On Guilt, Archaeology and 25th Gift

An interlude within the codon rings series …

30 January 2019
I realised yesterday … that newsprint names are PASSING SHOW – actors of manufactured fantasy. Who and what are these persons?  Have I met any of them?  Before getting tossed aside into yesterday’s news, their names make all the noise they can – for they are NOT what is really going on, and nor is any other commentary; the only viable understanding is the collective-unconscious worldly bowel movement and each particle concerned with it.  Accept: observe at any moment my mind!

I am vulnerable.  I want my shell back! 1987


The guilt:  I wake in the morning and in the night with it. A very unpleasant feeling.  What’s left undone or done badly or spoiled. Neglected.  Lost or failed responsibility.   A heavily clouded solar plexus. Guilt is the discomfort when things do not move or flow together: when the sustaining energy is broken; when chunks of things to do hang lifeless.  My dark shut-in room of childhood is perhaps punished for a selfish burden.  Is original guilt this sense of “me”?

Existential guilt is a powerful prompt, compelling me to sort out my house and to stop panicking about lost things, driving me to make more picture frames.   I cut five new frames last night (while listening to the splendid Ariella’s tantric ladies on her show) and joined up three of them with small nails and glue … the Spirit is eager to accomplish all of this at once: but the labour takes much longer, and tiredness and bedtime intervene.

spring crocus spears


The guilt.  It un-eases and unseats me at night.   Loggerheads – we flailed around yesterday – then it cleared, not through anything we discussed or realised, but in our acceptance – it was heard.   The problem changes when it stops being verbalised.  It is alive in us.  It is life and the unexpected. Life is earthwork, rollup sleeves. Let me do something positive and not be tired anymore!  The problem transforms its nature when I cease to worry it –  give it to the Guardians.

Guilt is lack of cohesiveness: parts of my life break apart and don’t join:  it prompts unifying activity!

It is where my ship or shop or shape doesn’t hold together or unify.   It comes from before birth: a duty of curatorship:  gravitating into a family passion with old letters and archives – and the opposite: my father’s iconoclastic Krishnamurti conscience.

I can just discriminate the rain-fog in my solar plexus; see and welcome the Magical Life – the plane of Miracle – the circles of Light on the lake.

Fracturing prompts cellular intent to join and heal the edges.

Do I hear a collective message through reactionary pressures?   Do we come up like crocus spears through the  divisive world?   It is being said in some circles that Earth burned off Her Karma three years ago. What we see going on now discordantly is the inertia-momentum illusion and its belief system running down.  That clock is no longer being wound up.

Our new earth community sees a dramatic evolution in the Subtle collective DNA.   We are allowed to be authentic with this!   Keep faith and gratitude.  Faith actively creates reality.

Do not analyse but row my feeling boat, my Shadow and its perennial Gifts, the obstacles in living.  Breathe the tidal reality as is.  My physical body enjoys a renewal of life and sunshine – even Hope – slimmer and strong and clear inside – telling me good news to come … this year 2019 receives snowdrops and joys of Light through the ground.

snowdrop 1969


And so, to my everyday Gene Keys Plod – What are you, my Guilt shadow, not to push onto something else, but let you through right HERE?   Are you gathered in my Attractor-field – my 2nd Shadow Dislocation?  (Or are you the 57th, Unease?)

Enfolded in my Dislocation are Orientation and Unity.   When I become aware of this, the wordless Love pulse fills and clears the horizon.  My Dislocation is felt in the wrong place, or no place at all.   My guilt is when I do not cherish or speak with the Sacred Place – that is rather a leap, but it is true; it is when I feel too small or too tired to climb into where I could be doing something – and there are many such tasks lying around, like ring-binding my mother’s wartime letters.   Was my grandfather driven by housekeeper’s guilt?   Guilt is a family miasma to handle:  each human being suffers some aspect of guilt – so there is talk of Original Guilt and Sin!

High-principled families generate sharp guilt awareness.  (“Dear Lord, we have left undone the things we ought to have …”)

It can be disabling, but it pokes like a toasting fork so I keep going.   Guilt is Discomfort Zone …  chronic, blunt and almost unconscious – or it may be sharp, a goad to go.

Hermetic Self healing 1987 – right into the dragon’s tense shoulders and back!  Ancient undeciphered symbols of the Glory start to appear from the shadow.

I arrive at a basic principle: guilt has high standards with nature – our vast humane potential – and fails to meet them.   It feels isolating and shameful, and yet it is our Unity!  the active complementary – compassion.

Hermes heals the child within the beds of (piano) keys (1987).  This drawing was about a musician’s sense of touch – and cleaning under the keys so that they resonate.


Can I detect and polish the gold nugget as it gleams in the mud?   Be archaeologist with brush and tools.  The  Gift’s discovery is  release and alchemy.  Pervading my body as I AM,  is gilt, gilding or pure gold leaf! – like the ancient oriental art of Kintsugi – mending pottery with gold, which increased its value.

The elder guilds of craftsmen and artisans who network the golden Thread of lighthouses are at work also within the world’s governmental wounds. Blessed are the cracked who let in the light!  Embrace the living NOW – the back-story melts into irrelevance:  embody the book of changes:  the beautiful dew of day.

Still the hurting dissonance is here.  Still the living mystery I Am … That thou art.

The Gift of Acceptance is the 25th….  the soft approach of seeing.   Reading the 25th Gift about the oyster’s irritation and seed pearl is very helpful.  “Acceptance is the grail that you are seeking.”

Doing house clearance for a recently-passed hoarder with a vast and valuable dust-covered library to sort out – months of toil through titanic dirt and disorder – try to help and encourage my daughter in practical ways; for the old man left the house to her in his will.

I cannot multi-task.  Focus one thing at a time in this quantum era of parallel-realities.  I multi-dimension with writing and connecting to the Inner Plane … and the Greater Mystery of acceptance.

Woodcut by Tunnicliffe – seagulls and the plough


It is not easy for me to manifest the multi-dimension in  unconscious materiality – but I see and find it everywhere.  It tumbles from the sky like gulls to the upturned furrows.  My Capricorn spiritual nature is yoked to the Starry plough – Great Bear – and loves the fertile challenge.

Ursa Major 1988



The following are jottings from RR’s 37th gene key audio:

Pay the good gift forwards …
the hearth within …

Go bold be gold

Tenderness comes to rest in our essence
un-peeling waves of consciousness
which break upon soft shore of earth …

holding the family in resonance
heart is the mother
father ploughs 

Tenderness cannot emerge in isolation but through the family extension of human. Tenderness isn’t intended to manifest in isolation but in … (the Starling Murmuration)

The Siddhis Compassion, Grace, Truth, Tenderness form the Codon Ring of Divinity.

the Wisdom of the Fool

Codon rings of divinity and alchemy




For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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The Codon Ring of Light (3) – be a Lighthouse keeper


Greetings of glad tidings – (1988)


4 December 2019                    THE RING OF LIGHT

I didn’t absorb the current gene key – 9 – and today it changes to 5!  The body of 5’s Gift is an elephant.  I enjoy the large animals in the dream-arc.

Any threads from yesterday?  I was done in by evening.  We each are Spirit, encumbered by heavy anxious garmentations of life.



Acceptance, as of the gentle blush of winter in the garden and the denuded oaks – a kind of camellia shrub is coming out, with deep red and white buds.  There is just this moment each morning, to relish and nourish the threads … for the door opens now into the inner and transcendent garden. I think there was a garden which Alice went through into, from the disconcertingly resizing house?  Always I see the open door to the sunlit garden. And … the sublime slow Op 109 variations, which I will listen to presently.   And … the moment’s plunge from movement into the well.

Great Hermes 1987

Always at the well’s lip, there gather the messaging birds and insects reminding me charmingly of this or that.

The well’s surface tells me at the moment, that Mrs Robin faces up to an artist for real in the family tree – who is warm and friendly but tends to stretch schedules eccentrically.  The well’s instant of Advaita cherishes the details of life, love and light.   Holy water!

Looking back into the 9thgene key … “Instead of being tamed by life you forge your heart’s direction and destiny through taming the smallest and most inconsequential acts in your life.”(RR)   Why, they are gravitons of the Gravity field or swirl around the particle; curvature of time … space.

Do try to listen to people, rather than rush them. Great anxious creature within!  Learn from that lady there, delivering her story in her fairytale voice.

In the 9thgene key – the Gift is the magnetic true north. Mind stops undermining!  As “the naturally flowing currents within your body begin to come into a universal harmony, your brain wave cycles slow down and you enter a higher consciousness field … the higher your spiritual frequency the lower your brainwave frequency falls.”(RR)

Isn’t this a marvellous paradox to stun the diagnostics?  How the aging mind slows down into its capacity to sit still and receive – the old people on the settle in a 19thcentury farmer’s kitchen – the whole day enters.   In George Eliot’s Adam Bede, these old folk are angelic chorus and witness, and weep where scandal strikes and shatters the family.

An Argand oil lamp illustrated in the 1822 portrait of James Peale by his brother Charles Wilson Peale.


Modern conditioning worships stress function, and rapid short term memory circuit and go go go.

As soon as I am through the door into the garden, everything slows down into the deep sea.  Beautifully the 9thgene key elides with its neighbour the 5thtoday, where time dissolves.

Arrau, 1986

I think Claudio Arrau plays Beethoven’s Op 109 variations slower than anyone else because in that way they move one mile an hour ahead of the tide.  In the vastness of the lens is little activity but great unseen fishes of life and tenderness.

“Not only does it undermine you less and less, it confirms that your direction is logically valid.”(RR)

Beethoven and Minona (2015)


It comes into focus again over the last week or so … that my job is not to attend to stuff about the news, but to let the fire-moth in the dark blanket widen the holes which are Light.  That was my Great dream in 1969 – where I scattered glow-worms in the abyss as constellation to guide my way back – and guide others so!

We who consume the blanket threads in holy fire and water touch each other across the night as one.  Tanmayo calls it “the Dragon circuitry of gold”. Each well expands into One.   Rock the boat!   I am aware of the white gold subtle fire in my aura, spun like silk, replacing locally the dark turnip hair.  The littlest thing expands as light.  Be a Lighthouse keeper.

Lighthouse with gold birds, 2017

Pole star, axis tilt alignment… straightening spine, yes around 2012 there was this idea of a relative polar axis re-attunement, a subtle shift in the galactic terrestrial tilt to which we each align our spine – I’d forgotten that, but remembered it in other ways with my Vocation’s standing Bear.  I was born with this development, appearing in symbols through my life:  Ursa Major, Great Bear, the Plough, the Star.

Ursa Major, 1988

Can I remember it while Castling up the walls? Much distraction and background music there.  On auto-belay, focus lower spine’s … uplift.  There are unlimited opportunities also on traverse walls, to hang long-arm on hand-holds and to sway and empower this yogic region:  coordinating with the slow springs in feet, knees, thighs … sinews.

“As your vision of reality expands to contain universes, you realise how small you really are. At the same time you get to see how enormous your contribution to the whole is, when you truly take the plunge and listen to your heart.”  (RR) . It is Alice getting bigger and smaller in the house again!  It is the Hermetic paeon in the Pymander.

The Siddhi is Invincible – divide a piece of string in half for ever into the infinitesimal boundless space.

“The moment something loses all boundaries it becomes two contrary things – simultaneously defenceless and invincible.”  I sense the particle entanglement beyond the reach of light-years … the holistic quantum paradox.

“Dissolve reality into the foe … the 9this Invincibility, the 26th(Taming power of the Great) is Invisibility … dissolve into the will of the universe.” (RR)

Consciousness, 1988

“This Siddhi is deified in Archangel Michael … Love is a vacuum which continually floods with more love.”

“The specialised task to fulfil on earth … is like a laser pin pointing a very specific aspect of life, bringing enormous power to bear on that area.”(RR)  (It spotlights the shadow in companion’s fear and brings it to realisation.)

Hermes to his son Tat (1987)


The CODON RING OF LIGHT is 5,9, 11 and 26!

This … cross-coding message operates across entire gene pools.  The wavelengths of light awaken the human gene pool rapidly.  Human auras interact with each other.  The individual becomes porous to the indwelling group awareness … every intentional act is a magical act.(RR)

The first few steps– those which the birthing baby Buddha took.

Ace of Coins (Pentacles) – Sacred India Tarot publ. Yogi Impressions 2011

These few steps are the lens opening door into Garden, attracting Light.  Now look! Next page, the 10thgene key’s shadow is the Mazy Pathways of the Self!

Fred Barschak and myself rehearsing the Cesar Franck Sonata … ‘zere are too many notes’

Forgot – after Castling on Friday (was it?) when I went down into Manor House tube station, the piped music in the ceiling there was Cesar Franck’s violin sonata, the hauntingly beautiful song of the final movement …  of a piece with today.

Stood still for long moments like a bear … for the wave to roll back into my bravely attempted musical Initiation at the time of Harmonic Convergence (1986/7).

Another pianist said to me, back then: “What a bear that Cesar Franck is!”

Amazon spectacled bear 2019


Memo to myself – do a post which highlights Codon Ring of Light in its environmental context – Rings of Trials, Prosperity and Miracles.

Then do Ring of Prosperity.




For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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Interlude – Seeing the Elephants – gk41

This post is a pause in the Codon Rings series: written on the 23rd January, with Gene Key 41 chiming …  (41’s Zodiacal interval is the first few days of Aquarius)

Look into the dark deep eyes of Master Rakoczy, 18th century alchemist and violinist, he holds the secret of Eternal Life. He is my patron saint of Lost Things.

The lost precious thing with its edge is very beautiful now, and its essence is valued and activated  – it was taken for granted or forgotten, on this side of the edge …   Sadness … yet feeling my lost thing is perhaps just borrowed for a time by Companions of the Light in the subtle body and will be returned;  the loss is illumined in my interior.  It challenges me poignantly, to celebrate (gkPurpose 42.6) and let it go.

Most of my life is absorbed, bent over in the tinkering of how-to.

For me, the wake-up gene key is 41, the Prime Emanation or Sound in the Codon ring of Origin!

I rang both of my bowl bells, the small black one and a big  Tibetan one which dropped out of the cloudy sky for my birthday.  It shines like the sun and moon together: a Terma; an oracle.  The combined notes of the old dark shadow gong and the new gong of Light resonate a third vibrating tone, a triton.

Let go (42 and 19): accept: receive.

There is a long transformative story behind these bells.

Receive the Sound

Child dances forth into the world of action.

Clear sky around the moments of suffering and the sound – your eyes, elder Brother.   When do I remember You except when losing things?

Your oval picture is on the window-wall atop a big ebony elephant with rider.

Ride the elephant: the slow swinging pace of tree-like limbs and sensitive trunk.  The elephant’s social heart is deeply tender.  Awaken to the great grassy space of the Veldt.  Awaken into that deep social tender heart without the obscuring thought.

The whales, sharks, dolphins, wolves, bees and seals have it too – with their own internecine battles of Nature’s tooth and claw supremacy – and they suffer the violent  and heart-breaking human ignorance.   The elephant’s trunk and limbs and leathery skin and tender heart are nested, woven with the trees and vegetation and saplings of the sky-crowned grassland.  That leathery skin also is a vast capillary of nerve cells: touch.

Here is the young elephant in my soul:  I did this drawing when beginning deliberately to walk, write and draw slowly.  “Slow down”.  I had been going too fast.


See the elephant – any old, old thought.

See some uncomfortable thing whose inner harbour is truth in my relationship.  The elephants bring it out.  I had this “watershed” dream long ago: during some disturbances I went for a long run down a green valley near Edinburgh, and at the end of it was a brook and a magical field of elephants. Come play with the elephants in the long grass by the water, look we can shake trunks, my nose, my hand, his trunk, his nose.   These wise beings are velvety soft and brown and grey like earth.  They are waving their ears.

They are children at play like Babar and Celeste: they are curious.

Christmas card lino cut by my daughter


Curieux scrutateur … du monde entiere …
je saisi son maniere … cep et pepin … le ventre de sa mere …

Here is a translation by Sebastian Hayes of Master Rakoczy’s alchemical sonnet in his Holy Trinosofia.  I love the seminal sacrament to grape and grain: the soul’s ferment and the rising yeast:

“Curious enquirer into All That Is
Whose guiding principle and end I sought,
The hidden gold I spied within th’ abyss,
Made it my leaven, to fulfilment brought.

“Then I explained how in a mother’s womb
The soul makes house, and how the pip and crumb
Of vine and corn, sealed in their earthy tomb
By miracle the bread and wine become.

“The void; God spoke; the void became a thing;
I doubted this — for what maintained it so?
Nought but the void was ground and scaffolding.

“At last, with scales that blame and merit show,
I weighed the eternal and it called to me;
I died adoring it, no more I know.”

Translation Sebastian Hayes


This morning’s thought confirms for me Richard’s vision that the New Earth coming into our dismantling world is a paradise of resurged plant and animal growth, symbiotic with humanity.   Countless beautiful species are at present lost and endangered – yet their essence strives on – they all will return, like seeds which migrate for a year or so, return to the garden and cover it with forget me not.

Yesterday moved me with my discovered loss and searching; the music of life is drawn like a bow across the strings.






For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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Codon Ring of Light (2) – Apocalyptic Guidance

Moving towards an outbreak of the Codon Ring of Light …

Journal 8 June 2018 – Guess what.  The gene key for this part of Gemini – 7 June for about five days – is 45!  45 in the Codon ring of Miracles adjoins the Codon ring of Light through its opposite partner gk26.  45 is a gathering together;  26 is where the magical tricksters play.

Richard on gk45 – Lake over Earth: “We lost trust in everything.  We do not even trust our suffering.  Our suffering is the place where the journey begins.” …

When David used to attack, it would erupt after moments of deep trust, and was scary – traumatic. The phenomenon passes through souls, through time and “holy places of meeting”.  Does projection when acted out again, discharge itself?   Demons arise where vulnerability breaks through.

After that sky hawk moment (see previous post) I felt frightened that I couldn’t protect or defend myself.  That is a fantasy.  Fantasies are the upsetters, solidifying shadows.  There is deep, raw emotion around David, mostly hidden.  It welled up;  David the beloved is free to embrace us three: his son, myself and Uncle C.  After the encounter I need psychic space.

Richard continues: “It (the suffering) is supposed to be there, to wake us up.  When we listen to the feeling of unsafeness inside our body, then our attention to it dissipates it, melts it.  So the Shadow is a good thing because it leads in the direction of the heart. Many don’t want to own their own fear, so they externalise it as dominance. … Much of this Shadow is about ownership.”

Anxiety, 1987


Note the word “dominance”.  In 45thShadow (in codon ring of Prosperity), I might react by dominating, or by being dominated.  As the Siddhi is the Synergy, the gathering together, the Shadow is the dominance which fragments things out of balance at the cellular or the human-interactive level.  The 45th Shadow is the dominant isolating factor.

The 45thHexagram is anciently “Gathering together” around the food and wisdom of life; and the round grail table comes to mind.  Hunter gatherers work in teams.  The Shadow of each gene key delineates its unique pattern or design.

Touch the keys of song (1987)


45’s programming partner is 26, the Shadow of pride … in the Codon Ring of Light.

Collectively: if it is our genes which are to blame, it is not the few multi-billionaire hijackers of the economy who appear to run the world, and nor is it the ever-convenient politicians. In the collective, our ancient genes themselves with all the current dysfunction built in to evolve, take responsibility to transmute, to make the change.

The cosmic law is order and balance, and nothing can stray from that.

Near Morwenstowe, N.Devon coast


In these times of crunch and change, dysfunction stands out extremely, as it no longer works even “after a fashion”.  In the midst of tidal quake, ordinary sleeping humanity goes about its business, family life and pleasantries.

My artist friend Twig’s biro-amour drawings of erupting chariots of Karma contain hoards of families and group vignettes of infinite hundreds of bodies.  He draws his seismograph with a Bic biro on textured art paper: his sensitivity to touch picks up the irregularities that grow into life.

Biro-amour drawing by Tony Wigg

… and Tony drew these two years ago to celebrate David’s life:


The human and bio-genetic matrix takes responsibility along the lines of cosmic law which is timeless.  We are hitherto in time, in the evolutionary sense; but start to pull up its knickers  in the knickers of time.  Many contemporary souls feel they live in 5th or 12th dimensional paradox.

“We live during an uncomfortable transitionary era … profound social instability … global finance … any house of cards built on a foundation of fear will crumble.”   The Reactive nature of 45th Shadow is “Pompous” – exactly what I become when I feel unsafe.  But the 45th Gift brings together networks of cooperative family businesses.

Dancers, 1987


Turning to 26thShadow – the programming partner – the four Gene Codons in the Ring of Light concern the frequency of Light entering our body through the DNA.  This indicates photons and whatever happens in the stimulus within the Photon-belt at present.

Sphinx and keyhole, 1987


I looked up the Photon belt online yesterday, and read a bit.  Graphically speaking, it is a doughnut ring of intensified photon activity across our galactic sphere; the period for us, is about 2,000 years and the full cycle is 26,000 years.  Our solar system started to enter it in the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and steadily the passage into it increased each year.

Solar ray photon

In the scientific gossip and speculation there was talk that the friction might be a world-end, but that scenario didn’t happen.  The really vast events don’t usually register through the shields of human bio-rhythm and  environment.  Except for rare episodes (in our interpretation) like Jupiter getting a comet-bomb, the events do not randomly collide and destroy, but follow neutron-harmonic pathways of the whole.

For instance there was the event a number of years ago, of a big light body aiming straight for the black hole of Light in our galactic centre.  The scientific schoolboys awaited an explosion.  There wasn’t one.  The body curved gravitationally around the quasar telescoping time, like mosquitoes around each other in their dance.  Each system has screens, wheels within wheels which do not bump.  Jupiter and Saturn receive in their orbits much “debris” relative to the density in texture of worlds and spheres.  Their orbits act as shields.

The Photon belt period is agreed to be about 2,600 years and the real business began to manifest in 2012 with an initial polarisation of evolutionary and involutionary forces – things seem for a while  to get worse, but also get brighter.

How does Light enter our system, our DNA?  This process is stepped up through 5, 9, 11 and 26. Light-frequencies catalyse; sunlight helps to produce Vitamin D.  The Photon belt greatly agitates in our soul the idea of light, and so there is an obsession with artificial illumination at night and in commerce and in manufacture.  That surge answers the genetic agitation so that cities glitter all over the continents.  There is a collective contagion of crowding, consuming, over-population, travel and acceleration –  the everyday nature of the cataclysm.

There is also the heart and plexus recall: peace be still.


It is ironic to notice when driving around with C today and the complex electronic regulations of crawling in traffic and parking his car … acceleration makes everything take much longer: the loss of Gaia-alignment.  In the old days you just hopped out of car and left it, to go for a walk or into a shop.  Nowadays everyone has got used to the process taking hours. Who for instance could hop out of a Mercedes?  It is really difficult!  The technology admitting massive quanta of speed data is so slow and cumbersome and punitive, that the feeling of being unable to get things done is collectively chronic.  It is relatively Apocalyptic for humans to have to endure, and generates pressure-symptoms.

How does Light enter my system?

I draw it in each day through perhaps the 11th key (my Culture);  and often too much, so it goes into clumps casting shadow and fatigue, needing to dissolve and disperse.  Light itself – the photon – has no mass or weight.  It is pure energy.   When I go indoor rock-climbing, try to contemplate Light and the  core stillness.

In the 26th Shadow, willpower (light) is used for personal gain and competition.  Gk26 operates through the thymus. Forcing things to happen grinds down and degrades the immune response which keeps the vessels open and fluidic.  There is some relationship here with the 34th Gene Key: Force.

Pause for a moment in the Dream Arc with my 34th Bear (Vocation, core-wound)  and my 11th Polar-bear (Culture) in the Pearl sequence.  Both bears stand up, straighten the spine and raise consciousness, and one of them – the Light of Eden – is white.

With brute force, someone always loses.

The 34th gene key’s Siddhi is Majesty.

The 26thand 45thgene keys contain effortless magic and … community.

Solstice ring-a-rosie, 1987


I am reminded now of the numerous downloads, transmissions and channellings which suggest that the Guardians of Gaia/Earth/humanity’s so-called collision process with the Photon Belt step down or calibrate the effects, to gently nurture the human field of consciousness through it.

Not apocalyptic wrath, but apocalyptic … guidance.


Scallywags in Ireland, 2000





For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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Codon Ring of Light (1) – a Story of the Attractor Field

12 January 2019

I am preparing a string of three or four posts on the Codon Ring of Light, written last June, and in November. First came this story about the 2nd Siddhi (Unity) in the Codon Ring of Water – and how it led me into the Ring of Light.

Last summer – 7 June 2018

In the 2nd or primal gene key, on the Path of Love, “fear is safe … to bring others out of the shadows and begin to turn them inwards towards the source inside them. To orient another person correctly, truly, is not to give them advice.  Advice you can get anywhere.  To orient someone is to love someone … it is to be empty like water, and yet to be full.  It’s to be intuitive, to trust, to soften, to yield, to flow.  People don’t need help.  People need to be reminded of what it feels like to be in the presence of love. No agenda.”

(Richard Rudd – “The Gene Keys: Awakening the Potential in your DNA”)


There was MAGIC when I took my friend C for a walk in Stanmore woods. It was radiant full-summer beautiful; I felt relaxed and dryadic, leading him into my world.  When we reached one of my favourite places, the foxglove path along a sunny clearing with young green bracken, he said he will take singing lessons to increase vocal depth for Sufi songs: the way to breathe from belly to open the chest right out.    Just as bird opened its beak, his phone rang.  Who should it be, but David’s son, back from holiday.

David was my ‘ex’. I heard now with sky’s enchanted awe in the summer grass the son’s voice full and honest with his adopted Uncle C;  their joking jolly conversation flows in phones in a way my David couldn’t reach through the alienating pain in his body and soul.

I am an onlooker.  I draw them together.

I stand at the grave.  Eye of Horus melts with that extended moment along the old wooded railway path through Muswell Hill. Two years ago, David and I sat there on a bench; he confided that his estranged son had emailed him at last. Then as we went into the trees a few minutes later his phone rang and it was …  “Oh, oh KIDDO!”  They talked for at least 20 minutes. Heart was stretched full to bursting. Son said to his dad “I want you to meet my family, my kids.” The joy is vast.   Six weeks later, David died.

I turned just now back to that day in 2016 and read it and cried.  Heartbreak and joy, light and Night, are one and the same in the moment and its purity bridging two teeming years.

David died within his peak of tragedy, disaster and joy. His son promised to meet him but didn’t turn up.  David took his life (or was taken), and I found his body – his face and eyes open wide as if he were making love.  It seems the higher power wanted the sharp FEELING in David’s life to transmute, express and release the body of light and night and fear and grief; for he died (as he said in his note) embracing God.

A few months ago this year, I catch sight of his son’s number on C’s phone – what is this?  A small business arrangement just happened to bring them together as strangers, and the son brought up to mistrust his dad now finds he has a Moslem “Uncle”; for C knew and admired David like a brother and tells him so.

David’s Jewish soul is liberated and smiles.  The potential healing is cross-cultural.   I wonder at such transpersonal moments, for I witness their full forgiving and there is no time.  Time flowers.

That day two years ago on Muswell Hill before the Light broke in, was dark with David’s violent rage at brother Abe.

The aftermath of his death as it drew together his family, reconciled me to see and relate to Abe with compassion.   A hawk glides over the graveyard by Epping Forest.  The Artist rearranges colours in the same masterpiece.

The scene is a wormhole in the Great Sky Sieve of miracle.  Human enactment is tiny and confining.  The Second Siddhi, UNION, is so magnetic it bends to itself all rods of time, space, love, darkness, agony and the Sun in the hawk’s song.  And so does the 26th Siddhi in the Codon Ring of Light: the Great Cinnabar Field with its waves like ripples of sand and sea.

Hermes vision – the divine tricksters

Richard writes of 2ndSiddhi in the Venus path, corroborating this with Rainer Maria Rilke’s catkins.  The son in his private world phoning C in the moment the Sufi song came forth in ours is an  intimate place of meeting. It is, as RR says, so light, so delicate, so feminine, it’s the subtlest breeze, clouds, trees, leaves, midnight fires and sweeping swallows.   With the limitless power of the heart all around, what avails the masculine power, so full of itself?   The higher human is seamless.

The sap’s design is to fill the leaf.  It is often hard in life to bridge the left and right halves of the walnut, and I must for reasons of embodiment part the waves for the lips to kiss.  The poetry of the worlds is in the space between the lines.   It stops the mind and is the Glory.

Gene key Hexagram 24: Return – the Turning point

What is the bottom line – the first?  Does it embrace from the base, the five others? (Silence is 24thsiddhi, Earth over Thunder.)  Then the five are this business of relating and filling in.  A firstliner EQ doesn’t really want them, because they stand in the way as shadows, as actors on the stage.  Their conversation obscures the view.

I am bringing into focus a private picture where the 2nd gene key is origin and ocean and the 1st gene key thinks and acts that he is first.  And it doesn’t matter.

Kabbalah Wednesday group last night began to ponder  the quantum of awakening: it is not quantitative, but of subatomic homeopathic potency – a constant in the human mix.

That word ‘homeopathic’ raised the level. People abandoned gloom and started talking about the extraordinary amount of good which is nowadays accessible and active within ourselves and where we go and in the streets and bookshops

“Siddhi of Oneness.”  In the kitchen here at home, trust it. Trust the decision in my cells.






dragonfly by Jonah Hallewell age 11

For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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Codon Rings of Origin and Miracles

My previous post ended by plunging into the 41st Gene Key whose solitary Ring emanates the Origin of it all …

Richard Poussette-Dart – black circle, Time – copyright Steven Alexander Journal

I feel at home  sitting before this great Ring (90cm X 90cm) on exhibition at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge.  The texture of the white ground is mother-core galactic –  omnipresent birth of stars!


Richard Poussette-Dart Installation at the Pace gallery (copyright Steven Alexander Journal)


… and here are some of his smaller brass rings, familiar in my childhood, because my grandfather who befriended Poussette-Dart and created Kettle’s Yard, lent them sometimes to my parents.


Providence is the natural state of miracles.  Wondering how to continue my series of Codon Rings posts and the way they begin to dance, suddenly I am shown the rings – out of the blue.  Making an extra visit to Kettle’s Yard yesterday to collect my phone I’d left behind in the office  (I help fortnightly with the archives) … I took the opportunity to visit a newly mounted exhibition there, of the mystic Poussette Dart …


And so the Great Ring begins and ends the space where there is no time.  “Beware of a time which has no ring …”

… and what Rings is also musical; it peals, it chimes.

The sacred mountain Kallas over Lake Manosarova in Tibet

The 41st Gene Key – Mountain over the Lake – is called the Prime Emanation.  In fantasy (shadow), anticipate (gift) the Big Bang! …  innumerable preceding Kalpas of Buddha-nature breathing in and out.

What atoms of this flower in the everyday instant, mostly unnoticed …  engulf with galactic Light the fancy ending with beginning?

The clock stopped, and that is all that can be written of the Origin.

… One of six codon-rings outlines of our genetic universe.


A few days ago, I decided before exploring the Codon Rings of Light and of Prosperity, to first overlap their tail-ends in the dance.  The above diagram suggests a cosmic serpent to coil, unfurl or release at any moment.  At its head and tail are jewels of the origin and of miracles.  The serpent –  helix of our DNA – traditionally bites its tail …


Another synchrony was: completing this drawing of the 64 Codons in one zodiac Ring – begun 9 months ago.

With subtle prompts, the Miracle chimes.  The Miracle is omnipresently our natural state through worm-holes  into the Greater Encircling Life: whatever the local conditions.  The natural state is regarded as intermittent and miraculous – Yeshua’s healings were completions of a merely interrupted design.

Beginning to contemplate the Gene Keys matrix in this transpersonal way – as a conscious organic texture of apparent starts, stops, interruptions and confluences –  I perceive my body-mind as a moving particle or wave in the Whole, rather than a position.  Just a few minutes gazing at Poussette-Dart’s immense visions of Holes and their misted delicacy make it plain.

I had no idea for my new post to turn out like this.  The Miracle leads the way.

Dimensional progression of Point, Line, Plane, Volume – each dimension moves perpendicular to the one before. A flatlander cannot comprehend the entry of the Holy One’s Hand as other than five separate “rings” through the perceptual surface of our world … still less the arm or intention of such a being  …

Listen for the Ring of primordial Buddha sound.  I hear it in my ears.  One very early morning I woke into a divine cosmic Aum.  As I surfaced, the Infinite Now fell into tick tock time, place and interpretation: the rumble of a passing truck.

The 41st Gene Key is a path of Anticipation moving from the Shadow Fantasy into Emanation.  To anticipate is … “to apprehend” as Eliot said, “the intersection of timeless with time, … an occupation for the saint.”

Regarding the Shadow, the poet Shelley differentiated in his impassioned way the obstacle of  infantile “fancy” or fantasy from the  imagination which creates reality.

The gene keys – like Briar-Rose the sleeping beauty –  awaken of their own accord from aeons of  the book of life. Who kisses them?

Going up the stair – circa 1957

Their spells and spellings start to chime and rhyme spontaneously.

Richard Pousette-Dart Hieroglyph of Light, 1966-67
Photography by: Kerry Ryan McFate


The 35th Gene Key is – whatever else? an adventurous  language of wormholes and miracles.  The firmament is pierced with innumerable diamonds whose origins are black holes.  Try to see both sides of the garment.  Monstrous as many of the shadow manifestations at present are within our human hood, they all move into transparency, the more the merrier.  I think the 35th gene key’s Shadow hungers for the boundless Light of our natural state – pinholes to the Ring of Miracles.  Break through inwardly to the heart of love – especially where already broken open.

The  35th Gene Key – Fire over Earth – suggests the wormhole of Prometheus whose legend carried light and fire to earthly hands for kindling.  It  is partnered to the 5th, whose path through Time is Timeless all along.  What is Light?

head of Prometheus by Brancusi – on Bechstein at Kettle’s Yard


These Codon Rings of Miracles and of Origin are sweet faces.  Join them into figure of eight – Infinity.  By analogy, these sketches of the Tao popped up in my library:

5 elements, conquest cycle


World of Thought arrangement

To be continued – with
Codon Rings of Light & Prosperity




wormhole by poussette-dart

For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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The Codon Ring of No Return

A Round Table Grail to wear on my finger?


In my last-post-but-one, I explored the Rings of Gaia and of Trials . Today, I am travelling through 62 – programming partner to 61 in the Ring of Gaia – into the Ring of no Return.  The Ring of No Return has just two Keys – 62 and 31; 31 joins to and interacts with 41 (alone in itself as the Ring of Origin.)

Codon Ring of No Return and of Origin – The Ring of No Return is partnered to the Ring of Gaia which is partnered to the Ring of Trials.

(In a way mirroring 31 … reading the 13th Gene Key this morning – its Siddhi Empathy is capacity to be inside another like a spider in her web (em within, sym with);  the 13 in Tarot is Death – the death of the mere bystander. The 13th number  actually signifies the Unity and Love where Seed and Fruit complete each other.  Fear of spiders? – Arachne is the Zodiac’s 13th sign at the mystic hub.

To be listened to by the great cosmic mother is to have all your fears brought to the surface and loved into oblivion”/RR).


The Ring of Gaia enters the Ring of No Return through the partnering of 61 with the 62nd Gene Key – the Language of Light.  Thunder is aroused from the Mountain keeping still. The thunder speaks from the mountain’s in-gathering silence.  The Yang lines are back to back with two outer pairs of Yin lines. The I Ching pictures a bird which soars to the Sun but must descend to earth where its nest is.   So the search for language is called Preponderance of the Small. The bird must forage and feed the chicks.   The song is nested in chapter and verse.

61/62, my Life-work and Evolution, identify and step through Shadow psychosis into sacred precision – the bird with the Ring of Gaia – Earth.

Wood yantra and birds

I found some of my writing around gene key 62, back in June this year.  I was planning the next post in the series but got knocked off course by a local collision …


15 June 2018 – the 62nd Gene Key

‘What is this deeply grounding, relaxing yet elusive FREEDOM OF THE SOUL?  When it strikes root it is free – blessedly  – from social tensions, expectations of failure and interior struggle to change the ashamed pain.  The lens is such a peculiar business – frosted like a bathroom window on one side and crystal clear and bold on the other!

17th century engraving – looking into Creation.  This also illustrates the meeting point between souls in friendship: the interactive cell membrane in quantum biology (see the 3rd and 50th gene keys):  the interface of the Worlds.

‘The freedom of the soul walks, strides, receiving whatever encounter with long muscles and sky.  The short-wave struggle to change the pain or attitude …  as I wrote that, I caught sight of our world’s king-of-castle territorial struggles with attitudes. They fill the window and are hopeless … hopeless as they pile up against the Victory dispelling them.

‘What is the terton Covenant?
I picture a Sword of commitment in a rose cross sanctum.
Giving away my “i” to the flow
“we stand not apart”.
The greater and the lesser planes integrate –
so moments when I don’t feel integrated
are bound to feel sore:
be patient then.

‘Commitment loves the Knight.  Last week’s battle or disturbance (June this year) drops straight from the sky, and my challenge is to stay grounded – not go into gloomy paranoias about his safety.  The terton Covenant and the Life & Death codon ring do not require spiritual activist talk – they work much deeper than that in the way of life;  to practice what I receive.  My Pearl/38 siddhi honours the battle for Light. All the Keys work together and speak for all of us uniquely. As the battlefield dropped from the sky, I got out the sword.

‘Entering Rose Cross sanctum and elevating the Sword is a deep “aaah” of spirit and soul: the higher grace of Precision – 62nd Gift.

‘The Upanishad says it is less than the breadth of a hair –
“… the inmost soul of all which like a little flame the size of a thumb is hidden in the heart of all beings; the master of all wisdom ever reached by thought and love; the immortality of those who know him; he has innumerable heads and eyes and feet, and her vastness enfolds the universe and even a measure of ten beyond … smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the greatest spaces. When by Grace I see the Glory I see beyond the world of desire and then sorrows are left behind.”

Svetasvatura Upanishad, 3

‘Cultivating a hair-breadth of Light in the blade within the heart …  attend  the NOW.

’62nd Gift:  “mental abilities come alive again as if someone cleaned the windows of perception – question obsessive behaviour. … Intelligence recognises intelligence, and with the mind out of the way, the invisible essence that connects all beings is once again felt … the tree is intelligent … take it into your being …”(RR) …  the intuitive Yin sitting down with Yang becomes a clear metal on which the sky may write.

‘Ahah.  “When the Gift of Precision describes something, it arranges facts in ways that are inspirational and exciting rather than dull and dry.  As this Gift arises in a person, they begin to communicate with such economy and exactness that almost everything they say is beautiful, poignant and seamless … When the heart leads the way and uses logic to describe what it sees and feels, others cannot help but listen.”(RR)

‘I’m reminded also of another courtroom battle I witnessed some years ago – frail old Thomas stood up at the end with his walking stick and spoke the truth:  “I just want this man to get out of my house” and at last won his case.   The evil had been entropic – living backwards – and all it did was to fabricate and to waste time.  The Sword is clarity, light, honour and economy in the soul’s darkroom.  Know also when to put away the sacred tool or hieroglyph:  the Word.

‘I empathise the admin and website difficulties in the Gene Keys community during this period (summertime 2018) where the language for all levels is being assembled.  62 – language – is partnered with 31 “speak your truth” – in the Codon Ring of No Return.  “Once the higher involutionary currents begin to use your voice to transmit their truths, you begin a process of detaching from your identity.  The 62nd gene key allows access to the universal language of Light behind all forms.”  (my Sword, the Rose and Upanishad!  … … a magical Spell is also spelling.

The moment a word or group of words is given voice, vibrations radiate out into the universe.  There is no return.  Leap from worship into embodiment … words spoken from love are deeply healing.  At the same time they can stir up all manner of projections from the Shadow frequency.  There is no return once you start to speak your truth – you have broken away from the lower realms forevermore.  The 62nd Gift represents the true power behind the Gene Keys themselves.  At first it gives you a private inner language that allows you to initiate a deep transformation of your Shadow consciousness.  At a certain stage of your journey you will feel the call of this language within you and its urge to escape into the world through your voice.  It may well frighten you to speak to others using the higher frequencies and tones, but this is the beginning of your higher initiation.  Once begun it will gather momentum … language takes on a beautiful simplicity.  The 64 Siddhis when deeply felt and spoken from the heart can carry great transformational power.”

‘RR’s language is precise and carefully thought, without fluff or faff.


‘This seems to be the principle fallout from the battle in the street which made waves across my path.  Powerful words of sotto voce rebuke were “shame on you” and “as you sow”.  When they are heard, the devils jump out first and scream.  Discussing it yesterday, my friend and I reached the point of compassion which recognises a damaged man who doesn’t know what he does.  Situational challenges recall and temper the sword.  The 62nd siddhi is Impeccable.’


Ring of No Return – the 31st Gene Key

The 31st Gene Key nests inside the 62nd – being exactly half the numerical value.  Is this the bird returning to earth?  How do I speak my truth?   How can any government speak truth under pressure from every part?  Surely we are outgrowing systems of government as we move towards taking conscious responsibility;  governments are nowadays designed to fail.

“Chimes” are rhymes of life – profoundly heartfelt Mysteries which the thinker cannot quite grasp. All the gene keys in our DNA  chime with one another.  Let the reality you desire and in which you are home, create itself.  Love it.  My ship now sails out of doors in the wood strung with many oaks, the lake and bright grass.  The lake fills a higher basin, and a human-made channel conduits the stream from it down a short, sharp slope into the earth brown woodland.

In central Wales is a small lake called Glaslyn, in the high heathered hills between Llanidloes and Mchintlich – shining crystal clear.  It is a Lake over Mountain, 31: SOUNDING YOUR TRUTH!

Glaslyn, a high lake in central Wales

There is also near there, a lower-altitude lake among the forests, and when I was there with Alan in ‘94 – or cycling round it – thunder suddenly crashed on the lake, making sound-waves:  an I Ching hexagram! I looked it up: 54, the Marrying Maiden.  What a resonator is the lake!

“Sounding your Truth” is the Chime at relationship’s heart.  With  shadows of the tilted lamp, it is often hard to know what this truth truly is, and I explore the bluebell paths to find out.  Truth is no fixed abode, because it releases the water through the lock-gate.  Truth is as the sky, the sea and the lake. The sky sees the lake and the trees upside down in it.  The mental fence as usual collapses.


26 October 2018 – the (s)word

What is the Ring of No Return?  It suggests crossing a Rubicon.  When spoken the Word goes out through the rings of Cosmos and Chaos.   Concentric rings through water and the stem of trees do not “return”, they pass into centrifugal absorption, crossing other ripples and rings. Each  conscious use of the Word is an energy of Creation.  Hieroglyphic picture language is a magic sword. While not in use it is put away in its sheath, and ordinary speech on the page prevails and fills the world.  Ordinary speech is linear-historical, opinionated, discursive, divisive and operatic.  It fills the ether with activity travelling no further than its medium.

The language of the Sword is poetry.  The Sword is drawn out from sheath in the holy of holies (61) which is poetry; the Word penetrates all shields.

The Word – not “words” – might not be spoken or written, it may instead transmit as pure action tempered with the cosmic rhythm:  a movement of the whole … it cubes the flatland-language.

My sanctuary for the Word is an interior Rose Cross altar approached through Saturn and Mars.  Here are kept the Sword and a small compass containing the Seal of Solomon.   I reached it on the weekend of the Flag quarrel back in June, and then lost it.   Lost the continuity, that is:  for the rosy cross sanctum opens in a fresh way wherever the focus receives, uplifts and dawns.  This weekend for Terton covenant, let me not forget it, but nurture the Grail.   The Saturn Mars tattva key spells Gold, but also the hardships and crosswinds along pilgrim’s way.

The Ring of no Return crosses rubicons of pilgrims’ hill difficulty –  which goes to show on arrival all that was only time, and Now is all of it clear seeing.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” (T.S.Eliot)

What an interesting direction opens out!  Sword and sphere are sceptre and globe held by the throned Sovereign: also the scales of Justice and Archangel Mikael.   Be seated and take up the realm.  The sovereign archetype is responsible to the Inner Truth and its landscape.  Be conscious ruler of this domain, the Keeper of its Light.  Sword at Gevurah, Sphere at Hesed:  the woman with the Lion bridges them.

Seated at the Zodiacal Table Round:  with keyboard players

Forget not either my decision to represent Gene Key 25 – constriction, acceptance, universal love – the Arthurian Myth of the Sacred Wound is a Grail key.   I feel I got here, still approaching through Hills of Difficulty and distraction.  The journey is like Tarot 18, a flickering struggle to behold the beckoning Light.  I am a ship in the dark seas guided by my Lighthouse.


My Grail is realised Tarot Cube of Space.  It cubes my flatlands into the Life.  The Seal of Solomon cubes itself holographically for ever.  It opens the flat page to a stand-up landscape in a book.  Cubing applies to relationships and how I see the actions of others – release from the Shadow of Constriction which flattens the world.   Government is a flattened page.  Revolution is the cubed design – the biggest movement ever that no one saw coming; (open the link) – for the media news is flat earth theory.

Revolution cubes flatland language with a homeopathic potency which seems like nothing and goes everywhere.  Do we seem a minority?   Let obscurity fly from you!

How is the Rubicon crossed?  What is this Ring of no Return?  Karmic reaction boomerangs back on itself;  meeting the mirror it returns.  Interactive love however, is a transmission seeking no return.  The ripple radiates into collective absorption like the Sun..

And so the 41st Gene Key appears, partnering the sound of the 31st: the  Prime Emanation fills the Cup of the Codon Ring of Origins.

Mountain over the Lake!  What is there to say?   Be loved.


Zodiac gene keys – begun last January and still unfinished. It will have a small central grail.  NB – gk13 trigrams should be “Heaven over Fire”



For more information:
Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013


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Yield the Field … 2nd and 42nd Gene Keys

Here is a page from my journal last May – it fell open when I was looking for something else. Quotes (as usual) from the Gene Keys book.

25 May 2018: FIELD YIELD … I decided when I feel dislocated, to turn to gk2 my Attractor sphere.  Much pain here!   Now pain, the human pain just as it is, is the rock element.

“There is a force within the universe that choreographs everything and it is found right inside you.”   No one and no where else!  No avoidance.  It groaned through my belly, the great cry of pain.  Bedrock pain-awareness means (I always hope) less projectile demonizing.  Climbing and indoor-bouldering is relevant in the living with this!  As I become more skilled climbing I hope the choreography will grow, and even now each movement and stretch and grasp is a deliberate flow or thought, quite graceful and coordinated, and in places where I can’t go further I hang on the holds, sway, pull myself up and down, swing sideways – elementary monkey.  Afterwards walk tall and straight and loose.

Now walk with 2nd Shadow and what Richard says about it.  I feel lonely, cut off, afraid and dejected, I haven’t lost my way – it just feels that way.   The most painful thing is when I can’t speak and be understood – then I have to compromise.  Or afraid to speak my concern lest it trigger a hostile reaction and do damage.  This is primal, agonising, disabling and enraging.   “She looked so beautiful until recently.”

“There is not a single moment in my life that is not perfectly in harmony with all creation.”

Looks are skin-deep, passing show.

“We reached our zenith as thinkers, and are now preparing for a great leap into a new biological awareness rooted in the nerve ganglia of solar plexus.”   My erratic memory?   The dementia phenomenon in elderly people nowadays?   The seat of the brain is changing.  I can’t accommodate any more intellectual systems, I feel I grew out of them.  Wisdom builds its own ganglia and its own codes of memory.  This gene key 2 is the Priestess whom I love to be – who lives on the edge of town, and just outside the village.  May Her power go forth.  Are people ready for the Grail vessel?   If not, they will be, in due course, and the language of Light which sources here, will burst into flower, into my Uranian Florescence.  Now this is cheering!   It is all to do with language and my delicately informed use of it, which crashes against the blind language that people use.  Here seems to be a core of pain.  The use of words with kindred spirits and near ones is my big issue.

Mother Isis of the Moon


Bring in my 42nd Purpose Gift: Detachment!   Detachment is not an attitude.  It comes with seeing in the round, and with forming a clear picture of a problem.

“Identifying with mind is blind spot.  Mind’s rapid development is a vital bridge to a greater leap in human awareness.”

“Experience the illusion of being outside the universal flow!”  Shadow simply opens up with awareness, and the life-note changes at first imperceptibly … Stay homeless on the mountainside.  It comes to find you, and then your body softens and becomes the living mountain.

I am dislocated.  Bring this feeling to the door, like a hurt pigeon.  When pigeon’s radar goes wrong it must feel awful.  Bring it to the doorway into the garden of Unity.  Hold Dislocation up to the light and the aroma of plants.  It is a painful little heap of skin and bones.   It is a pain below the diaphragm and it knows no way out.  The embryo in the womb is – although physically confined – energetically connected with the environment etheric, subtle and monad within and around the maternal frame.  After we are born and are not physically confined, we suffer confinement (and isolation) in the human expectation.   Here is spontaneously the 42nd gene key again.

Intellectually it is impossible for me to keep up with it all.  But the Intelligence? – I don’t trust it enough.  I have agendas.  Yet the Intelligence gently prompts 42 and 2 today together – they are at work.  Purpose and Attractor. The knowledge hasn’t yet a ready verbal play of association.

Codon ring groupings

Codon rings of fire and water: gene keys 2/1, 8/14.


Just at this point, I recalled that the 2nd gene key is actually the first; and the next sentence in the book is about that.  First came the feminine, first always for the birth of the Son-Creative.  It is in the timeless mystery of Kalpas breathing in and out.  The Buddha is woman, the waters, the womb.  Mystic cosmologies have different ways of recognising the dominant Shakti.  In India Siva keeps still within the core and Shakti is the concentric movement of their love.  In the west, the feminine is interior: the male is external.  It doesn’t matter which way round are the hen and egg.

My pain seems to be existential, a rock form.  Relative liberation leaves the life-props and finds its way to the feeling source.  Then there is life in the desert.  The 2nd gene key is called “Return to the One”.

Responsibility with the sorrow is to say “I have it” and to be heard, and not to expect an instant fix.  It is incumbent on the other to hear, and not to rush in with fixative.  Probably this afternoon I shall be elevated with Patrick’s enthusiasm into a very good mood.  He’s coming to discuss his Circle Yoga, his book and his this and that.  (We both have 19.1 – his IQ, my EQ.) But moods are wave swings aren’t they!  Allow them equally.  One of the gene key Gifts is Equality – it is 37, Weakness, Equality, Tenderness.  It is WET!   The gene keys are a beautiful keyboard for tunes that rise together.    Look it up not in the book but in my Codon rings drawings.  37 is “Family Alchemy” in the Ring of Divinity (with 36, 22, 63).   Family alchemy is a concept dear to my heart, but how often I fall down over the language problem.

Codon Rings of Divinity and Alchemy


Responsibility with the sorrow knows it is quietly universal, and holds the net, the babe in arms.  Refinement of language – the poetry – is simply “doing the beautiful” (as the Sufi says) for myself.  In fact, the poetry and refinement of language is the invisible transmitter which touches those long universal waves of sorrow and distress and gives them a play of light and shadow … the Beauty.   The waves are open to each other everywhere and not yet much perceived.  Yet I feel here my role at source.  Because it keeps coming afresh, I can’t turn it out into published books or teachings or objects, all of which require much whittling.   “I will make you fishers of men,” Yeshua said.  The net broke with so many fish, so many souls.  Whenever the Beauty comes, it radiates as from a radio mast, like sound.  And the pain becomes this inner filament of Ascension.  Ascension is universally democratic.

Jesus by Galilee – circa 1968 – he looks out across the lake


The antakharana is a subtle channel in our aura which receives an illumined quantum field.  Our antakharana are not separate pipelines.  They are installation of the waveband or higher frequency.   Sometimes there is the illusion that I live in a separated “tube” whose goodies I cannot access.  Is that the condition of the unawakened?

The Buddha is compassion.  Compassion is the being with and as. The antakharana are roots of the frequency drawn down into embodiment.  They are musical strings.

The frequency cannot be entered by the dark divisive force, which cannot detect it.  The frequency vanishes when I am in my lower stream.  Many lighthouse keepers are taught methods to repel the dark divisive force.  Mine is simply to call in the Frequency which is present spontaneously.   Is that enough?

Ah well, the book goes on to say that “at the Shadow frequency the masculine always comes first, which becomes the way of distrust, separation and force. The feminine approach however is based on unity, surrender and trust, the hallmarks of all higher frequencies … one of the translations for KUN hexagram is the word Field.”

The field, the yield.   Yes, in my rock sorrow I am walking with.  The rock with the weathers becomes a fertile field.  “To move in harmony with this field is to be oriented.”

The Gene Keys book is Oracle to walk with.  I think about rocks, and after a bit I turn the page into the Gift of Orientation and he writes of mineral magnetism!

My way with gene keys is not to systematically “study”.  It is to tumble into any human state and recognise the wisdom of particular Keys as they ascend companionably through the murk.  At these points there is transformation.  The 64 gene keys are assimilated in my genome.

“Synchronicities happen when you are not looking.”

Actually rocks are not discussed here: it is about “the mineral (magnetite) in the pineal gland which probably links electromagnetic activity to cellular function.  Most animals have a built in magnetic guidance system which keeps them in alignment with wider rhythms.”

Especially homing pigeons!

Through soul’s dark night – abyss edge obscurity – I am still guided!  “They”are still there.  Turning to gk62 and looking at its programming partner 31 I spotted a tiny but considerable mistake – I gave them both the same hexagram in the Codon rings drawing; Thunder over Mountain.  31 should be Lake over Mountain (now corrected).  And its partner 41 is Thunder over Lake.   Just one Line in 31 – its commander, the 5th.

(See next post in preparation – Codon Ring of No Return.)

Codon Ring of No Return and of Origin – The Ring of No Return is partnered to the Ring of Gaia which is partnered to the Ring of Trials.  It is also partnered to the Ring of Origin containing gk41.




For more information:

Gene Keys – unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA
by Richard Rudd 2013


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Through Gaia into the Codon Ring of Trials

Codon rings of Gaia and of Trials

The 21 Codon Rings are interwoven through the programming partners of the gene keys within them.  My last post on the Ring of Gaia featured the 60th Gene Key – where she cracks open!

The programming partners of the Codon Ring of Gaia are 33 and 56 in the Ring of Trials and 62 in the Ring of No return (not shown in the above sketch).  12, 33 and 56 are  “stop” codons which punctuate the flow of the cosmic serpent through the 64.  12 connects the Ring of Trials to the Ring of Light through 11 the Light of Eden.

For full picture, see


What is the Ring of Trials?

Where Gaia’s Ring cracks open, a clearing rises through it; space for the world to happen in. She pauses, as in the Mountain 52; the forager in the forest stops and looks around:  “The trials our Gaia consciousness encounters are Forgetting, Distraction and Vanity”(RR).  The trials are overwhelmingly self created when I blunder through the clearing, lost in thought.

What of the space between sounds? – between thoughts?

Glade, 1987



It amuses me to collage together my old paints and their daemons, letting them arise as they will from my archive.  It releases my inner world into colour and splashes of geology.  I listened to Richard’s contemplation of the three Keys within the ring of trials: “Our distractions are so unsubtle! … give attention and focus to moments each day, otherwise life is unlived and unloved.  In the Clearing (33rd Mindfulness) with active creative imagination and rituals, make the mundane magical.

I played by a small river, I had built a dam with mud and branches and stones and bits and beavers, and my whole life was that dam holding back the flow; and I began to pull out small pieces, straws, bit by bit, year after year, to shape it better; and suddenly one day they all are gone: there is the stream.

In each important script the story comes to an end. The dam with bits in it dissolves into the simple life of Lake and Earth.  In my primary relationship, my attractor sphere 2 is double Earth and his attractor sphere 58 is a double Lake;  join them as the synergy of Lake over Earth, what is its hexagram number? –  45, the Cosmic Communion.

There is no death in the eternal pause which moves across time.  Beginning and ending curl around into each other and push up Revelation through the garden. In the 33rd Gene Key, Revelation – Heaven over the Mountain – silences the gardener and stops the tale.  The programming partner – Earth over Lake – is 19 in Gaia, the sensitive future human.  Within each heart is planted the Shaman.  Do our huge human agitations (which conceal so much) rest in this kind of “stop”today, this moment?  A stop codon is a kind of unifying eclipse. The silence arouses the reactive beating of drums and great trials.

“The 12th Gene Key within the mystery of the 21 Codon rings forms a ring of its own within the ring of trials: the Ring of Secrets.”  No concept can be other than vanity.  No summit power may grasp the open secret.  The heart of gene key 12 is Purity, partnering 11 in the Ring of Light.  Obscurity exists for the light to enter it.

In the I Ching, the 12th hexagram is a state whose trigrams Heaven and Earth seem to draw apart the harder we try to pull them together.  Heaven ascends and Earth by its nature descends.  It is called the “Standstill”; whereas Earth over Heaven in 12’s programming partner 11 interpenetrate as Peace.

Here I must wait!  for the other two keys in the Ring of Trials are climbing the mountain … (Heaven over Mountain, Fire over Mountain.). The great trials are my  Vanity, Forgetting and Distraction.  The gifts are Discrimination, Mindfulness and Enrichment.  The siddhis are Purity, Revelation and Intoxication – on the tip of the tongue and behind the throat and in belly to taste: the manna. The Gift of magical realism in 60 where Gaia’s vessel cracks is enriched in the holy fire of Trials.  The fires come out and flicker over the mountain peaks.  Divine indulgence kisses the lips.

The Ring of Trials seems crowned by the programming partnership of 12 and 11: the lover’s idealism.  Through Gaia into Trials passes the shade of vanity for as long as it walks with me;  an implicit sacrifice.  In Jung’s Red Book is his painting of a fabulous odyssey: the toothed fishy shadow keeps pace and the voyager revels in the mythic adventure.


It is a trial to write this post – a searching struggle for each word.  Standing still in my clearing, it seems I cannot see.  Be yet guided by the ring of Light – photons of the stars and in my cells.

In the I Ching, 56 is “the Wanderer” and 33 is “Retreat”.  Fire does not stay on the mountain; Heaven retreats above the mountain’s limit.  With “Standstill” – heaven and earth drawing apart – these three keys seek interior resources to bridge the points of life.  First I wait, to savour a new sense which is at first a nuisance, a trial.

The trial triplicity suggests also a testing ground – a cremation ground between living and dying.  The three hexagrams hold connections to the numinous, impelling them to “stop”.  There is enormous resistance in the middle of a problem, to letting it go!  And I see the dam again, and suddenly it goes.

The 33rd Retreat reminds me of the 52nd Gift: the natural beauty of restraint.  Problems and limitations are coercive when the imagination is not in harmony with them.  It is extraordinary what may open up, when I stop trying to hitchhike.


Pause … Part Two

Spacing – a pause or silence between the notes …

I was about to round-off this post, but this morning’s Gemini gene key in the Zodiac turns out to be 12! bringing a flow of childhood memory – so it will have to continue for a bit and be rather longer!

The picture is “A Pure Heart” with a very old toothless man laughing.  Plainly, the heart itself is pure by its very nature. “Pure Heart” is this morning’s perfect mantra.  It doesn’t matter what the heart is loaded with. The heart is more than the individual heart of being. It is Heart, as Ramana said – carried within me as the miracle to dissolve into at any moment.  All is heart.  This is heart.  Take heart.  It is nothing but purity.  Love, sorrow and obstructions!  What about Trials?  –  Nothing can compromise the pure zest in the heart of every trial.

Ah – it’s the one called Standstill, when Heaven and Earth seem to draw apart, Heaven is placed over Earth so they don’t mix and so you have to stand not moving, pinned to the heart!  This Key holds great expansion of ascension and descent: root and shoot.  It is like a child’s drawing of things going on, and a strip of blue sky along the top.  In my own drawings, the gap contained lighthouses and the sun.

There is that moment when just beginning a rock climb or traverse – engaging with, meeting the face and its holds; lifting myself into it with a slow skip, hands and feet, make love, hello.

The inexorable movement of the gene keys brings me at this point spontaneously, right into the heart of my Spiritual Quotient or core – 64.5.

The heart of the child (learning skip-rope and fairy-bike) is unconditional in the joy and scent of red geraniums; even bad noises.  The child meets every trial face-on.  Here are some of my memories written down in my book Lighthouse in Kettle’s Yard:

“Our new house was a large white cottage with hollyhocks and apple-trees around it.  I didn’t at first like it, because I wanted to live in a big grand house in the city of Gathertegen.  But my parents said it was very pretty, and the garden was full of flowers, which grew in hosts of summer and spring: I knew all their names.

“Tall stems. Tall stems by a window-sill, and the blue corona of the scabious flower. Here is the pungent scent of a red geranium leaf: the blood-purple heart of a pansy’s yellow velvet sun on the ground: round furry leaves of drab green whose vein of purple releases to the touch the cloying fragrance of mud and cowpats in the yard, of weathered concrete, of trees like hands in the sky and the wet grass down the lane … Quince is trying to play Mummy’s cello in the garden.  The scent releases the flowers I drew and named as I drew, and the tart tang of Lionel Miskin’s metal paintbox. I wore socks on my feet, and sandals and cardigans, and I was ashamed of my body when I was ill, just like a car.  The thorny meadows are drenched, and the clouds fall down onto the ground when it thunders.  Hot sunshine on the chalky concrete road leads up to the farm called Pencois where I waited for the taxi to school.  At Pencois in a new concrete house lived Mr and Mrs Dowidge and their boy called Brian, he with whom I trod on a snail.

“It is a smell of grey soil and cool trees bursting hot warmth from summer.  It is full of stories.   The round and purple heart has crimson edges.  It splits the world into golden voices.  It hovers at the very edge of my senses.  I can’t catch it.  Nor do I try.  It’s just there.

“It is red and green by a window, sharp rot and turpentine.  And it is warm and kind.  It’s a lane going down to a seaside beach, a beach I cannot quite remember. It opens all the passages behind my throat and all the way down my back, it strokes my hair; the metal is soft, and when it happens I fall for that second into a place where light glances and slants, and I am wide: red flowers, white walls, and the sunlight in the lane. 

“At the other end of the lane, the meadowsweet grows among kingcups crossing an overgrown brook.  I eat that luscious smell. Here I looked for and found the magic Swallowtail Butterfly:  my prince with long horned moon-yellow wings, darkling tipped.  But the grownups didn’t believe me when I said I saw him; I had wished for him so much.  Nearby, in the wood, the wet dark undergrowth pushed up in spills and clusters, pungent flavours of dogwort, and of flowers which did not wear bright party dresses.

“Peter loved the ragged robin flowers, and pink campions.  He called them “Bridget in her Bravery” because they bloomed when all the other flowers died.  Near our house was a tall wide oak tree, which had had its top cut off.  One day our father climbed right to the very top and sat on the stump, looking fierce.  His employer Mr Strauss who came sometimes in his big car in a big suit and tie with big gangsters, wanted to cut the tree right down, and he did not.

“We kept geese in the back garden by the orchard, who stretched out their long white necks and hissed and frightened me.  Once I found an egg in the grass.  I picked it up and dropped it on the ground to see what would happen.   It burst open, sticky and yellow and messy.   My mother arrived – ‘I didn’t do it!’ I said – and scolded me.”


The Cornish prompt is beautiful as I approach again my SQ in the Venus path.  Pure heart is the cosmic tendency for everything to arrange itself serendipitously with my gene key studies.  Heart far transcends the confine of my soul’s small i.  Surprise in being the sea.

Richard’s Venus text:  “Ecstatic laughter can be a glint in your eye, a soft, penetrating gaze, a poetic and considerate turn of phrase or a playful poke in the ribs at the right moment.  Laughter is the natural law of the future humanity … to laugh at ourselves and life; it warms and opens. … Memories before the age of 3 are not stored in the mind but in the cellular memory of your solar plexus.”

Is this so also with the poor diagnosed demented or elderly forgetfulness?  We are all “wounded fellow travellers”.

Physical contemplation is the deepest form … the genetic structure of the pattern itself, a sacred geometry including the fibernacci snail spiral of Saturn from or into Pearl.  SQ is the heart and Pearl is the throat where it speaks and where the triadic circuitry is complete around a new Yod point embracing the whole in a different way.

Absorption is when the love inside you begins to feed on itself … awareness reaches the point of your birth.

Now, the Ring of Secrets – 12 within the Trials – is the unbreakable opening and omnipresence of Heart, the “house she may unlock without any key”.   It bypasses every esoteric password, needing none:  no selfish intention can find it, they pass straight through.  The nature of Heart like that of water is undisturbed.  Oh Vanishing of Vanity!

RR writes that Humanity’s vertical or upright larynx sets us apart from the animals.  The animals’ horizontal larynges operate under a group spirit: the development of upright larynx led to ego” …  and ultimately to the freedom of individuation. 12’s animal Gift is the Wolf – they hunt in tribes and tend their young – and its Siddhi is the Nightingale where the throat sings.

Larynx and sexual centre gonads are traditionally connected: the larynx grows rapidly in puberty.  In Dutch the word for larynx is “shield gland” – “a protecting mechanism concealing a great Secret.”   Do we touch here on YOD SOD, the secret of Yod in alchemical Kabbalah?

The 12th Shadow develops the root of language – where the apple got stuck in Adam’s throat – and all its defensive by-passings.  Something happens in sex.  The Great Secret in all the traditions is sexual evolution: the connection of sex and speech, tongue and groove.  The Great Secret kept on altars and guarded by ritual and misuse is stored in the universal pure heart.  The 12th gene key generates the huge trial of forgetting this in gk33 and being distracted in gk56.  Naturally, the 12th gene key is partnered with 11, Eden in the Garden of Light!

From the Gene Keys book: The 12th Gift falls in love with the Art of Love.  The higher frequency of “Discrimination” can “see through walls”.  Authenticity is everything.  The deep respect for purity is rooted in prudence.  We are here to cultivate the deepest feeling.  The thyroid system knows that life is transformation and death is the symbolic movement from one stage of consciousness to another.

This is plain at any awakened moment; it does not wait for time or physical death.  The 12th Key has this nature of inhabiting, surrounding and bypassing everything.  Laugh and cry.

Purity – the Siddhi – realises the Self, “selflessly”.  The Sufis fall into the beloved.  When even spiritual vanity is outgrown, we fall into the innermost Codon Ring of Secrets – the open one.  Purity. Purity. Purity.

A pure thought like grains of salt in Tibetan tea, permeates the Solar system.  Purity of thinking?  How wonderful it is that my 11.3 Culture is paired with the 12 in depth, whose resonance of love enters my privately “chosen” gene key, the 25th.  I do not write – it writes me.  So the Divine falls in love with a pencil.

What do I cultivate day after day, year after year in the mornings?  the taste of an elixir, all-pervasive to find and sip. The genetic “stop” codon brings an end to separate form by dissolving it in All form.  “Be swallowed by life itself!”

Alchemical Fool and Lamb: “and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round …”


Next post – the codon rings of Light and of No Return.  No return?  This suggests that a turning point is passed through – a point of no return, as in the osmotic flow in nature through semi-permeable membranes: the sap rises to the sun.





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The Gifts in the Codon Ring of Gaia


Gaia covers Aphrodite with earth and flowers – after Botticelli

In this post, I start to dive into the Codon Rings: but first a preamble in this morning’s journal:

“I am a centre of expression for the primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”

Master R, through Paul Foster Case

Embodying the gene keys? – how to relax within the effort is the art.  It needs to breathe in the right way, which I don’t.  But yesterday I recalled a rock climbing video online which counsels, breathe in while sorting out your feet, and breathe out during the move … to oxygenate precious atoms of vital strength.   Climbing is a private matter among crowds of climbers.  There is also a big yoga & warm-up mat. Don’t bother about them, do your interior “prayer” and salute the sun.   Leaving the Castle climbing centre, my core was relaxed, tired and sweet, but on arrival home it was just tired.  Bath and wash hair.

Embodiment.  Embodying the gene keys and all their greater Mysteries, I feel through my body a subtle vibrant circulation – the Grail vessel and her planks, timbers and thwarts.

In the 55th gene key Gift of Freedom, I read about the environment.  “The planet is our greater body … all of life is going through a genetic mutation … delicate network of interwoven threads …” (RR)

In this light it behoves the monkey human to get hold of an end of the stick and appear to develop “genetic modification” in the plant kingdom.  It is natural and unavoidable, for there to be an obsession in the technology with DNA experimentation.  The genetic message of Change flows along all our wires and is thus interpreted.  Genetic modification rises and falls, like everything else in nature.  I guess the GM seed is not robust, and the perennial seed bides its time in the hedgerows among organic farmers.  Are elements of GM perhaps required in the Change?  Do the clever monkeys know what they do, or who or what assists them, or what they are?

The observer in any experiment alters its outcome, and every single thing is observed by the holy One – as copied in by our human cameras and surveillance technology.

“Mystic You-Night” – 1987

Does the holy One – the All encompassing – alter an entropic outcome by observing the experiment? 

Surely yes, for each particle of the One lodged and mobilised in individuals, watches and thereby alters the composition.  This goes not according to our linear sense of time.  Time breaks out into a gossamer dandelion clock.  On one of the gene keys forums, Kathy wrote that she drove across the desert, late for an appointment; she said to herself “stop the time”.  She entered a wormhole which hid several towns en route and brought her to the rendezvous with space to spare.  She also posted a video on Pythagorean and Platonic numbers: a site called Sonic Geometry the Language of Frequency and Form.  All the frequencies are tuned to and resonate around the number 432 as a core stability in the divinity of musical keys.

Humans chose Aristotle for their default mental modes, which might be regarded as an entropic interference?  Yet life is an interference pattern galore, and the picture is of waves moving through one another.   That is what my spectrum perceives at present.

Priestess of Isis, with lynx in the background


And now, the Codon Ring! – I am currently studying the 60th Gene key within it.

Gene key 60 is called THE CRACKING OF THE VESSEL – a flow or flood of water over the still lake.  The shadow, gift and siddhi are limitation, realism and justice.

Codon ring of Gaia – 19, 60, 61 – is the one I am signalled to begin with, perhaps because it contains my Life Work 61.4 and EQ 19.1

Detail. The gene keys are paired in ‘programming partners’ which link the codon rings.  I hope to study these relationships by scribing whatever arises within them elementally.  For the other drawings in full, of the Codon Rings, see previous post


In my next post (hopefully) I shall play with Gaia’s programming partners in the Ring of Trials, and see what arises.

The 60th Shadow, “Limitation” is the freezing of life into isolated data or “slides”.  This kind of limitation is disorderly and entropic, because through it the system as a whole cannot be perceived, and cannot work. It breaks down and locks into the psychosis (61) of a helpless and hopeless scenario – like a buzzing fly on glass.  The monkey force of lower mind meddles and manufactures a rule book.  This is heart-breaking when it afflicts creative mind.

The pattern to divide and rule is of the lower mind, and highly addictive (19th shadow) within our society.

The vessel cracks in different ways.

It may crack apart into many pieces whose original form is forgotten. Or it may be that one fragment aligns itself into an entire universe and cracks open … “let it crack you open.”  “Blessed are the cracked for we let in the Light.”  (John de Ruiter and Leonard Cohen)

The cracked vessel is a seed in the ground: a chrysalis: a walnut.  When it cracks, it is most often delicious or a thing of beauty like a geode radiating light.

An illustration from ‘A Way of Life’ in Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge – Jim Ede

The whole of humankind’s cracked vessel releases the flower, a dragonfly, a baby bird.  The nestling cracks the vessel and creeps out into the feathery maternal breast.  Into the cracking primordial continental mass of Pangea, flowed the everlastingly abundant seas.   All of this is my and your psyche in the spermatic fishes.  As Hermes Trismegistos wrote in the Tenth Poemandre – would I complain and say, I am God but I can’t fly or swim like a fish, I don’t like heights or the waters, how can I be everywhere at once?

“Dare to be divine!”

The shadow in Gaia’s 60th gene key is a fixed belief in the cracks which hem me in.

But …

Sketch & painting of “Crevassemoth” – 1987


Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata erupts (1986) – long ago, I learned to play the piano part, similar to taking up rock-climbing now.

There are many adventures in the Castaneda tales of power where the papered worlds are cracked open! – he leaps into the crack between the worlds!… the spaces between objective forms of nature!  Look into any tree, reading and receiving not the accustomed leaf formations but the  living hollows between the branches; turn the visual world inside out.  This is colossally inspiring for the artist and poet.  The world cracks open, and Gaia comes out.  The alchemical Tarot Tower cracks and out come the Awakened.  Volcanoes and our loved ones and our bereavements crack, and out comes a secret inner fire which abided unlit until it exploded into air.  When the street of urban gloom and conformity cracks, out jump the fiddlers and accordionists into the Glory.  When a woman gives birth she cracks.  When Gaia cracks, she shouts and sings.  When earth quakes the rifts are filled with fertile lava soil.  She shudders with the love of it.

The love transcends yet intimately inhabits the innumerable atoms of human protest, pain, peril, peace, love and drama.

Gallery – click on image to view

There is a projection onto Gaia these days, of our fragility and damage.   I don’t think she is.  Her power and potential is unbothered with matching the human threat and irritation in her skin.  She, an indolent lioness, sometimes flicks a paw.  It is crucial however for our conscious evolution with Gaia to take profound and evolutionary responsibility with our ways of life.

I want to establish my unbroken Gaia Self.

Gaia, Mother Isis, wears a spangled midnight robe of distant stars and suns.  We are, I am those stars, and Mother Isis is the beauty in the ancient world renewed.   (In my other blog, https://janeadamsart.com is a sequence of 9 posts on Isis – use Search button on the home page).

The key to Earth and to my life cracking open is loving Mother Isis the divine sister-bride to Osiris the Sun.

Precession of equinox is an interplay of Solar and Lunar gravity through Earth’s slowly rotating polar axis.  Rotating approximately 2,000 years through each sign, it describes a Great Circle of (near enough) 24,000.  It wobbles slowly like a child’s spinning top or gyroscope: this is the perennial love-play of Osiris and Isis through the fields of gravity.

The Gifts in the Ring of Gaia – Inspiration, Realism, Sensitivity –  join up the writing.  The real world is magical with the common sense wherever the enigmatic particles combine.  As we become Whisperers to the animal and plant kingdoms, the Ring of Gaia is shamanic with the forest medicine.

Gallery – click on image to view

When the hard surface shadow of psychosis cracks it breathes, it inspires the holy place, right now.  The ground is holy, and the places where we walk turn into ribbons of stars.  The image arose during a group discussion in the 60th gk last night.


From the Tenth Poemander of Hermes:

“Increase yourself into an immeasurable greatness, leaping beyond every body and transcending all time, become Eternity and you shall understand God.  … Become higher than all height, lower than all depths, comprehend in yourself the qualities of all the Creatures, of the Fire, the Water, the Dry and Moist, and conceive likewise, that you can at once be everywhere, in the Sea, in the Earth.

“You shall at once understand yourself, not yet begotten in the womb, young, old, to be dead, the things after death and all these together, as also times, places, deeds, qualities, quantities, or else you can not yet understand God.

“But if you shut up your soul and abuse it and say, I understand nothing, I can do nothing, I am afraid of the Sea, I cannot climb up to Heaven, I know not who I am, I cannot tell what I shall be:  what have you to do with God? …

“But to dare to know, and to will and to hope, is the straight way and Divine way, proper to the Good, and it will everywhere meet you and everywhere be seen of you, plain and easy, when you do not expect or look for it; it will meet you waking, sleeping, sailing, travelling, by night, by day, when you speak and when you keep silence.  For there is nothing which is not the Image of God.”

Tenth Poemander of Hermes Trismegistos

“The easiest and quickest way to change your life for the better is to give your love unconditionally in as many areas of your life as you dare.”

Richard Rudd, 35th Gene Key





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