Through Gaia into the Codon Ring of Trials

Codon rings of Gaia and of Trials

The 21 Codon Rings are interwoven through the programming partners of the gene keys within them.  My last post on the Ring of Gaia featured the 60th Gene Key – where she cracks open!

The programming partners of the Codon Ring of Gaia are 33 and 56 in the Ring of Trials and 62 in the Ring of No return (not shown in the above sketch).  12, 33 and 56 are  “stop” codons which punctuate the flow of the cosmic serpent through the 64.  12 connects the Ring of Trials to the Ring of Light through 11 the Light of Eden.

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What is the Ring of Trials?

Where Gaia’s Ring cracks open, a clearing rises through it; space for the world to happen in. She pauses, as in the Mountain 52; the forager in the forest stops and looks around:  “The trials our Gaia consciousness encounters are Forgetting, Distraction and Vanity”(RR).  The trials are overwhelmingly self created when I blunder through the clearing, lost in thought.

What of the space between sounds? – between thoughts?

Glade, 1987



It amuses me to collage together my old paints and their daemons, letting them arise as they will from my archive.  It releases my inner world into colour and splashes of geology.  I listened to Richard’s contemplation of the three Keys within the ring of trials: “Our distractions are so unsubtle! … give attention and focus to moments each day, otherwise life is unlived and unloved.  In the Clearing (33rd Mindfulness) with active creative imagination and rituals, make the mundane magical.

I played by a small river, I had built a dam with mud and branches and stones and bits and beavers, and my whole life was that dam holding back the flow; and I began to pull out small pieces, straws, bit by bit, year after year, to shape it better; and suddenly one day they all are gone: there is the stream.

In each important script the story comes to an end. The dam with bits in it dissolves into the simple life of Lake and Earth.  In my primary relationship, my attractor sphere 2 is double Earth and his attractor sphere 58 is a double Lake;  join them as the synergy of Lake over Earth, what is its hexagram number? –  45, the Cosmic Communion.

There is no death in the eternal pause which moves across time.  Beginning and ending curl around into each other and push up Revelation through the garden.  Revelation – Heaven over the Mountain – silences the gardener and stops the tale.  The programming partner – Earth over Lake – is 19 in Gaia, the sensitive future human.  Within each heart is planted the Shaman.  Do our huge human agitations (which conceal so much) rest in this kind of “stop”today, this moment?  A stop codon is a kind of unifying eclipse. The silence arouses the reactive beating of drums and great trials.

“The 12th Gene Key within the mystery of the 21 Codon rings forms a ring of its own within the ring of trials: the Ring of Secrets.”  No concept can be other than vanity.  No summit power may grasp the open secret.  The heart of gene key 12 is Purity, partnering 11 in the Ring of Light.  Obscurity exists for the light to enter it.

In the I Ching, the 12th hexagram is a state whose trigrams Heaven and Earth seem to draw apart the harder we try to pull them together.  Heaven ascends and Earth by its nature descends.  It is called the “Standstill”; whereas Earth over Heaven in 12’s programming partner 11 interpenetrate as Peace.

Here I must wait!  for the other two keys in the Ring of Trials are climbing the mountain … (Heaven over Mountain, Fire over Mountain.). The great trials are my  Vanity, Forgetting and Distraction.  The gifts are Discrimination, Mindfulness and Enrichment.  The siddhis are Purity, Revelation and Intoxication – on the tip of the tongue and behind the throat and in belly to taste: the manna. The Gift of magical realism in 60 where Gaia’s vessel cracks is enriched in the holy fire of Trials.  The fires come out and flicker over the mountain peaks.  Divine indulgence kisses the lips.

The Ring of Trials seems crowned by the programming partnership of 12 and 11: the lover’s idealism.  Through Gaia into Trials passes the shade of vanity for as long as it walks with me;  an implicit sacrifice.  In Jung’s Red Book is his painting of a fabulous odyssey: the toothed fishy shadow keeps pace and the voyager revels in the mythic adventure.


It is a trial to write this post – a searching struggle for each word.  Standing still in my clearing, it seems I cannot see.  Be yet guided by the ring of Light – photons of the stars and in my cells.

In the I Ching, 56 is “the Wanderer” and 33 is “Retreat”.  Fire does not stay on the mountain; Heaven retreats above the mountain’s limit.  With “Standstill” – heaven and earth drawing apart – these three keys seek interior resources to bridge the points of life.  First I wait, to savour a new sense which is at first a nuisance, a trial.

The trial triplicity suggests also a testing ground – a cremation ground between living and dying.  The three hexagrams hold connections to the numinous, impelling them to “stop”.  There is enormous resistance in the middle of a problem, to letting it go!  And I see the dam again, and suddenly it goes.

The 33rd Retreat reminds me of the 52nd Gift: the natural beauty of restraint.  Problems and limitations are coercive when the imagination is not in harmony with them.  It is extraordinary what may open up, when I stop trying to hitchhike.


Pause … Part Two

Spacing – a pause or silence between the notes …

I was about to round-off this post, but this morning’s Gemini gene key in the Zodiac turns out to be 12! bringing a flow of childhood memory – so it will have to continue for a bit and be rather longer!

The picture is “A Pure Heart” with a very old toothless man laughing.  Plainly, the heart itself is pure by its very nature. “Pure Heart” is this morning’s perfect mantra.  It doesn’t matter what the heart is loaded with. The heart is more than the individual heart of being. It is Heart, as Ramana said – carried within me as the miracle to dissolve into at any moment.  All is heart.  This is heart.  Take heart.  It is nothing but purity.  Love, sorrow and obstructions!  What about Trials?  –  Nothing can compromise the pure zest in the heart of every trial.

Ah – it’s the one called Standstill, when Heaven and Earth seem to draw apart, Heaven is placed over Earth so they don’t mix and so you have to stand not moving, pinned to the heart!  This Key holds great expansion of ascension and descent: root and shoot.  It is like a child’s drawing of things going on, and a strip of blue sky along the top.  In my own drawings, the gap contained lighthouses and the sun.

There is that moment when just beginning a rock climb or traverse – engaging with, meeting the face and its holds; lifting myself into it with a slow skip, hands and feet, make love, hello.

The inexorable movement of the gene keys brings me at this point spontaneously, right into the heart of my Spiritual Quotient or core – 64.5.

The heart of the child (learning skip-rope and fairy-bike) is unconditional in the joy and scent of red geraniums; even bad noises.  The child meets every trial face-on.  Here are some of my memories written down in my book Lighthouse in Kettle’s Yard:

“Our new house was a large white cottage with hollyhocks and apple-trees around it.  I didn’t at first like it, because I wanted to live in a big grand house in the city of Gathertegen.  But my parents said it was very pretty, and the garden was full of flowers, which grew in hosts of summer and spring: I knew all their names.

“Tall stems. Tall stems by a window-sill, and the blue corona of the scabious flower. Here is the pungent scent of a red geranium leaf: the blood-purple heart of a pansy’s yellow velvet sun on the ground: round furry leaves of drab green whose vein of purple releases to the touch the cloying fragrance of mud and cowpats in the yard, of weathered concrete, of trees like hands in the sky and the wet grass down the lane … Quince is trying to play Mummy’s cello in the garden.  The scent releases the flowers I drew and named as I drew, and the tart tang of Lionel Miskin’s metal paintbox. I wore socks on my feet, and sandals and cardigans, and I was ashamed of my body when I was ill, just like a car.  The thorny meadows are drenched, and the clouds fall down onto the ground when it thunders.  Hot sunshine on the chalky concrete road leads up to the farm called Pencois where I waited for the taxi to school.  At Pencois in a new concrete house lived Mr and Mrs Dowidge and their boy called Brian, he with whom I trod on a snail.

“It is a smell of grey soil and cool trees bursting hot warmth from summer.  It is full of stories.   The round and purple heart has crimson edges.  It splits the world into golden voices.  It hovers at the very edge of my senses.  I can’t catch it.  Nor do I try.  It’s just there.

“It is red and green by a window, sharp rot and turpentine.  And it is warm and kind.  It’s a lane going down to a seaside beach, a beach I cannot quite remember. It opens all the passages behind my throat and all the way down my back, it strokes my hair; the metal is soft, and when it happens I fall for that second into a place where light glances and slants, and I am wide: red flowers, white walls, and the sunlight in the lane. 

“At the other end of the lane, the meadowsweet grows among kingcups crossing an overgrown brook.  I eat that luscious smell. Here I looked for and found the magic Swallowtail Butterfly:  my prince with long horned moon-yellow wings, darkling tipped.  But the grownups didn’t believe me when I said I saw him; I had wished for him so much.  Nearby, in the wood, the wet dark undergrowth pushed up in spills and clusters, pungent flavours of dogwort, and of flowers which did not wear bright party dresses.

“Peter loved the ragged robin flowers, and pink campions.  He called them “Bridget in her Bravery” because they bloomed when all the other flowers died.  Near our house was a tall wide oak tree, which had had its top cut off.  One day our father climbed right to the very top and sat on the stump, looking fierce.  His employer Mr Strauss who came sometimes in his big car in a big suit and tie with big gangsters, wanted to cut the tree right down, and he did not.

“We kept geese in the back garden by the orchard, who stretched out their long white necks and hissed and frightened me.  Once I found an egg in the grass.  I picked it up and dropped it on the ground to see what would happen.   It burst open, sticky and yellow and messy.   My mother arrived – ‘I didn’t do it!’ I said – and scolded me.”


The Cornish prompt is beautiful as I approach again my SQ in the Venus path.  Pure heart is the cosmic tendency for everything to arrange itself serendipitously with my gene key studies.  Heart far transcends the confine of my soul’s small i.  Surprise in being the sea.

Richard’s Venus text:  “Ecstatic laughter can be a glint in your eye, a soft, penetrating gaze, a poetic and considerate turn of phrase or a playful poke in the ribs at the right moment.  Laughter is the natural law of the future humanity … to laugh at ourselves and life; it warms and opens. … Memories before the age of 3 are not stored in the mind but in the cellular memory of your solar plexus.”

Is this so also with the poor diagnosed demented or elderly forgetfulness?  We are all “wounded fellow travellers”.

Physical contemplation is the deepest form … the genetic structure of the pattern itself, a sacred geometry including the fibernacci snail spiral of Saturn from or into Pearl.  SQ is the heart and Pearl is the throat where it speaks and where the triadic circuitry is complete around a new Yod point embracing the whole in a different way.

Absorption is when the love inside you begins to feed on itself … awareness reaches the point of your birth.

Now, the Ring of Secrets – 12 within the Trials – is the unbreakable opening and omnipresence of Heart, the “house she may unlock without any key”.   It bypasses every esoteric password, needing none:  no selfish intention can find it, they pass straight through.  The nature of Heart like that of water is undisturbed.  Oh Vanishing of Vanity!

RR writes that Humanity’s vertical or upright larynx sets us apart from the animals.  The animals’ horizontal larynges operate under a group spirit: the development of upright larynx led to ego” …  and ultimately to the freedom of individuation. 12’s animal Gift is the Wolf – they hunt in tribes and tend their young – and its Siddhi is the Nightingale where the throat sings.

Larynx and sexual centre gonads are traditionally connected: the larynx grows rapidly in puberty.  In Dutch the word for larynx is “shield gland” – “a protecting mechanism concealing a great Secret.”   Do we touch here on YOD SOD, the secret of Yod in alchemical Kabbalah?

The 12th Shadow develops the root of language – where the apple got stuck in Adam’s throat – and all its defensive by-passings.  Something happens in sex.  The Great Secret in all the traditions is sexual evolution: the connection of sex and speech, tongue and groove.  The Great Secret kept on altars and guarded by ritual and misuse is stored in the universal pure heart.  The 12th gene key generates the huge trial of forgetting this in gk33 and being distracted in gk56.  Naturally, the 12th gene key is partnered with 11, Eden in the Garden of Light!

From the Gene Keys book: The 12th Gift falls in love with the Art of Love.  The higher frequency of “Discrimination” can “see through walls”.  Authenticity is everything.  The deep respect for purity is rooted in prudence.  We are here to cultivate the deepest feeling.  The thyroid system knows that life is transformation and death is the symbolic movement from one stage of consciousness to another.

This is plain at any awakened moment; it does not wait for time or physical death.  The 12th Key has this nature of inhabiting, surrounding and bypassing everything.  Laugh and cry.

Purity – the Siddhi – realises the Self, “selflessly”.  The Sufis fall into the beloved.  When even spiritual vanity is outgrown, we fall into the innermost Codon Ring of Secrets – the open one.  Purity. Purity. Purity.

A pure thought like grains of salt in Tibetan tea, permeates the Solar system.  Purity of thinking?  How wonderful it is that my 11.3 Culture is paired with the 12 in depth, whose resonance of love enters my privately “chosen” gene key, the 25th.  I do not write – it writes me.  So the Divine falls in love with a pencil.

What do I cultivate day after day, year after year in the mornings?  the taste of an elixir, all-pervasive to find and sip. The genetic “stop” codon brings an end to separate form by dissolving it in All form.  “Be swallowed by life itself!”

Alchemical Fool and Lamb: “and the eyes in his head see the world spinning round …”


Next post – the codon rings of Light and of No Return.  No return?  This suggests that a turning point is passed through – a point of no return, as in the osmotic flow in nature through semi-permeable membranes: the sap rises to the sun.





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The Gifts in the Codon Ring of Gaia


Gaia covers Aphrodite with earth and flowers – after Botticelli

In this post, I start to dive into the Codon Rings: but first a preamble in this morning’s journal:

“I am a centre of expression for the primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”

Master R, through Paul Foster Case

Embodying the gene keys? – how to relax within the effort is the art.  It needs to breathe in the right way, which I don’t.  But yesterday I recalled a rock climbing video online which counsels, breathe in while sorting out your feet, and breathe out during the move … to oxygenate precious atoms of vital strength.   Climbing is a private matter among crowds of climbers.  There is also a big yoga & warm-up mat. Don’t bother about them, do your interior “prayer” and salute the sun.   Leaving the Castle climbing centre, my core was relaxed, tired and sweet, but on arrival home it was just tired.  Bath and wash hair.

Embodiment.  Embodying the gene keys and all their greater Mysteries, I feel through my body a subtle vibrant circulation – the Grail vessel and her planks, timbers and thwarts.

In the 55th gene key Gift of Freedom, I read about the environment.  “The planet is our greater body … all of life is going through a genetic mutation … delicate network of interwoven threads …” (RR)

In this light it behoves the monkey human to get hold of an end of the stick and appear to develop “genetic modification” in the plant kingdom.  It is natural and unavoidable, for there to be an obsession in the technology with DNA experimentation.  The genetic message of Change flows along all our wires and is thus interpreted.  Genetic modification rises and falls, like everything else in nature.  I guess the GM seed is not robust, and the perennial seed bides its time in the hedgerows among organic farmers.  Are elements of GM perhaps required in the Change?  Do the clever monkeys know what they do, or who or what assists them, or what they are?

The observer in any experiment alters its outcome, and every single thing is observed by the holy One – as copied in by our human cameras and surveillance technology.

“Mystic You-Night” – 1987

Does the holy One – the All encompassing – alter an entropic outcome by observing the experiment? 

Surely yes, for each particle of the One lodged and mobilised in individuals, watches and thereby alters the composition.  This goes not according to our linear sense of time.  Time breaks out into a gossamer dandelion clock.  On one of the gene keys forums, Kathy wrote that she drove across the desert, late for an appointment; she said to herself “stop the time”.  She entered a wormhole which hid several towns en route and brought her to the rendezvous with space to spare.  She also posted a video on Pythagorean and Platonic numbers: a site called Sonic Geometry the Language of Frequency and Form.  All the frequencies are tuned to and resonate around the number 432 as a core stability in the divinity of musical keys.

Humans chose Aristotle for their default mental modes, which might be regarded as an entropic interference?  Yet life is an interference pattern galore, and the picture is of waves moving through one another.   That is what my spectrum perceives at present.

Priestess of Isis, with lynx in the background


And now, the Codon Ring! – I am currently studying the 60th Gene key within it.

Gene key 60 is called THE CRACKING OF THE VESSEL – a flow or flood of water over the still lake.  The shadow, gift and siddhi are limitation, realism and justice.

Codon ring of Gaia – 19, 60, 61 – is the one I am signalled to begin with, perhaps because it contains my Life Work 61.4 and EQ 19.1

Detail. The gene keys are paired in ‘programming partners’ which link the codon rings.  I hope to study these relationships by scribing whatever arises within them elementally.  For the other drawings in full, of the Codon Rings, see previous post


In my next post (hopefully) I shall play with Gaia’s programming partners in the Ring of Trials, and see what arises.

The 60th Shadow, “Limitation” is the freezing of life into isolated data or “slides”.  This kind of limitation is disorderly and entropic, because through it the system as a whole cannot be perceived, and cannot work. It breaks down and locks into the psychosis (61) of a helpless and hopeless scenario – like a buzzing fly on glass.  The monkey force of lower mind meddles and manufactures a rule book.  This is heart-breaking when it afflicts creative mind.

The pattern to divide and rule is of the lower mind, and highly addictive (19th shadow) within our society.

The vessel cracks in different ways.

It may crack apart into many pieces whose original form is forgotten. Or it may be that one fragment aligns itself into an entire universe and cracks open … “let it crack you open.”  “Blessed are the cracked for we let in the Light.”  (John de Ruiter and Leonard Cohen)

The cracked vessel is a seed in the ground: a chrysalis: a walnut.  When it cracks, it is most often delicious or a thing of beauty like a geode radiating light.

An illustration from ‘A Way of Life’ in Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge – Jim Ede

The whole of humankind’s cracked vessel releases the flower, a dragonfly, a baby bird.  The nestling cracks the vessel and creeps out into the feathery maternal breast.  Into the cracking primordial continental mass of Pangea, flowed the everlastingly abundant seas.   All of this is my and your psyche in the spermatic fishes.  As Hermes Trismegistos wrote in the Tenth Poemandre – would I complain and say, I am God but I can’t fly or swim like a fish, I don’t like heights or the waters, how can I be everywhere at once?

“Dare to be divine!”

The shadow in Gaia’s 60th gene key is a fixed belief in the cracks which hem me in.

But …

Sketch & painting of “Crevassemoth” – 1987


Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata erupts (1986) – long ago, I learned to play the piano part, similar to taking up rock-climbing now.

There are many adventures in the Castaneda tales of power where the papered worlds are cracked open! – he leaps into the crack between the worlds!… the spaces between objective forms of nature!  Look into any tree, reading and receiving not the accustomed leaf formations but the  living hollows between the branches; turn the visual world inside out.  This is colossally inspiring for the artist and poet.  The world cracks open, and Gaia comes out.  The alchemical Tarot Tower cracks and out come the Awakened.  Volcanoes and our loved ones and our bereavements crack, and out comes a secret inner fire which abided unlit until it exploded into air.  When the street of urban gloom and conformity cracks, out jump the fiddlers and accordionists into the Glory.  When a woman gives birth she cracks.  When Gaia cracks, she shouts and sings.  When earth quakes the rifts are filled with fertile lava soil.  She shudders with the love of it.

The love transcends yet intimately inhabits the innumerable atoms of human protest, pain, peril, peace, love and drama.

Gallery – click on image to view

There is a projection onto Gaia these days, of our fragility and damage.   I don’t think she is.  Her power and potential is unbothered with matching the human threat and irritation in her skin.  She, an indolent lioness, sometimes flicks a paw.  It is crucial however for our conscious evolution with Gaia to take profound and evolutionary responsibility with our ways of life.

I want to establish my unbroken Gaia Self.

Gaia, Mother Isis, wears a spangled midnight robe of distant stars and suns.  We are, I am those stars, and Mother Isis is the beauty in the ancient world renewed.   (In my other blog, is a sequence of 9 posts on Isis – use Search button on the home page).

The key to Earth and to my life cracking open is loving Mother Isis the divine sister-bride to Osiris the Sun.

Precession of equinox is an interplay of Solar and Lunar gravity through Earth’s slowly rotating polar axis.  Rotating approximately 2,000 years through each sign, it describes a Great Circle of (near enough) 24,000.  It wobbles slowly like a child’s spinning top or gyroscope: this is the perennial love-play of Osiris and Isis through the fields of gravity.

The Gifts in the Ring of Gaia – Inspiration, Realism, Sensitivity –  join up the writing.  The real world is magical with the common sense wherever the enigmatic particles combine.  As we become Whisperers to the animal and plant kingdoms, the Ring of Gaia is shamanic with the forest medicine.

Gallery – click on image to view

When the hard surface shadow of psychosis cracks it breathes, it inspires the holy place, right now.  The ground is holy, and the places where we walk turn into ribbons of stars.  The image arose during a group discussion in the 60th gk last night.


From the Tenth Poemander of Hermes:

“Increase yourself into an immeasurable greatness, leaping beyond every body and transcending all time, become Eternity and you shall understand God.  … Become higher than all height, lower than all depths, comprehend in yourself the qualities of all the Creatures, of the Fire, the Water, the Dry and Moist, and conceive likewise, that you can at once be everywhere, in the Sea, in the Earth.

“You shall at once understand yourself, not yet begotten in the womb, young, old, to be dead, the things after death and all these together, as also times, places, deeds, qualities, quantities, or else you can not yet understand God.

“But if you shut up your soul and abuse it and say, I understand nothing, I can do nothing, I am afraid of the Sea, I cannot climb up to Heaven, I know not who I am, I cannot tell what I shall be:  what have you to do with God? …

“But to dare to know, and to will and to hope, is the straight way and Divine way, proper to the Good, and it will everywhere meet you and everywhere be seen of you, plain and easy, when you do not expect or look for it; it will meet you waking, sleeping, sailing, travelling, by night, by day, when you speak and when you keep silence.  For there is nothing which is not the Image of God.”

Tenth Poemander of Hermes Trismegistos

“The easiest and quickest way to change your life for the better is to give your love unconditionally in as many areas of your life as you dare.”

Richard Rudd, 35th Gene Key





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Six Drawings of Codon Rings

I completed my drawings of the Codon Rings some months ago, but have been too busy with the gene keys popping out all over life to assemble, share and spend some time with them.


Here is the original diagram on the gene keys website, showing the beautiful designs – like organisms under the microscope – into which they spontaneously constellate.


… and here are my six drawings laid out in the same manner.  Top right and bottom left and bottom centre were turned horizontal where the graphic was vertical.  Scroll down to see each one individually.  The small mandala near centre was placed there to fill a gap.

From the Glossary in RR’s book: “A Codon Ring is a chemical family within your body made up of one or more codons. There are a total of 21 Codon Rings, each one relating to a specific amino acid or stop codon.  The Codon Rings are trans-genetic families that operate across entire gene pools, drawing certain people naturally together in pairs, groups and ultimately forming entire societies.  The Codon Rings are the biological machinery behind what the ancients called ‘Karma’. The manner in which they interlock forms the geometric unified field underpinning humanity, and as human DNA mutates in order to carry the higher frequencies that are coming with the Great Change, the 21 Codon Rings will bring humanity into the biological realisation of its true nature and unity.”

In earlier posts I dived into my first two sketches in some depth, regarding my extended family and my parents, and what these relationships catalyse.  I can’t begin to do that with the remaining four Codon Ring constellations: we can only marvel at the wonder and beauty of their interconnecting relationships as programming partners link up with other rings like raindrops in water.


Here are the six drawings individually:  we can explore and express all our patterns of life, profile, path and relationships in the wonderful pool.  Look deep and see if you can, the fish.

I did not yet draw in the hexagrams for this one, but I did for all the others: the combinations for their elemental trigram symbols. Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake, Wind and Thunder are distillations in the mystical landscape of the Tao.



I planned to write a verse for each of the Rings, like Richard’s for the Codon Ring of Humanity;  but this is still a work in process.






There are intimate treasures to contemplate here for all of us, objectively, regarding our families, our loved ones and the cosmos.  Do 21 Codon Rings correspond to 21 Tarot Arcana? … a further great landscape to explore.





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Ravens and Doves

Codon ring of life and death: & Puffin on Skomer island

The 27th gene key is called “Food of the Gods”.  In the I Ching it is called “the corners of the mouth”.  It is about divine nourishment and selfish greed.  The Gift is Altruism.  It is in the codon ring of Life and Death, opposite 24/44.   It “supports the empowerment of individuals through deep communal bonding”.  In Gaia’s present evolutionary stage, every form on earth survives by eating another form.  In the higher frequency it becomes like a dream I once had, of greenness:  everything in the colour green is nourished by and nourishes what is green, and every wish is true because it is Itself.

I just opened the Venus book again.  The IQ Gift: “Optimism comes from drawing in high frequency thought forms.  It is the nature of a true open mind … open-circuit thinking.”

Princess with dove, 1957

Mine is wounded just now.  Accept the wound, be tender and let it become.  It is all around the solar plexus, from diaphragm to pelvis:  the pain and tension of life.  Slow down with the baggage and let it be a basket, a basket of birth, of birds … ravens and white doves.  At first it was eggs!  There is an archway, a bowered garden gate.  It is open into the garden.  Step through, open my Crown fontanel and let them fly up free.  For give.  For give.  For give.  It was difficult enough being a teenager, long before Mr LV came along with that message throughout my life: “to forgive, you must give way to the force.”  Dark drawings and Himalayan Dhaulagiri!

In essence: the desire to cry and to smile.  And I wonder with Richard’s tender guidance of his team, his gene keys evolutionary transmission, we gentle our hurt children in here.  Be true, and hear, rather than describe.  As I grow older and less shielded I  heal many blind cruelties I did to myself in youth.  It’s like stoking a fire.  Layer after layer the packed unconscious awakes uncomfortably.  27, the corners of the mouth, is the smile when I mother and let out the ravens and the doves.

releasing 7 doves at the grave

The Feelings say – Don’t pack us into tidy labelled parcels.  Let us be what we are.  Suffer us to be.  Don’t invent us.

There is sturdy self reliance here at Home! – however vulnerable I get.  “A position of great responsibility, not to mention discomfort.”  Sensitivity to the human aura and to dense crowd discord and to the animal kingdom as a whole:  horse whisperers.   Earth’s yielding channel over the Lake.  The nervous wounded wild mare: touch and whisper gently in her ear, to calm her fretted nerves. I’m not in the fast lane, but I have and am the Commitment.  The way is,  to let it pass through, find a calm space, touch and be the mast, don’t take it seriously.

I have an Arthurian tarot deck which I didn’t use for years (by Caitlin and John Mathews): the relationship with it starts to align!  Cutting the deck once, I find in my left hand the Spear hallow.  In right hand, the Sword Four.

Sword Four – A sword lies on the altar within a chapel or hermitage. Although Perceval learns skill at arms from his uncle, his education is incomplete until he learns from his other hermit uncle the ways of the Spirit.  Traditionally novice knights laid their swords on the altar before taking chivalric vows. Respite, hermetic seclusion, convalescence, replenishment of spirit.”

Spear Hallow – from deep cracks in the earth, sheets of fire flame up.  The Spear which both wounds and heals rises up with great force and power: the prime implement which both causes and heals the Wasteland depending on who uses it. When it is touched to the Wounded King, health enters both king and land.  Creativity, the beginning of a project, purpose, birth, intuitional inspiration, challenge; the healing of all that was corrupt.”

I like this symbolism very much!  The sword lies on the altar of a Rose Croix chapel within an alchemical “raven” tower – a secret, beloved and potent space.  The Wand shows first the nature of the wound – how can I heal without feeling, seeing it?  Blessed are the cracked, who let in the light.

“The Venus Stream at this stage in our process is like an underground geyser bursting forth from the inner planes.” (RR)





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The Conch Shell

(This post is repeated in full from a earlier thread in gkSociety which went astray in the recent website update)

A Letter about the Conch Shell, which summons kindred spirits

… What I can do is think about the Conch.

Sea, waves, sound, voice.  Sea in shell, inner hearing.  Spiral, cave, ear.  Tribal drum network, rhythm, dance by firelight, call and amplify …

The Conch immediately, is Consciousness.  When I breathe into the Conch shell, it makes a sound which calls the others; a recognition to assemble the army.   It carries across the hills and dales.  It accelerates the sea.  Touching my grandmother’s Bechstein at Kettle’s Yard was a subtle Conch for what is happening there.  The sound connects.  Being in ‘the right’ place and time is not a personal prominence but a subtle confluence or attunement.

a card from the Secret Dakini Oracle deck

The Conch is an inner spiral, like the ear.  When wise men sit in a circle they pass to each other the Conch for speaking, like a mace.  The Vedic gods hold Conches.  The Conch seems to draw the universe.  The shell amplifies a voice.  The sound echoes within its chambers.  Shells of Recall and Memory are drawn upon the sky like great clouds.  The Conch is Recall, and that in nature is continuity, the unbroken flow.  The Conch furls the sea up into itself, into the inner ear, and the shell is the feathering of the sea.

The Conch summons the gene key companions of the Light. Conch-shell and amber together are evocative substances in the subtle world.  What is Recall?  to recall the Metaphor which gives life to the shape.  The Metaphor is more real than the skin of life; without it, life is dead!  If you look through an amber spyglass or lens, everything turns to gold, and you can see the sparkling auric gravity of Consciousness around each soul.

Those billions of particles move in flocks and from flock to flock, tending to flow around their rocks, it is the river, and in the Conch, are all the ways and sounds of water.

Across the Conch the ripples are traced like lines of time across a tree:  the waves of sea and sound.  Let us gather together.

In the 20th century wars, conscientious objectors were called Conchies.  Conscience is “with knowledge”.   Conscience is self-knowledge, to honour the right action as far as I know.  When (as repeatedly in life) it isn’t the right action after all, it self-corrects.  Often, I cannot avoid getting bundled into “wrong actions” which are right for others, and having to extricate myself.  And so, the Conch shell denotes courage and making a stand.  When in doubt or distress, recall the Conch, think of it, hold and weigh it in hand, put it to ear, blow through it, summon and receive the Companions of the Wisdom.

The Conch shell is an instrument of consciousness.  Around it there gravitate the shining elementary particles:  the host.  The host, like a Starling flock murmuration, gathers around humans and around magnetic currents, sacred objects and the way of touch; around insight.

So, each conch shell lying in the sand like the Bethlehem Child, gathers an aura.

The aura is the In-gathering, the density of golden particles.  As it is invisible to the physical eye, you need a double lens – the physical with the inner Life – to align it.   Castaneda wrote about the infinite web of shining filaments and the human assemblage-point.  If the assemblage-point is shifted, another order of consciousness condenses:  the landscape perhaps of a compound insect or an “Ally”.   The shining filaments condense around and into the egg-like beings which are human.  The dark intentions and consumers are among these too, and it is the Life’s work to filter and edit the input, to keep the interior strong and clean.

This Intent is the cellular strength (6th line) of my Purpose … or Porpoise surfacing.  It is no small intention. To discover Intent, be aware of the whole kindled and extended aura and the way it waves with the water of life like sea-grass.  The conversation inner with outer interface, is unbroken.  The conscious heart is in the interactive cell membrane; the shells which harbour life.  Invoking conch shell is ocean wealth:  the sea-grass, the Vedic Sara-grass, the whales and fishes, the salt, the beach, the calling one to another through fog, the breaking of waves, the poems of T S Eliot, the bell, the psalms of the sea and of seals, and those who are rescued from islands.

Awareness of Intent transcends what I believe my intent might be.  When I let go my conditioned intention, I feel the Intent whose Siddhi celebrates living and dying and letting go.  The Intent most often brings me back to my original plan, which got scuppered by small intentions.  With Intent, I cannot always go easy with others’ agenda and intentions.  Sometimes I get skiffed with their need, and have to find the Intent again. Don’t take the way of least resistance in peoples’ comfy cramping cars.  My Pearl is after all, a warrior for Light: 38.

The Conch is lined (often?) with mother-of-pearl, the precious substance formed from grit.

The Conch is a warrior symbol whose inner lining has the rainbow beauty.

Now speak!   What do I need to know?

TAROT KEY 8 – Strength.  The golden elementary particle, the woman with the red lion in the green landscape.  Make your pattern accurate, profound, courageous, positive.  This key trains the inner daemon to speak.  Her hands caressing the corners of the Hermetic lion’s mouth, open the Voice.

And isn’t the Voice the conch shell?

Have faith, with the core stability, that the speaking will come.  It will speak from HERE.

With love, Jane

Orpheus, 1987



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The Dragon in the Genome: Codon ring of Union

birthday candle

I’m new to HD, but I just obtained my HD profile with the discovery that my Saturn sphere is 59.4.

About three weeks ago, I drew an I Ching/Astrology ring (see end of this post) to read the zodiac correspondences and programming partners at antipodes to each other.  I found that 59 lies along my Leo-Virgo Ascendant cusp with natal Saturn … an opening into a gene key field I hardly yet stepped into.  Here is my contemplation of the 59th gene key on that day:

Journal 8 January 2018

The grips of the mind appear more determined as the light gets in, that is because it shows them up more.  They seem cruel, bent on upsetting me, but they are not conscious; they are ways of inertia.  They are indeed habitual what-if voices, or i-thoughts.  The habit plays their tune.  Enlightenment is a gradual disentanglement, disengaging from the forest of fear.

I completed my fourth Codon Rings drawing.  I am well pleased with it.  There are just a couple more to do.  These maps are lovely to just look at.  I will put them all together in a later post, for reference.


I listened to Richard’s contemplation of 52, the Mountain.  He says in it, the attunement or breath is into the perineum, between anus and genitals, which bookends the spine with fontanel at crown (fountain).  The stillness of the mountain is within all things, and the relaxing of stress into restraint and the mountain siddhi is a core purpose.  There is layer upon layer of core wound to gently descend, unwind and open solar plexus to the root of life.   I feel the resistances or “catches”, but am going in the right direction. In the awakening  centre of gravity, all worries and negative imaginings vanish.   Be still.   Pause.  Give time to love each line in a hexagram, and to love each contour in a profile, and each sensation in a day.  To love is to give space and time.  This becomes an unconditional affection with the pitfalls of people; not resentment.  The being at ease comes not with fanfare, but slowly as a weather change.

I am in a Current.  I connected to the perinial root at Xmas, and now here’s Richard talking about it in the Mountain over Mountain.

The wizard of Oz for all his oddities, hit bulls eye ten years ago, when he said (about “Sarah” and her sex life) that the perineum is the seat of our occult memory.  Whenever it is alive and awake, the subtle wellbeing silences the harpies. It out-sources them.  There is the flow of the Great River.  It has no need to be verbal, and so it sees through prickly hedges and sometimes from above them.  In my body it begins to collapse some maintained positions and tensions.  It is bound to, and with the falling walls is fear.  A slightly increased clarity in my hearing makes my head boom rather, as if in water.  Think Release, release, as the causes of tiredness which are stress, tremble loose and dissolve. I love the story of a Persian boy whose Purpose is gk29: leaping into the void.  He jumped into a river to save an old man, and nearly drowned himself in the flooding current, but his up-flung arm just caught the branch of a tree overhead.  The power of the river!  The Wind which is the Wood is over the Water.  Which hexagram is that?  Look it up … It is 59 – the Dragon in the Genome. Through the gift of intimacy, the siddhi of transparency liberates from dishonesty  … Here we go! my daughter’s gene-key-profile Purpose.  I’m not too familiar with this one, and had intended to read it again.

How nourishing is this continuous gene key exposure at the moment; may it live and grow and reveal my Purpose and how to do things and where to be of use.

This is a tree – the wind in the I Ching is also wood – over river water; and in the river below and among the roots is a Tao or an Eye.


The Dragon in the Genome has this fascinating aspect of a baby serpent coiled in a DNA mystery nest.  Think of all the genetic mythos about the human and the snake!  The snake came down a fruit tree to the woman who is the river, the river. Be ye wise as serpents!

I drew it with Eve and Adam (after Lucas Cranach) …

and I drew it in the Tarot Lovers …

and I drew it with the woman gentling the Lion.  The Lion’s tail is itself serpentine, the kundalini power among the trees.  The Lion begins to roar in a different way with the woman’s caress.  The symbolism arrives again to my daughter, a Chinese-astrology Snake; and her feeling for cats, and the electricity she sometimes has in her hands, and the dream she had when she was about twelve, that she looked into a tiger’s eyes and it became quiet.  Those are her ancient gift.  Don’t dwell on it, or pre-empt how she sees herself.  Impressions such as these are lightly touched.  They are keys, and the softest sounds in music are the most telling.

Turning to the book now – I read the Siddhi first, and then the shadow and gift – I discover that 59 is in the Ring of Union, together with 29 the Waters the Persian boy leapt into!  In the Ring of Union are also 4 Forgiveness and 7 (the Army) Virtue.  Here is my fifth Codon Ring drawing:

In general, 59 seems to be the root of human sexuality.  “The 59th Gift is the seed or semen, and the 55th Gift is the egg … when the semen is spent, the egg is no longer needed.  What you have left is a state beyond description and beyond evolution.  Transparency is what remains when evolution becomes meaningless … it acts as the conduit for awareness.”(r.r.)

The 59th Siddhi in fact dissolves all human and universe form into abstract, and perhaps mathematicians love to be puzzled by its anomaly.  It is sort of before the source of sperm or Yod.  If the source of sperm or Yod is mother, where then could it be, anterior to that?  Chicken or egg?  The Shadow of this Siddhi may tangle up some brambles in the lower intellect’s dense element.

But the Codon Ring of Union has a story.  “These four Gene Keys have long governed human relationship patterns and their dysfunctions on our planet.  … The sequence leading to Transparency begins with the process of Forgiveness, triggered by the 4th gene key.  Once you have forgiven yourself, using your relationships as a mirror, you will discover your true aura of Virtue (7).  Once you have found your inner virtue, you begin to pour yourself out into others, recognising the same Divine source in every person you meet.  This Devotion (29, the Waters) is the true doorway to Transparency (59).  It empties you out …

“In nature the 59th Gift is represented by the Golden Mean, a universal geometric form underlying all creation.  However, if one tries to create a spiral out of the golden mean to represent this Siddhi in its entirety, one immediately meets a well-known mathematical impasse because such a figure would have no beginning and no end … it cannot appear in nature or be understood by mathematics.  It simply does not appear to exist, hence its Transparency.  Transparency taken to a collective level entails the disappearance of our universe.”(r.r.)

Pause here.  Private miracles blossom. These ideas touching quantum invoke how the impasse felt with Lajos in the past.  An expression of myself, which felt essential and deeply needed to share – unify – as soon as it was out, it seemed to disintegrate or demolish him.   This existential quantum made him hate me … (and hate perhaps all women?) … it cut him off from his creative pressure and its importance and inflicted a fiery ache in his gut – the solar plexus fury.

As soon as Richard mentions IMPASSE, it evokes Lajos in the 1970s, who kept discussing our impasse, which he pronounced as if it was a French word with an accented e.  In the beginning he was in earnest to get to the bottom of it and clarify and sort it out, but as time went on, it became a violent rage.  That is not surprising; he felt locked out from his stability.

The solar plexus fury, grinding bloody awful pain – I received his, and transmuted it during my 1980s earthquake.  But that’s a later story.  I’m still “working on it”.

My poor daughter!  She was born with this parental impasse to somehow surmount into her Purpose 59.3.  And with her triple Thunder spearhead (IQ, EQ and SQ) for her inner reality, she refused to adopt any esoteric pathway or hold Mum’s hand.  If she did that, she would lose her own sense of self.   What I am trying to say here is – there were living abstract whirlpools in my consciousness which interfered with her father’s, and she made some effort to deal with this inheritance – partially – by studying mathematics.

These ideas touch on her gene keys only.  They are not how she sees herself and her life.  I can’t help seeing them, because that is my inner landscape, but don’t attach them to hers with Expectation.  The Siddhi idea is beyond her conscious game; as honest as the day she was born, she meets difficult challenges and needs to complete them – the dragon’s intimate gift.  In this teaching, you see the Siddhi in a person, in order to liberate and let go your own attitude or limitation with them.  “The 59th siddhi contains the ability to look upon the world … (or into tiger’s eyes) … without judgement.” (r.r.)

The big book says that transformations and mutations in our world evolve the awareness very quickly through the 59th Gift and siddhi.  Awareness evolves; consciousness does not.  Consciousness includes evolutionary awareness.

Finally there is the Mayan feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl, who returned his coil through the alchemical marker of 2012 when a certain frame of time’s cycle ended.

2027 – nine years’ time – is a portal in Richard’s download, which will start to see a dramatic and visible change in human beings and the way they organise themselves.  I will be pushing eighty!  I will take care through Saturn and Pluto’s transit together through my Sun Moon axis …  to bloom and flourish.

A serpent is one curve of a spiral.  The serpent, like a fragment of an arch in archaeology, indicates that the spiral without beginning or end exists.  The serpent harmonises with the bird (dragon feathers) – lower with higher nature. 


“Genes operate below our conscious awareness – the hidden human agenda to survive.  You might even say that God is hidden within our genes, but until we raise our frequency we cannot experience God.  We therefore must learn to be transparent with ourselves, and interacting with others.  Let our barriers down and look deeply into our fears … our genes are not exclusive but inclusive … no man is an island … We are all one genetic tribe moving through a huge and transformative period in history, the end result of which is the realisation of our unity.” (r.r.)


My journal/oracle is not a talisman for handling immediate relationships or problems as I might like to. It doesn’t tell me what to do, but takes a back seat.  I have to step down from its florescence into an appropriate level and not push my story or enthusiastic version, but learn to hear and … not  be in haste.

Shadow and Gift: 55, 59 and 49 together trigger a current transmutation in our DNA.  (How primitive my knowledge of this at present is!)  It is tiring to carry that, not knowing what it is.

“The 59th key is the sexual drive in human beings.  Genes have their survival in mind, and most relationships are not easy by design.” Cosmology operates through our genetics.

59th Shadow “hides a deep distrust of others.  The fear springs into action when the other is in the room.  Why does this fear – the foundation of sexual attraction – exist at all? … the fear provides the necessary friction that makes attraction possible. ” (I shorten Richard’s writing a bit). So, it has the Shadow of Dishonesty, to keep something hidden for the other to fear.  This doesn’t happen consciously, it can in fact sabotage good will.

Persephone feeds Cerberus

Now this sentence:  “Life itself has been holding humanity back from realising its higher nature.  Life needs human beings to be afraid of each other in order that it can fulfil its genetic potential in this current stage of our evolution.” (r.r.)

And so, there is at present the state of social enmity!  The sense of HOLD-BACK in the red-tape snarl!  A society that is punitive and unkind to itself!

Here are so many coils and clues that I feel in myself.  And breathe …

The accelerated interracial interbreeding of tribal gene pools triggers political correctness and all the newspeak drivel and bureaucracy and cross-country barbed wire against refugees.  It feels like the whole human race is in arrest while the moment for movement draws near.  It is a great rock like a media – or cosmic? – meteorite dropped in the river bed, and the water stands around it.  Wars and differentiations and stand-offs have yet, down through history, created certain genetic oases and flowerings.  And those are always accessible when we turn within.  Such is the paradox.  My relative peace is the result of my wars in past lives.

“Our fear of each other is brought to the surface for all to see.”

Wow what a demon Shadow this is!

“The 59th Gene Key cuts deeper than race, belief or creed. (The 55th mutation undermines the 59th shadow).  It goes deeper even than the individual blood ties of family.  It binds humans together as a single interrelated genetic family.  The world of today, with its differentiated tribes, societies, nations and boundaries, is at the very beginning of being utterly transformed.” (r.r.)  No wonder the fundamentalists are  terrified, and exporting terror and paranoid weaponry!  Yet they unite the forces of the will-to-good to awaken around and against them.  So do not despair with the puppet shadows which the rising sun illumines. They are better seen out in the open, than concealed.  In a funny sort of way, they “volunteer”.

The transformative foundation is not in revolution or society or economy, but in the fact that Fear will gradually be bred out of human beings.   And first, in all its hideous manifestations, it comes out and up to the surface where it starts to disintegrate.  And first, all we can see is the disintegrative patterns and the decay of the concept of political heroes.  And I must keep seeing and sensing what erupts beneath and through the fear pattern.  Within a renewed and sustainable landscape of being, the present murky puddle is just that.  This is beyond wishful thinking, it has something to do with the genetic matrix’s will to survive and to grow.  If we have connected with and suffered the blazing emotional forces within us, we understand this better.

Copy of Master R’s painting in The Holy Trinosofia

Next is mentioned “the androgynous species”.  When the fear of each other is bred out – and it has to breed, to be bred out! – “the separate sexual poles will come together within the individual human being.”

Yes indeed.  My poles came together through love, and this was their existing potential, through the above process.  I’m glad to have found this about the polarity again – which I visualised as a yew or ebony wand.  The quintessential quality is “bi sexual”. It does not project onto another but is self-contained – the alchymical wedding;  and as this tendency gestates in humankind, the birth rate shall drop.

In this light, see child father mother triad objectively and with a kind of awe.

The 59th Shadow is dishonesty, but we always found and find our timing to come clean.

“There are now personality types leaving the world, never to return.  The old ways are having their last fling in the world, and we can see this in the battle between the collective way of the future and the old tribal ways of the past … all elements of behaviour rooted in fear or hidden agendas will be ( Richard has also recently been talking about the Sun’s behaviour) FUSED into a higher functioning of our DNA.”  

This for me embraces the concept of Solar Fusion rather than nuclear Fission as a future energy source. It is being developed, as far as I know, in Switzerland and the UK under the ITER project.  It brings countries together in cooperation – that is its natureFusion generates more than itself and there is no waste; fission’s divisive energy subtracts from Gaia.  A social psychology fuelled by Fusion technology may utterly change our view of ourselves and nature.

Hermes Trismegistos said, “Here is the action of the Sun in my great work.” The solar photon moving in every direction self-ignites;  it is in the air so to speak, and this is Illumination.

“One has to be able to read between the world headlines … behavioural integrity at home … the genetic cleansing we are currently experiencing on a global level will very likely go on for a number of centuries.  It has to work its way out of our DNA through our bloodlines.  However, as the human population decreases due to our mutating sexuality and the lessening of global fear, the world will naturally become a quieter and more peaceful place.  The so called Judgement Day is taking place within our genes.  No individuals are punished or rewarded.  There is simply an increase of genetic material with holistic perspective coming into the world, and a gradual eradication of genetic material which is self destructive and isolationist…. Since the world is evolving naturally in a particular direction, your behaviour will either flow in that direction or oppose that direction. … Come clean … Take out the genetic laundry…  One thing is sure, if you move against evolution at a time such as this, you will meet an opposing force whose power is incomprehensible.” (r.r.)

What is Pluto’s orbital segment through Capricorn, but this evolution at such a time?

With gene keys, I limber up for it, as during the next few years it is illumined through my gold and silver Sun full-Moon channel in Capricorn.  The conjunction with Saturn is on my birthday in two years’ time. The gene key transmission arrived spontaneously in the thread.

The Repressive and Reactive poles of the 59th Shadow are Excluded and Intrusive.  Feeling excluded was very isolating;  fearing intruders (hands reaching through wall) was a nightmare.  … The soul – the genetic matrix – commands these experiences directly, to grow out of them.

The 59th Gift is Intimacy:  Sublimation and the Serpent.  What beauty!

The Chinese hexagram is named Dispersion.  It is Wind over the Water.  I am led to it this morning by my Tao Tree River drawing.  The Shadow human frequency’s interest is only to disperse itself as widely and frequently as possible.  I see this in all fields, not just sexual.  The deep evolutionary urge is to give birth to a higher form:  for the serpent to shed its skin.

Tantra allies raw sexuality with higher consciousness – the fertile mud and the lotus.  But no one can force the bud.

“If Kaccha married Devyani, daughter of the demon king, and settled with the demons, the gods would never know the secret their existence depends upon. Devyani tried to win back by love what her father had lost. K. was no fool, and he let her down with gentle remonstrance and returned to his proper region with the nectar” – from The Sacred India Tarot 2011


The potential higher functioning of my sexuality was confusing, right from my adolescence.  There were meadows and moorlands it had to traverse.  It suffered in ardent youth, from fantasy and judgement.  It had a string of difficult partners and hungers.

INTIMACY!   Always a bugbear.  Intimacy allows the confession of fear.

Collectively, “the 59th Gift of Intimacy has a deep underlying non-linear pattern”.  You can see how this mutates over the generations.

The sexual force is a wild yet spiralling form.  Chaos-theory fractals began to intuit it.

Creative transformational patterns and geometries are found across human relationships.  They are holographic.  “The power of human intimacy is the power of two human auras interacting to create a third aura, whilst in the process the two original auras are sublimated.”(r.r.)

The third aura is either a child, or it is wisdom – the combination magid.  Or it may be both.  The two converge and are led by this progressive point.  The only way to find out what is really going on in one’s relationship is to ask this point between.  But usually I was caught up in the personalities.  The ageless wisdom shows us that in Creation there was One but never Two, because the instant One divided into Two – the core wound – there was a Three to unify (One) the Two; and from Three (multiplication) proliferated the Tetragrammaton, Pentacle, Hexagon, Heptagon, figure of Infinity and 9, which multiplies infinitely into nine.   9 (3 squared) is called the triple triad, the 4 is Tetrahedron.

“The more differentiated the original auras are, the more potential there is for transcendence.” (r.r.)

Friction is valued.

“The heart centre is the higher glandular functioning of the solar plexus cauldron.”  In the I Ching the Cauldron is 50, “Ting”.

When men and women and those who love their own gender meet in the heart, the genital union can fulfil.  Otherwise you put the cart before the horse.

The sublimation of sexuality collectively, is a shattering process:  Chaos first, and then the higher emergence.

The chaotic breaking down of world aura is witnessed, to birth the Third awareness.

The humanosphere is alive with pioneers.

Care for sexual intimacy restores and will restore our alienated environment.

This new wheel I am drawing is actually circular, but I tilted the camera angle.

It is not finished yet, as I have to ink in the zodiac signs and draw a grail symbol for the centre. There is a mistake at Hexagram 13 – it should be Heaven over Fire, not Lake. Work in progress!

And here’s a detail, close up

Looking at my new I Ching Wheel, 59 begins at cusp Leo Virgo, my Ascendant and Saturn!  A small illumination on my map – the 59-55 axis is along my Ascendant or “Earth”; and its pathway filled my life.  Very interesting therefore to have given birth to a daughter whose radiance-purpose is 55/59!  This discovery clarifies my feeling of responsibility to her wellbeing, and the requirement to keep the right distance and detachment and respect for her to work out her salvation.  It bonds us deeply.  It passed from her grandmother’s EQ 55 genetically into her embodied expression.   I was and am a carrier.

This titbit starts to show me how to find the gene keys in my chart, and what they are doing, and why some of them are highly significant and attractive, which are not in my profile.  The contemplation of each one, activates it.

Thank you dear Midi for the siddhi/61 card on my birthday!

and to conclude – this heart-lifting music arrived today in my email for breakfast.  Siddhartha Tom Corsus introduced me to gene keys four years ago, through his blog The Sun Hermit.  And if you visit there to hear his songs, go to April 2014 to read ‘Gene Keys – the story of a Book‘ …  it takes everything back to the beginning before anything is said.  With love.




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Codon Rings Two (2)- Bright Fire and Water

October 2017 – Codon Rings Two – Part 2

Continued from previous post: open the book about the 14th and 8th keys in partnership.  The 14th (my mother’s purpose and father’s spiritual quotient) expresses the way in which we humans work, and need to work.  In the I Ching it is an overloaded wagon, and the hexagram is called “Possession in Great Measure”.   The essence is bounteous prosperity.  The shadow is Compromise. We are compromised if we are fettered to jobs we dislike, and live without freedom.  Conventional schooling crushes aspiration:  the job is boring and ‘destroys the soul’.  The ‘genius’ of aspiration is sharp and clear in the very young – a tender seed.

This is the road to my old home Bransdale in the North Yorkshire moors.  I went by bike in September 2017, to revisit myself at five years old.

Genius is etymologically gene and genus and genetic.  Each child has that spark which the Gift can blow into a vocation.  The genius is the guiding daemon, the higher self, embodied.  The parents cherish the egg.  Genius is in every human being, whether recognised or not.  Schooling and society tend to bury it.  I feel at this moment the phenomenon of myself at five, just before I learned to read; at the farm in remote Bransdale, where harebells dance in the wind, by the lane.

The Hermetic spirit says do not be afraid to roam right now, the furthest fields of space; and penetrate thought’s Doppler-shift.  Settle this moment on the open moors and the views extending all around.  And hear the falling singing waters. Dark brown is the river. Smell the sheep.  Feel the crisp wind, the rain and the snow.

In the Codon Ring of Fire, genius is the spark awaiting breath.  Genius is connected with the 1st Gift of Freshness, the ever new.  “If recognised at an early age, the child can lead a childhood individually tailored to fan the flame of that particular genius.” (R.R.)

Moving house and landscape a number of times kept it fresh!   Perhaps if my whole life were suddenly now to change, it would all break open into that Freshness.

The Shadow of the 14th key is wage slavery.  The Gift is Competence:  fire in the belly.  “The navel is the font of human power:  draw rather than push.”  “Let us draw together”.  In Eastern carpentry, “the saw is toothed to pull towards you: in the west, to push away from you.”

The 14th Gift inspires team spirit.  Peter could pioneer and carry the farm workers’ trust and competence.  Both my parents developed into amateur-orchestra players.  Mary felt when married to him she was in his shadow and lost opportunities for herself; yet she struck out and travelled, after they separated, to explore her world – as she is still doing:  this very day she journeys back to Sutherland at 93, protected by two good friends.  “As the backbone of the family, their powerful spirit will infuse and empower each child as they grow, as well as inspire strength and purpose in partners or husbands … a certain aroma released through their DNA.”    (R.R.)

This describes the situation well.  She was his rock and rescue.  She raised three interesting brats who all get on well, and whom she treasures.  “The 14th Gift continually expands its potential in different directions simultaneously.”


In 1954

The 14th Siddhi of Bounteousness is a single-celled heaven.  “Morphogenetic fields connect all particles and creatures at a sub-atomic level.”  I grew up with this concept ready to hand:  Peter’s intuition of the whole human responsibility in the individual.  The attentive way he acts, makes a difference.  Much of his inner life seems determined by his SQ 14, the quest to replace his name with the Un-named.  My mother got caught up in all that with her 14 Purpose, and feels – or has felt – she sacrificed some personal potential satisfactions.   He always felt she knew more than he.

The collective dawning of 14th is the secret Fire in Heaven.  Those who manifest the glow of 14 are contagious:  they generate ripples of prosperity when a thought is directed towards them.  I inherit ideas and states of being, from my parents’ 14 at purpose and spiritual-quotient … through my ‘Letting go of Living and Dying (42) and Illumination (64) in those places.

If we believe we act as a separate autonomy, that becomes an illness.  We are cells of the single Self.


Photo taken on the same spot, 63 years later – I didn’t realise it till after I got home.  At that moment, I had turned to my father (who died the year before), missing him so much: “I’m here with you now.  Look!”  – and took this photo – following his footsteps around the sheep. 

A dear friend seeing this, wrote to me:

“Holding hands on his shoulders. All these stops and starts as one travels through time and the gifts which come from the Aumakua’s Time Parent dimension, are such perfect stepping stones. All in the all timeless glimpses seen through the camera’s click, the chords and pure notes. Violins that pick up the same tune with years between are always fresh performances. Thus, is the mystery. Same tune. Fresh performance. 

“She dips her hands into the stream gathering up the cool water to her face a thousand years ago and hence. Eternal. Past present future.

“Softly under a full moon a million years ago.  x”


Where go the Boats?

Dark brown is the river,
Golden is the sand,
It flows along for ever
with trees on either hand.                                                

Green leaves a-floating,
Castles of the foam,
Boats of mine a-boating –
Where will all come home?  

On goes the river
And out past the mill,
Away down the valley,
Away down the hill.

Away down the river,
A hundred miles or more,
Other little children
Shall bring my boats to shore.

(R.L.Stevenson: “A Child’s Garden of Verses”)


And now the 8th.  She is Water over Earth, a fine companion to my father’s gk2 Attraction sphere which is Earth-Receptive.  She is called the Diamond of the Self.  Shadow dulls the diamond in a uniform glaze of mediocrity.  The water of 8th sparkles like the river in Bransdale, or it might cloud over and stagnate, like linear education. How familiar these moods are!  Mary had a bohemian upbringing; then got married to a non-conformist.  The book says the 8th Shadow fears success and free expression; those were my grandmother’s old saws, and also the erratic male authority to direct things.  Compromise.  The reactive nature pours the tea … smiling.

But the Gift is Style – to follow her unique rebellious spirit out into the world and over the hills.  Style takes risks and shatters mediocrity. Like nature, Style is given shape by my mother’s wild organic and unpredictable energy, in love with landscape, long walks and the night sky.  Style is suppressed in conventional society, or fettered to fashion; therefore, my parents lived away from the beaten track.  Although conforming to the amateur orchestra with their friends, they are free-thinkers.  At the same time, they are ethically strict.

The 8th Siddhi is called ‘The Eternal Love Knot”.  Ramana Maharshi had 8 at core-wound/vocation.  Mary’s 8 is in her radiance and vitality.  She learned to be (mostly) diplomatic on sensitive issues.  The divine essence – the Exquisiteness – begins to shine through her like clear water.  The Avatamsaka Tower sutra in all beings, sparkles like the stars, the Arcanum I felt in the sea.  Richard calls it a wild ebullient energy.  I pick up the spin-off from both my parents, in my life.  “You can never step in the same river twice.”  This relates directly to the Gift of Freshness in Gene Key One.

8th Siddhis are not leaders but examples.  They do not want others to copy them, for that is the essence of mediocrity. Polish your own diamond! All expressions of the ageless wisdom and its poetry “are a means to display the exquisiteness of the Divine in form”.  Restful clarity is found in the very uncertainty and wildness of life.  The paradox is embraced.

The sound and sparkle of the waters in the hills is a Ring of Bright Water.  8th and 2nd are the two great Feminine gene keys in the human genomeThe Codon Ring of Water forms an eternal genetic love-knot with its polarity, the Ring of Bright Fire.  The Fire is the shining in clear water.  Fire through water; masculine through feminine; the sun’s path in the sea.


Now a quote. “These two chemical families and their amino acids … move us human beings along the trajectory of our destinies, ensuring that our genetic material finds its opposite match.  Even deep within the body, these chemical families set the blueprint for the balance of all the opposing forces inside us.  It is in the crossfire of these two Codon Rings that the mystical figure-of-eight is forged within each of us.  The eternal love-knot deep within our planetary gene pool sets each man and each woman squarely on the human journey.  The number 8 represents the timeless quest for the buried treasure that lies inside each of us – that elusive diamond of our true nature.

“People of the 8th Siddhi sparkle like exquisite rare jewels.  Such people create their path as they walk it. …  They are not strangers in the world, since they are inside existence itself. … Theirs is the rush of existence, the aching pulse of the passing moment, and the boundless joy that comes from touching the core of your own existence.” (Richard Rudd, Eighth Gene Key)

Words are written, but within their unfolding are private feelings. Yesterday I wished I could daydream more in active detail, but the truth might be that the daydream which refreshes me has very little content.  It reaches into spaciousness, and is nourished by high open moorlands, drystone walls and the river.

Our sheep in the 1950s were fine Swaledales like these. Tim and Sarah Dunn, on our old farm ever since 1962,  win many prizes with their own Swaledale flock!


Consider also the figure of eight or infinity – the lemniscate, the mobius strip of Universal curvature.

The Codon Ring illustrates “as above, so it is below”, with water reflecting the fire.  Throughout alchemy, fire ascends and water falls: the king and queen.  It is fluid. The fiery circle and the watery circle may part until they just touch each other as a figure of eight; the programming partner relationships which ‘knot’ them together remain the same.  My egg shows how they dip deeply into each other.  That is what a soul-partnership in marriage does, forming a child.

The immense mysteries of human reproduction are obscured by ‘mediocre compromise’, and also by the limited capacity of local mind to open up that far and wide.  The full and far sightedness includes the intricate tapestry of Karmic history.  The Siddhi is a perception of the whole dimension at a glance.  It is beyond any provenance to describe or explain, but its resonance may be listened to, tasted, smelt and savoured.  Even behind the scratchings on my window, I feel the white Light and Presence wherein all codes and symbols tumble and dance.   God is pressure.

As God is divine pressure, soften the channels and membranes to life so they yield like fish, like lovers.

Additionally, my father has 22 at Emotional quotient, and my mother 55.  What a pair!

My mother she is causeless. She doesn’t want to limit any of it to ‘meaning’. She argues against religion and belief.  She responds in her own way to the limitless.  I see what people speak as fragments of how they really feel, and wish to say.

Listen behind the words and give that unknown space.





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Codon Rings Two (1) – the Vesica Pisces

My writing on the Codon Rings of Fire and Water last year, is a little long, so I divided it in two parts:

7 October 2017            Codon Rings Two: Part One

When I drew the six pairs of gene keys (programming partners) forming the Codon Ring of Life and Death, I discovered the formation contains as well as my 32/42 radiance/purpose, the Activation pairs of four other persons I am close to.  One of them is my daughter, the others are extended family, we are indeed interlinked through destiny and our values: a seed of potential Synarchy.

My next Codon Ring sketch opens up fresh discovery, this time with my parents.  We may all find and explore our families and loved ones in these remarkable patterns.  I drew it while listening to Richard’s September-equinox “Dare to be Divine” (the Siddhis). The big Change doesn’t come from outside.  You won’t see it happening out there.  It comes from within, as our individual responsibility.

Here are my notes:
Be the consummate actor in the supermarket of life – play the game – load the trolley like all the others, then put it all back on the shelves!   FreedomThere is an ANNAPURNA SIDDHI of abundant nourishment – like the sages who manifest sweetness from their palm. Today’s Yoga yokes us to our close and vital relationships with others – the new yet perennial spiritual path.  29th Siddhi (leaping into the Waters) is to Dare to Care, and a Sufi word for this love is FANAH: the annihilation when we meet the face of God. The 51st Siddhi – Thunder upon Thunder, awakening – leaps the moat to the Grail.  Break free across the Void.

The 38th Siddhi – my Pearl – is the Warrior of Light:  Honour my Lighthouse with everything I’ve got.  Dare to overcome fear and faint-heartedness.  “Cross the Moat to find the heart within the Castle.” (R.R.)

Here (screen photo from the website) are the 64 gene keys in their inter-connective patterns of partnership and Codon Rings.  Our DNA – the Cosmic Serpent –  is packed with the codes which spring to life in our close relationships.

My second Codon-ring sketch (see below) has just two Rings – of Fire and of Water (see top left in diagram) – the fiery dew of alchemy. Their vertical Vesica Pisces links them through the programming partners:  1 (Fire) with 2 (Water) and 14 (Fire) with 8 (Water); a simple cell-replication within the surrounding egg.

It happens to be a portrait of my father and mother. Peter on one side has 1.1 Pearl and 2.6 Sphere-of-Attraction; he also has 14.5 Spiritual Quotient.  Mary on the other side has 8.4 Radiance and 14.4 Purpose.  They bridge the dew to the flame.  The embryonic “eye” where the two Circles overlap is how I feel, seeing this … beyond words.

The gene keys transmission uncovers indescribable heart connections.  Trusting that Richard and his team supply the words, the science and the understanding, I surrender to my problem nowadays – being Receptive rather than dynamic, I cannot kindle much creative Yang.  Maybe this is a natural stage and will take some time more.   How could I hear the Whisperer unless I am able to listen?

The Language of Light (62.4, my Evolution) contains forms I do not yet know.   I cross the Moat slowly, yet daringly.  It feels like beginning to learn my letters at five years old.  The mystery of words and their unknown, compelling invitation, begins to superimpose a lens of literacy onto my early wide-open landscape. Deep metaphysical trust is the tenderness here.  There is a hint of how I feel with my mother and father and with my physical independence, exploring the field and the river.  Since my pilgrimage back to our old home in Bransdale last week, I join up some loose topography.  We moved away from that place in 1954.

The parents both enclose and liberate.  This tendency is marked throughout life, particularly in paradox and contemplation. The inner realities are subtle beyond verbal expression or ownership; when I touch base with them I feel united and connected with others; I am standing still.  Bring forth the beauty of God; fire and Water, the dew.

On the subject of “Dares”:  the Codon Ring partnership of Fire and Water dares to be Beautiful, Bounteous, Unified and Exquisite.  What is the story, the time-slip novel in the wildflower field?  Those whose relationship forms a Vesica Pisces touch each other’s heart centre and are interwoven throughout living and dying.  In other relationship patterns, two “Rings” might partially enter from each side a third (see below):  their common-land is each individual’s private “room of requirement”.  They walk across the common to each other.

There is so much depth to this idea, that I touch the water only.  The well-water moves upward through osmosis root to shoot and is transformed by sunlight to air and the secret fire: drink.

Vesica Pisces is a well, and it is also what happens when you cross your eyes a little to see your nose.  A fluid oval Vesica appears: crucible for poetic imagination: child, angel or plant.  The well (gene key 48) is a root in the ground, an inverted tower.  It is amazingly fertile.  Birth to this parental combination awakens Alchemy.

Cross the moat of Entropy, Compromise, Dislocation and Mediocrity – the Shadows I know well … bearing gifts of Freshness, Competence, Orientation and Style.   Try to be good, and if you can’t, be Stylish!  “The Diamond of Syntropy returns to the One, radiating Prosperity.“ I play brief games with the Gene Key names, like trying a key, to see what the pattern might hold and release. Moving away from my parents into the unexpected, I touch base with them … beyond word or script.

The Vesica Pisces relationship here is foundational in nature: cellular division.  My mother and father faced their conflicts with an amazing amount in common.  They gardened, farmed, played quartets and revelled in their private versions of sacred architecture. It was always a taxing relationship, to get it right.  A fraction out of tune, and it discorded. Although they separated, they remained devoted to each other’s care, wellbeing and love of wild places.

Temples are built with a stake in the ground and a piece of string to draw a circle, then two, then a cluster:  the petals of the Flower of Life.  Upon the holographic lattice, the pillars in proportion stand tall.

Looking into a genome like a crystal ball, I take on trust its vast field of information. Thematic patterns of birth and dislocation belong to us all.

What is the Story?

Continued, in next post …




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Hippogriff and Honeycomb

Hermes Trismegistos 2003

This string of contemplations developed as a fantasia with the 3rd, 34th and 42nd Gene Keys in the Codon Ring of Life and Death:  particularly, the 3rd Gift of Innovation.

The “quiver of hostility” around the human form (human nature, human genome within the animal kingdom) is a fascinating phrase in my previous post. I  just changed the word “quantum” to “quiver”.  It could also have been “quaver”.

But quiver is also the hunter’s quiver for arrows; a man’s creative sperm.

Leprekornus, 1987

The quiver around the human energy field repels most wildlife. It has menacing arms whose unpredictable extension is predatory: the frequency established over millennia the stone, the spear, the gun.

However, this terrain can be crossed or coaxed, and also applies to our interior creatures or familiars.

“Unihipili” (in the Huna teaching, and in Philip Pullman’s trilogy ‘His Dark Materials‘) are our subconscious animal nature whose collective memory flows around our everyday conscious self.  Our awareness with it reveals the Gift  which activates the Siddhi:  a triadic circuitry.

Owl, Fox and Sleeper.  At one time when I was doing a lot of painting, this pair of familiars entered my aura through a dream-flash.  My body was curled up on the ground, in a tent – as in this sketch.


Some of us succeed in stepping through our dragons, to come out.  There is also the vast culture for domesticating and taming animals, with its symbiotic spectrum;  and the wood-men who love and live with bears;  and shepherd with dog, woman with horse.

I catch sight of the Shadow which wraps our genus in 64 ways. Everyone’s auric field contains this infinitely interpenetrating matter, and the job of illuminating it personally.

Each individual carries an “invisible”  cluster of demons and elementars, spheres of trapped pain and attitude.  A shaman can spot these and release them from their supportive matrix. We can also learn to detect and release our own.  Naturally they don’t want to go, and they put up a fight.  This goes on at every level.  The watercolour sketch I did the other day of Dark Brown is the River, Golden is the Sand … has a dancer or such a being, in the stem of a tree; a scribble.

So!  I have them, firmly attached, and the ones I am aware of, are Fears of various kinds. Quiet confrontation doesn’t seem to help much, but identifying and then “bracketing” the entity by resolving not to react from it, perhaps does.

‘Courtly’ – 1957

Acknowledge it respectfully by bowing, like Harry Potter to the hippogriff who bowed back and then became his salvation-vehicle.  See?  The dark creatures should not be repressed, but shown respect and recognition.  Then they might co-opt.

This is transformation; they all have the magnificent Hippogriff potential to soar and fly, rescue and deliver.

taking off shadows, 1988


The demons of mental illness are less amenable.  Their parasitic power can be drawn forth only by the shaman’s touch, or in Yeshua’s Name.  This reminds me of the healers, shamans and firewalkers in the Huna tradition.


The “quivering” insight shows that I, we carry inescapably the residual arrows of thousands of generations. The tension in the world at present is a result, but within those dense complex layers is embedded the Gift, even as Sol our Sun drives the wave of night around the planet.

No condition is fixed.

Does contemporary redemption reach back into the echo in history of earlier centuries, and tickle the generosity in the human heart, redeeming that situation also? (I am so much enjoying Midi Berry’s novel “Nights of the Road“:)

What we do and are now, can tincture the deep past, within present or previous incarnations – often in the simplest way.  The future is my guiding Hand and completion, helping me over the current difficult or Plutonic bits.  The Third Gift is “Innovation” and its subtitle is “the End of Island Mentality”.  The end of island mentality extends kindness to previous generations, ancestors and incarnations.  The universal Human Forgiveness is our judgement day.


The Third Shadow’s “mono-cell fear-based outlook on life holds the secret to our future … If it were true that deep within the nucleus of every cell a selfish drive were paramount, then it is highly unlikely that any two cells could ever cooperate, since their very design would drive them to compete.  The genius of the cell and its true brain must therefore lie where the quantum biologists say it lies –  within the cell’s membrane.  The membrane allows the single cell to respond to its environment, and allows its DNA to be INFLUENCED by its environment.” (RR)

This, he continues, is the foundational principle of quantum biology, regarded as heresy by mainstream biological dogma.   It is the core premise of the gene keys.  My DNA coding and inheritance is not a limited fixture.  The brainstem is in the aura interface, and it alters according to the data through the interface.

Here is the core teaching of esoteric science and the ageless wisdom:  the conscious self reprogrammes the subconscious, which constantly and unfailingly delivers. 


The “genius of the cell and its true brain” is in the design of the honeycomb and of solar-hexagonal dazzle.  The hexagonal hologram is ‘packed’ so its edges fit economically together, filling the cube of space.

Within the capacity to be influenced (for better or worse), lies the seed of INNOVATION.  Aeons ago, monocelled organisms leaped into multicellular beings.  Today the phenomenal cult of personal ego, or monocell consciousness, heralds the same kind of leap into multicellular, philanthropic being.

This is unimaginable to most people, if the idea is held that we humans are incurably exclusive.  That enormous enveloping self-image is a tiny black umbrella over a tiny obscurity in the living reality.


Hippogriff by Anna: in Harry Potter colouring-pages

The tightly wound up Shadow may leap and gloriously transport, like Harry Potter’s Hippogriff.  Bowing to it is a courtesy.  When it bows back, there is recognition and the Ally.   Jung bowed to supernatural and subterranean beings he met in the Red Book he wrote during the First World War; they were his medicine and his teachers.

This is significant!   When my fear or gross anxiety next comes, try seeing and bowing to it. If the fear bows back (by gesture, or a bit later on – give it some time!), its nature has changed to cooperation.

The Third Gift of Innovation is built into life:  life is designed to transcend its “Difficulty at the Beginning” programming.  INNOVATION ONLY OCCURS WHEN YOU TRULY BEGIN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF (RR).   Single celled life gave way to cooperative life.  The Whole is the Honeycomb.

“Thinking for my self”… that is, thinking out of the box … follows the same principle as Gurdjieff’s “external considering”, where the wellbeing of the whole or for the other is considered in a pragmatic way.

By contrast, “Inner-considering” is the more common fear-based co-dependent fantasy.  When the inner-considering reflex is overcome, a co-operative beatitude dawns.  For instance:  I’m imagining my mother’s relief and pleasure in sharing her Sutherland adventure with my sister, and it doesn’t bother me now that I’m away, and will miss that conversation.  She has a daughter right there to tell it to, and I embrace them both.

Beginning to discover these attitudes in myself free of stress, is encouraging.

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion

In my Life and Death Codon Ring family also – the Robins – my role reflects the whole, through what I study.  With this focus, a power within the robin is activated, growing wings, affirming the ground.

“Unity equals efficiency.  This is the integral message encoded in the codon Ring of Life and Death. It is based on the Book of Changes, continually mutating; it transcends and includes those levels and views it has just transcended … If you are not continually transcending, then you are dying.” (RR)

How wonderful, and how the hexagonal Ring glows more and more to life and substance with the 3rd Gene Key and my 42nd!   I felt I wouldn’t make much progress with Gene Keys until I start to get to know them in their Codon Ring relationships.  They display each other.  Great actors improve the performance around them – the others on stage are inspired to give their best. Each Gene Key enhances those around it, and all the rest.  Everything is Yin for Yang. In the mind-blowing treasury of the Buddha’s Avatamsaka Sutra (see end of this post), each Gene Key is a fabulous and infinite gem: the all contains the All.

The feeling of “shift” is typical of the daily transmutation in my genetic matrix.  Catching the flame in alchemical oven, I feed it gently with the bellows. If I have it here, it is already collective by morphic resonance; our inescapable human destiny.  Behold the stars in the raven’s wing.

Whenever an alchemist reaches this point, the mental engine stops.   Mind stops.  Breath deepens and slows.   Do not compromise with small human expectation.   Go for the big canvas, the All;  and celebrate the Presence.

boys by the sea 1954

“The child at play mutates and is mutated by its environment.  …  All preconceived notions, dogmas or beliefs must be discarded when they no longer serve the developing synthesis.   Innovation requires a deep sense of inner trust.  As you work with this Gift you continually update and change your position (in the) underlying unifying spirit (even if you may not see how everything fits together).

“The cell’s true brain is in its membrane rather than its nucleus; our true brain is through the emotional system (solar plexus).” (RR)

It is true that “the emotional life” scuppers the best laid plans which are head-based.

In fact the emotional solar-embodied brain with all its potential, is moving into evolutionary vanguard.   I think the solar plexus brain elbows linear concepts out of the nest like a young cuckoo.  My cuckoo NOW sets convention and ambitious conformity aside, on the back burner. Instead of those hard voices I hear Oh! HOW CUCKOO I AM, and it is spring.

“Like the cellular membrane, the solar plexus system determines what frequencies are allowed in and out.” (RR)

For instance, when (for instance) disaster-theorists point the finger at others who are “out there”, my solar plexus goes into distress and shutdown.  Yet, I do not accept such ideas which disempower the meaning of ‘taking a positive responsibility’.  They cause outrage and uproar until they are engulfed by solar plexus system’s White Governors (corpuscles).  The solar plexus organ is the liver, ruled by Jupiter, where the blood is made.

Now that too is extraordinary.  Blood is made in the liver. What from?  It is impossible to know this by cutting open the body, because the instant a part of it is exposed, the body loses its cosmic integrity and bleeds.   The cosmic beauty and integrity of our inner organic body – for instance the sparkling dialogue of liver and heart –  is beyond our sight and instruments of measure.   I am sure however, that shamanic and far-eastern and forest medicines perceive the play and the glory.   They regulate heart, kidney, lung and liver balances through the map of meridians or nadir – the ley-lines through our physical body.

It does the interior organic body and subconscious immeasurable good just to tune in. Ride a cock horse! All is well in the Cosmic Serpent.

“Thus, as the individual mutates to receive higher frequencies, these frequencies unlock the higher organising principles of collective life embedded within our DNA.  It is not we who make this decision, but life. These codes are already waiting inside us, threaded along those mazy pathways deep within our DNA.  This is the sacred secret: life is designed to keep on innovating, and the old human with its single-celled island mentality has had its day.” (RR)

It is simplistic to blame the shadow aspect of social media technology.  The new technology is constantly re-innovating itself, which is irritating and unsettling, but echoes the big Solar-system Broom which scrubs us along, transformatively.  As above, so below … Amon-Ra!





APPENDED: Paraphrase by Suzuki from the Buddha’s AVAMTAMSAKA SUTRA

THE TOWER is as wide and spacious as the sky itself.

The ground is paved with (innumerable) precious stones of all kinds, and there are within the Tower (innumerable) palaces, porches, windows, staircases, railings and passages, all of which are made of the seven kinds of precious gems …

And within this Tower, spacious and exquisitely ornamented, there are also hundreds of thousands … (innumerable) of Towers, each one of which is as exquisitely ornamented as the Tower itself, and as spacious as the sky.

And all these Towers, beyond calculation in number, stand not at all in one another’s way;  each preserves its individual existence in perfect harmony with all the rest;  there is nothing here which bars one Tower from being fused with all the others, individually and collectively;  there is a state of perfect intermingling, and yet of perfect orderliness.

Sudhana, the young pilgrim, sees himself in all the Towers, as well as in each single Tower, where all is contained in One and each contains all.




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Third Shadow – Rain through Thunder

Girl in my drawing-book, 1954

Continuing my reflections on the Codon Ring of Life and Death …

Now!  Gene key 3 – partner to 50.   It is Water (rain) over Thunder and is called Through the Eyes of a Child: Chaos, Innovation, Innocence; I guess it like Tarot 3 governs fertility.  It is 3 which is actually on the Codon Ring of Life and Death (see my previous posts).  In the 3rd shadow the individual is set apart from nature by a demanding deity or market force: the agnostic philosophers’ idea of God as a Thing to argue about.



Chasm, Chaos, is an evolutionary fork where planetary organisms’ survival seems to become determined by human behaviour.  Again the theme of “single cell”, whose understanding shows that the fork we are brought to, is and was inevitable in the evolutionary process.  As I see it, the “individualism” becomes extreme before it mutates to self awareness, and is able to cede.  “Let the obscurity fly from you!”

At this moment I suddenly see all creatures, all species and animals, as planetary organisms.


The evolutionary fork in the material-science world is that Einstein’s revelation has still not been taken on board except as exploited in microchip technology, weapons, fuel and fiddle-faddle.  Usage is not understanding.

Richard Rudd says Quantum biology is in infancy still.  It is too immense and supple for the monkey mind of most intellectuals.  It has not penetrated mainstream philosophy although it sprinkles the world view upsettingly.  The indigestion may be causal in the drug addiction culture, medical and recreational:  system imbalance through misunderstood “copyings”.

Conscious science however, is conscience.  With sufficient “conscience’ in homeopathic quanta to tip imbalance from the blind, generations to come will open up a very different story.  This medicine is not yet visible in the mainstream literature.  But we can turn within and find its contagion.

Now here’s something SIGNIFICANT I read in this Key, years ago:  the brain of the cell is not its nucleus but in the cellular membrane which provides an interface with the environment.   Life is designed to cooperate rather than compete.

Codon Rings of Life and Death, Illuminati, Destiny and Illusion


My Robin family or soul group is a hexagonal jewel each of whose facets or “sides” extends the hologram indefinitely.

The brain and purpose of the community is not in its separate little beating hearts, but in the metaphysical push and pull of its interfacing membranes.  The evolutionary focus is in the holistic connective tissue.  This also clarifies the Murmuration mystery. Think of frogspawn.  Where would each tiny tadpole be, without the cell-like fascia through which it breathes and is nourished?

Hexagram 3 in the I Ching is “Difficulty at the Beginning”.  “Chaos theory is founded upon tiny variations in initial conditions within a system. In terms of the evolution of life however, the single cell’s prime directive is to survive at all costs.”(RR)

The separation of individual purpose from the holistic organism brings me to today’s massive conundrum in the DNA which consciously awakes here and there. The chaotic viewpoint misconstrues the hidden pattern perspective:  a totally selfish evolution would never make it off the drawing board.  The collective fantasy and mainstream science thinking is of “being walled off in our individual cells”.


The programming partner (50th shadow) permits the corruption of data which such a world view enforces.   All human DNA is interrelated, so anyone who is cleaning their data can influence the entire matrix.



For myself, the ground-bass of Gene Keys is the humankind community ”snowflake”. Touching and igniting water and earth (rain through thunder), I see also the alchemy – the Quintessential siddhi of gk23.

Those who divide God from “In the Beginning” become devout atheists.  They project and of course cannot believe in a pie in the sky.  The appearance of chaos is the Difficulty in the Beginning, because if I open wide on the threshold, the chasm before me is actually clarity, a well of prehistory and mythology through strata of history.  I can open my arms to the life and letting go of living and dying (gk42).  But this embrace is mostly feared, because it feels vulnerable.  The corrupt data is held onto, inside and out.  At present, “corrupt data” clumps around negative world gossip, political tension and conspiracy theories … so what’s new in our history?   It reinforces humans’ fear of change though we are wired to change.

Resistance to the human Book of Changes manifests chaotically as exploitation, dictatorship, displacement and cruelty.  I feel that the huge and at the moment ugly changes in our environment herald a depth-evolutionary process as the dragonfly’s dream accelerates.  Now this is new – opening a dimension transcending our history; and Earth’s natural resources which we cannot yet imagine.



The Third Shadow conditions humans to distrust life:  very primitive:  hostility and barricade.   The primitive hostile fantasy is at present provided by terrorist activity, salaried slavery, climate unsettlement and the artificial holiday culture upon impoverished economies. I feel at the moment that the quiver of hostility around human nature has always been about the same, and gets projected onto cultural spikes. It receives the free-wheeling attention of the collective monkey mind.  So I think it is essential to clamber off that gear, whenever I find myself snagged.


monkey Gaia 1987


The Repressive nature is anal and the Reactive nature is Disordered: chaos-inducing rage. “Every time we stop trusting in life and believe in our fears, we begin to co-create the vibration of chaos.” (RR)

Yes. I have felt and wrestled this responsibility for a long time!   Anger carries a destructive force which boomerangs and if not owned or “kept in the porch“, it reinforces the chaotic frequency in the world.

What we believe is chaos is actually cosmic harmony.

boy by the sea, 1954


Chaotic is the view only of its incomplete manifestation.  Chaos and Entropy as commonly conceived, appear to be misinterpretations.  Through the eyes of a child, is the collective human being with Gaia:  the wholeness.




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