatar” (June 2020).

58 “Lake” and 52 “Mountain” are partnered in the Codon Ring of Seeking


In the I Ching the lake is Joyous and the mountain is Stillness.  For me to combine the trigrams of 52 and 58 either way is also very beautiful.  Imagine a high lake in a mountain corrie.  Lake over mountain is 31 – “Influence – wooing (Sound your truth).”  And imagine a lake at the foot of a mountain, reflecting it.  Mountain over lake is 41 – “Decrease” in the codon ring of Origin. 

This is just a hint at the Game being played on this cosmic keyboard.  As I complete this Dream Arc cycle, I hope to use it in this way.


“A Lake … captures the very essence of calmness, emotional as well as mental … the themes of Joy (lake) and Stillness (mountain) are intimately and genetically linked.  In contrast the 58th Shadow (dissatisfaction) is an unspecific lack of fulfilment rooted in the 52nd Shadow of stress … wherever the 52nd Shadow of stress breaks the surface of the still inner lake, your natural state of being is lost … Why do we humans so easily lose touch with our natural state?  … The 10th and 20th Keys are dedicated to the experience of living in the NOW.” (RR)

The mind’s bitter paradox is that it “hankers after self-improvement, the very core of the 58th Shadow: to do something to bring about the state of joy.”  

But spiritual techniques increase dissatisfaction!  Dissatisfaction is aimed at the future and is universal in our world.  The 58th Shadow drives us ultimately inward to the peace and presence of our Lake quietly reflecting sky and earth.  The 58th Gift of Vitality channels the Shadow into the Joy of Service.  Service to Life! – and to the generations …

Mother and daughter – Helen Ede, Mary and Peter Adams


That snowy lullaby contained a future “Dream Arc” …

When acceptance reaches down through mind, heart and nervous-system to the DNA and atomic structure, dissatisfaction relaxes into “Allow”.  An inner vital force implodes … a micro supernova … and I begin to become myself.  “Joyousness is life expressing itself without resistance … Life wants to become aware of itself, freed from boundaries and restraints … The Gift of Vitality works with life processes in a non-interfering mannerthen things start to happen quickly in your life … At a collective level this Gift will one day unite humanity to work towards a higher goal; the modern trend towards globalisation is an example of thisThe future of human evolution truly lies in service.” (Richard Rudd)

The 58th Siddhi Bliss is subtitled “Beyond focus”.  Core dissatisfaction transformed into vitality is drawn back into your body; a spontaneous shift in awareness; tipping point, a kind of death.

The vestiges of the Shadow pursue us … and cling to us like lichen to rocks”  (and leeches to flesh.)


Dream Arc 58 – leech, antelope, duck.  The leeches in ‘google images’ were not a pretty sight!   Yet they were an old medicine to remove “bad blood”.  This one is attached to the large-intestine-4 acupressure point in the “union valley” between the bones of thumb and forefinger.  This popular point relieves headache, toothache, joint pain, heat and a variety of conditions.  It also promotes labour!

What cure?  What old wisdom helps to detach the leech?  Salt!  Tears of grief or laughter; the sea itself; the salt of the earth; the salt-crystal-cube in the Seal of Solomon’s song of love.  Where the lake dries she leaves traces of tears, the salty rhyme on the rocks.


Here is part of a dream/story from “the Watershed” in 1976.  It is about the Lake.  There was more (not included here) which was to do with language.  

I called this story “Spelling”

“IN THE dark gulf of nightmare, I called up shadowy frog-like creatures that hopped on the sheets of my bed.   I regarded them and my dealings with them with a mixture of horror and triumph.   Many times, I made huge mental wrenches of imagery and screamed out “key” magical words and sounds … I, in mortal combat with these entities, was at the same moment in alliance with them.   The battle and the alliance were synonymous and mutually life-giving.   The paradox flowed in the lucid river of all that happened … There was a battle in a dark cavern under the hills; it seemed to be an underground stream, one of the entities grasped and pinched my finger painfully in its great pincers … I saw other human beings with me.  There was a titanic anger and destruction.  Yet the alliance with the lethal entities sang of an exquisite and far-reaching rosy folklore, a vast fragrance of dawn, which even in those murky caverns revealed the race of humanity, the mountains, the sunset skies, and untold secrets, in all of which I was aware … 

“Even in the victorious joy of clear vision there lay a depth of shame in my humanity for our dark ways of trafficking, for the things that must be exposed and endured before we are free.

“My next memory takes me outside the caverns into the steep range of mountains with the other human beings.   My whole being was filled with awe, with well-being and the fragrance of tremendous things seen and done.   I was the leader of this group of people.   I attempted to explain to them what had come to pass.   We journeyed through a forest on a high alp; across a valley soared a great rosy coloured hill, the Canadian Rocky Mountains.   We were chasing or being chased by a big brown bear who yet was our friend, from one mountain top to another.   This bear was our guide.   I understood and could explain to my companions everything that was going on, and where we should follow and find the bear.   I had reached that state of total fatigue: a second wind, the air of the heights, rare and pure.   My body, languid and alive with adrenalin was free.

“We came now to the old hills of Scotland, near Inverness.   In that serene twilight of the Rose, I ran down a mountainside or almost vertical cliff, followed by policemen in their blue shirtsleeves and helmets, and all the other people.   There was a vast exhilaration in this plunging race, my balance barely sustained on lightning touches; running, jumping down the falling scree.

“We reached an upland lochan or sea.

“Its shores were jagged with needle sharp rocks, the waters of limpid pure crystal, infinitely soft and still.   We stopped there.   My sister immediately dived into that lovely water and began to swim … The waters were those of Scottish lochs and rivers, cold, fresh and transparent.   Golden sunlight spilled into their silvery depth, and nearby, arose the Canadian Rocky Mountains in majestic peaks of forest.  The policemen … were there as policemen and as protectors.   They punished and cherished at one and the same time.

“I went and sat on the rocks and began to cry, the waters rushing out with the clarity of the lake.   I cried with an overwhelming yet severely objective grief and ecstasy, for being washed clean, and for the haunting crucial beauty of a folklore I discovered.   I cried for the love of immeasurable things, in the dawn of the Rose.   Compassion, grief swelled so my heart must burst, and still there is more.   I was cleansed.  The baptismal waters poured through me as the world, when I looked into the lake. 

“The policemen stood near me on the rock.   Whether they tried to comfort me or whether they just stood by, I do not know … They did not interfere.   The grief blended despair and joyful hope in all its tears, with an overpowering presence of the holy One …”

From Tales of the Watershed, 1976


The soul tastes salt from whence we are born; the continually breaking waves of Life;  of understanding and grace.  Ramana Maharshi died into realisation at age 16, like a salt doll – innocent of lifetimes of “spiritual practice” and sadhana.  When it occurs it simply changes the colour of the fruit.  Or the fruit is ready to drop from bough.

In all the variety of siddhis across the 64, consciousness expresses itself without resistance.  Seeking comes before enlightenment and then dies.  The supernova laughs. Loosen and smile!

62 Baba & woods 22 dec 2

Drawing copyright to Sufism Reoriented 2021


Ducks by Mischa Rutenberg, Forrell co

… and this beautiful song from the Mischamuse:


Mischa’s Crane delivering the baby 



This collage is another episode in the dream-story (quoted above) called “Spelling”.  I saw on the bedroom wall my early childhood drawings of baby boys with great heads like ripe pods and serious eyes – almost covered over by a frieze of later geometrical designs like crystals of frost on the window-pane.  

That suggested an interaction of “direct language” (pre-literate) with when I learned to “spell”.  What did I lose?   A little infinity.

And here my daughter Marisa when she was little, receives her visitors …  Lakes and ponds are relative in size.

The Lake is the timeless, untiring Mother of us all.


Let there be peace, 
let there be love
among all beings of the universe”

Mischa’s Christmas Star of the Magi still in process – opals, star rubies, sun-stone/child’s face and other gems


Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas Day,
and in the unending potential of a New Year.  





Crystal Alphabet: the 58th Mineral Key is Apatite

Info from energymuse.com:  “The Apatite crystal stone meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive,” owing its name to its unique properties. A combination of different levels of fluorine, chlorine, and hydroxide, the Apatite crystal ranges in color from deep blue-green to green to yellow and sometimes pink or violet. The Apatite crystal contains the same elements that make up our tooth enamel, making it an excellent healing aide for dental issues and mending broken bones.

“Crystals might seem like the most stable and sedentary objects on earth yet they are associated with ethereal, otherworldly realms. But don’t be deceived by their stillness. Minerals are closely interwoven into our very existence, taking us out of the primordial ooze by giving single cell organisms the evolutionary advantage of teeth and bones. Renew your appetite for life by placing a stone in each hand, which works to balance both sides of the body. Feel the immediate effects of its protective and grounding properties with a renewed sense of calm and self-assuredness.”



What is The Dream Arc?


Dream Arc 30 – the Fire Eye


Dream arc 29 – the Water Eye

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Dream Arc 10 – Behold Frogs and Handsome Princes

The 10th Dream Arc (20-24 December) is “Being at Ease”.  The Gift of Naturalness (Chimpanzee) leads the Shadow’s Self-obsession (Frog) into simply Being (the laughing Kookaburra, Siddhi).   

I find myself treading … I am walking along the Tail of my 10th-gene-key post a year ago – here is the link (underlined).  It was written pre-Covid with Saturn and Pluto about to begin their nuptials in January. This 10th and the 11th key preceding it, invited me into my new project to write with each Gene Key around the year.  It then gelled into the 64-bit Dream Arc and I began to draw with it.  As I “land” on the tale, it elides and aligns … emerging into Solstice with the rare union of Saturn and Jupiter – a Star over Bethlehem the House of Bread.  

Wondrous are thematic circles and melodies in the flute.   Stand softly still.

This week, regarding gk 10, what else could there be for me to write, explore or say?   Surely this new post would be short and concise.   How little did I know!

Tread carefully for those houses are soles of souls

The 10th Shadow is called “the Mazy pathways of the self”.

In the I Ching the word for the name of the hexagram, “Treading”, means literally treading upon something.  “The small and cheerful (Lake, lower trigram) treads upon the large and strong (Heaven, upper trigram.  Treading upon the tail of the tiger does not bite the man:  success.  When the contact is in good humour it is harmless.  If our conduct is simple we remain free of social obligations.  We can follow our predilections as long as we are content and make no demands on people.”


I began the new Arc drawing in full delight, exploding into dance, and rather shot my bolt for the day – anyway the chimp holds a razor because I laughed with a very funny song in “Corona Diaries” – “The Joke” is the Origin of Sound in shaving-mirror (see this link to Corona diaries and further down) and I went light as a feather; and the frog’s eyes reminded me of my glasses, so I drew them too on the frog’s decaying log … rose-tinted of course! 

The Tenth gene key is the mercurial “intelligence quotient” in my gene-keys Profile – me, me, me!

Self-love is the mazy pathway and it undulates twixt obsession and naturalness.  The chimp is hunkered down behind the frog and looks all too human. From his head grows a tree with a pair of Kookaburras – an Oz bird which laughs.  I had to leave it and go to the dentist and after my return it didn’t go so well – great trouble with monkey’s eyes which I erased and re-did several times.  How DROLL!

Dream Arc 10 – even the Hexagram is a mirror!   Ponder here on fables and tales of our world – seeing ourselves collectively and individually;  ‘ware the wear and tear:  just watch

Shadow and Gift skip rope  – the tree’s stem turns thisaway thataway – so the Kookaburra birds facing both ways sewed the conundrum into Being.  Shadow, Gift and Siddhi erupt from earth as One.  Where do I put my mirror?    What choice shines back?

Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the MOST SPIRITUAL of us all?

Richard Rudd says this is the most mystical of the Shadows, because it tightens the life force and forces it inwards.  How is the frog to hop, how is the frog to turn into a Prince?  What about an oval to each side of Chimp so it suggests a three way mirror? … faintly indicated … like the famous Titian portrait.  Between the Kookaburras is just the stem of the Tree, the Self with nothing to say, or in the way.  The whole world is contained, conflicts, eruptions and all.  

 “Recognising and embracing our individuality and uniqueness raises society to a higher level.  Through our very diversity we arrive at our unity.” (RR)

And from another very wise source in the Great Work: “Better a job quit you, than you quit your job.”

With thanks and appreciation to the Dream Arc’s appointed jeweller, Mischa Rutenberg


And the script continues!  “Through the lens of the 10th Shadow, all you see when you look at others is people you would like to change … until you come to recognise your own narcissism you cannot transcend it.  All inner journeys begin with this labyrinth.” (RR)

Here is something I wrote – many years ago – about the labyrinth: The Mazes:

“When I was eleven years old at school, my best friend Rosalind and I drew mazes. They became vast and elaborate.  We constructed them from triangles and curves, or we invented patterns like those in a book which teach you good handwriting.  We set ourselves impossible tasks through the convoluted walls of our thought on paper.  We disappeared into them and passed them to each other in class to solve.  We made them so ridiculous, we fell about laughing …


AND … “Another thing I did when I was small, was to build tunnels in builder’s sand.  There were heaps of builder’s sand in the farmyard where we lived.  It was good, heavy, dark and damp.  My sister Quince and I dug winding tunnels through this, carefully connecting our pioneering hands from both ends.  Then we built another tunnel underneath, debouching onto further layers of tunnels, as elaborate as we could devise, until the whole pile of sand was honeycombed with secret passages – a terrible labyrinth for De Chirico’s railway-trains to haunt.  We left this fragile world when called in to lunch.  Often parts of it collapsed and we had to begin all over again.

“I still want to write a story.  What do I start with, and how do I start?  There is the same prohibitive mystique as: how do composers find their own tunes when tunes by others are everywhere?” … (1987)

Yesod – the ego is an attic treasure-chest.  

I like this piece of autobiography and have added the rest of the chapter in a Comment to this post – for optional reading!


And now some business: these two CDs stand up like Christmas & New Year cards and make marvellous gifts including my art work inside and out.  Here are the links (underlined). “Corona Diaries” is Mischa’s journal of songs and stories uplifting the time of Corona and “ONE” is his sequence of songs and prayers to the Beloved from the heart …

Silence speaks.



Paraphrasing Richard – “A huge proportion of the world’s population lives centrifugally, projected onto others and events, with no true centre or heart of love within themselves.”  … the “blame” culture.

In times of corona we mask … and un-mask our Self.  To veil or unveil is to reveal.

To be natural – the Gift – is to live your own myth.

Chimpanzee at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Uganda. September 2008.


The day the light broke through – to live my own myth – is written in my journal on 10 July 1987. 

Here am I in my mask

I was brought up with my father’s out-spoken battle against the I, and suddenly discovered on that day, that “to be in love with my I is not at all a bad thing to be! … … My father disapproved of and feared autobiographies.  When I was a teenager I borrowed a book from the library, the autobiography of Dawn Palethorpe.  It contained many pictures of her show-jumping and falling off horses  and embracing them.  He said, “Why should people write books about themselves?  Look!  ‘Here am I with my horse.’ ‘Here am I with the Duchess, receiving a Cup.’  ‘Here am I’ doing this or that, I, I, I, all the time.  It made me blush for the poor stupid lady.” 

Portrait of show jumper Dawn Palethorpe riding her horse, circa 1955. (Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)


However, we did tease my poor parent about a very slim volume on his bookshelf titled “Who Am I?”

Ramana Maharshi and Ganapati Muni swimming


An entire continent blossomed on that July day as my unique yet universal sense of being stepped forth, with no shame; with passionate objectivity.  The Master key awakes in … surely? all of us, to the manner born.  It was NEW.   Blessed are the cracked when the wound of life is pressed hard enough and the light bursts in!   Turn to face the wind … the mystery, the my-story.

“Ikon” and “Hermit” – (1987)

These two little paintings were inspired by the Geological Wall Map of Great Britain which hung in my father’s study.  My sister and I grew up with the amoebic shapes of where we lived on the Yorkshire moors, in Cornwall and elsewhere: a well-travelled land of colour, splotch and splash.  

When I paint I find myself pottering absorbed along a dimension or formation of pigment.  I am at home upon these shapes.  When I put another colour around or next to them they turn bright and alive; they glow.  I get lost in tiny places of wonder.  The dreamy litany of Pre-Cambrian and Mesozoic sleeps under the fur of heather and forest with sudden extrusions or faults; and the books I read about the hills and mountains of Britain.”  (1987)


Living in the 64-bit Dream Arc around this year’s Wheel brings forth my animal kingdom and its prehistory – as sound, feeling, sensation, the sensitivity of fur, tooth, claw and tenderness;  points of the rainbow appear as patterns on my hide.  Those patterns carved by cosmos are wondrous. The realisation is conceived in silence – how it feels to wear the designs which signal, entice and warn.  Reams are written and studied about them, but … to be them?   Imagine wearing a lizard’s skin, a bird’s quills, a bear’s fur.  Imagine a life-time’s whole design here and now, connecting to the orbits of stars: to the timeless (and thus no) beginning.  

Because our human skin became exposed, it lost much of this tonal sensitivity; or the sensitivity surfaced problematically.  In ancient days first the face became uncovered and then gradually the rest of the body.  In modern times the skin disappears under chemical and cosmetic applications;  we are clowns who try to clone.

amuse-ic, 1987

The skin is not only the physical organ.  It is the epidermal interfacing of our psyche, with each other and with countless rooms within our private mansions.  When natural boundaries are compromised, the skin feels terrible – “skinless”.  When things are in balance I am hardly aware of my skin’s fluid and unimpeded function;  the ripple of intuition through it, like weathers through the sky.  The skin as a defining envelope is wrapped around each organ and cell in the body, as around trees, fishes and grain – as universally ubiquitous as the DNA.

Touch without end and stay in touch!

At the present time in history the human learning-curve is deeply engaged with invasive medicine.  There will come a time when we are less dependent on these products or their sorcery.  They “fix” a problem for a while, but the cost is the body’s doubt and division against herself.  The message is transmitted to the inner physical body that she cannot do Nature’s work, so she gives up and starts to die!  

We are as a species immersed in this transitional lesson and its fear and the culture of experts.


Dragon pianist – 1987

An intuition grows in my eighth decade about taking responsibility;  take the reins; to generate and be the natural author of my wellbeing.  

Clearly, the cosmos is consciousness; coming down the Tree of Life my habitual thoughts and fears create and materialise my physical condition.  


“My best friends are the ones who remind me of my responsibility.”  

Armin Danesh

Conscious breath, in whatever way taught, reminded or given, assists me to be “responsible”, for it harnesses and quiets the mind.  It drives into the “skid” when a vehicle is on ice, and “controls” it … how? By “skidding” consciously.   The pilot switches off “automatic” and takes the wheel in hand.   This is difficult to do in life, and all the more so in an era of ever more alienating labour saving devices … visibly so in our governments!

Rollercoaster 1987 – throw yourself into God with all your trust

“Then the old man of the Earth stooped over the floor of the cave, raised a huge stone from it and left it leaning.  It disclosed a great hole. 
“‘That is the way,’ he said.  
“‘But there are no stairs!’ 
“‘You must throw yourself in.  There is no other way.’”   

George Macdonald, The Golden Key


“How to be natural? It can’t be done. There is no ‘way’ to be natural. Naturalness is actually a process of realisation. We gradually begin to realise that everything is natural. It is a softening of our edges, it’s a great allowing, a great place of defencelessness.

“Easy is right. Where will these words go inside you?
“Being has no need for teachers or teachings.
“The moment is the teaching.”
Richard Rudd, the 64 Ways

Take a step back and see what that chump the human chimp is learning.  It is a marvel to be us.  We go through this, to master it.    Mastery of the well-to-be is from within the vehicle, not externally applied by drug or doctrine.

Then it is simple to be.   The birds in the tree are God laughing.

Piano lessons in Hades – 1987


Line-dance: pelican & elephant – 1987


World monk


Cracking open – 1987.  “Enlightenment” is the surface world being pegged back and open like an erstwhile tent.  Archimedes on the left is busy with tilting earth-&-moon on its axis.  Being Here is Hearing.



That was the “official” end of this post.  But …

What can be said of the Tenth Siddhi – Being?   … the Noble Art of Laziness … within whatever direction or spin the wheel turns; whatever the job or angst or family stuff … turn with it and be still.   To be it is the Be-attitude, as Father Alan Cheales (of the Dominican Order in Gospel Oak) used to say, in his wonderful sermons.

And Ramana counselled his devotees when they complained of the summer heat, “be as you are the Sun himself and then you will feel quite cool.”


The Tenth Gene Key Dream Arc’s programming partner is 15 – “A Flowering Wildness”
Click on the underlined link or on the picture to see the post

Dream Arc 15 – beetle, wildebeest, finch

Codon Ring group


Hand mudra 10 – The 10th Gene Key flies out of the box with all ten:  they applaud.  Richard Rudd says the little hollow inside is a Treasure Chest – the treasure of being human, you can clasp them either way around.  “This is how we meet each other and we greet each other.  We shake hands like this, and we pass treasure from one person to the next.  Close your eyes, breathe into that treasure chest, focus on the beauty and treasure of Being” … and meet your self 

Audience … well done!  “origin of sound” … one hand clapping …



I meant again to finish here …  but treading along today’s Tigerish Tail, the little bell tinkled: in her elegant gift of synchrony, Bibi’s new poem tumbles from email onto this page:

Being Famous
“I used to think that the fruits of my creativity 
should be seen 
and shown 
my books on shelves 
the drawings visible 
the dance sequence – filmed – 
and there were times of imagining fame

“It took Verdi a year to write his Requiem

“Only a year – for that magnificence to pour out; 
What could it have felt like to have those melodies 
running through his breath – and then down on the page 
violins, soprano, tympani…
did he cross things out did he shout, did he roar, did he cry with joy 
at his own capacity to hear it first! To catch it. The whole lot.

“These marvellous people who show up and make something and the world gasps and says we like it – stand up and be applauded.

“And yes – in earlier days I dream on – here’s my story can you look shall I put it in gold letters to shine north to south. 
Oh let me dream of the dazzle cast onto me from the gold.  I shine therefore I am. 
Interview, autograph, portrait… I am arrived

“and then – time passes, and ok – let’s be real – a smaller version –  just enough people to say 
oh I like that, it touched me; it’s good!

“And now, 
time has
passed. Most of it behind me, No knowing how many days in front. Fewer than behind.
Far fewer.

“And now 
I walk to the front door to lock it at the end of the day and I do a little dance. And it is pure entertainment for That which I am and Which sees me, and Is me and knows me every hair and every pore.. and  We, That and I, for That am I – we are so pleased. We are full of delight. An audience  to witness all the moments of my creativity, The seeing of a face in the round black piece of coal that is burning, the asking of a message from that Face. All is creative. Every moment, every breath. Every tear and every sharp letter of pain. This author, this genesis, offers it all up each moment Now offers it up for there is no other stage but this, no other gallery or bookshop. Who is looking at who? Who is applauding who? This secret eternal dyad which is really One, in unity with the first impulse, which was never the first, for there is no beginning and no end.


BiBi (Barbara Brown)
December 2020

mrs bibi bhattacharya, mrs jane bhattapanjali & mrs kate buttercookie in the grand old days of 2012.  The kettle is Ramana Maharshi, who always carried one.  Dear Mrs Buttercookie was on a visit from the States.


Christmas is
the caring heart!
  driven into virus mask
or masquerade …
inside or out 

reflecting on loved ones
those in absence
and in need
give them






Saturn Jupiter Solstice Conjunction

Here is my take:  This in the sign of early Aquarius presages a fresh look.  A general feeling which astrologers and long-sighters have is that energy leaks away from the circus which still fights hard and messily to survive; the forces supplying that power grow tired.    The conjunction is actually an eclipse for Jupiter passes in front of Saturn – an event of many centuries’ rarity.  Stand still!  

The solstice point where the planet turns hardly at all, faces all directions.
Stay quiet.  Rest.

Jupiter’s orbit expands our life: Pluto’s transforms it.

Their wedding engages with Uranus in Taurus – the game-changer: change in the tide.  We on planet earth outgrow the old game of power.  We are leaving that highly visible game behind, which dominated politics and the personal life.  I don’t see clear blue skies yet, during the colossal “reset” tension which is going on.  Change in governing is as difficult as making a change personally but it starts here.  I do perceive a move to fresh screens.  The reset is one of the most dramatic changes in our history.  As we are inside its egg, it seems to crawl: to make us collectively more frightened and stuck.  The stuckness in our systems is the egg shell cracking.  And so we say with dear Leonard Cohen, “blessed are the cracked for they let in the light.”

“If there’s something in your life that you don’t like, take a really good look, because there is something in it that is still serving you.   Find out what this is! …  The illusion of death can only occur to one who holds their ancestral body, but not to one who brings in their own as the Light body … Light is the movement of the passion of I AM … when allowed in, it attracts energy which changes the patterns of the body and outer world …”   (Crimson Circle)

The silence in which I soft stand is what is really happening with covid19.  All those threads twirling on the distaff are coloured fires emerging through the Opal which is 10’s jewel


Crystal Alphabet – the 10th Mineral Key is Opal


The name Opal’s Sanskrit origin is Upala, jewel.  It is a mineraloid or crystalline silica, colourless when pure. The raw stones have a waxy dull lustre that polishes to a vibrant shine.  The energies of this stone help you to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.  It mirrors thoughts and emotions back and forth; absorbing harmful energies it reflects them back to their source.  Opal is found in Canada, Cornwall and all around the world.

raw opal stones


What is The Dream Arc?


Dream Arc 30 – the Fire Eye


Dream arc 29 – the Water Eye

For more information about the Dream Arc, visit this post: –
Click on these 2 images to view 29th & 30th Arcs


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.


Dream Arc 11 – Bearing Light before the Rainbow


To find out more about the Dream Arc, click the link near the end of this post

The 11th Dream Arc (14 – 19 December) is called “the Light of Eden”.  The Gift of Idealism (polar bear) illumines the Shadow of Obscurity (carp fish) and liberates the shimmering tones of Light (pheasant).

On 14 December this year, the moon eclipses the sun.  This post culminates my three previous posts in the Codon Ring of Light (9, 5, 26, 11) invoking codes of light and the way they impact our DNA; the way we may take a ride on the speed of light to undo old fixed patterns and even … become younger.

In the I Ching the 11th hexagram – Earth over Heaven – is named T’ai, “Peace”.  Three Yang lines are above three Yin lines.  “The Receptive which moves downward stands above;  the Creative which moves upward has placed itself below.  Hence their influences meet and are in harmony, so that all living things bloom and prosper … inside at the centre, in the key position is the light principle; the dark principle is outside.  Thus the light has a powerful influence while the dark is submissive.  In this way each receives its due.  … The Chinese word t’ai is not easy to translate.  It means contentment, rest, peace in the positive sense of unobstructed complete union, bringing about a time of flowing and greatness.”  

This Siva Shakti yantra demonstrates the principle in another form. Two triangles (Yin, Earth) descend over an ascending triangle (Yang, Heaven)

The 11th Gene Key is a personal one for me, as I have 11.3 in my culture/environment sphere.   Life’s humdrum drama is  compelling with its rushes of shot and adrenalin.  Dullness? … a cumulative result of the masque of stress.   If stress becomes a habit and way of life blanking out the hurt, then all my Light is obscured.  When the stress is a real pain, it doesn’t obscure the lamp, but dims it momentarily.   “The light is dipped that it burn more bright …”

These polar bear mammas are … the tender quality of the Light in our DNA  –
with the hugging, cuddling and fighting. 


I am aware of the interface between light and the human mind.   In my case any stress or anxiety cuts off light and lucidity at once.  “The 11th Shadow places an interference frequency between light and the way in which the brain processes, translates and communicates the light – it pushes your whole life off kilter: the field of illusion, delusion and obscurity.”  (RR).

Indeed Richard names the 11th Shadow of Obscurity  “the fascist regime of the human ego.”  In the Arc it is represented by the carp.   For my Dream Arc drawing I chose a Japanese koi carp with bright colours and fins like wings, but the carp in my mind’s eye are those in the lake in Stanmore woods – mud coloured, strangely iridescent, and very crowded – the water heaves with them.   Carp are described as “invasive fish”.  They are delicious to eat, but voracious, they colonise habitats and upset the food chain.  That is what happens when my psyche heaves with the sharp compulsion to worry.

It is difficult and painful to confront the shrinking and drowning of these beautiful creatures’ home on earth.  The bears’ long skulls are like those of ancient Egypt.  The shamanic wisdom is intuitive; not the linear logic graph-sheet which is worshipped nowadays.

A few of their families adapted astonishingly to land life.  That demonstrates their intelligence.  Others on the brink of starving, forage in human settlements.


What is the remedy?   It is too simple to believe; we have to do it.  

Don’t push it away, just breathe it right in!   Breathe in the bear – the awful feeling, upset, politics, alienation or disease, fury, resistor, the news, Covid fear, whatever it is … until I cannot scoop in any more, but just widen it a little.  Then … savour it consciously as it ebbs.  Savour the Bearing of Life as it is, as feeling.  Taste it simply as energy, as light – E=mc2 if you will – without chatter, me-story, history or associations.   Let the wave stand, as it ceases or quiets the thought.  Bears dive deep.

There are schools of thought with the breath as an aspect of yoga.  Some say breathe in Light and let the light dispel and exhale the shadow.  Others say breathe in the Shadow and exhale as Light.  All agree that the breath is the One Thing we cannot escape; that the conscious breath is a circular, seamless movement like the tide over sand uniting us;  we as individuals find what suits.  Saxophone and flute players open the chest and breathe deeply where most of us forget to.  In the shallow intake’s chaotic broken rhythm are our ills, pollution, paranoia and forgetting.  

There is a paradox – instead of contracting and resisting life … open, welcome and allow life.  Include (without dramatising) the pain, tensions and sorrows.

My friend Paul teaches the stilling of the inhaled conscious breath in Kriya yoga and pranayama.  He calls it  “wandering in space”.   It is a kumbaka (meaning retention) the natural suspension of thought.   It is not “held”, it wanders, oxygenates, refreshes  and expands softly through the trees, branches and capillaries of lungs, vascular and subtle bodies and … the creatures of the forest and of the seas … until the wave subsiding moves on with the natural fall of the out-breath.   Savour, swim and digest the breath and taste of life, start to remember to, often, and more often, and in due course all the time – or most of the time!  It is sensuous.  

If the breath is artificially held – as I have seen some people do – it fills the system with carbon dioxide which dries out the lubrication of the joints.  When it rests on the fluid mountain or the wave and “wanders in space” for a long moment, it fills the causal, astral and physical bodies with oxygen;  with Being.  Sigh.   Balance exhale, inhale.

The covid virus teaches us a profound lesson in our disregard of Mother Nature.  It brings progressive changes which though painful are mercifully swifter and less devastating than a war.  Let conscious breath fill the chest – not as a “practice” but as loving life – and check our blind culture of “consumption”.   Then covid is not an illness but an “energy”.  

It is my choice and responsibility how I move and dance with it.  It’s been like this all year.  Is it creative?  Or is it an enemy?

dervish 3

Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2021

Honour these extraordinary times.

Kumbaka is natural suspension of thought.  

The things I dislike and tense up over, are nothing but the pure energy of light at source.  In the Crimson Circle they say, “Let the energy come to you”; there is nothing to fear.   As in the Tibetan Tonglen practice;  breathe in Shadow – let it convert and breathe it out to speak as Light.  Was I doing this in my early years as a smoker?  Too young then to guess.

Writing this I see and feel the beautiful curve of polar bears with their snowfield.  Play: breathe in polar bear, breathe out polar bear – a rainbow sparkle in my being  …

Dream Arc 11 – carp, polar bear, pheasant.  Polar bear fur is not white, it is translucent.  The skin itself is black.

As a habitual breath-forgetter, I call on the visual image to help!   These creatures are pure, in the present human tide of grease, mud and accelerated thaw, and by breathing with them we may help to sustain their habitat, essence and adaptation in the fallout of this era of acute transformation.   With the world in upheaval I yet feel our symbiosis, human with the bear Spirit and with all the creatures.  It will come back into balance.  The slaughter will become replaced with cooperation and care as the climate changes.   Sow the seeds right here and now.  There is nowhere else!  We all breathe and can do it now.

I had no idea I shall write of the long breath for today’s Arc.  In nature we use the bellows for a steady blow to kindle the fire.   But here is more.  

In Paul’s poetic teaching of the Tree of Life, Malkuth (material world) is visualised as a garden.  Ascending the Tree by the lightning-flash, Yesod (foundation and persona) is a cave, Hod (the mind) is a library, Netzach (breath rhythms and emotion) is a tree, Tifareth (the indwelling holy place) is the Sun, Gevurah (restraint)  is a fiery dragon. Hesed (with swan) the Sefira of expansion, compassion and opportunity is … the Snow and Ice!

(The three supernal spheres – silver-grey, Saturn and white) – are the circuitry of Wisdom, Understanding and the holy One.)


The seven spheres in the Tree’s lower face describe the rainbow spectrum.  The three in the upper face are light before it enters the bow.

In the esoteric imagination the Ice crystallises the great Waters before the rainbow;  in Beriah the world of Creation the Waters are stored in primordial patterns and codes of life;  they melt and flow into our embodiments as the dew of heaven.   Gaia’s breath undulates throughout nature and our towns.   Within the crystalline snow sparkles solar refraction: the rainbow body.   The spectrum falls into the colours and furs of Earth. 


There may be, deep in the present enigma, a reason for the ice to melt: consciousness in the raw, wild amongst us but evolutionary in the gene pool.

This moment I recalled and dug out these sketches from an art school project in 1968 – a game with a lens: I let it drag colours from light over grey paper, and sketched the result with oil pastels:



My immediate Shadow – on entering the aura of 11th Arc – is self-critic.  It jives and hovers and obscures my sight like a floater, and I served this aspect faithfully all these years – well now, the old sooty Aladdin lamp begins to leak.  Rub it and the surface turns to gold like honey.   The bottle-imp in my previous post is a lamp!  the stuff which oozes out, which cannot be kept in, is “AM”.   


Open sesame!  Aladdin’s cave  is the drift of 11th gene key now.  Coals turn back into light through tests of allegiance.  The deep treasure chamber stores light and has a tendency to shine.  Keep the pilot light and focus steady.

Who could imagine when I began the Dream Arc that it would find its jeweller … ?

Jewellery by Mischa Rutenberg, Forrell Company.  He adds:  “This ‘pheasant’ inspired by Stravinski’s ‘Firebird’ has a natural abalone pearl for a head.  The green gems are Tsavorite garnets.”

“I probably should have made this bear in white gold instead of yellow, but there he is…the head is a south seas pearl with sapphire eyes and the nose is inlaid black onyx.”

“this fellow has a head and body of baroque freshwater pearls. The eyes are rubies.”

This carp is swimming in a golden lake (yellow gold framed by white gold)  The carp is a Japanese menuke (300 years old+) he is made in some type of base metal. He once adorned the handle of a Samurai sword.  Now this is the center piece of a necklace with a story. The cycle of life.  Here you seem him happily swimming about enjoying himself.  The clasp has another menuke in it – a fish skeleton remaining on a leaf (plate) after being consumed.”  (Mischa)

Magic wand was waved  … 
Base metal on gold across 3 centuries – alchemical sword ornament.


Last night I told Paul about the lake in Stanmore woods and how it heaves sometimes with swimming carp like a nest of serpents.  He said carp are wonderful colours.   I look them up.  Actually they aren’t.  Our English carp have a muddy colour but are probably iridescent in their natural element.  That means the carp are all colours mixed up on the palette.  The iridescence is when I succeed in turning them into Gothic windows.

Black carp – what a beauty!

I wrote this a few days ago:

Resting in bed in the early morning – into a kind of sphere of rainbow particle dew – doesn’t need to be a sphere, can be boundless. The breath is gentle, soft, seamless, the water which is fire.  In alchemy the Stone is sometimes called “the water which burns, the fire which flows.”

Fire through the droplets is the rainbow body:  a “free energy body” or body of Light.  In the gothic Art the windows were ground as lenses to admit pure light into the colour spectrum. 


The rainbow body is traditionally what Tibetan Lamas de-materialise into;  but it is this simple feeling among many gifts of realisation I receive.  Wear it nobly!   

Three Graces after Botticelli – 1957

The bowl of silent rainbow is delicate to tune into – imagine a pearl wine-glass.  Restrictions in the spine break open and melt while … busily the thought body scampers and creeps and speculates and drifts or tenses up as usual.  So slowly the old clothes fade away from the embodied AM.  Hah!  What is the AM?  I glisten with fur of the fox, the solvent alchemical Mercury, quicksilver sweet.   Integrated with this is ordinary life with its pets, pouts and fatigues; its small games of one upmanship;  within me, within and around this “AM” are all the children animals that scramble among each other for position and anxiety.

A magpie is on the oak tree next door.  It is either Gabriel or Raphael’s messenger.  To just see magpies flying around is one thing, but to look up and see one at rest while deep in AM is where the wires join up.  The wires all over earth are tiny filaments, capillaries, the feathering delicate ends of branches.   The rainbow flows into a lineage and its service; difficult gems in life to polish and market.  Into form comes space.  And space lodges here without impediment.  

The old tale is “true” that there was no room for Yeshua at the inn.  Human incarnation allows little room for the boundless sacred space.   But here is the given faculty to cultivate it, and steadily it increases … year by year;  especially this year, this present earth sun cycle, the challenging choice to turn for good and dance with the Way.





There may be more on this important solstice conjunction in my next post.


The programming partner to the 11th gene key is last June’s Dream Arc 12 – “Wolf songs – A Pure Heart”.  What a lot the wolves have in common with the bears!

Dream Arc 12 – Wolf Songs – praying mantis, wolf, nightingale


Here is the 11th hand mudra …

gene keys mudra 11: peace – a lamp to hold within you. Interweave pinkie and fourth fingers with their pads together, then rest middle and forefinger over one another. It is like the 12th, but in the 12th the forefingers are steepled.  


On “Unwinding”

It is only spoken of in the language of Light itself … that is spoken without words.  It is communicated in living actions.  There is only a Life informed by it – God is the author of every behavioural pattern … the goal of life is to make that life itself a prayer, and to take that prayer into the clatter of the world.”

Murshid James Mackie

And to conclude:  “Do you know how Beautiful you are?” – enjoy these human JEWELS.  Portraits: the Light is in all of us – a feast of loved ones, friendship and family with poems by Dan Ladinsky, sung by Mischa Rutenberg.  This video was released on 31st March as we all went into the first lockdown knowing not what was to become of us.  It was the first of his songs I heard: a day of “meeting” across 8,000 miles.  Since that day some of you became familiar faces!

Blessings in the beloved Light for Solstice, Christmas and new beginnings.




This Tao diagram of the Dream Arc is not finished yet – I must fill in the rest of the 64 Keys around the year.  The next one will be 10, whose opposite is 15 at summer solstice.

Crystal Alphabet – The 11th Mineral Key is Amethyst

Amethyst is from an ancient Greek word meaning “not intoxicated”, suggesting a capacity to hold the Dionysian wine of life without losing clarity of mind.   Amethyst is found in geodes, and mined in many parts of the world.

Immediately after sending this post, I received this news:


… I think this ruling, coming on the day of a transformative solar eclipse, marks a turning of the tide.




Dream Arc 30 – the Fire Eye


Dream arc 29 – the Water Eye

For more information about the Dream Arc, visit this post: –
Click on these 2 images to view 29th & 30th Arcs


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.



Dream Arc 26 – Joseph’s Coat of Colours

The 26th Dream Arc (9-13 December) is named “Sacred Tricksters”.  The Shadow of Pride (Chameleon) morphs through the Gift of Artfulness (Fox) into the glorious Siddhi of Invisibility (Merlin)

A Mercurial Cinnabar field arises from the teeming cosmos of the Elephant (Arc 5) with  blooms of subtle colour and phosphorescence through my inner world.   Touch the seabed, the wave-bed, the beds of keys.  

Detail from a drawing of “the beds of piano keys”- Hermes/Mercury and the art of touch


In my Arc 5 painting, the goose with her three funny yellow goslings swam upon a great fish cross-section of aqueous plankton.  

Venus quakes the soft ground in the dancing field.  Wild!


Inspired, I have danced and twirled around the room to this beautiful song in the Mischamuse all during this year and with the Arc.  I  just now – transferring it to this post – discovered it was released 19 February 2016 – the day my father passed away at 93 … the song’s energy field touching perhaps that  moment itself.  

I am blown away!  My arm cradled Peter as he breathed his last; I invoked the tree of life, held the door open for him … and quietly, gently, he dived and was free.  The blessed shared moment with my parent … passed into the wind, the storm and snowdrops.

Unknown to me then, this song went out on the ether with Tony Davis’s wonderful paintings of Meher Baba.  In one of them the Beloved holds Hanuman on his hand – and that reminds me of this image which I had already earmarked for this post:  from the Sacred India Tarot:

Sacred India Tarot – Hanuman the Mercurial monkey deity crosses from Trivandrum to Sri Lanka – Knight of Arrows (swords) – Sacred India Tarot copyright Yogi Impressions (2011) Mumbai


The Great Cinnabar Field is at play again!  
How can I shorten my posts as I planned, when the Hermetic imp uncorks my phial?

Mercurius – bottle imp – 1988


The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in early Aquarius on Solstice 21 December is a game changer.  It starts to move into right-angle phase with magician Uranus in Taurus: a position of no compromise, regarding climate-change policies.   It looks to me like a portal – to grow out of the habit of tyranny into the design of liberty.  Let’s initiate this world-stage process by seeing and sowing new seeds within ourselves: from Tyranny to Liberty. Patterns of our worn-out tyranny are lodged in the everyday mind and its expectation.

Independent thinking  means value-ing everyone’s sacred consciousness; each individual’s contribution to the sacred WHOLE begins at this plankton level.   Tyranny fights back but basically the dream which wanted really bad actors on the world’s stage loses shtum. 

The Quantum leap from physical time to eternal time must honour all nature on this planet, animals, plants, humans, rocks and microbes in the “human design of the arc”.   In Denmark recently was a vast slaughter of beautiful minks as covid19 scapegoat.  That holocaust is backing up through the ground, so I hear; the stench cannot be buried.

Organised religion divided body from soul in history; and thus our pollution.

Revolution starts with the seemingly most powerless: individuals, you and me. Revolution is nowhere else but here, this day, with and as Magus the Inner Merlin

“Tintagel Merlin” – 2002

In the I Ching the 26th Hexagram is Mountain (Still-point) over the Sky (Heaven) and is called The Taming Power of the Great.  “In order to transcend the personal ego one must first have an ego worth giving up.”  In other words we learn to play with it and to let the ego energy serve us, rather than serving it.  

As you open your heart to life more and more, the thymus gland triggers a vibration of such refined intensity that it spontaneously ignites the functioning of the pineal gland … which allows you to access cosmic consciousness … the Taming Power of the Great refers to the meeting of  macrocosm and microcosm deep within your physical body.  Invisibility at this level can mean many different things.” (RR)

Merlin hawk.  This small falcon comes to us as a guardian of wisdom.   Released from glove it is a sign of one in the great Play who lives in the world.  The glove of the Falconer veils love.

“The ancient Taoists … called this Key The Great Cinnabar Field.   Cinnabar represents the mercurial or quicksilver aspect in alchemy … an ability to become one with your environment, to camouflage yourself so as to appear invisible … Everything in the cosmos is driven by a single turbine. Surrender to this impulse renders the individual ego invisible – not just your own, but everyone else’s as well.  The whole game just falls away. …

The Great Cinnabar Field is the energetic grid that links all aspects of existence.  It is the quantum ocean of fluctuating interchangeable energy and matter, and it is the play of the waves of existence upon this ocean.  One who becomes master of this ocean is one who can move within the grid without separate existence – one in whom God is at play.” (RR)

The Master’s Eye


The still point’s everywhere-ness through the sky’s immensity is a Koan.  It awakens in myself. We all are One.

My fingers on keys are touch-pads, fingernails need cutting, how much for granted are taken the extraordinary palette of senses and abilities in life’s nerve-end dexterity.  We humans became crude and have very little notion of the intense detail of sensation and communication in the creature kingdom.  The Dream Arc awakens unknown faculties towards symbiosis.  Points of fur, whiskers, scales and feathers – Joseph’s sensory dream-coat of colours!

In Botticelli’s April allegro
Primavera in the forest stands.

As Mercury left the painter’s brush, so prevail
with spiral twist his lithe stance,
hand aloft with arrow, questing face 
with depth, purity and feeling.

… after Botticelli, 1957

Can he by one iota alter
his forest situation
or way of speech, from womb to tomb?

He has no womb or tomb.
He never had.  He always is and was; 
three Allegories near him dance … 

… Can I change the gesture of my life
or yours,
so fallen from the Master’s brush?

See how lovingly the Master beholds 
my own anxious figure
the way she may suffer and age and be bereaved;

upon the bold distortion rests
his draughtsmanship sublime.

… Find out what your gesture is!
rest in his sight , as that.
When God sees you, he cannot breathe.
You breathe.

There is One Breath.
I cannot breathe
for You are that.

Rest in the gesture of God’s 
Rest in the cradled branches 
of your tree, grown crooked.

Rest in the uplift of your body’s
ascendancy and shield to life
and let it bear you. 

Let scrutiny
be loved by you …

From “Gesture: God dies”
in Poems of Eclipse (1999)

“We all are One”. 
Make a gift to each other of clarity and love.

Dream Arc 26 – chameleon, fox, merlin.  They are all looking at their tails!


The fox in my new Arc drawing might have a range of awareness and response beyond the merely prurient human spectrum. I do not believe we humans are limited in our consciousness, but our perception became conditioned to the verbal mind and its “sciences”. Science in its original meaning is “knowledge” beginning as self-knowing and the hunter.  The wise hunter keeps still in the forest and the creatures appear.  Beloved appears. 


Snowdrops, fox and owls 2003


How immense is the animal kingdom’s sacrifice to the human blunderbuss.  I sense that this empowers them in the invisible dimension; the animal spirits are eternal. They thrive and will return, they will re-embody as our evolving intelligence and sensitivity unites with theirs.   This idea is in the root of the Dream Arc, its silent intention.  

Imagine the reality into being.  Where does it begin but “Here”?   Here is every where.  What is not here is nowhere.

brooch by Mischa Rutenberg, abalone pearl and gold


Chameleon – an anxious visibility.  
Merlin – masterly invisibility.  
Chameleon has no past or future. Always it reacts, adapts and blushes with local colour – the PRESENT – what a Present creature this is!   How he swivels his eyes!

The 26th “shadow” is beyond all categories of disguise.  Shape shifted.  Only the colour of “PRIDE” can trap it.  Pride is a husk, a stable door from which the horse bolted!  The pride got left behind in time.  In Akashic records, past, present and future are One great sphere.   Embracing this opens eternity.  


In the Crimson Circle Library (2016 April, May, June, July, “Shouds” 8, 9,10 & 11) they say: “Avoid bringing old energy into a problem.  Be tired and allow the butterfly.  Powerlessness is an energy-rich time and space.”  

AND – for it is always “get off your butt into this and …” –  Crimson Circle’s December 2020 “Shoud” and Mihrab – this month’s, which I just listened to, while tidying up today’s Arc drawing.  Open this underlined link and scroll down to where it says “Watch Again”; or open the Crimson Circle Library.  You might like to take the good deep breath, and be prepared to laugh and enjoy a refreshing and profound lucidity about the Covid situation. 

When I first heard the word Powerlessness it had the association of “being helpless”.   In my new understanding, I do not stand in the way of the power which knows the way.  What happened in the past can be changed, any moment.  All loops and visits in time are Now. A magic current invisibly links our works.  

Merlin I AM … what does this mean?  Be who you really, really are; a divine current moves you in its blessing; a play of the Light.   Here and vanishing and here again are the sacred tricksters – lighthouse keepers.  The “code” is scribbled for a second over the dark sea-cliffs … and then returns as the Lamp revolves.

Watch out for LES AGENTS PROVOCATEURS in 26.   Consider how to be an invisible life force for good – allow your magician’s light to fall on someone else and smile secretly – ah, like the sun’s setting glow on silver-birches!  

The Art of Invisibility is to be a great server in the world without need for recognition; immeasurable, invisible, power-less consciousness. The fox is all antennae.  I AM HERE “the directive of Fulfilment.”

Foxy lady – detail, 1986 ‘thro the looking-glass’



Like the whales and perhaps all other species, the foxes sense and scent each other all over the world, through their bright fur (and fleas). In what we might regard theoretically as The Great Fox or The Great Cat they tune into a universal specific – the collective life force.  With technology we humans sense and awaken to the dreamy density of our own species all over the planet, with a deep epidermal anxiety – a hitherto dormant antenna?  Anxiety is actually productive for creative work in any domain – to jump in with a splash, break new ground, or to attune.  The Invisible Art is marvellous.  In primary-school, our use of it is clumsy.  It is glued at present to the species discomfort i-thought; to noise rather than to feeling; to sickness rather than well-being.  Noise is where the filaments do not join: in silence – the removal of noise – flows their unity.

I am “shown” that the human unease is natural – a pure awareness of the clotted clouded global self.   Light breaks through and gilds the silver-birch with gold – the heart’s mystery. I’m on a train travelling through Wiltshire.  A pearl-mist drifts over the primordial curve of grey chalk hills.  It parts, unveiling a sparkling white horse carved along the contour.  

The game is so much greater than we can guess.   Silence …


Chameleon – an Epidermal mirror

Megan Garber writes: “It is not pigments that change a chameleon’s colour; it is the creature’s sparkling skin. One of the ways in which chameleons communicate and survive is via a light show. The transformation takes place via crystals arranged within the reptiles’ hue-changing skin.  It functions as a thermostat: dark skin absorbs more heat than pale. It is also a flexible mood ring.  Males become bright when they’re attempting to express their dominance; they turn dark during aggressive encounters with those who would question that dominance. Females use their skin colour to signal a willingness—or lack of willingness—to mate. 

Photo from theatlantic.com

“Light and matter interact within the chameleons’ skin. The colour-changing takes place via crystals – iridophores – arranged under the skin. The iridophores are formed from guanine, one of the building blocks of DNA, and are “efficiently organized” across the chameleons’ skin in a triangular lattice design.  When the chameleon gets aroused, the “crystal” latticework stretches. This – like selective mirrors – changes the wavelengths of light that the crystals reflect.”  

 (Info from Megan Garber, “The Atlantic”)

Jewellery by Mischa.  What a play of Shadow, Gift and Siddhi through the luminous lizard! – as in the Codon Ring of Light –



The Gothic Art – l’art gothique – an argot or “dialect” of Light

In the twelfth century when the Templar cathedrals were raised in France, some of the windows were not painted.  The light from outside entered clear “alchemical glass” – a lens refracting the rainbow tonal spectrum as seen from within – perhaps a forgotten science.  

Louis Charpentier in Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral wrote, 
“The true stained-glass window is light … for ever unexplained, for ever inexplicable, it lasted throughout the age of true gothic.  Master and servant of light, whose effect comes less from the colour of its mosaics or fragments of glass than from a certain un-analysable quality of both colour and glass.  This glass does not react to light like ordinary glass.  It seems to be transformed into a precious stone that does not so much let the light pass as itself become luminous. 

“… These windows attest, from green to black, black to white, white to blue, from blue to purple and purple to gold, the transmutation of matter by the fire of the sun and by fire celestial.  The colours achieved in these windows moreover, according to sages who practiced the ancient Hermetic science, are those which were seen during the development of the Great Work … Our stone imparts to the glass all sorts of interior colours … The glass is white or rather uncoloured, in principle. In practice the glaziers knew how to make a sort of translucid paste with the unaided resources of their cooking and in various thicknesses as the paste rose, a glass with a pearly light that would itself put an end to our regrets over the triumphant colours in other windows …”  (Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral, Charpentier, published by R I L K O in 1972)

I am fascinated by this in principle, and its application to consciousness.   The true gothic windows let in little ordinary light, the interior was dim and mysterious – you had to let your eyes adjust and wait until it began to glow inside.  This was intrinsic to the worship on entering these extraordinary buildings.

Huma 8 Dec

Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2020


“Because I love you, you have a pool of love.  Have a dip in that pool of love.  Even if you wash your weaknesses every day in the pool, it will remain clear” – Meher Baba


The 26th Gene Key is the third in the series of four in the Codon Ring of Light which governs our DNA response to stars, suns and photons.  “Within the Ring of Light the 5th Gene Key allows you to synchronise your individual biorhythm into the wider cosmic pattern or grid, but it is the 26th that finds all the shortcuts through the matrix.  Such shortcuts or wormholes allow human beings operating at higher frequencies to break the normal laws of the material plane.” (RR)

In the 26th Gift  the great efforts of our will become replaced by a simple intention – watching God’s divine Artfulness through the world lens.  

The foxy Gift is subtitled “Heart Marketing”, indicating exchange and cross-fertilising.  “Your higher purpose is something you must tune into, rather than impose upon the world … The 26th Gift celebrates your ego without self-judgement and in full awareness.  Pride (the Shadow) is simply a low frequency word for the same energy that can be called Artfulness.  When you learn how to use pride creatively, it becomes something powerful and beautiful.  The 26th Gift loves attention and is designed to draw attention … the 26th Gift represents the love of marketing – of dressing something up so that others will buy into it. … Through the Gift of Artfulness your ego actually becomes an art form … Human beings can be moved from lower frequencies to higher frequencies through manipulation, as in music, and this is where the 26th Gift excels. … At the higher frequency, freed from fear, the 26th Gift sells itself through love.  Embrace the limelight!” (RR)

Foxy jewellery by Mischa Rutenberg: cognac diamonds, coloured sapphires,
gold et al.  Forrell Company, San Francisco


You put it on, like a costume before a magic show …!”  (RR)


Gene Keys Mudra 26 – interlace fingers with the pads touching – join thumb tips, relax shoulders and bend knees a little.  Feel the pressure and integrity of the Art of Invisibility.  Be a great server in the world without need for recognition.


The programming partner to 26, Sacred Tricksters is 45 – Cosmic Communion

Dream arc 45 –  communion of ant, buffalo, ibis.  Who is the busy one?

The magic of the mercurial fox is stillness, stealth and presence … in a London street or sylvan glade; or worn by someone catching the attention; in every level of the forest – the smart one.


Crystal Alphabet – the 26th Mineral Key is Kunzite

Kunzite is a young clear stone, discovered in San Diego in 1902.  It is regarded as a heart stone, signalling adaptability and kindness.  Kunzite’s deeper colours tend to fade in direct sunlight, so it is best worn at night.  This quality is Mercurial, like this 26th Key;  and suggests the colours from clear light refracted through gothic “glass” into the rainbow spectrum.



It’s the season for “marketing” – the provenance of this 26th Gene Key!  
Mischa’s two CDs “Corona Diaries” and ONE – click on each underline to open – with my art work are available now for Christmas.  Beautiful, uplifting, heart warming songs!  Find out more and order them at Searchlight Books through these two links.


“Corona Diaries”




Dream Arc 30 – the Fire Eye


Dream arc 29 – the Water Eye

For more information about the Dream Arc, visit this post: –
Click on these 2 images to view 29th & 30th Arcs


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.




What is the Dream Arc?


5 December 2020 – As my Dream Arc series nears completion – since early January 2020, with about four left now for me to do – it is timely to reflect on its origin, shape and purpose.   Paul asked me to say a few words on:  What is the Dream Arc?  Who created it?  

Richard Rudd is the author of “The Gene Keys – Unlocking the Higher Purpose in your DNA” (published by Watkins, 2013).  This is based on the I Ching and on “Human Design” founded by Ra Uru Hu with whom Richard studied.   More information can be found on http://www.genekeys.com

The Dream Arc is one of many creative portals within the transmission.  It is a 64-band spectrum of shamanic wisdom.  The Arc itself downloaded over a long period through Richard Rudd mainly, who checked it with friends and colleagues: gradually as adjustments were made and clarity grew, it settled in its present form.  For each of the 64 gene keys the Siddhi is represented by a bird, the Gift is a mammal and the Shadow is an insect, reptile or fish.

For 2020’s Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, I determined – or it was decided for me – to explore the Gene Keys through the lens of their “spirit animal” archetypes.


Here is part of Richard’s introduction to the Dream Arc Codex:

For millennia our ancestors have created codices of the animal and nature spirits that affect and inspire their cultures. Such systems are always built on the combining of the mythologies of the tribal lineage together with a rich knowledge of the local fauna and flora. The Native Americans have their coyote medicine, the Mesoamericans have their jaguar shaman and the Celts have their stag totems. All cultures that have a strong shamanic background have created such codices, since they allow human beings to identify more powerfully with the natural world and to enter into the quantum field known to shamans as the ‘Dreamtime’. To move in and out of the Dreamtime, one must have some kind of language that enables the human psyche to integrate the lessons and wisdom that is found therein. This is why man has always intuitively created such ‘totem’ languages.

“We are now entering into the Age of Synthesis, and the Dream Arc Animal Totem Codex is a universal synthesis of all the major mythical animal archetypes from across the world. It is the first real attempt to lay down such a universal language based on the totems of all the great lineages and cultures. The advantages of entering into a global totem language are many and its implications are far-reaching. Humanity is now being forced to communicate and think globally, which means that cultural differences and barriers are being continually challenged. Working with the Dream Arc Animal Totem Codex is a very powerful responsibility because one is actually re-programming the Dreamtime itself. By uniting multiple strands of lineages, we are entering into the serpentine coils of human DNA itself at a collective level. By dreaming across continents, we are expanding the dreaming consciousness of humanity, which will in time change the way all human beings think.”

In my work in 2020 with the Dream Arc I awoke each Gene Key and its animal spirits around the year through my art and discoveries:  a gigantic playtime.


Human Design

The Gene Keys transmission grew out of and alongside the “Human Design” movement.  Human Design (HD) is a tool or Pattern based on the I Ching, for psychological/spiritual development. In early 1987 the HD revelation downloaded through a genius in Aries named Alan Robert Krakower (later, Ra Uru Hu).  

In this Human Design diagram, the pattern is a wheel.  An “arc” of six (occasionally five) Zodiac degrees or days is assigned to each of the 64 hexagrams around the wheel.  These six days correspond to the hexagram’s six lines.  At the same time each hexagram vibrates qualitatively with its opposite “programming partner” on the Zodiac circle diameter.   The hexagrams are arranged in consecutive sequences of the Chinese Five Elements.  Into this pattern is woven the Codon Ring groups and many other codes and correspondences.  

Like India’s Sri Chakra Yantra, the multi-dimensioned clarity and flowering of this arrangement transcends the human intellect.  It provides pure nourishment, a fertile loam for the ground of being.   The ancient teaching model was “updated” for the requirement of 20th and 21st centuries.   

The original I Ching itself is an oracle of divine wisdom into all directions and seasons of the year.    Time is a circle or mandala or section across the tree, like this:

The 64 Hexagrams around the Zodiac.  Each hexagram is a Gene Key.   Through the wheel’s centre are the complementary hexagrams/gene keys at antipodes.   In my drawing, winter solstice is at the bottom and summer at the top.


For instance the Gene Key Arc (9-13 December) following the writing of this post is the 26th, the “Sacred Tricksters”.  You can see it in Sagittarius at the bottom of the wheel (anti-clockwise). Mercury quicksilvers all around and over this Key, as  it did in my previous post –  the Elephants and Plankton phosphorescence of the timeless 5th Gene Key.    

I would dearly like to keep my posts short and concise! I would like to catch that scamp “Mercurious” and put him in his place.

Mercurius is … a Curious Merlin!

Ra Uru Hu was a visionary trickster and prophet par excellence.  Richard Rudd the founder of the Gene Keys was his student.  In his system Ra integrated the I Ching hexagrams with western astrology.

Ra Uru Hu, the founder of “Human Design”

Info from mybodygraph.com:  “Ra was born in Montreal in 9 April 1948.  His career path led him into the business world as an advertising executive, magazine publisher, and media producer. The arts were important to Ra and he expressed himself as a composer and performer throughout his life.  In 1983, he left Canada to travel, eventually finding his way to the Island of Ibiza, where he spent years working as a school teacher.

“In January 1987, he had a sudden and unexpected mystical experience followed by an encounter with ‘a Voice’, an intelligence far superior to anything he had ever experienced. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights during which he was given the information for what is known today as the “Human Design System.”

“Ra considered himself the messenger of the Human Design System, and dedicated the next 25 years of his life to teaching the System around the world, teaching people how to live a healthy life, how to make the right decisions and live with awareness.


It is beyond my scope to discuss Human Design here as I did not take it on board;  you can learn about it on the HD website.   Here for example is my Human Design chart.  The columns to each side show which Gene Keys my natal planets are in:

This rings True. However, I feel more at home (aesthetically) with the Gene Keys’ fluid and poetic adaptation of HD. Many students came to the Gene Keys through HD and vice versa. Tom “Siddhartha” Corsus made me aware of the Gene Keys in 2014: I resisted for a month or two, but then saw the glyph, spotted the tree of life in it, and dived straight in. I bow to Siddhartha for this contact.

Jane’s gene keys profile

During 2019 I began to feel deeply attracted towards the Dream Arc: an alliance with the creatures  within us: a holistic earth vision.  I decided to “dream” a present and future symbiosis; a revolution in our attitudes. In my experience what is thought becomes reality.  I was at that time busy with the 21 Codon Rings – within which the Gene Keys are grouped and form dynamic relationships.

At New Year of 2019/20 with the Pluto Saturn conjunction approaching my birthday in mid-January, I needed to meet this giant astrology encounter personal and collective with a major creative commitment. My “inner tuition” directed me to honour the Dream Arc’s amalgam of animal and human archetypes: the Future Human Being in gk 19 (my “emotional quotient” sphere).  I believe we as humans just begin to care for the creature kingdom of which we are so ignorant and which we have so savaged; and for our better nature.   

I began my journey of discovery at once at New Year with the 38th Arc which spans my late father’s birthday, 4th January. The task seemed impossible. How could I produce a new post with new drawings every six days in such a stupendous rich field? – all 64 of the Gene Keys?

The answer came – try it and see what happens.  Plunge in, don’t hang about, just draw.  

38th Gift – the rhino – my gk profile’s “pearl”, the warrior of Light!   This creature is uncompromising. Meet the creative power of my Arc.

None of my Dream Arc posts are planned.  I allowed them to open up a new playground serving the main transmission.  I “swim” with them and I invite you to also.  Parallel to this, Richard Rudd and Rosy Aronson prepared their own work on the Dream Arc, which is coming out as a book.  I admire their structural approach.  Their focus is on the Dream Arc animals as shamanic messengers. My project pooled with theirs in an energetic way.  We value each other’s work.  

25th Gift by Rosy Aronson – Wisdom Keepers

The transmission’s energy field and inspiration does not belong to us or anyone.  It guides the ship.   I had to meet the deadline for each Arc’s date, to plant in it the Pulse.  This was often difficult and I wondered if I can continue, but the higher power surmounted my failure each time.  The fruits and friendship and further creative projects this sacred odyssey brought me are beyond description.   As it approaches completion, my centre of gravity is inside the wheel whose axis unmoving turns in all 64 directions.  The vehicle hums.

On Noah’s Ark, “All is well in all of Creation!”

I pay tribute here to Richard Rudd’s extraordinary gift.  As founder of the Gene Keys and as inspirational guide to a successful world movement, he does not hoard the leader’s charisma.  He is an “Aquarian age” teacher.  The transmission he serves takes root exponentially – like wild buttercup or like the sun’s rays.  It enables an extraordinary number of original creative projects –  artistic, therapeutic and in the business world –  to flourish and establish themselves within the transmission’s structure and ethical guidelines or “gevurah”. The Dragonfly’s Dream is at the core of each of the 64 Gene Keys:
a transformative process from Victimhood to Freedom.  

Richard has described himself as a carpenter or artisan whittling away at the work bench in solitude with his 1st-line “Vocation” Key.  He carves objects and patterns which others use and organise in their unique ways.  In his private life he is a busy family man bringing up three teenagers and a couple of lurchers.  For my Dream Arc project I drew on his inspiration in the original Gene Keys book (published 2013) and in the audios (“64 Ways”).  All the principles are there.   I did not for the time being visit his courses, ideas and creative developments, but I was and am inspired by his “Dare to be Divine” which illumines the I Ching’s interior architecture.  I needed to stay upstream with my ear to the ground and hear my muse.   

In Richard’s work I see and participate in a blueprint for a spiritual, social and ecological democracy.  My task is to contribute to it my birthday’s Life Work Gift in the 61st Gene Key – the Panther.






For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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All art and creative writing in this blog is copyright © Janeadamsart 2012-2020 except where otherwise stated. May not be used for commercial purposes. May be used and shared for non-commercial means with credit to Jane Adams and a link to the web address http://janeadamsart.wordpress.com

Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.



Dream Arc 5 – Codes of Life

In Dream Arc 5 (3-8 December) – the “Ending of Time”, the Elephant’s Gift of Patience opening into the Siddhi of Timelessness (Mother Goose), transforms any Shadows of Impatience within the plankton of our psyche.  It is in the nature of the elephant to grow.  This post is somewhat large.

Toby on the Isle of Wight

In the I Ching this gene key which “ends Time”  is called “Waiting – Nourishment”.  The hexagram is Water over the Sky.  It shows “the clouds in the heavens  giving rain to refresh all that grows, and to provide mankind with food and drink.  The rain will come in its own time.  We cannot make it come; we have to wait for it.  As the clouds rise up to heaven the superior man eats and drinks, is joyous and of good cheer.”

Codes of life – a drawing by Mischa.  “As you can see, Mr. Goat is very concerned about how his “G” is being painted.”   What are codes?  Ways of spelling!

“The 5th Gene key really forms the backbone of the 64 Gene keys.  Containing all the codes and patterns of life, the 5th Arc represents the great digital library of consciousness in form.  These codes lie coiled and concealed within every single living cell, wound into the famous helical patterns of your DNA … This Gene key, found in all life forms , alone maintains the rhythmical patterns of the Sustainer … this great mystical chess piece within the genome unites separate organisms into one great universal pulse of life.” (RR)

plankton organisms

Here is David Attenborough’s stunningly beautiful portrayal of the plankton cycle from ocean bed to volcanic eruption.  Watch this, slow down and attend to the extraordinary creatures and their murmuration within our mind;  let them breathe.  Breathe in and out this game of patience …

From the infinitesimal, explored through my previous post with sperm, egg, chorionic villae and the lunar cycle, grows the nature of the Elephant in all its nobility and beauty.   I feel certain that as more of us tiny ones start to care for and wonder at our inner nature and its creativity, there will be a ripple effect.  As we begin to think differently, many of our machines and devices which at present accelerate climate change will start to rust away.

Covid.  The time of masks – its drama and samskara – is a collective object-lesson in stopping heedless time and surplus information.  It cannot but be  painful as it dislocates habit, karma and the economy.  I’m told that Covid’s “signature” in the subtle body changes the economy – internationally.  Although the dreary angry gossip column finds its way to burble on behind the mask, I see today simply the masks coming down to stop our mouths from blethering on: to stop the world in its “more-and-more”.  Whether or not we believe they work, I don’t know;  it doesn’t matter. The global mask convention intercepts and interrupts our species’ inertia-momentum.  The mark is irrevocable.  Imagine all those little plankton creatures putting on masks; many resist – but how many of them, turning inward, quietly discover an awakening of the infinite and glow in a different way!   And now imagine THAT contagion … !

Within … behind the rainbow spectrum is pure white light.  The Harbour.  Cover for Mischa Rutenberg’s CD just released – “Corona Diaries”


In esoteric models such as the chakra system, the sense of smell is placed highest. In the inner spectrum, Nose is nearest to God, for through the nose we breathe;  and what is under our nose we fail to “notice”!    Similarly the sense of hearing is said to be the last one to let go of embodied life.

The Elephant’s trunk is at work!

Suddenly this morning I saw how the human condition wafts around with old miasms and residues and their sharp flavours and contagions which tickle the olfactory fibres and create a world, an association – like the subtle-knife window in “His Dark Materials”.  You can open anything into anything or anywhere else.  Sometimes I smell cigarettes or curry in my house for no reason.  It floats in from somewhere in the next street.

I have a hear-sight, a here-sight insight.  Covid is a profound Karmic entity.   She afflicts people often with a sensory interpretation of their own residues coming to light.   Whether or not they were smokers for instance (like I was until 1990), there is a feeling wrapped around that smell which is ancient and now revitalised in consciousness.  The great 20th century smoke haze was/is a miasm which in its heyday was a huge “social asset”.

Speaking “homoeopathically”, the CORONA Covid miasm might be olfactory with … what obscures the Divine, and either no longer smells, or smells what the Divine isn’t or is.  With our sense of smell we delicately discriminate, discern or “sniff a situation” at a level transcending thought.  Perhaps Covid manifested by cosmic providence – rather than a great war. Some convalescents from Covid suffer disruptions to their sense of smell.  It may be gone altogether or it may pick up a Miasm – like an old “wet” ciggie around the house.   I see Covid as an accelerated Karmic process which each individual faces in their own way.  She baffles the whitecoats and the governments because she operates within the etheric field they do not reach.  The olfactory disturbances are like old persistent memories.  They waft around in the human collective; we pick them up by resonance.  If we are able in some way to “allow” them to pass through, the system does not react.  Children seem less likely to catch it, probably because their thymus-gland in the heart is active – as it is in pregnant women, visionaries and those who laugh, cry and love openly.  It tends to atrophy in adulthood, with linear conditioning and the convention of gloom.

With this I see and feel what this is about – as with the whooshing flutter that trembles the ground and travels like lightning – and should consider my pieces of material as white light, like washing the hands consciously.  I’m reminded: remember to wash them and my 3 or so masks and scarves more often, and wear with pride the world’s Great Change.

This beautiful creature – wearing her nose and bejewelled mask! – was painted for my mother’s 96th birthday by her friend Louisa


The Shadow of Impatience deeply distrusts life.  Personal fear at this level is bonded with whatever collective fear is passing through the generic human;  the body feels unsafe and out of order. A polar-opposite to fear is authentic information.   The Covid fear is perhaps because few of us get authentic information about our creative immune-system until we discover it within ourselves.

In the art of timing, “this Gene key trusts or does not trust universal rhythm and natural timing.  It sets the rhythms of the seasons, the timing of cell growth and decay, and all patterns of animal and human migration.” (RR)

“Impatience – rooted in agitation – cuts you off from the very heartbeat of life.  Your breathing shallows, your nervous system is over-activated, and your core feeling is that all is not well.  … Our human neocortex processes information in such a way that we perceive everything as happening in linear time, with a past, a present and a future.   The programming partner’s (35) Shadow is Hunger.  Hunger and Impatience feed on and amplify each other.  

“At a collective level natural mutations occur when the stability of life is overturned.  If you can enter deeply into the spirit of such times you will come to realise that nothing is really out of balance; all will ripen and reveal itself in time … The themes that punctuate your daily life are universal themes being lived out by all humans and all creatures simultaneously … The fact that you are reading this tells you that life is examining itself in enormous depth, and discovering all manner of anomalies or glitches in its programming matrix.  As each glitch is observed it is deleted, and as each fear is accepted it diminishes.  Beneath the old genetic code a new one is thus revealing itself.”  (Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys)


Plankton – a Mariner’s Tale  

Greetings from Plank Town! Rattling bones …
The flesh of plankton forms
from microscopic early fishes of life
delectable radiant salts
the dance of trillions
of little planks; a magic Carpet
to fly on
lie on
surface of the sea
and ride to Wales.
Soon a big whale will come
I suppose and eat it all up
through filter
depth submerge.

Then I’ll begin
all over again
won’t I
to walk the plank.

from “Footfalls of Melody Unsounded


The 5th Gift – A Library of Light!

Acceptance equals patience.

Picnic … and jewellery designed by Mischa

… including this one blushing prettily!


Here is an existential tale for the 5th Gene Key.  It bridges time to timelessness: a dab of paint from Rembrandt’s brush on the pupil of an eye accommodates the gaze of passing visitors through three centuries: their eyes meet and interact for a moment with this eye, One seeing … whose eye?   Who looks out?  Who looks in?  That dab of consciousness is  slightly raised from the canvas, just enough to be aware of other brush strokes around it and to enquire.   

A Timeless Story (abridged) – The Captain’s Pupil

“To advance their own frontier, our braver egg-heads propose: ‘That all manifestation from atom to galaxy is conscious, albeit confined to local capacity and sense data.’

“A worm of philosophical bent among stems of grass and grains of soil, may so ascertain itself;  likewise the planed and polished surface of the table upon which a philosopher writes his thesis.  Have not generations of scribes with its support, applied their viewpoint to the tree from which it was cut? Or the woodworm boring into its leg? Lo, we are not things, the faculty declares; nor confined to particles and sub-particles of fluctuating quanta states, we are worm-holes, unified strings.  In every hierarchic level connectivity with the whole implicit order is given.

… but look at those guys? … !

“Here comes a personal reflection: the musings of a dab of pigment in Rembrandt’s masterpiece – The Night Watch  in Amsterdam’s Rikjsmuseum. 

“A solemn silence pervades this dark room.  The well-lit painting on the wall – protected by a stout barrier and uniformed guards – portrays the night watch militia led by Captain Banning-Coqu to guard the town hall during the Thirty Years War between Holland and Spain … the only sounds now heard in the darkened room are the restless feet of visitors.  My life story invites you to reflect on a dab of indigo – the Captain’s own right eye – like a woodworm’s advice to the scribe. 

“Look at me now!  I am a drop of soft paint casually placed by a brush to harden.  My surface is not even; one edge slightly raised forms a ridge, like a crescent of the moon.  Through this limited sense I overhear remarks of the academicians who gaze upon this great work … …

the elephant’s tale


“… My learned ignorant friends! can’t you lighten up the double-dutch?   De aap komt uit de mouw – Let the monkey out of the sleeve!  For a start your left and right are opposed to my own.  I keep hearing you mutter “musketeers”.  What do you mean by that word?  And what in God’s name is a “florin”? 

“Come close and see. A black hole receives you openly.  Where else would I be?  I am your eye while yet apart.  I have not seen nor am likely to see the Whole; yet this whereof I speak is mine as much as yours.  Around and about me, dabs and whorls of paint are place, all roughly the same texture and thickness.  Many overlay others, some are small, some large, some juxtapose, some flow together like a wave; all adhere to the same strings as myself, and each is interwoven with the thread, the ground, the pigment grinder, the play of the brush, the odour of paint left to dry.

(This detail is almost hidden at the back of Rembrandt’s masterpiece – at about 10 o’clock from the Captain’s right shoulder, between two cheerful musketeers, one of them wearing a helmet with a floppy chin-strap)

“I have along with all my companions suffered.  I have been cleaned with strange chemicals and retouched with prurient hands and pickled in shades of amber obscurity.  I am essential.  Were I not here, the canvas would be unconscious.  See, I hand to you my Master’s eye created from His original hand!  This inescapable gesture over three centuries I patented and realised: I am the GREAT WORK.  Why else would so many people pay good guilders to gaze at me?

“But I want to see myself!  Am I looking the wrong way?  For it is you I see, not my companions to each side – you who present to me my countenance, my consciousness, you who come to life in this room, pass me by and die.  Are you a Captain of this vast ignorance?  I asked and got your analysis of myself; but your talk of bearded disputes, sashes, dates and musketry are alien to the passion of my Master within us – his breath:

“’I love unconditionally humanity,”

“The Master told me, ‘I work with young and old.  There is no escape, I suffer each pupil to come to me as the potter works his clay.  I am never unsurprised nor unrefreshed.  These are my life to love, to rediscover and to shape.  Every time my heart breaks and heals.  Every time I enter the human form I forget the things people say about each other.  I enter your soul, I open your wings and fly.  Creation surpasses me; for I am poised on the brush of an Artist beyond my sight.’


“Through massings of mixed pigs we suffer ourselves to be discovered in TIME by you who call yourself HISTORIANS!  Our Master’s brush adheres to strings, the canvas’s warp and weft; and I as He now gaze upon your brief facial forms that gaze upon me and fade – feet that pass, the lifetimes of my soul.  Some of my colleagues were born successfully with impetuous  brush movements, and some had to bear an almost unbearable scrutiny and re-trial.  I was one of the latter.  My Master made many attempts to realise me and I was a fog of dirty rags.

“One day He paused.  He stopped and allowed His brush to dowse the point.  Here, He as I ask: “why do I see – why am I here at all? – not over there, in you?”   The question like a child again is born.  From every place unknown, I surely see.

“Transcending the dark circle of my understanding is my Master’s regard, strangely intense, into One he loves.  My life is a mutual love offering.  How can I move from where I am?  How can I not receive you who pay guilders to stare at me and state your opinion?

“Nature’s precious stones, ground and blent together with a bonding agent and an oil to flow, released the miracle of my composition and molecular lattice, deep blue like the sea.  There are tears.  May He from whose hand I flow with difficulty give me night vision!   May the pupil see its Self! As He.


“My task undying for you all – brushstrokes dark and light from my Master’s hand – is the One becoming the many: the many as the One.

“This painterly point
strings a play of higher art
upon the Whole”

From my “The Dreamer in the Dream” –
a collection of short stories published 2012 by 0-Books


Phytoplankton – consider the fragile beauty of these so-called “Shadow” entities, mandalas and organisms – their real nature is like the sea-horse


Thank you, borderless sensational body, transporting my THIS & THAT with grace like the taste of water; dancing and flowing through and away from shape, drawing a new Murmuration in Plank-Town each instant like the starlings; never for a moment the old or fixed; holder of heart and passion;  run upstairs to light a candle;  river around the coffee-pot;  BE-ING.


… and loosen the earth around a realisation – a year of Corona?  It is at the same time a year of a flight of birds through floating belief systems and their murk.   Thanks … Giving is for … giving.  Light the candle no amount of darkness can put out … solar power, what a star …

… and dance across the sky! – to another song from the Mischamuse


Many are vulnerable, wondering whom of their loved ones might be ill or dying next month.  Ellis Nelson relates “A Resonate Thanksgiving 2020” to the pilgrims who landed exactly 400 years ago and celebrated their first Thanksgiving after a year of desperate hardships and many losses.

Yet my nose – like a seal – is lifted above the turmoil of the waves.  The ocean’s great plankton canvas swirls with the brush … it shows me  “All is well with all of Creation” in the great ship we haul together.   Mother Earth beginning to restore the balance, forces more and more of us to be aware and to grow.   The awareness is at first a contagion of pain and disruption.

Codon Ring of Light: 5, 9, 11, 26

These four gene keys are a lighthouse, a lamp being carried into the short days of midwinter.  Or: (in southern hemisphere) expanding the summer solstice!   Whichever way, this sequence of the Light bearer nests at the hub of solstice axis where our planetary “spin” slows down..

On the Gift of Patience: The following quote from the Gene Keys book is very helpful about a healthy immune system.  “If you trust in life you remain in the flow … As a vital element of the chemical family known as the Ring of Light this 5th Gene Key plays a profound role in your genetics.  Coding for the amino acid threonine, it determines the blueprint for how your individual cells trap light and convert it into energy .  Through the magnetism of your living aura you draw in or limit the frequencies of light deep into the cellular structure of your body.  If you live your life out of fear, magnetically speaking, you limit the amount of light that touches your DNA.  The more open hearted you are, the more you magnetise higher frequencies into that very same DNA.  It is only at certain frequencies that certain codes can be activated.  When you are in love for example, you will always experience higher codes within your DNA awakening.  Time will pass differently … 

Gene keys 5th Mudra. Siddhi of timelessness through an hourglass. Join thumbs and pinkies and fold the other fingers in. Similar to 35th Mudra

mobius strip


“The … higher functioning of your DNA is a code within a code. It is not dependent on anything or anyone outside you.  The state of open heartedness or of being in love is a completely natural human state.  There are people in the world who live permanently in this state … the Gift of Patience allows you to hear life’s music.  It tunes you into the subtle metronome behind your life.  It allows you to breathe deeply into your belly and never feel trapped by your outer life situation.” (RR)

What do I understand by “Light”?   Fiat Lux – let there be light;  “Lucidity” brightens the mind.   For me it has a corpuscular feeling like dew.  Illumination is the direct understanding; clarity enters a cave which was dark.  Literally, the intelligence clarifies, and an erstwhile complexity turns simple.  There is an expansion of love, awe and delicacy.  Let there be Light!  We need it not just to see, but to be.

janus 1954


Dream Arc 5 – plankton, elephant, goose:  impatience, patience, TIMELESSNESS

mobius strip


Concerning the Siddhi of Timelessness …

This young gosling is learning to fly!   When I was a child in Cornwall the grown-up geese stretching their long necks at me and hissing were very fierce.  One day I dropped an egg on the ground to see what would happen.

“i didn’t do it”

Long before I grew up, the fierce Goose had morphed into Mother Goose in Grimm’s fairytales – the magical bird.  To this day I am a goose girl.  I lead my flock to the brook each day.  In the 1980s (my Uranus opposition)  a prince – a player of tennis, chess, the piano and the flute  – waved something in the atmosphere and triggered a stream of golden eggs – my awakening.   I called him “the Goose”.

The finest and most productive prompt for an awakening artist is an unrequited love.   My outlet was the Creative … into seven hundred drawings and I don’t know how many paintings as the crazy inner splendour erupted and continues to this day. Such events are in the Master’s hand … who plays the brush.


With each breath, close eyes and imagine plankton in the sea – an undulating carpet of unbelievable jewels.  The 5th Dream Arc’s Programming partner is 35, “Wormholes & Miracles” in … the codon ring of miracles.

Dream Arc 35 – grasshopper, Yak, Quetzal


What is this Patience – the Gift moving into Siddhi, a timeless realisation?

Patience allows the flow.  Whenever Impatience starts knotting up the shoulders into a tense little quarantine, Patience says Let the knot go, trickle off like water from the goose’s back – and the Being (trillions of microscopic monsters and bugs) resumes harmony and breathes again.   Time stops.  When time pauses, there is no need for time, and no hurrying against it!  There is all the time in the world because there simply isn’t any.  It is space, spaciousness.

Motherhood has patience – a divine quality.   My mother discovered it when she had her babies.  She wrote at the time to her own mother, “… roars piercingly from 3 feet away in her cot.  My natural inclination is not as I had nervously anticipated, to pick her up by the heels and slap her head against the wall.  I am a new being – or perhaps I have just shed a few encumbrances because I am quite quite gentle and motherly, and very very patient.  This patience is such a beautiful thing with a sort of divinity about it.  I never had it before.  One suddenly understands with an instinct more primitive and more sure than knowledge, what is important and what is NOT important.”


The nature of Light in this codon ring of 5,9,26,11 draws the Light down into the year’s wintry end, the YIN, the long dark nights.   In the next gene key 26, the sacred tricksters will play through the Great Cinnebar Field.  The one after that, 11 (the I Ching’s “Peace”) is the Light of Eden itself.

On the Timeless Siddhi within the light-body, my friend Paul (who is a homeopathic physician) writes in his book:

“Light has a weight and density. Everyone loses at death the weight of a 3 gram, £2 coin.  It descends at birth and departs at death.  After death the soul is around in Earth time for around 40 days before it makes its quantum leap to Eternal Time.  It is now a demonstrated fact that seven hours in eternal time is a year on earth.  Stephen Hawking in “A Brief History of Time” confirms that travelling out into space bends the nature of time.    In the ground-breaking film “Interstellar” the lead player (Matthew McConaughey) while passing the planet Saturn said, “Seven hours up here is a year on Earth.” He left Earth in a spaceship when his daughter was 14.  Upon his return a few years later from “eternal time”, he found her already age seventy and in hospital.

“…’Blessed are the cracked,’ said Leonard Cohen, “for they let in the Light.”  In recent years my Persian angel lost both parents.  His mother died first. Exactly two years later his father was drawn back; after a walkabout in the cold, he left the windows open and caught pneumonia.  He died on the same day, same time, same hospital with the same doctor that attended his wife two years previously.  Resonating their deep soul love and connection she stood at the door and called him back. She was in the Treasure House of souls for fourteen hours: two years in his earth time.  They first met when they were fourteen years old! 

“After my Persian angel’s father died, I saw them fly jubilantly over the great steppes of Asia together, their souls reunited.”

an excerpt from Paul’s forthcoming book


Feed Cerberus. (Ceres in cave.  Ferryman on the Styx). 1987

It dissolves ever into timelessness!  Subtract the weight of a £2 coin from the body to pay the ferryman!  The light-body, the Photon’s tiny physical density within us is a mere glyph to signal, symbolise or represent the Photon’s immensity for real.  When my loved ones died I was aware of an expansion through the sky, the ethers and the inner being. They had broken time’s umbilicus.  The paradox of grief liberates joy.  It flares like sheet-lightning on the horizon – dwarfing any human project or weapon of destruction.

Practicing a mantra – 1987

Tune in to this.  When the tiny soul glimpses Tathagata – the timeless Buddha in any detail – she drops her tools, her worries and cosmetics, she can no longer hold them; she stands in awe, in the grass:  the stars.

Starscape by Giorgos Tsamakdas


What are “Codes of Life”?   Hidden ciphers, messages and rhymes give life its sparkling cosmic joke and meaning.  DNA is an endless coding cosmic serpent.  As soon as I touch the codes I am connected everywhere.  Spelling.  The word across the stars!   The code runs up the rivering bark of a tree.  Osmosis codes sunlight.

As in sacred geometry, there are codes embedded in all of us and especially in the gestures, the shape and proportions of divine beings.  I am tipped suddenly in the well as it wells up.   Early on, I responded to them in the beauty of esoteric Yantras and the Seal of Solomon.   For a while, everything I drew had to conform to them.   Gradually over the years their outlines and their teachings faded like writing in water as I absorbed their essence.  Now they are speechless, spell-less codes of the heart opening and singing beyond borders … and before language even.   My crystal formations morphed to this – the crystal cavern itself.

“One chair is invisible, the other two empty …”

The “coding” is the heart and art of life.  This strange Corona year of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct brought with the virus, a connectivity deep down, and an alternative view of the crisis.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – showing Pluto’s “heart”


When the earth quakes it liquefies and water wells from the cracks.   Poetry of the Code! Suddenly the earth is the sea and Yeshua naturally walks on the water to calm the storm.

This is a detail not of Yeshua but of St Francis de Paule. He followed an unfriendly ferryman who refused to take him on the boat because he had no money.  Carrying a glowing heart-coal as his coin, the saint raised his cloak for a sail, trod the waves, terrified the ferryman and calmed a great storm.

In divine portraits, particularly in the ancient world and in the Renaissance, the beauty within their facial features compels us to look and look again.  The same is true with great saints and avatars of recent times.  It is “the code”.  In some of my work these days, I try to get a sense of  “the code’s” contouring by feel – using a pencil-end first  to trace around cheek bones, eyes and shape of brow and to imagine the volume.   What I get at first are fragmentary coastlines, like parts of a constellation.  I love the love for these beings.  

There is no end to the pure river of this.   Thank you for showing me.

An experiment – and many more to follow and explore!  A face receiving and transmitting  radiance is an antenna, like a “dish” for the stars.  Slowly, parts of coastlines I can see, join up into a constellation or inner continent, the source of that radiance.  I like very much this idea of making it a “calligraphy”.  We are letters for the One to play the wonderful game.  Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2020




Ganesh in India – son of Siva and Parvati – not only removes obstacles to progress but unblocks the throat of poets:

Mahavidya Ganesh – an illustration for Kavitha Chennaiyam’s “Shakti Rising”  published 2017.   The sweets for the rat, his vehicle, are coins for the ferryman!  

Lightning strikes the Tree of Life – the Lightning-flash zig zag from Crown to Earth

Tree of life fountain breath


There is nothing to do when struck with awe but rejoice, kick heels, blow sax and do nothing.  Child’s play!

“Back in the 1990’s Mary Matalin (republican operative) and James Carville (democrat operative) were my clients. When they were to be married, President Clinton and first Lady Hilary Clinton threw a celebratory party honoring their union. Mary and James needed a present to thank the Clinton’s with and turned to me. I designed this paperweight for them to give the first family. This republican symbol (elephant) was joyously playing the saxophone just like the Democrat president of the time did. It also reflected the unusual new couple quite well. I don’t have time to clean him up any further, but here he is. The version of this that was given to the Clinton’s had a synthetic ruby heart in the tip of the snout and sapphire eyes. That’s right it was red, white, and blue. It is still red, white, and blue for all of us to play together in the same band. I look forward to hearing better music with more of us dusting off our instrument of choice and playing together once again. p.s. if you can’t play…tap your foot!” – Mischa Rutenberg


And now … an Elephant gallery.

First, some early studies of an Elephant SLOWING DOWN.  May our world-view take a lesson from this …

and these beauties …

early linocut Xmas card by Marisa

… and be mindful of your guests!

Merry Xmas 1987

… with elephant joy Ganesh to see us through

… while enjoying a special gift from  …

… The incomparable Babar the Elephant in his Kingdom – by Jean de Brunhoff.  

O, the Arc! What it brings up from the ground!


Returning to the pupil of Captain Banning-Cocq’s eye
in Rembrandt’s Night Watch
Behold another visitor to Rijksmuseum!





Crystal Alphabet – the 5th Mineral Key is Beryl

The meaning of Beryl in Sanskrit and Italian is ‘light green semi-precious gemstone’ and ‘blue green from the sea’. Beryl is found in both metamorphic and igneous rocks all over the world. It’s well-known for its high hardness, transparency, and dazzling colors.  This is a calming stone with a way through obstacles.

Info from healingwithcrystals.com: Beryl is a aluminium, beryllium silicate. Beryl is often unknown to the general public, even the gemstone-buying public. However, it is one of the most important gem minerals. Beryl is colorless in pure form; it is the many different impurities that give beryl its varied colouration. These impurities in beryl then become some of the world most popular and beautiful crystals for specimens and gemstones. The popular colours are Pink (Morganite), Yellow (Heliodor), Green (Emerald), Colourless (Goshenite), Blue (Aquamarine) and Red (Bixbite)

Beryl has prismatic crystals that may be transparent and pyramidal. This stone occurs as hexagonal crystals composed of beryllium aluminium silicate.


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.

Dream Arc 9 – Touching the Invincibly Invisible

In the 9th Dream Arc the Gift of Determination (beaver) raises from the Shadow of Inertia (tick) the Siddhi of Invincibility (cormorant).

Last week’s Dream Arc was “The Power of the Great”.  This week’s is “The Taming Power of the Small”!   I Ching calls it “the wind through the sky”.

“… with a threat of rain.  Sustain a continuous stream of friendliness to keep war at bay” (RR). This gene key shares the Codon Ring of Light with 26, 5 and 11, of which 5 and ll this year are yet to come.  It is a lamp bearer.  “Make small changes, small successes.  Look not at the mountain but down at your feet to take the first step.” (RR)    

Light, Invincibility, Timelessness and Invisibility – what do these in resonance add up to?  Lucidity of the soul illumines a dark valley and shows the way. 


The 9th Gene Key concerns the infinitely small.  Divide a piece of string in half for ever and ever?  Walk one mile an hour ahead of the advancing tide, in tune with it and detached from drama forever!  The Koans are coming.  Whose are the footsteps in the sand and the One who carried me?  “In higher Consciousness levels disappear, outer space is inner space, time is infinite yet present, all boundaries are absorbedSurrender to all possible foes by dissolving your entire reality into them … the 9th Siddhi is invincibility and the 26th siddhi is invisibility.” (RR). 

Invincible invisibility!   That is the Magi.   I am in the artist’s difficult position of trying to make them visible.  As they take form my physical being precipitates and feels knocked around and frail all over.  They play skittles through me!

The beaver is said to be busy!

The woman’s beaver cycle works so hard.”  [Post-Script – As I was about to press SEND on this post, the phone rang:  Paul just found out and passes on the 30 November full Beaver-Moon eclipse in Thanksgiving week. At this time of the year as winter draws in, the beavers begin to take shelter in their dams.  This year’s “Beaver Moon” “will change everything.”  So – what’s new about that?   Here is a useful site and commentary to investigate what it may mean for you:

https://www.refinery29.com/en-ca/2020/11/10195383/full-beaver-moon-november-2020-spiritual-meaning ]

And now return to 9th Arc:


Ancestral line: my German great-grandmother Anna Lotze was known to everyone as “the beaver”.  She knitted for the generations, as would her daughter and her daughter’s daughter and two more down the line. In the Beaver 9th Gift below, they are building a dam – suggesting the mother line AND the monthly lunar baby-bed  … In her gown are Paisley patterns of the sperm-whale (see Paul and Ron’s article further down)  …   Dive, dive O cormorant.


Dream Arc 9: Tick, Beaver, Cormorant – the Wind over Heaven


This post will contemplate the infinitesimal seed in menstruation and conception whose consequence is – literally – boundless.  Even if a genetic strand comes to an end or is tied off, the influence of that soul on others for better or worse reverberates like raindrops through the sea. Each day opens a potential, with the cashier, the postman, the beggar and the friend to walk by the sea in the footsteps in the sand.  “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath my feet.”

Hermes in the sea – from Roob’s “Alchemy”

What is Mastery?  Remember and recognise: the god is not striding out ahead of the ocean but just a little – one mile an hour – further within it: a transfiguring “cutting edge”.   This is crucial!   The ocean “pushes” our Mercury and so he appears to lead.

The Ninth Shadow is Inertia – “the domestication of dreams.”  What chaos a tiny little tick can cause!

The innate Gift of Determination steps out from the Victim meme circuit which gets locked in irrelevant detail.   Heart punches a hole through it!  “Each intentional act is a magical act, setting in motion either a force of creativity or a force of decay.” (RR).   

Was it Yeshua who said, “You are gods”?  “The more determined you become, the less energy you have to use” (RR)… for you walk with the river’s determinant, not against it, and it helps you.  Inner strength and momentum follows the cosmic purpose. 

If you don’t fight with life,
life takes you up, puts you on its shoulder …”   (Osho song)

The reverberation of this is like … the world turning to follow and flow with the golden Dust of stars in “His Dark Materials”.  

This simulated view shows a gas cloud (just above centre, with its orbit shown in red) that has been observed approaching the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. This is the first time ever that the approach of such a doomed cloud to a supermassive black hole has been observed and it was expected to break up completely during 2013 – but it didn’t. It glided around the black hole, remained intact and sped off along its trajectory.  The stars orbiting the black hole are also shown along with blue lines marking their orbits. The stars and the cloud are shown in their actual positions in 2011.

The black hole is more like the Great Mother. She does not merely devour time and space.  The nexus of stellar velocity around her is unimaginable; she gives birth and radiates as Shakti through every particle of the galaxy.  

Her long waves fall gently onto our beaches under the Moon – behold a simultaneous absorption and Creation.   Breathe …


The drinking glass in the sea

I mentioned this before in the Arc – I had a dream in my teens that I sat by the sea:  “Wavelets ripple up and splash over on clear brown sand, a shallow and delicate sea on the shore of the age-old Indian plain.  I think a leg, my leg is extended along the beach, the foot in the waves which rock it gently from side to side, a piston to an unseen power.  

“How can a force so liquid, so soft and transparent, generate mechanical power like this?  It turns an immense turbine or crank-shaft beyond the horizon, the engine of a world, a future life.  The living leg in the waves is washed from side to side.  It starts from here, under the sunlight.” (1966)




The Siddhi of Invincibility is subtitled “Inner space – the final frontier”.  “The only force in the Universe that is truly invincible is love.  Love knows only giving, so it creates a vacuum which in turn continually floods with more love.” (RR)

In the I Ching the Wind over Heaven (9th Hexagram) blows across the sky, restraining the rising breath of the Creative for the rain to condense.   The Sixth Line in the hexagram changes from Yang to Yin and here is its ‘haiku’ counsel:

The rain comes, there is rest.
This is due to the lasting effect of character.
Perseverance brings the woman into danger.

The moon is nearly full.
If the superior man persists,
misfortune comes.

“The wind has driven up the rain and a standpoint is reached.  The female principle, the weak element that has won the victory, should never persist in vaunting it – that would lead to danger” … This contemplation has  immense implications regarding the lunar cycle, timing, a man’s approach to a woman, a woman’s approach (non-competitively) to her Self.  

Sperm whale, photo by DelmarvaNow

The Ninth Arc brings me Paul’s collaboration (in the 1980s) with his friend Ron in an exhibition of Kashmiri and European shawls and other textiles. It was titled “The Paisley Boteh – the blossoming of the male flower” – a proliferation of paisley patterns and seeds.  It highlighted the traditional weavers, from Gandhi through Kashmir and Persia to the Scottish mills in Paisley. 

I will quote here from their essay.  Our Mother Binah (the Understanding, under Saturn) contains the blueprint of our lifetimes’ understanding;  from Binah emerges the whale, with plankton, billions of tiny fish. 

cormorant & whale


The Romance of the Whale and the Moon – a mammoth, lunatic, love story – by Ron and Paul

“The two major functions of any organism are to survive and reproduce itself.  This birth, life and death cycle has devised ingenious, sometimes ferocious, and often humorous methods to accomplish this infinite task.

“Our planet, born from the fiery macrocosm of the solar system, is a changing and developing ovary seed in space.  As part of her eternal living drama, she has evolved a fantasyland of creatures and vegetation in order to complete her own vast karmic reproductive cycle. Born of this mother, all things in creation are an interdependent and inter-related family.  In this long and turbulent earthly process, the whales were like ourselves many millions of years ago, evolved in her ocean’s nursing.  They emerged onto the land world of mammals and then they returned again to their mother’s womb, where they developed into the largest creatures ever to inhabit the planet.  As warm-blooded aquatic mammals, many things remain from their former land existence.  Their young are born alive, the babies nursing on their mother’s milk.  They must surface to breathe, and two small bones still remain buried in their hip muscles where once hind legs walked.

 “They are the giant, living ‘paisley-boteh-sperms’ of watery, earthly existence, and indeed people have given two of these creatures the names “sperm whale’ and ‘pygmy sperm whale’.  In our solar system’s vast love story, the planets, all living macrocosms, are bound by illuminating gravity to their greater partner, the sun.  But many planets like our earth have extra friendships which affect their emotional natures and the feelings and fantasies of their inhabitants. 

 “The moon has generally been thought of in terms of love and romance.  The general scientific consensus today is that our own feminine moon was dramatically born when a huge comet collided with the earth sending her 239,000 miles away.  Whether of ‘mother/daughter’ or ‘sister’ love, the magnetic attraction remains:  for as Mother Earth revolves and spirals around the sun, the moon like a small child, faithfully follows.  When she is in the full bloom of reflected sun energy, she pulls at our watery heart strings.  The effects of these tides of reflected light energy on circulatory ocean and river systems and our own saline body fluids, spawned the word ‘lunacy’ noting this relationship between lunar cycles and overly magnetic madness.

Paisley fractal art by April Cook

 “The Earth herself has already been fertilised – she is the reproductive ‘Mother’ Earth.  As a ‘daughter’, the moon is virginal in quality.  If the earth gave birth to this ovary moon, perhaps now she is pregnant with the giant sperms – the whales.  Maybe one day the moon shall draw to herself the energy needed to fertilise and develop her own magical and mysterious forms.

 “The microcosm of ovary and sperm is mirrored in the macrocosm of moon and whale.  The heavens are merely a mammoth and divine love story.  On July 20th 1969 men went wooing to the moon in cocoons of metal and asbestos.  They stuck a flag in her skin and claimed national ownership of her body.  Filling their shopping bags with a dowry of 54 pounds of rocks and dust, they returned home with photographs of their unconsummated love.  It was a very expensive courtship.  Perhaps they should have taken a gift of ambergris.  Meanwhile, others are systematically killing off the whales to a point of near extinction …  Few people today eat the meat, the majority being used to feed pampered dogs and cats.  Ambergris, a product of the sperm whale is used in expensive perfumes by women as an alluring scent to attract males.  Instinctively, a major animal campaign today is ‘Save the Whales’.

 “The whale and the moon are two symbols of the change and transformation underlying all existence and are a natural sign to us that we should learn to flow with, not swim against, the tide.”


From Paisley-Boteh, the Blossoming of the Male Flower, 1986 
by Ron Simpson and Paul

Rosicrucean emblem 1 – Praenasis: “This shows the Way”

Paul and I discussed the moon’s feminine cycle: a microcosmic detail in this Power of the Infinitesimal. A woman is invisibly invincible when the One moves through her to create a child. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day around the lunar month, the baby-bed is prepared; it (as “my soul doth magnify”) swells with blood vessels and welcoming nutrients. At the month’s peak it is fertilised by a triumphing sperm or shed as old blood to cleanse and make way for the new nest to build. Alchemy speaks repeatedly of “the preparation in the dark” when the vessel is sealed.

This process is venerated, feared and spurned down the ages. So here’s an opportunity to say a little about it. My periods were painful and yet I instinctively valued them. A hand within my belly “grew” the space for conception and then squeezed it out like a sponge into tampon or “rag”. I remember the dense strong warmth, the pungent animal smell, and my shock when still a child, at how much blood there was. My mother had told me there would be just a little. It deluged. I was now bondaged to this messy chore for life! – dismay for a tree-climbing pony-mad tomboy whose ambition was to become a jack-tar on a great clipper ship. There was a strange sense of collective residual shame, to be so bound.

Actually, not so bound. With maturity comes participation in the Earth’s pulse with the Moon – and so we always have our ground.  With menopause comes a liberated wisdom of the cycle.   “Symptoms” are due perhaps to the wisdom being traditionally asleep or suppressed.  It must come out somehow!

With pregnancy came also this vision:

I had a dream in which I explained to him very clearly the role of the placenta, and how it takes over from the corpus luteum at the three-month stage, in manufacturing the hormones sufficient to maintain pregnancy.  I described to him how it grows, and how it is attached to the lining of the uterus by the chorionic villi which embed it, and how the tiny blood vessels in it transfer nourishment from the mother’s system to the baby’s, and to the baby’s separate blood stream. I was astonished to be telling him this process – which I had found difficult to understand – with such precision. (1976)

chorionic villae, showing embryo top right

During my fertile years I found a way with the pain:  sometimes I could lay down – crept under the bush in the animal kingdom – and go right inside the sharp tearing ache, rest within it very quiet and still and present; pure sensation and peace.  I whispered nursery nonsense rhymes to relax the mind and prevent it from converting truth into suffering.  Whenever mind moved, it hurt.

how tiny the chorion itself is!   Isn’t this ourselves … ?

Now … what a comeuppance!  See how – down the ages – truth and wisdom got converted into suffering through religious doctrine and the mind?  We women have tended to be figureheads and easy targets for that.   Awareness comes so early in life and normally gets submerged or forgotten.  But I recall very early childhood nightmares of the blood flowing from women, girls and babies – the labour of the universe.  We know.   I see the gore in ancient Dionysus festivals – and the human hunger for blood in war.  To “allow” this is a profound connective core.  

At the hub of the wheel or sphere, it doesn’t move, yet turns and opens through all Arcs of direction.

Paul showed me a book “The Optimised Woman” by Miranda Gray.  In it she discusses the recognition of our organic wisdom as we lie with the earth, the ground of being.  

goddess, 1987

She suggests we draw a clock to record the barometer of our mood each day around the cycle.   Time is a circle, a fruit.  The tiny pips inside Time are cosmos.  Atishoo!  All gone!

Menstrual cycle “dials” by Miranda Gray




The programming partner to 9 is the 16th Dream Arc – “Magical Ways”.

Dream Arc 16 – stingray, rat, swift

The 16th Siddhi is “Mastery”.  Mastery is a great work the whole lifetime is engaged on – and strings of lifetimes like beads.   Mastery is the divine Thread or KAV through the beads.

Siva rosary – 108 beads


And … this “microcosmos” post already is full. See the next Dream Arc for a “dance across the sky” in which Mischa Rutenberg’s  song/video release of “3 Chairs” at Thanksgiving – with his new CD “Corona Diaries” – celebrates an alternative “viral” view:

My early sketch-idea for the “Three Chairs: the sun, the moon and I” – As the Advaitins (and Douglas Harding) might say, “Not-two, but the One!” 🙂  … How not to fall ill with Covid but convert it to a splendour and pour the Wine –  a tiny virus of the Sun’s Great Work!   Jai, Jai to the joy of Life!

The sun figure was taken from a cartoon of my old friend Alan Jacobs beginning a dervish dance like a piece of old string.  The divine Thread twirled the loving threads together. I did not know (till 2 days after) that Alan died on that day; his longed-for Liberation.  What stories old and new of love illumine the Pattern!


The Ninth Dream Arc gene key celebrates the “force” of gravity.  Gravity’s particles – the gravitons – are so infinitesimally small that no instrument can detect or measure them (though an experiment in the States claims to.)  They effectively do not exist.  Yet gravity swirls like a dancer through and in between planets, suns and galaxies.  Her relativity is the current in a river which swirls around and over the bedrock; She is the universal invisible bond within the atom.  

Lady of the Dance!  Gravity’s incomprehensible magnetism, movement and presence of attaction is Love. When we love we throw off clothes and jump into the sea.  When I love, and as I love, as AM, I am for the instant All as One: the tiniest and most invincible.

Truly this 9th Key changes the world.


Touching the capillary – (some writing in 2018)

Words and narratives are knots to undo back into it.  And then words come forth to tickle sweet fishes that flow in the current.   Touching the capillary is unconditional, respecting the landscape and the coastlines, contours, fertile fields and rough edges of “You”. In the same vital image are the maternal chorionic villae which interlace foetal blood vessels and nervous system – a wondrous system of porous branches, mutually nourishing. 


Touching the capillary is the family’s heartbeat and the waves it surmounts or navigates. Touching the capillary releases a delight of subtle electromagnetic flow, or energy, or … Light. Yes, light. The photon is modest, omniscient and omnipresent.   It is like the gravitons. Being omnipresent it appears in physical world measurement as a colossal speed-of-light phenomenon, e=mc2.  The definition impacts and separates article upon article in our understanding.  The modest photon flash is all pervasive.   Touching the capillary is the pulse of any situation and its profile: touch upon touch.   Then … Love and go Aah.

Isn’t each atom of nature love?  The Tree touches itself.  Let the separating material concerns float away.  They all are distinct and uniquely bonded.   The fish which come out when I tickle the water tell me this.  Rest and recharge the battery in the element.

The merging of the gene pools is a crucial evolutionary axis point.  Think: the generations downstream from the present bewilderment, are enriched by its silts and weathers and able to blossom.  This may appear particularly in the middle east, in Persia where with changes in climate and the human heart and the realisation of ancient destinies in the human gene code, the deserts, mountains and pillaged forests may turn green.   Some of the places where the well is blocked will be oases.

Oasis is the vital flow of creativity, tinged light olive green.  The extended family capillary is ancient among persecuted Persians.  

 And now reflect:  touching the capillary touches and is the nerve.


gene keys hand mudra 9 – steeple the two third-finger tips and fold the other three fingers under with the first joints touching and thumbs resting together … invincibly






Crystal Alphabet – the 9th mineral key is Magnetite – not surprisingly

Info from Soulguidance.com

“Magnetite is also called lodestone. It is ruled by Venus and the element of Water.

“Magnetite is a form of iron oxide. It is the most magnetic of all the naturally-occurring minerals on Earth.

“Lodestone’s basic use in magic is attraction. In the past it was widely used to enhance one’s virility. It also adds power to magic endeavors.

“The lodestone, owing to its magnetic powers, is used to draw out disease and pain from the body.

“In humans, a cluster of nerves and magnetite crystals is present in front of the pituitary gland, behind the ethmoid sinus. Their physical design make us sensitive to magnetic fields.”


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.


Dream Arc 34 – Walk in the Woods

In “The Beauty of the Beast” – Dream Arc 34 (22-26 November) – nature’s Gift of Strength (bear) converts the Shadow of Force or effort (lizard brain) into a Siddhi of effortless Majesty (emu).

Open it, Pooh! (E H Shepherd)

In the ancient I Ching Book of Changes, the 34th hexagram (Thunder over Heaven) is called “the Power of the Great – “perseverance furthers – four ‘light’ lines have entered the hexagram from below, and are about to ascend further.  It points to a time when inner worth mounts with great force and comes to power.  But its strength already passed beyond the median line, hence there is danger that one may rely entirely on one’s own power and forget to ask what is right.” 

Here is my key to understanding this gene key named”the Beauty within the Beast”.   The lesson all my life is that personal power is not “the power that knows the way” … to allow real power, I must walk onward, receive and live “powerlessly”.  

I heard this the other day in Crimson Circle’s Mihrabs in September and October 2015.  (The monthly Mihrabs over the last ten years are available in the Crimson Circle Library on their website.)   The human conventional notion of power for oneself is a phantom, so it must be turned around and looked at differently.  As mentioned in my previous post, dictatorship whether interior or political, has a fatal weakness which cannot prevail.  

One of my favourite fairytales was and is “Beauty and the Beast”.  I am  inspired to contemplate female beauty with the strength and grace of the animal kingdom.   

My grandmother Helen – a drawing by Jim Ede, circa 1919

The Shadow represented by the Lizard is the effort of evolutionary aeons with which we are identified in a linear sense of time.  During my years of “awakening” it was like an opening between shoulder blades and back of the neck and into the ancient reptile brain – at times it felt like my neck was breaking.   It was like birth – a birth into eternity which has always and ever been.  I glimpse that quality in persons like my grandmother.  

This same portal opens today  like the sky when the upper and inner worlds bring me their blessing.  It fills with existential delight, play and paradox.  When I’m writing my blog and it opens, there is a fall into an immense calm, slowness and letting go.  Nothing is “explained”.  You scratch my back, I scratch yours!  

And so the prehistoric artists drew the spirits of creatures on the cave walls by flickering firelight.  I was one. 

Lovers on Taunton railway bridge – 1964

Criss Cross Lovers

My secret rapture glimpsed 
them crossing each other’s
path of joy.

Running home with charred stick 
I celebrate in my stone age cavern
their mark.


The artist’s raw and vulnerable passion is in this noble Gene Key, its Arc and  the cracks in the wall. It Thunders over Heaven! – a mountainous pile of cumulonimbus is about to discharge.  

Seeing and feeling the immensity, how foolish it is to “try”!  Richard calls the Shadow in this key “the bane of trying”. The superb combination movement of the force, strength and majesty is a living koan.



Through twilight and then nightfall is a lovely time of day to prowl in Stanmore woods just north of London, because as it grows dark the aura expands; my feet are sensitive to the ground; the eye and antennae sense  the path; it flows and I tread softly like a deer or a bear and twice fell down in the mud like a human.  It was very damp and it rained for a short time.  These woodlands seem much bigger to walk around than they are really, and I got lost, but knew vaguely the configuration of roads around them, so though it was dark I wasn’t lost really.    Wet mud and old leaf smell:  the curly tall trees are lichen holders; there are open meadows also and the chattering dew of the rain.   Marking territory, scent, squat, dab.

View from Stanmore common towards Harrow – photo by Ian Crofton

With the approach of 34th Arc, a physical and emotional fatigue rolled through my system.  yet, this key traces the actual effortlessness of embodiment through the long life effort.   In my Gene Keys profile, 34 is my “core wound”/Vocation and my daughter’s Evolution key.  That shows our karmic “woven-ness”. A soul who was formative in both our lives passed away recently with 34 in his ongoing Purpose key; a reconciling message came.   We learned the lessons of many lifetimes and I value that difficult rite of passage.

I drew this about twenty years ago, and out it comes today!   Shape-shifting, wear-a-bear … was it once a were-wolf?   aah – consciousness, they wear each other’s eyes.  The Dream Arc’s creative force around the year looks towards a wisdom symbiosis with the animal kingdom our human species abused.  Deep thanks to Richard Rudd for downloading (with his friends) this cycle of archetypes.  They reach into the deep regions of life.  Touched so by each one, I am never again the same.

My bear in the woods distilled to grace; a kind of angel.  We stood up and stretched our spine –  Earth’s spinal axis.   There is a Great Bear among the stars, whose compass points polar north to Polaris.

Ursa Major – the Great Bear and Pole Star – 1988 – “I’m sitting on top of the world …” (1970s song)

Our world’s trouble at present – fore and aft 2012, as Mayan calendar dissolves into the new “presence” of unbounded time – is simply a flutter and flap of aligning to galactic core.   For a while the planet’s astral and mental human planes seem to fly outward with a loss of sense of centre, as we collectively and genetically are “forced” to re-group.   There is this disturbance in resettlement.   The etheric existential plane however – embracing and pervading all forms like a dawn mist – remains coherent.   As never before, we are asked to tune into Earth, to be of the ground; gravity.  

Dream Arc 34, force, strength, majesty – smile!  The backscratching bear leaves his scent to warn other bears – so Mischa tells me.

This Gene Key called the Beauty of the Beast is packed with fairy tales. The green “jewelled” lizard, semi curled horizontally, is  life-force; how do we wear the life-force?  The bear’s strength – from Pooh to Grizzly – flows without “forcing” it.  He tells Nature’s magnificent titan tale of the straightening of the animal spine to upright through the human aeons. Traditionally, he loves to scoop honey from the jar and the leaping fish he catches in waterfalls.  His paws and claws swipe with incredible power.   

Humans in whom the Bear’s Gift is activated carry themselves with grace and delicacy and attract suitors.   They might be great dancers or athletes or martial artists, or they might just have a spell-binding way of movement and presence.

This morning with divining-rod for the essence …   my grandmother arises to mind.   She was born 9 January 1894, in Edinburgh with the 34th Gene Key (Sagittarius) in her emotional and spiritual centres.  The 34 is central within her!   I recognise her unique beauty: her quality combining the rock and tenderness.

Helen Ede – 

With the 34th Arc my aura expands like throwing off a confining robe.   It stretches, spreads out and glides with the woods;  the people are beautiful from within the soul.   They are the despair of artists.   All her life and into her eighties, eminent pianists fell in love with Helen and she with them.

While searching my gene keys folder for my grandmother’s gene key map, I found a small photo of this liberated woman – it got dropped into there “by accident”.   Something in Mehera – though they are physically  different – reminds me of my grandmother’s scent … the gentle and total way they laughed.  Both women inspire deep love.  I made this sketch:

19 nov mehera

Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2020

dervish 1

Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2020

I now find this 34th Arc with some of the hardships it gave me in life, deeply relaxing to contemplate and work with … home … my existential core in the gene keys.  My grandmother did not have an easy life; she was a chronic worrier and a pessimist, and she was lovingly teased.  Her essence however is “home”, with the aromatic sea, the sky and the hills.   Lizard, bear and emu declare in her resounding Scots accent – crisp as a bee – that “life is no laughing matter!”  

Naturally I disagree (even she rose up so often into a barrel of laughs) but I loved the way she said this.


How to draw a “majestic” Emu?  They are too comical.  I drew that silvery one sitting on a throne of eggs – from the only regal photo I could find; a funny old King.  Then Paul told me Emus walk like royalty, one shank in the other shank’s footprint – a model on the catwalk.    “Listen darling, the Queen Mother told her staff at Buck House, ‘You’re a royal bunch of queens but I’m the mother of you all!'”

Then I got it.   Majesty nobly occupies the natural state, whatever its shape and size.  Here’s looking at you!

Emu Siddhi 

The 34th Arc’s exquisite paradox is that Majesty, grace and laughter are self-created within whatever form we are given; the royal art to be.


The lizard is ANCIENT – the very archetype of evolution.  See in the jewelled lizard’s Shadow the Siddhi’s ultimate Design.  See in each difficulty a golden potential … but don’t “force it”!   Let it bring you through.

Lizard and fruit 1987 – the elder lizard brain’s immense longevity –  countless incarnations along its spine.

The Shadow describes how blind and brutal we humans are in our ambitious strife … the Siddhi is pure unconscious grace and power.  If my Lizard seeks power for itself, you can see what a non-starter this is


A soldier on leave visited my grandparents in Tangier during the war, and afterwards wrote, “Helen looked like a marble statue come to life, her hair curling, her arms shining, she walked by the frilly waters and when Jim saw her he told her she looked like a goddess and she said, ‘I know’.”

In old age – with her brother Robin


SOLitude expresses this gene key.  Stillness comes, unfilled with speech.

Carry and endure the crossing cargo of monkey nonsense but keep walking just ahead … the one-mile-an-hour in front of the tide!   This wonderful meaning is bridged to its expression in the previous Arc, the 14.  It stretches beyond the human form towards that of angels and leaves itself behind.   Beyond the physical tired-zone is the grape; a capacity to move and dress like a queen.  To be a bear is to bear it; to find our grace.  The beauty is in the beast of the wet forest.  Thought stops and “she” IS.  Imagine that presence and the love all woven into that.  We meet each other in life  purely, before we start a train of associations.

Don’t worry about myself being a cross old bore.   I am caught out between the leaves, just as I am.   The Magi come with a camera – I didn’t get a chance to tidy up!

Amazonian spectacled bear


And now the Gene Keys book.  The Force and Strength in this key now transitions from Homo Sapiens into an evolving Homo Divinus – a dimension which bewilders us mostly.   One of its hardest manifestations is the dizzying potential within social media and technology to become present to one other in time as space.  The Shadow of that is addiction to the virtual i-toy technology and its “more and more.”  New toys are used at first in an infant monkey way – linear, violently self-seeking and disorderly.

I am beginning to sense that this same toy contains within it the potential for a dimensional change to our world, which is present and beyond belief.  In the “Crimson Circle” mihrabs or contemplations, they play with the gadget and call it an “i ammer”: an I AM.


Chauvet cave, in France

As atoms along the way we “try” and so put our hands into a lot of trouble.  The bane of Strength is Trying.  And yet Trying is the way we grow.  Sooner or later the “trying” discards itself as the Strength without effort is revealed in all its Beauty.  When the strength flows, it is Majesty – in the bloodstream and in the prehistoric cave paintings

To try is the effort to make something work a different way.  Yet the old Hermetic axiom says: to Dare, to be Silent, to Know and to Try.  “To try” we go at first blindfold or looking askance, like at school or into initiation.


Strength is unifying.  Majesty is resplendent.   Great dancers, actors and sages radiate that Majestic completion in their gesture, and so can we all.   I was aware when I was young, of “an eternity of gesture” in great art – the hand movements of sacred Renaissance beings communicate precision.  I wondered when I was twenty whether I might make this my “art school” project.  

Version 2

Copyright Sufism Reoriented 2020

When 34 approached I felt a sudden deeply critical unease: the nonsense I carry around, and all my soap.   I feel uncomfortable and out of sorts. Needing all my life to breakthrough into vision, I gravitated early to those who broke down my defensive charade in order to show the way.  This became my understanding.  Strength is “aligned life force” or attunement.

“Yellowstone National Park May 2011. The snow levels were extremely high in May last year. This sow would often let her little cub of the year ride on her back to avoid the deep snows. It reminded me of a hobo hitching a ride on a train. The Sow if you notice has a meadow vole in her mouth, that she dug up. Food was scarce in May.”  Photo copyright James Yule, in Smithsonian Magazine


“Children with the 34th gene key in their hologenetic profile need a great deal of space and freedom as well as proper boundaries, although they will tend to find their own boundaries as they go along.  Such children cannot be compared with “normal” children and need to be allowed to develop naturally.  They have within them the ability to learn to distinguish between force and strength, and they will discover this in their own way without excessive help or conditioning from outside.”  (Richard Rudd)

Gene key Mudra 34 – the path of Majesty. Fold fingers, steeple the forefingers and rest the thumbs across each other. Left thumb over right is Yin: right thumb over left is Yang … alternate.


The 34th Gene Key’s natural expression is “flair”.  It shares the Codon Ring of Destiny with 43, Breakthrough.

34’s polarity twin is 20 whose Siddhi is Presence – the sacred Octave.   Create natural majesty!   Be inspired.

Dream arc 20 – the Sacred Om: superficiality, self-assurance, Presence


“The Divine Essence moves freely through the body when the identity has ceased to exist.  When the Gods assume the shape of humans, they do not know that they are gods! … Sacred movements (as codes of consciousness) bring humans to the threshold, but they are not the Leap itself! … Qi Gong is “empty force”.  The art is in the doing, like a mandala of Tibetan sand.  When life is not interfered with, it becomes fluid and efficient.” (RR)

The very softest thing of all
can ride like a galloping horse
through the hardest of things

like water, like water penetrating rock.
And so the invisible enters in.

That is why I know it is wise
to act by doing nothing
and how few, how very few understand this!”

Lao Tsu

My mother and her sister in Iona, circa 1926



And …

Sleepers, 1987

An inner sight slowly forms …

The Shadow is the quest for power, and as I draw the Arc I’m listening to Crimson Circle in the 2015 series “Walk on – the Powerless Life.”   The root of entropic evil is an energy-wasting search for power.

There is an ancient tingle in my “iyammer” between shoulder blades and up my neck;  there awakens a timeless technology – like an old crystal-radio antenna – that works with consciousness to biodegrade our pollutant waste.  The implications stretch into an immense integrity and into my atoms, cells and corpuscles, gradually clarifying: de-mist.   As we cultivate this realisation, enough enters the human corpus for it to dawn and to be applied … at first here and there like glow-worms; and then joining up the rays.  Refresh the inner page!  

“Art begins where nature ceases to act” For this old alchemical maxim, read: Homo divinus takes root and begins where homo sapiens gives up entropy.

A young scientist or technician stands by the sea – like Theo van Dort in the Time of the 6th Sun movie – with the higher knowledge and an instrument or device which focuses the biosphere’s innate capacity to biodegrade plastics – rather like the way a glass captures the Sun.  Nature’s all-inclusive immune-body is at work; the human learned to cooperate.  It had to be initially painful, for it has a higher frequency, and we had to lose “everything” we knew, to refresh the page.  

brown bear – 2018

This Dream Arc around the year is a creational gesture to align the human with the animal kingdom’s wisdom.  In my back where the string is tuned, it activates.   The silent “tingle” is so precious all my life, that I had no ability to clutter it up with guided meditations led by others.   It stayed transparent, even though my surface wood is so busy.   Lean up against the tree to scratch my back; feel the wood and water in osmosis, through the ground … and the exquisite crystal chamber in spine and heart; a great work for the i-AMMER.   Dear Bear …

With each gene key’s Arc I receive its Shadow in a more or less concrete way.  Last night I spilled water over my MacBook and it was touch and go for a while.  My co-dependency with this iyammer – my only “device” – and the threat of losing my connections – went into deep shock.   Fortunately I was not alone, but visiting my friend Paul who held a calming presence with the matter.   After a while came a slow illumination – there is no “blame” in being  codependent to this magic box, just be in touch with and as the feeling.   I was desperately vulnerable and shook.  Presently I remembered to breathe and to accept my “powerlessness” with just that;  the whole humanity now, so painful – in a global crisis with time and space, pollution and mind.   It swiped me and yet it was OK!  

The essence is creative and the pitfalls are the same in cyber space as in physical space.   The heart reaches and dances with what it wills and is.    I am inescapably human.  After an hour or two, MacBook stopped flickering into black, dried out and stabilised.   This morning I felt wobbly, but when I resumed writing this post the great, slow Stillness returned.  Creational stillness with everything open and relaxed is Nature’s Strength

A sharp learning from the Magi!  Do not abuse or take for granted these tools of great beauty and potential in the design; notice and take care of them.  Take better care of this technology I have access to.   I had become a bit lax.   

A perception which outgrows linear time: I do not move and nor does anything or anyone else.  Past, future, now, are an all-ensphereing presence. Breathe.  My arm is stillness and so is the paper-dart it tosses across the room;  the figments of time-space move through stillness.   Which do I identify with?  This overturns everything.  I first received this insight in 1993 when I wrote about “light” as Siva, stillness, with the universe as Shakti passing through it.  The universe encounters through that stillness everywhere “the speed of light”.

This is a difficult note to end on, as I can hardly get it myself; but in the Providential way, the 34th Gene key “Pulse” arrived this morning in my inbox with a picture of a rock climber.   With it, Richard Rudd writes, 

“Whatever sport you are involved in, whether it involves individual participation or you are part of a team, contemplation will greatly increase your sense of timing, fluidity and focus”.
[I dislike one meaning of the word sport, conjuring garish sporty uniform and exertion, and love another meaning – God’s sport with us, the divine play … ‘who sports in the Self’ (Ramana’s name)].
“Whenever you are engaged in your sport, bring attention as often as possible to the contemplative state. The more you cultivate contemplative stillness outside your sport, the more you will be able to tap into it when you are in the midst of movement. The results may well be astounding to you as you find yourself more and more in that magical zone of focus where everything comes together in perfect synchronicity.”  
(RR, the Art of Contemplation)


The stillness of the movement is majesty!  Feel into and towards this perception, far outside my thought.  The gem-tinted silence sustaining all the talk is eternally refreshing and rebalancing.






Crystal Alphabet – the 34th Mineral Key is Jet.  Its origin is similar to coal.

Info from The Crystal Council:  Jet, sometimes known as Lignite (a form of coal), is a very strong stone used for protection and grounding. Its origin is organic, having been created through decaying wood under extreme pressure. It has been used in history as far back as 10,000 B.C. with a carving of a larva discovered near the Venuses of Petersfel. The finest specimens are found on England’s northeast coast, and The Roman Empire used to import it from York. The Romans believed it would protect them from evil entities, especially the “Evil Eye”.

Jet has been used by people mourning for centuries. It works very well in drawing out the negative energies around your aura that are affecting how you think and feel. Jet acts as a purifier attempting to draw and dispel any unwanted energy, and will allow positive energy to flow within.  It is considered a stone of luck.

 Mother Earth’s energy is abundant in Jet and is a must-have for someone who is in need of assistance with grounding. It is a stone that roots you down to earth while assisting in balancing and protecting.


For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: http://www.genekeys.com

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Dominik Porsche has created a comprehensive overview for newcomers to learn the basics about the Gene Keys.  He also contemplates the Gene Keys in his videos where he includes some of my art.


Dream Arc 14 – a Ladder to Heaven

The 14th Dream Arc (17-22 November) “Radiates Prosperity”; a golden cup.  The Gift of Competence (badger) transforms the Shadow of Compromise (turtle) to the Bounteous Siddhi (toucan) by waving a wand!

pottery by Alice Winnicott


This chap here – does he compromise? – hardly!   I sketched him while on the train.  In the photo I used, he wears glorious orange circles on his black skin.   What a character!   Do you know someone so in-your-face with cap and shell and tall stories, just like this?  the glory of the street corner!

He breathes through an owl, a third eye …

Mr Jack Turtle

…   and my mother’s “house god” by her front door:

“Have you forgotten something?”

The creatures have beautiful, singular totality – the way a cat searches out your motives.   Look into the sun?    Compromise (or not to compromise) seems entirely to do with how I meet a situation; to be or not to be.   I am lightweight with this Bounteous gene key to wear.  Compromise and competence jug through each other like a game of marbles.

In my last post but one (Dream Arc 1) is a story of the pattern on a turtle’s back:  a young man asked a turtle the meaning of life, and for answer the turtle turned its back.    The young man gazed at the detail of the divine pattern until he lost himself and became the Beloved.


In the 14th Shadow – a tiny facet only of the wonderful turtle’s capacity to lead us into Greater Mystery –  a backlog builds up after we do not speak out – for example, my Cancer Moon with crabby photographic darkroom has a delayed response to injury – and sometimes doesn’t jump on the bus ’till after it’s gone on.

The secret of competence is: focus and become the divine detail in its beauty within the design.

From what I see, governments and world leaders are built on ancient habits of compromise.  The 14th gene key concerns the way people work.  The image in the I Ching “Possession in Great Measure” is a great wagon laden with goods.  The hexagram is Fire moving in the heaven. Looking into the Sun?  Cannot.  The proper way to see the sun is to receive and to “shine onwards“.   

A wagon which leaks doesn’t “work”.  It compromises and so it is dysfunctional.   Weak government in principle is dictatorship – the rule of fear.  Work is “associated with the concept of effort … and monotony”, but actually work is play – the way our bodies work! … the way the seasons rise and fall through the ground!  Placing stepping stones towards a goal or dream puts a dreary or stressed-out job in its context – to take it less seriously.  There is a Buddhist teaching of “the well placed stone” – in conversation as in the journey.

“Genius is neither special nor rare.  It is present as a seed in every single human being, by dint of being born.  … The guiding spirit or daemon within your life is … your hologenetic profile working through you at a much higher frequency.” (RR)


Genius is the activation of many coloured wires in an underground cable.  The wires are other souls, lifetimes.  They converge together in one woven rope of life; towards death it frays and fans out into a delta – the conduits of soul to be: all is given back and given onward.  Nothing is wasted.  To those living branches in my soul’s future, to all those human beings, is given my present life  – the mitzvah.

To the seed I give the fruit.  

Considering each and all of us and the way our colours are woven through and in and out of each other like the waves of the ocean … What a tapestry, a magic carpet.  What an elegant design!

A genius is not a singular person but an awakening of several strands through history, compresently.   Genius is most often mistaken for talented ego.   

The codon ring of Fire is a spark that needs to be fanned into action – the Gift (Gene Key 1) of Freshness.   My experience is that genius is not a single person but a collected collective awareness through a flute.  Every one of us is born with a combination key to genius.   I was once told I used to be an astrologer to the Mings.  We identified a tonal resonance in each royal new-born and placed its sound in their life like a tuning-fork. 


Before spelling, language or constraint, there is the prodigal child.  A strange being not yet classified as an individual soaks up the Bransdale moors and the cat on the wall and a boiled egg and drawing and … sometimes it is overwhelmed with the vibration of being embodied and cannot move or escape  … and the beauty of the moors, the curlew and lapwing, the music inside the wooden box wireless  … and the horror of the car when it wouldn’t go … before language and its rooms and constraints. How strange that the vast limitation of language yet unravels to take me back there … rather like how it was then; to plod on with my drawings is my Liberation and eases stress.  To fall into Capricorn physically is quite a hike for a small one huge with angels and beset with guardians.

Oh! it seems to me now that that child in Bransdale with her woolly jersey had Companions of the Light around her who loved and love her very much!   They nurtured this soul, they knew what it can do and they gave it a sheltered wild environment for the buttercup to grow and spread – and a hearty mulch of angst later –  in this moment I know that they delighted in each stage of my development, each leaf coming out;  and a goodly part of my soul sat with them, watching also.  This particular combination of wires in the cable had not been born in earth for a long while.  Lifetimes such as “Sarah C” in the 19th century are just one or a few of the wires.  

Wise beings move along the horizon and around the child’s periphery.   The gift makes the wise beings visible because they tend and nurture it.  The gift is a magnetic, a gravitas, a manifestation, a star in the human world. 


The Dream Arc 14 is coming along …  Mr Jack Turtle swims in some aqua-blue water over a crusty pebbly bed.  Mr Brock the Badger, a stalwart heavy animal, watches the turtle and stands firmly in the grass with a hint of flowers.   Behind and between them the exotic Ascended Master Toucan opens his enormous orange bill to sing or squawk.   I want my Arcs to lighten up, and this drawing is almost a cartoon.  Next to Master Toucan the big 14th Hexagram will be white against sky, like a ladder to the “fiery” light in heaven. 

Dream Arc 14 – in process

The 14th Gift is COMPETENCE – a word I like well within the three C’s I try to encourage myself with: Confidence, Competence, Calm

The great English occultist Dion Fortune’s “competence” was severely challenged when she was a teenager at school, by a destructive teacher who tried to break her.  Briefly: competence is the work in harmony with itself; the love for and service to what you do.   Richard calls it “the Fire in the Belly” which I associate with the alchemical athanor or oven.  Within the gut is a rich proliferation of DNA.  17th century alchemical tracts and engravings describe a filtering process through the black dragon into virgin’s milk (chyle); and the deployment of red and white soldiers in the blood to the royal castles around the body.  

Gene key 14th Mudra – hands rest quietly on the “oven” to cradle Cosmos. I just discovered I drew this Mudra exactly a year ago!

Our physical organs are the astronomical beauty and Gift of Competence itself; they interlace in life and are drawn asunder naturally when we die. There is no “compromise” here!  

Basically anything I am coerced or forced to do or be is INCOMPETENT.  This goes with society, education, economy, waste management and the whole human-world’s attempt at governing itself   No matter how we dream and whom we vote in position the default is incompetence – the many leaks in the wagon.

So keep compass a step behind current affairs and yet moving quietly just one mile an hour ahead of the moving tide.  Stride the whole caboodle!   Be a colossus – a wonder of the ancient world.   Breathe from and into the core … and out.  This is the secret fire. 

Can you see the Ibis?

Richard uses an analogy of a saw in carpentry.  He writes that in the West the saw’s teeth are designed to push it away from us.   In the orient they are slanted for the saw to be pulled towards us – drawing rather than pushing.  The resulting cut is finer than the one made through pushing and uses less energy.  The western push is faster, but so what?    

These ideas about the “finer cut” suggest yet again the Subtle Knife in Philip Pullman’s Trilogy.


“Those who have the 14th Gift strongly activated … arouse the team spirit necessary to get an idea off paper and into the world.”  They might appear inactive!  Their presence is regenerative, especially within a small team or family.   Larger teams become more vulnerable to fracture and incompetence.   Genuine wealth begets wealth.  Great wealth is in our ancestral bloodstream and the 14th gene key regulates this capacity to manifest through our livelihood: possession in great measure – radiating prosperity.  I am reminded yet again of the crystal caverns or “terma” within the rock, within the core of “Terrae humanas”.   The extraordinary gems come to hand and eye …

“The outer mind or intellectual knowledge of humanity holds within it little – very little understanding of the real purpose for which gold exists on this planet.  It grows within the earth like a plant, and through it there is constantly pouring a purifying, vitalising and balancing current of energy into the very ground we walk upon, as well as into the growth of Nature and the atmosphere we breathe.

“Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety of of uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using gold as a means of exchange and for ornamentation.  The far greater activity and purpose of it within and upon the earth is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalise and balance the atomic structure of the world.”

From Unveiled Mysteries 
by Godfrey Re King,  1934

Cast away incompetent sceptics, find the gem within your life and cultivate it in the garden with everything you’ve got!   The garden is a legendary EMERALD TABLE.   Part the waves, kiss the lips, turn the wheel, fingers touch numbers on the clock, enter the cave, find the jewel, climb the mountain and fly!  (Thank you Paul for this Invocation, it dropped into you in Trieste 16 years ago – I use it every day.)

Love generates love, wider and wider the field.   Nothing can stop my choice to love.

Star of David, Cross of Yeshua, Crescent of Islam, Vedic Omkara 

I soaked up much of 14 through my parents who were born with it in their profiles. They lived frugally and brought us up on 600 a year but they both ended up with comfortable financial inheritances as they grew old.  Prosperity is the providential beauty and hardships of the landscapes, rocks, elements, beasts and relationship tensions I grew up among, which nourish my soul. 

“The 14th Gift continually extends its potential in many different directions simultaneously …” like a lighthouse beam.  

Lighthouse by my brother Simon when he was about 11. I love the ladder!  It has 10 rungs, like the Sephiroth in Tree of Life.   Imagine on this ladder, holding its sides – climbing up it into That!

What is the Light?   A single celled Heaven!   In a lighthouse chamber the lamp is amplified a myriad of candle power by passing through lenses, mirrors and facets.   The lighthouse is a jewel – a diamond. 

The mineral 14th Key is GOLD – congealed sunlight in the rocky vein:  the sun glistening on street or stones after rainfall.  Consider wealth and its poor-relation which hems-in and hoards our coined currency.  Consider energy and its fossil prisoner which just about keeps our entertainments going.   Consider the gold standard or balance of prosperity and in relationships;  consider the GIVING AND FOR GIVING.   What is wealth and what is energy?  “Let them both serve you!”   The wealth and the energy are inexhaustible as the sun and moon’s action within ourselves and the ground.  It only has to be gently tapped – its wish and purpose is to radiate; and only compromise and “incompetence” bar the way.  


The energy source awakening is a (biological) cosmic cell battery or crystal-receiver, and its beauty may open wings in spine and back of neck when allowed so; the capacity of Providence and supply.  Each of us carries a “solar cell battery” with all that we need to live a full and adventurous life without subtracting anything from Earth. 

In fact the more we use the creative spark, the more it reveals, produces and supplies, and the more of us who access it, the better.   This is the real nature of “solar energy” towards which we are in difficult transition.